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Found 5 results

  1. Recently I have found a new 3d printing provider which can deliver in the needed quality and in a reasonable price range. I'm now searching for a reseller in US or Kanada which is able to cover this market with his bricklink store. Currently the possible end user price range for these items can be between $1.5-$2. If somebody is interested, please contact me. Woody64 Here you see the delivered items and in the background the first figures. The group shown above is wearing older prints from different 3d printing providers.
  2. The last 2 weekends NILTC has participated in shows, first at the Abbey in Fontana WI and last weekend at the Arlington Heights (IL) Library. We were given the first prototype R104 double crossover from Coaster to try out. Ballasting was straight forward as seen here: The track is sitting on 2 32x32 and 1 16x32 baseplates for a total of 80x32. I was nervous at first because the flanges of the train wheels were bottoming out. This could have been a problem because we had the crossover on the mains but this only seemed to be happening when the trains were switching lines. When we ran the trains on the straights there was no problem. As the show went on, we saw less and less issues with the trains switching lines. It was like the tracks just needed a breaking in period.I created a video from my phone of the different trains going over the crossover at the Abbey show. It got to the point I wanted to see how fast I could do the crossing and with the exception of the CoNO, speed did not seem to be a problem. Overall I am pleased with the crossover and look forward to Coaster's next iteration, which will have more studs on the stringers. Coaster, I saw in another thread that Shapeways does a polished 3D print. Would that be an option here? Thanks to the CrispyBassist CMF for collecting all the telemetry data.
  3. IMG_20161226_142421106_HDR_edit by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr After designing my own 3D printed wheels I needed something to put them on, so i started to make a jeep. The axles where made fast but making a chassis that fits my demands was hard. Although it wasn't the hardest part, it took a lot of time. As the chassis was finnished i started making a body, because u can't have a car without a body. I chose to make a elevated body as it was easier and i am not a master in making a body. Eventualy, I ended up with a jeep with a flatbed IMG_20161226_142621723 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr Specifications: opening hood, doors and trunk fake "W12" engine interior Heavy duty 2 speed gearbox winch with directional gearbox pendular rear axle 7 studs central groundclearance 4 studs at lowest point (front axle) total wheight: 2390 gram chassis wheight: 863 gram body: 1248 gram motors: XL for drive Servo for steering M for gearshift M for winch M for fake engine gearbox: high gear: 34.8 RPM 60.9 low gear: 12.5 RPM 169.23 Altough this beast wheighs more than 2 KG it can pull itself vertical up. Note that the chassis can be builded withought the body. This means you can ditch the engine bay which wheighs 560 grams. There is no central differential, but I had to implent a differential on the front axle in order to improve steering. Because i don't have a cental differential i had to fit a differential in the rear axle and because of that i made a new axle IMG_20161226_181600762_edit by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr thanks to its high groundclearance it can even go trough some creeks IMG_20161226_160255146 by thenextlegodesinger, on Flickr the day the video was it was slippery, as the video was shot i already had drove a lot. because of this the wheels were filled with dirt and were slippery. As this happend, it was already hard to get up a 30-35° angle. With the new tractor tires it would probrally gone better but i don't have them more pictures: my youtube:
  4. Hi! I'm usually a Bzpower resident, but I wanted to post here as well for this . Due to me being a new member, contacting me by PM would best be done on BZpower (as I can't actually send PMs on this site yet). Some of you old timers may remember me from a fan project that went on waaaaay back when to create 3D media for Bionicle called Bionicle: Next Generation, or as the guy who made the 3D model which was later turned into a solid bronze vahi ( and 3D printed a voya nui online game style Ignika (http://www.bzpower.c...tyle-real-mask/). A few months back I was with a friend who shares my love of Bionicle and he showed me a redesign of a Miru he drew. Since his birthday was coming up I suggested that I could model his design and get it printed. As you can imagine he jumped on the idea and after a month or so of on and off work I finally had a final model, and a couple weeks after that his present arrived in the mail from Shapeways. I unfortunately forgot to ask him to get some pictures of it before he painted it, but with that aside I really like what he did with the white paint and I feel it gives it a tribal feeling reminiscent of those early years. Here is the Photobucket gallery: http://s1164.photobu...y/Miru redesign inside it are also some progress pictures (that are pretty bad quality I must admit as at the time I was just using them for feedback from my friend) as well as some of the original drawings my friend did. I apologize for not having better quality images of the mask itself, I'm just using what I have. After seeing the mask, me and my buddy were really happy with how it turned out, so we thought we might as well make it available to anyone else who wants one! I have a topic discussing the details of obtaining that along with my old Ignika model (which I am now also putting up for you guys on Shapeways) right here: http://www.bzpower.c...esign-for-sale/
  5. Here is some new equipment for firemen: See the first picture here ... Woody64