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  1. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    I believe they are blank TLG dark green torsos - Garett special-ordered them for me. Suggest you ask him if you'd like to know for sure.
  2. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    The custom torsos were digitally printed, as are all torsos I've posted in these MOC pages and this thread. They were all printed by Minifigco.com. I worked directly with Garett, and can't say enough good things about him and his product. Extremely professional, and the printing is very high resolution and durable - couldn't be happier with the final product. Note that the pictures on the MOC pages are not very high resolution, so it's hard to tell just how nice the printing quality is. PS - Some people are not fans of digital printing - I actually think it gives the minifig more depth, and you can choose to make features like buttons and straps stand out. The tiny bit of added texture can actually add alot to the minifig. For example on Sharpe, the black horizontal stitchings, buttons, and strap are printed, while the background is that of the torso itself. So these features are raised bit, as they would be on an actual uniform.
  3. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    In finale, the Piece de Résistance of the collection: Sharpe's Rifles.
  4. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Thanks guys. The moment I saw the baseplate, I knew it was perfect for a coastal fort. I especially love the stairs that lead down to the water. Here's the bricklink part ID for those interested: 44510pb03.
  5. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    The French naval port, manned by a garrison and the Marine Guard.
  6. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Pics for the British Siege updated, and captions added to the pictures for both the Siege and La Grande Armée. Captions added to the pictures for Lord Nelson's Flagship as well.
  7. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    La Grande Armée pics updated, some units updated as well.
  8. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    That would be great. I look forward to pictures of your ship.
  9. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Hi Azog, thank you! So this is basically a modified Imperial Flagship, with modified masts, colors, and other parts to make it look more like a British ship of the line. I purchased the sails from BrickLink (they were not cheap!). Now that you mentioned the spanker sail... perhaps I will add it on.
  10. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Thanks BlackDeath, appreciate it! It is alot of white... but I do love a clean-looking white brick castle. The torsos were printed by Minifigco.com. I would highly recommend them - if you send them vectorized files, they have a reasonably fast turnaround, and the quality is truly excellent. Very high resolution. Back to the Napoleonic Wars. It is 1803, and Nelson has been reassigned to the HMS Victory. Enjoy! PS Maxwell, the Admiral of the White Ensign is for you.
  11. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    La Grande Armée de Napoleon. The siege of the British fort.
  12. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Next up, Nelson gets a new flagship, and the French naval port at Malta prepares for bombardment by the Royal Navy.
  13. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Napoleonic French Army minifigs. Special thanks again to Hound Knight for the template on which all of these designs were based.
  14. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Hi maxwell, yes, I'm aware. I actually printed the flag adhesives several years back, and didn't bother to change them. I'm considering getting some pieces custom printed with the historically accurate ensign, but it is currently not a high priority. Perhaps after my French army has been updated with accurate uniforms...
  15. Napoleonic Military Minifigs & More

    Thank you captain! I do believe the British Navy officer minifigs came out best of all of them. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Hound Knight, whose design for Captain Pellew was used as a template for the rest of the British Navy officer uniforms. And now I present King George's Royal Navy, circa 1800.