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  1. Fenestra

    Don't Understand Brick Bank Hate

    So I just finished up my Brickbank that I got for Christmas and I really enjoyed it! I like the look as well as the story with the money laundering. My only real complaint (that I have with every modular) is that I hate that so much goes for the inside when I know I will rarely see the inside of the building . Anyway why all the hate. I normally see that most people say this is one of their least favorites. Just curious as to why?
  2. Fenestra

    What is Town Forum to you?

    I come here primarily to see Modulars and Winter Village. I don't have a ton of space so my Modulars are on the book case and Winter Village is my one "Theme" I allow myself ti go crazy with with. I could care less about most of the other stuff. I also love seeing people's set-ups. Ideally sub topics would be great but them I might miss something! I tend to come here every few days and then follow anything that seems interesting.
  3. Fenestra

    List of Modular MOC Instructions and Searching for More!

    I have to give a shoutout not only to this post (as I am one always trying to buy instructions) but also to @mouseketeer. He has a lot of Winter Village Instruction available as well for sell and I have not only bought them but also built from them and they are great! He should be added to the master list if you are able! Sorry just saw this is for modulars! Maybe it would be great to start a Winter Village thread as well. Will see what I can do in a bit! Thanks for the idea!
  4. Fenestra

    [MOC] St. Peter and St. Paul's Church

    I love this! I always love seeing churches in Lego! You don't happen to sell the instruction by chance do you?
  5. This is amazing! I would pay for instructions! :)
  6. Fenestra

    [MOC] Magic Shop

    Instruction available for sale? (With part list)?
  7. Fenestra

    Winter village layouts

    So - With my layout I tried to do two main areas - One is the town center and the other is more of a fair area. I have the train running though it and along the front I have a winter Tram- I am running out of space so next year it will be very interesting - Here is what it looks like before the additional of the Lego Winter Train Station and the track in the front - I will take some more pics when I get home -
  8. Hey Guys, While I never participate I love the expand the Winter Village thread every year (I think it's normally a contest). Will this be happening this year or the Christmas Tree is what is going on this year? Just asking. I always love seeing what people are doing to their villages! Thanks!
  9. Fenestra

    Winter Village Cottage vs Bakery

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts - I ended up getting the cottage and then went all crazy and got the Bakery and the Post Office! I am working on my winter layout and I think this will be the final year at my current size as its getting over crowded. I still have a few things that I brinklinked this year to add as well! I will do pics when posted! I've also decides to display it year round on a bookcase next to the modulars (different bookcase). I love it too much to pack it up each year and I don't really have room for a super permanent display but they will be fine on a Ikea Billy! Thanks everyone!
  10. Fenestra

    [MOD/MOC] Expanding the 10254 Winter Holiday Train

    Sorry you had to go though all of this but at least the end result is that it look great! :)
  11. Fenestra

    [MOD/MOC] Expanding the 10254 Winter Holiday Train

    I just recently Bricklinked the Train add-ons and found the Passenger/Gingerbread/Cocoa Wagon to be the most expensive. I held out on the three of those but ordered the pieces of the rest. I add to my village every year with the offical WV and usually some bricklinked items. So I will be holding off. Those wagons referenced above (when I checked) were about 50-100 USD each. The others I managed to get for 15-20 USD each. Also I did a seperate Want List for each of them in Bricklink to help better manage cost and what I was looking for if you are looking for some advice on that end. I hope to start building my soon but if you beat me to it I would love to see some of the pictures. Can you share how you were able to make the Engine and Tender slightly Larger? Also do you know have the battery back in the Engine for weight on the wheels?
  12. Fenestra

    Winter Village Cottage vs Bakery

    Hi All! The holidays are nearing (I start Christmas season in Early November) and can't wait to start adding and putting out my Winter Village since I got on the band wagon late I am missing a few of the older sets. I have bought some instructions and Brinklinked a few thing (or will be this year anyway), including a church and adding to my train with a couple of new holiday wagons. Any way I am trying to slowly get some of the older sets and am debating between the cottage and bakery. What is your favorite and why? I am personally leaning towards the cottage as I like the way it looks better. Any one else have any thoughts?
  13. Fenestra

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    How did you get the sleigh to "fly" this looks amazing! Love it!
  14. Fenestra

    10259 Winter Village Station

    Thanks for the links - I actually have the plans for both of those and just bricklinked the second one. It was very affordable! I can't wait to have it added to my WV this season! :)
  15. Fenestra

    10259 Winter Village Station

    Went I Brinklink tonight looking for a church and didn't find anything - Hopefully we will get a link soon!