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Found 54 results

  1. My entry for round 4 of the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics, though I figured it fit quite well in Avalonia as well. I really enjoyed experimenting more with Elvish architecture with this build, as well as the colors and patterns. One of my main goals was to include as many non-square elements as I could, like the gardens, fountain and rounded base, which I think ended up turning out quite well. I’ll definitely be doing more elvish builds in the future, as it’s an incredibly fun style to build in and this ended up being one of my personal favorite builds of mine to date. Credit for how to fill in the rowboats goes to Simon NH, and Marcel V. and Vitreolum for the harp and lute respectively. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  2. Katoren Monastery

    I actually finished this build around the beginning of June, but haven’t gotten around to posting it until now. This was just a build for fun to mess around with the dark blue/white colorscheme and to finally do something for Kaliphlin again. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, though unfortunately the pictures are rather poor. Located on the Eastern outskirts of Katoren, this monastery survived the Kaliphlin civil war better than most. A natural spring was the reason for the monastery’s location, and the spring continues to provide fresh water for all the inhabitants, as well as make the surrounding area very lush compared to much of the Kaliphlin landscape. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. Another fun build for the ABC’s of Castle, over on Classic-Castle, as well as a Kaliphlin free-build. This one is ‘Courtyard’, for ‘C’. I wanted to try experimenting with color a bit in this build, as often times the Mediterranean style builds I see do so to great effect. It was especially inspired by the works of Robuko. It's been a while since I've finally gotten around to continuing my Katoren story-line, due to other commitments, but here's another installment. Check out the previous chapters: Secretive Plans Bandit Camp at Kharab Fortress "Sir! Sir! Urgent Message from the southern outpost! A sudden attack from the desert king forces leaves us in dire need of support. I was scarcely able to slip through the siege lines of the desert king, to deliver this message from Captain Temas." "How could it be?! Responded Qalaq from under his white turban. That outpost is only known about by loyal supporters of the High Council, and is almost impossible to find!" "A important question, Qalaq, that we must find the answer to. it shall have to wait, however; now we must make haste to gather our forces and lend aid to Captain Temas, before the fortress falls and the men are captured. I'll send my messengers to gather troops and supplies, and we'll leave before sunset. Messenger, thank you for your work. Now go to my room, clean up, and then get some sleep. You have to be exhausted." "Thank you, sir, indeed I am. But be sure to wake me before you leave; I'll not be found here sleeping while my fellow friends battle for their lives." "Very well, I shall do so. But come now, we've much to do, let us not waste any more time talking here!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some overview pictures of the build: I would like to claim UoP credits for: General Building - mosaics, stained glass, or complex SNOTted floor designs. History (3 of 3) Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  4. Mitgardian Bear Paw Sigil

    This wass my 9th entry to Colossal Castle Contest XIV. At first I wasn’t sure if I would build anything for the Historic Illumination category, but then decided it would be a good opportunity to try my hand at a mosaic. The design is based off of this image. It was quite a challenging build process, more frustrating than rewarding really. I've done a smaller version of this before: One of Mitgardia’s most iconic sigils, the bear paw represents the guild’s courage, strength, and ferocity. C&C welcome as usual, this was quite a change from my usual minifig scale buildings and landscapes
  5. Qasr Albahr

