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  1. MOC: Pizzeria at Assembly Square

    Thanks for your comments! This was a very inexpensive modular to build. I only needed one 41311 and one 41092 + mostly basic bricks from my collection. Had to order some bricks but nothing too big or expensive. And yes, the wall panels fit in quite nicely. When there are other buildings on the sides, you can't notice them at all. The only negative thing about the panels is I would have wanted to place something (a menu, a painting) on the walls. Now they are just bare.
  2. MOC: Pizzeria at Assembly Square

    I don't think I'll have to say much, and you'll understand where the inspiration came from. Yes, a blatant copy, a simple colour substitution. But I think it looks really nice and the tan colour works well. So what I did here is that I built a copy of the Assembly Square 16-wide florist substituting sand green for tan and black for white. Details and the interior are borrowed from 41092 Stephanie's Pizzeria and 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria. Thus, I changed the big flower on the façade to a simple pizzeria sign, and the awnings come from 41311 and have the colours of the Italian flag. The roof is completely MOCed, a simple build but looks realistic. You place your order at the cashier stand, borrowed from 41092. There are two pizza ovens, one from 41092 and the other from 41311. They're both integrated to the wall. Both workers are CMF pizza guys. For those who don't want the whole pizza, there's a slice buffet by the window. And as you can see, the top part of the back wall can be removed just like in the original. This building is 20-deep and includes a staircase that leads to the upper floor where the seating area is. The staircase is split into two so that the top part gets removed together with the back wall. Upstairs, you'll find the busy seating area. Since this worked out so well I'm contemplating whether to make another one with tan windows and reddish brown walls. Might look nice too. And here's the pizzeria next to AS:
  3. [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    Looks gorgeous! Did you actually build in bricks too?
  4. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I opened my two Arkham Asylums (70912) today, both bought from S@H roughly a week apart. One of the sticker sheets has stationary printed on the sticker, the other stationery. And they made a mistake with the BTTF vehicle, too. Proofreading seems not to be Lego's stronghold. I built my DD on Sunday. It's great, but what I'm going to do as soon as I get a second one is to MOD the diner into a 48-wide standalone and make a 32-wide (24 + sidewalk) corner building of the two tan upper floors.
  5. [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Wonderful modular! Sorry guys, but I love it! Looking forward to placing it next to my Modular Heartlake Hairsalon & Emma's House. The jukebox is awesome, as well as the seating in the diner.
  6. Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    But wouldn't Fun at the Zoo be just one set in a Zoo subtheme?
  7. MOC: Commercial Building made to a large extent of PAB parts

    And here's the top floor housing the recording studio. A rapper is spitting his rhymes in the booth while a rocker is waiting for his turn. The old lady sitting on the couch sipping a drink is probably the rapper's mother (but don't tell anyone about it so you don't embarras him!). There's also an unmanned DJ table in the corner below the huge note. I like it that the recording studio was so easily adapted into a modular building. A set well planned.
  8. MOC: Commercial Building made to a large extent of PAB parts

    Thanks Greg3! Here's the Wedding Chapel. Obviously, the floor need to be high enough so the canopy can be placed there. It fits just perfectly, being 12-wide. There's room for 12 guests and an aisle to walk down. In the corridor, there's a statue (Toy Story soldier). There's only one guest at this ceremony, namely the mother of the bride. She's offering a wedding ring on a velvet pillow to the groom who looks as if he's just found out what he's about to commit to. Poor guy.
  9. MOC: Commercial Building made to a large extent of PAB parts

    The Party Shop makes a great basis for a modular building, I think. And you are right about the colours: white, sand green and dark green work well together but all the purple and pink of the party store are a little out of place. OTOH, that's what it's like in real life, too. The building is one thing and all the awnings and logos another... So, here is the interior of the ground floor, the 41132 Heartlake Party Shop and 70900 Joker Balloon Escape. The balloon filling machine is next to the cashier (complete with the dynamite ). That Party time! sticker is actually a Lego original – sort of. Those stickers were included in a Lego Club magazine that I picked up some years ago at a Lego store. Finally found some use for them! I used some 2–3 stickers for the wall panels, but this one seems to be the only one that's visible in the pics. Otherwise, the interior is pretty much just the original interior spread out around the store and a tan tiled floor.
  10. MOD: Vacation Getaways 31052 as a modular building

