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Found 20 results

  1. Feuer Zug

    Modular Tunnel

    I'd built a tunnel segment many years ago. It was a small setup that fit onto a single 32x32 baseplate. As my layout expanded, the tunnel looked small, and out of place. I started expanding it, and then the project snowballed. As my layout is never the same between shows, and the hassle of trying to transport it became evident, I had to think about its future. Thusly, I made it into a modular design. Most tunnel segments are on a 32x32 baseplate with an 8x32 baseplate extension on the front. One segment is built on 16-wide to allow for optimization of space depending on the layout and how much room I'm allowed. Here is the full tunnel with all segments I have built. With the exceptions of the ends (and the 16-wide segment, more below), they can be placed in any order. The cabin portal. Two tracks with 8 studs between them. Supports are designed for a 10-wide opening. It is 13 bricks high from the top of the rail to the start of the arches. As seen here, the Disney locomotive fits (barely) width wise, while an intermodal double stack well car makes it through as well height wise. Side view of the cabin portal segment. The 16-wide spacer segment. This one is designed to be butted against the cabin for the woodpile, but could go elsewhere if required. The woodpile can quickly be removed and a tree or other foliage added. The mountain segment. Side view of the mountain segment. The hiking path tunnel goes completely through as well, with a one stud offset. Additionally, you can see the support structure. Note the technic bricks spanning the top and the two down at the bottom. These features are included in all of the segments. That allows me to insert technic pins to the bottom bricks, and anywhere along the top to provide a firm connection between segments. I also put a few plates on the top to hold them together too. As you can see, there is a back plate to all the segments, making them more visually acceptable at shows. The waterfall segment. The expanded waterfall segment. Note the wind turbine on the rocks. Three tunnel segments have points for these. I've only built a pair of turbines though. The 16x32 baseplate at the base of the waterfall expands the scene to show the base. With the removal of a plate, it has an outlet for the river as well. The castle segment. Not visible is the draw bridge leading up to the front entrance and a hidden side exit through the rocks on the right side. In winter, this becomes a double black diamond ski slope. It also has a wind turbine support area. The forest portal segment. It is the final segment with a wind turbine option. The forest portal opening. There you have it, the modular tunnel and all segments I've currently constructed. Did you find the ruby eyed face?
  2. The following five models were originally built by my dad without the aid of Bricklink as it didn't exist yet. Only sets bought in stores or parts packs ordered from LEGO directly were used. (at least at first!) Some of these pictures are also quite old, so please bear with me on them. This old gray tunnel was built in the early 1990's. (I added the tan baseplate and RC tracks when I received it from him as a present.) This grain elevator model was around 1999 / 2000. Like most of his MOCs from that time, he built it before he had a BrickLink account. With this one he never finished it 100%, probably due to having us kids (including me) tearing it down and scattering parts every other weekend while he fixed it during the week. Eventually, he put them up out of reach except for special occasions such as the two weeks bracketing Christmas. This vintage model has been used by our family for layouts at his house at Christmas and other times for a long while, throughout most of my childhood up to 2012 or so when we stopped doing a tree + floor layout. These two finger-hinged doors hold the grain back until it is needed to be loaded. He eventually gifted this model to me about in 2021 because he built the Brick Train Depot version and it is better / bigger by like double in size. I added the conveyor belt and tan baseplates for the bottom, as it fits with the rest of my buildings better. This double track train shed was built before I was even born, in 1989. It was originally single track and used parts using quite a few copies of set 6380 (Emergency Treatment Center) from 1987. The rear of the shed. Around 2003, he rediscovered the model and decided to add a second stall to the engine shed, which he did (using a rather new website called Bricklink) He even added brick built re-railers to in-between the rails. The girder bridge was built in the mid -'90's and features the base-plate from set 6552 (Rocky Retreat) from 1993. The guard rails were added in the mid-2000's. This factory was constructed around the years 2001 - 2004 with parts from several Sand Red supplemental packs available at that time. It does not feature any interior, nor does it have a removable roof. But this thing is built STRONG: you have to really put your weight on it to press the roof together. It has never been determined what this factory made in-universe, though for my own purposes, I pretended it made beverages. What beverages, you ask? Why, Leg O. Brick's Root Beer of course! Thoughts on these five older MOC's?
  3. Yoggington