    Built for the large miscellaneous category of the 14th Colossal Castle Contest. The scene was inspired by this image. It took about 2 weeks to build, and weighs 24.8 pounds, making it my largest solo build ever. Setting up the buildings layout and connecting them via bridges was the most challenging part, though the rockwork was most time consuming to build. Qasr Albahr is a large trade citadel in the Spice Islands of Kaliphlin. It serves as a hub of the trade between the islands and mainland Kaliphlin. Its climbing bridges and ornate walls are well known throughout Historica. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, all C&C appreciated
  6. LEGO Mosaic - Napoleon Crossing the Alps 拿破侖翻越阿爾卑斯山 Napoleon Crossing the Alps (also known as Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass or Bonaparte Crossing the Alps) is the title given to the five versions of an oil on canvas equestrian portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte painted by the French artist Jacques-Louis David between 1801 and 1805. I don't like war but I like the Arts & painting. After two hundred years an oil on canvas painted by Jacques-Louis David, I recreate it in LEGO bricks version instead of an oil on canvas. It is quite huge size but perfect mounted on wall for my home decoration or exhibition. Builder : Alanboar Cheung Size : 144 studs (L) x 128 studs (W) Pieces : 15000 pcs Ready for mount on wall in my home :P Over 15000 small pieces of plates is collected for the creation. I collected them all over a years. I bought the wooden plate for the base of mosaic. Starting the mosaic painting combined with two 48x48 baseplate. It consumed 48x48 baseplate x 6 and 32x32 baseplates x 5 Stick together using with the strong sticker. More and more , it will be completed soon. My lovely biy help me and fun together :P It is one of my creation exhibited in "Alanboar & Mythbot Bricks Exhibition @ Macau Joy 2015" Thank you for your watching! Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanboar Creator : Alanboar http://lego.alanstudio.hk http://facebook.com/alanboar.creation
  7. "Savvy?"

    Hi all, I thought I’d try out a bit of mosaic work. This is 96x48 studs and put a decent dent in my plate inventory. Jack Sparrow by slobey79, on Flickr
  8. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my real 3D Lego mosaic with Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. I`m not Star Wars fan, but I`ve built something like this. I had before 3D Lego mosaic (mosaic 1, mosaic 2) with a stand to rotate my mosaics, but the stand I demolished
  9. Michael Jackson

    Hello Eurobrickers! I hope, that everybody knows this king of pop music :)
  10. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you The Smurfs in real 3D Lego mosaic Two pictures in one... ...another pictures... ...my Smurfs world... ...my all 3D Lego mosaics... and my whole collection. And short
  11. LEGO MOC - The Great Wave off Kanagawa 神奈川沖浪裏 It is my favorite Japan style mosaic recreation. I like the printing to show the people living when was in Japan Edo period. From wiki : The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏), also known as The Great Wave or simply The Wave, is a woodblock print by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. It was published sometime between 1830 and 1833 in the late Edo period as the first print in Hokusai's series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (富嶽三十六景). It is Hokusai's most famous work, and one of the best recognized works of Japanese art in the world. It depicts an enormous wave threatening boats off the coast of the prefecture of Kanagawa. While sometimes assumed to be a tsunami, the wave is, as the picture's title suggests, more likely to be a large rogue wave. As in all the prints in the series, it depicts the area around Mount Fuji under particular conditions, and the mountain itself appears in the background. Size : 47 x 35 cm Pieces : 2000 pcs I used blue, medium blue, black, white ,tan, dark tan, light & dark grep plates as source color to generate the printing. It is one of exhibit "Alanboar & Mythbot Exhibition" display in Macau Joy 2015. The processing... 50% complete... It is the "stud on side" technique to build up the mosaic. The wave is danger and huge! If it is real tsunami, I have no idea how to survive for the fisher... Art Collections : The Great Wave off Kanagawa 神奈川沖浪裏 Girl with a pearl earring 戴珍珠耳環的少女 Starry Night 星夜 Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/alanboar Creator : Alanboar http://lego.alanstudio.hk http://facebook.com/alanboar.creation
  12. [ML Cad] Lego Star Wars Mosaic

    Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my Lego Star Wars Mosaic
  13. Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my real 3D mosaic with the characters from the world of Walt Disney building process My all mosaics and short YT video I used a lot of single and double slops and 4 baseplates 32x32
  14. Finally done! 6 months ago I started this project hoping it would meet expectations. Like any large project it was a real roller coaster but a great build in the end. Building process was classic: Stage 1) This is going to be awesome Stage 2) Bricklink, BRICKLINK, BRICKLINK!!! Stage 3) Oh crap... what have I gotten myself into Stage 4) Rethink. Develop methodical plan Stage 5) Build, build, build Stage 6) Yipee!!! Done High res photos on flickr https://www.flickr.c...157659697395628 Photos of the build over time: The challenge here was to divide the project up such that it would fit through doors. The foundation is built on a thin sheet of plywood with 1/4" strips on the back to provide some rigidity. Here you can see two panels lined up next to each other including the grid I used to help keep me oriented to the space. I used several different online programs to convert the mosaic to bricks to help with the anchor points. In the end I found those programs only useful for the anchor points. Here you can see us moving the completed panels to the final locations. Each panel weighed around 50-60 lbs. The completed project with me in there for scale - roughly 8ft high - 16 ft across Link to video with working lights: and I can't say enough about the value of an awesome electrician!!! Photo of the wiring behind this:
  15. Stormtrooper