    Let me put it this way: I became inspired by the Vacation Getaway. I got two sets and used the bricks and ideas from those sets. However, those Creator sets never have enough basic bricks to build side and back walls. So additionally, I've used mostly plain white bricks and tiles for the walls and some white profile bricks and bows for the façade.
  11. I started planning this building in LDD after having aquired a whole bunch of sand green parts from the PAB wall. I wanted to use them for something, along with a bunch of mostly white bricks that I have bought off PAB walls earlier. So my intention was to design a building where I could use my current collection of bricks and only order more bricks if absolutely necessary. This didn't restrict me that much, actually. It was fun trying to play around with what you have. Maybe the big tan plates as floors stand out a little too much (grey or white would have looked nicer), otherwise I'm quite satisfied with the result. The ground floor consists of the Heartlake Party Shop 41132, which I simply put on a baseplate and added some walls. Of course, I had to build a staircase, too, so one could reach the upper floors. The balloon stand is a modification of the 70900 Joker Balloon Escape. The "power plant" that is part of the set is inside the party shop and functions as a machine used to fill the balloons with helium. One floor up, there's a wedding chapel (40165 Wedding Favor Set) and the top floor houses houses a recording studio (41103 Pop Star Recording Studio). So the building includes four sets. There's a barren backyard with a tree and a bird from 31065 Park Street Townhouse as well as some benches and a small carrot field. Looks like Mommy bought little John a red balloon from the Party Shop. His big brother, chilling on the bench, looks a bit angry. Maybe he's envious of his little borther, who knows... Lots of flowers in different colours by the tree. The side wall is reddish brown because it acts as a (wood-paneled) back wall for the wedding chapel. A simple roof with some a/c units. The roof is green because I had so many green 16x16 plates – but the colour fits nicely with the rest of the building. All floors have interiors, which I will be showing to you in the coming days, so please stay tuned. And I'm always grateful for any comments!
  12. MOD: Vacation Getaways 31052 as a modular building

    I decided to update the building a little. I was never happy with the roof, which seemed too high and made the building look too bulky. I redesigned the roof and made it lower. The ground floor was a little too high, as well, so I removed one layer of bricks and made it a little lower. I also added some windows on the back side. There's also a modest interior now for all you interior friends. Nothing inventive – some furniture from Stephanie's house and some random lamps etc from Creator houses. The sunbeds in the backyard are from Heartlake Grand Hotel. I think the building looks a lot better now with these small modifications.
  13. [MOC] Childbirth

    It's wonderful! All the details make it look so realistic. And the father's facial expression is just priceless Are you planning to make more hospital-themed vignettes?
  14. MOD: Park Street Townhouse 31065 as a modular row of houses

    Okay! In that case, no, I don't think it will work very well. The set has so few basic bricks. But if you're ready to make compromises by making the floors less deep (maybe 12 instead of 16 studs) and using the sand green bricks for something, too, then it might work. Please show us the result when you've finished building!
  15. MOD: Park Street Townhouse 31065 as a modular row of houses

    Thanks! Two Bike Shops 31026 would probably be enough for a 16 x 16 building, especially if you concentrate on the facade and are flexible on the colour of the side walls. However, I would recommend buying bulk parts in white and tan and create two buildings. That's what I did here: Scroll down a little to see the bank (tan 16x16) completed. The top floor was built completely our of PAB/BL parts. The bike shop corner building isn't ready yet, but it will be some day. I actually got to 31026 sets when they were discounted at my local TRU and aim at redoing the bike shop completely one day.