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  1. finnbricker

    [MOC] The Greenville subway station

    This is wonderful and immediately takes my thoughts back to NYC. I wish you wouldn't trash it. There are so many details that make this realistic.
  2. finnbricker

    Would Creator 3-in-1 sets fit alongside modulars ?

    You could always MOD the 3-in-1s. Check my MODs out for inspiration: It's reatively easy to keep the main architectural elements, but to add a back wall and separate the floors from each other.
  3. finnbricker

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    I tried to look for 80101 last month in Tokyo, but it was impossible to find – all sold out. I was really surprised to find a shelf-full yesterday in Bangkok. For anyone interested, go to Toys R' Us at Centralworld. They retail for 3115 THB, which is significantly more expensive than in Australia, but still cheaper than Bricklink.
  4. finnbricker

    REVIEW: 80101 Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner

    It's a great set, really outstanding! I bought two and will, at some stage, combine them into a modular Chinese restaurant. I was under the impression that they're all sold out, but in Bangkok, this set is readily available at Toys R' Us Centralworld. Price was pretty steep at 3115 THB (98 USD), but cheaper than Bricklink, anyway.
  5. finnbricker

    [MOC] Detective's Office/Corner Deli

    DO looks great in dark red! And the burger joint fits perfectly in there. Very nice build! Here's my try at modularizing Corner Deli:
  6. finnbricker

    10264 Corner Garage

    I’m surprised this modular has received such harsh criticism. When I first saw the pictures, I couldn’t believe my eyes – a good, solid building of great size instead of a mix of small buildings with too many interior details. Back to the basics, in a positive way. I was also thrilled by the gas station-apartment building combo. Those exist in Europe as well, in older buildings, and I’ve actually photographed a couple that I’ve seen with the intention of creating my own version in Lego. Well, no need to MOC this no more. After having built CG I can only confirm my first impresion: it’s a great building, and I like the fact that it’s just one building and comes with three complete floors.
  7. finnbricker

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Sure they take inspiration from MOCs. With the PR, there was some design feature that people thought was copied from a MOC and if memory serves me right, Jamie actually came here to Eurobricks to explain the case. He said he did look at MOCs and did take inspiration from them occasionally, but in this particular instance the detail had been created by himself years ago (and wasn't published). So it was simply a coincidence. The DD and the Bäckerei above – while the technique hasn't appeared in official modulars before, it's not supercreative or superunique, so I don't find it improbable that the designer would use it even if he had never seen the Bäckerei before. The Bäckerei, by the way, looks really nice! Just the right amount of details and a great idea to make a roof patter using grilles.
  8. finnbricker

    Homemade Road Plates

    Lego should employ you to take their promo pics. Amazing!
  9. finnbricker

    Homemade Road Plates

    These road plates are absolutely amazing! I wish they were available for purchase... I would prefer a hybrid between your versions 1 and 2, ie a solution where the road fills the whole baseplate but where the surface doesn't mimic asphalt too realistically. So looking like the Lego roadplates, but with more variety. Also, I would appreciate a 16-wide roadplate for those old, narrow European cities...
  10. finnbricker

    MOC: Pizzeria at Assembly Square

    Thanks for your comments! This was a very inexpensive modular to build. I only needed one 41311 and one 41092 + mostly basic bricks from my collection. Had to order some bricks but nothing too big or expensive. And yes, the wall panels fit in quite nicely. When there are other buildings on the sides, you can't notice them at all. The only negative thing about the panels is I would have wanted to place something (a menu, a painting) on the walls. Now they are just bare.
  11. finnbricker

    MOC: Pizzeria at Assembly Square

    I don't think I'll have to say much, and you'll understand where the inspiration came from. Yes, a blatant copy, a simple colour substitution. But I think it looks really nice and the tan colour works well. So what I did here is that I built a copy of the Assembly Square 16-wide florist substituting sand green for tan and black for white. Details and the interior are borrowed from 41092 Stephanie's Pizzeria and 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria. Thus, I changed the big flower on the façade to a simple pizzeria sign, and the awnings come from 41311 and have the colours of the Italian flag. The roof is completely MOCed, a simple build but looks realistic. You place your order at the cashier stand, borrowed from 41092. There are two pizza ovens, one from 41092 and the other from 41311. They're both integrated to the wall. Both workers are CMF pizza guys. For those who don't want the whole pizza, there's a slice buffet by the window. And as you can see, the top part of the back wall can be removed just like in the original. This building is 20-deep and includes a staircase that leads to the upper floor where the seating area is. The staircase is split into two so that the top part gets removed together with the back wall. Upstairs, you'll find the busy seating area. Since this worked out so well I'm contemplating whether to make another one with tan windows and reddish brown walls. Might look nice too. And here's the pizzeria next to AS:
  12. finnbricker

    [MOC] A Summer In Tuscany

    Looks gorgeous! Did you actually build in bricks too?
  13. finnbricker

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    I opened my two Arkham Asylums (70912) today, both bought from S@H roughly a week apart. One of the sticker sheets has stationary printed on the sticker, the other stationery. And they made a mistake with the BTTF vehicle, too. Proofreading seems not to be Lego's stronghold. I built my DD on Sunday. It's great, but what I'm going to do as soon as I get a second one is to MOD the diner into a 48-wide standalone and make a 32-wide (24 + sidewalk) corner building of the two tan upper floors.
  14. finnbricker

    [PRESS RELEASE] 10260 - Downtown Diner

    Wonderful modular! Sorry guys, but I love it! Looking forward to placing it next to my Modular Heartlake Hairsalon & Emma's House. The jukebox is awesome, as well as the seating in the diner.
  15. finnbricker

    Where should the next People at the ____ take place?

    But wouldn't Fun at the Zoo be just one set in a Zoo subtheme?