    Hello Eurobrickers! Today I would like to show you my new mosaic - Stormtrooper from Star Wars separate pictures and pictures as a mosaic
  16. [MOC] Air Jordan Mosaic

    Hi, this is my recent MOC Mosaic Air Jordan. Hope you all like it.
  17. Histoire en Briques

    On my holiday to Germany/Netherlands I traveled three hours in the car to see the site of my favourite battle: Waterloo. In the town of Waterloo there was a small hall which had an event centred around captivating the period of Waterloo in Lego. Me being an avid Lego fan I pounced in and snapped up some photos for you lovely folks here at Eurobricks (Whether I was allowed to I am not sure but there were plenty of other people doing so and the staff looked careless anyway). Enough of my blethering, here's the link to my Flickr album. Thanks for looking!
  18. My MOC tow truck together with mosaic with Ghostbusters and
  19. Hi all, I know there are only a few Eurobricks members who are also active on Youtube, but I thought I would post my latest project which I'm undertaking with the TubeLUG group. The project is to build a Lego mosaic of a daisy flower, which will be auctioned off for charity. All money raised will be donated to 3 charities supporting children with bone cancer. If you would like to know more about this project, click on the video below: Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. Mike 3 Brick Friends .
  20. MOC: Denmark

    Denmark is known as the home of the LEGO company. But if some of you are going to Denmark there are also many other interesting sights. This map shows the most famous tourist attractions and landmarks built in micro-scale. More photos and descriptions can be seen on flickr: https://www.flickr.c...57650920794368/ It took about 3 months to build the map.
  21. John F. Kennedy Mosaic

    For the last months I was almost 2900 km away from my Lego bricks, so one of the things to do in my free time was making nonograms. One of the puzzles turned out to be a mosaic of John F. Kennedy and I decided to rebuild it in LEGO. Flickr
  22. Doraemon Mosaic

    This is my first MOC Mosaic. It's a famous Japanese Animation Character called Doraemon. Hope you all like it!
  23. Go here for the download page. By using JWrapper, LDDMC now runs on both Windows, Mac and Linux, 32bit and 64bit, and without having to install Java. This software has been some years underway. Since I started this request topic, many have contributed with ideas and other input which has helped me developing this mosaic software. Features include - Build mosaics using plates, bricks, tiles, and even SNOT. - Manage exactly which colors you want to use - Export to LDD and LDraw. - Print building instructions. - Change input picture directly to improve the mosaic. - (Nearly) instant update of any change you make. - Full save and load functionality. - Automatic updating to latest version (thanks again to JWrapper) The software is written in Java and the full source is available at GitHub here. If there is anything you want improved, or if you have feature requests, then don't hesitate to either write in this thread or to me directly (lassedeleuran@gmail.com)
  24. I needed a sound diffusor for my living room and I wanted to create a sideview LEGO mosaic of a retro game character. So I decided to build the good „Green Tentacle“ from the famous game „Day of the tentacle“ as a curved LEGO mosaic. The picture of Green Tentacle is 32x52 pixel small. The mosaic is nearly only made of 1x2 bricks and 1x2 plates. It is 64 LEGO studs wide and 86 bricks and 2 plates tall. 50 x 85cm in total. Some hinge plates 1 x 4 swivel top are needed to hold the construction in place. To get a big LEGO square for each of the pixels I placed two 1x2 plates one top of one 1x2 brick. It’s possible to adjust the radius, but changing it can easily result in an unstable construction ;-). I ordered about 4000 bricks from 7 www.bricklink.com shops and here it is. :-D BTW: Double Fine announced to release a new HD version of the point-and-click adventure „Day of the tentacle“. ;-) Green Tentacle: Minifig point of view: Size comparison: Back side: Hope you like it. Come and see it in Skaerbaek Fanweekend 2015! :-)