    Rounded Train Tunnel

    I wanted to share some images of a tunnel facade I've been working on. It is for a standalone display in my home, and built to fit the Cargo Train 60198. Tunnel clearance They are built as a pair. Some colours need changing out, will pick those up next time I am using bricklink. I'm not sure about the keystone, but the left version will do for now. Tunnel front facade The rounded effect is created using 1x2 rounded plates as seen below. In terms of alignment, this will result in the tunnel having an odd-count stud width, as an even-count messes with the radius. While I have not tried it, this theoretically means it will work at any odd-count width, so you could boost the width if you had wider trains, or wanted to place it at a curve. Consequently, you will need to offset the entire structure by one half-stud. Tunnel backend
  4. The single track tunnel was made by my father back in 2000. I updated / extended it, made a two-track version, took off the baseplates, and put the pins in. Here are the pictures: The two tunnels. These are the basics, and you can modify them however you want, such as hiding them under green plates or BURPs & LURPs. Double track, with the connecting pins. Single track, also with some pins. NOTE: Connecting the tunnels will only work in this way or some variation of this type. For example, here is a picture of what can be done. Notice the one track section in front of the tunnels? (In the case of single to double tunnels , four should be used.) That is to make sure if your engine overhangs, it will swing clear. EDITED 9/5/21: added photos back to the post. I finally found them on my Flickr from 2012.. The file, however, is lost to time.
  5. Okay, so this isn't actually my MOC: it's my dads. He asked my to take photos of it for reference for members of Gateway LUG when planning layouts for future shows and to see what people thought of it out on the Web. On the right of the frame is the Dutchman Mine section, named after the fabled lost Wild West mine. The side behind it (to it's rear) is a mountain waterfall with two bears catching fish... I don't have a clear picture of that side, sadly. The inside-the-layout facing side of the mountain. This MOC is made of four sections: two new mirror image "Annex" segments (on left), and the slightly older mountain tunnel sections "A" & "B" (on right) that feature widely different scenery on either side: The lost Dutchman Mine or bears fishing in a waterfall. Each mountain section regardless of type or arrangement features a "concrete" tunnel segment, and a window wall adjacent to the tunnel bore. This allows for train viewing "through" the mountain... which is especially cool-looking if the train has lights! Also of note is the movable picture windows segments above each tunnel bore. The Wampa with Luke is interchangeable with the crystal caverns section, and both can be put in the annex or the originals, depending on how many tracks you want to use... they also have roof for "wand" flashlights above, to provide some lighting in these dark areas. PLEASE NOTE: This is the first time pictures of this have been taken, and space was limited to do so... no fancy plain background here, just the kitchen table. Also, he thinks it looks ugly because he free-handed it, which he normally doesn't do. However, I think it looks way better and accurate than my Lone Ranger / Western Skull-mountain tunnel. Any thoughts I can pass on to him?
  6. This Wild West model was originally LEGO set 79110 (Silver Mine Shootout) from the 2013 Lone Ranger theme. I added a more reinforced right wall and a real base-plate to support the model, as I know from experience it can be pretty flimsy if handed wrong. I also added the collapsing water tower from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to the front corner as another action play feature. The model has also been heightened by five bricks to allow for regular train cars to pass through, and is now wide enough for custom locomotives with side-rods to fit through, except for the extra-wide time train. The natural rock formation (the skull) on top of the mine gives it it's name, and features a carved out section for two cannons to protect the mine, either from Native Americans wanting their sacred mountain back, or desperadoes looking to cash in on the (supposedly cursed) silver. These viewing windows are so you can look inside the mountain to see the details, such as the not-yet-built Delorean time machine hidden behind the waterfall. The built-in light brick helps illuminate these features. The cannons were placed in the hollowed out rock skull for defense of the mine shaft and surrounding workers camp. The room on the upper left processes different pieces of silver for purity tests via a scale and heated chemical tests. The weight of the silver ingot in question is compared against the known weight of a confirmed silver bar or a weight of the same measure. If the bar is not quite pure enough or is fake, it will weigh different from the known unit. The slide on the right is for the silver to be loaded into train cars waiting below. A six-wide steam train with single-stud overhanging pistons or a caboose with a roof-top cupola can fit through the mountain without any height or width clearance issues. The water tower supplies cleaner water to the work camp, in comparison to the water coming from the underground spring on the left, as that is contaminated with silver bits, and as such is un-drinkable. However, you can "blow out " the supports of the water tower using a Technic lever, blocking the train tracks and destroying the fresh water supply for the camp! Near the top of the mine (just above the water fall) is a spot to place dynamite and "blow up" a section of rock. When not in use, the otherwise loose dynamite piece clips into a black part just in front of the removable rock. This lower wall "blows up" to reveal silver pieces by turning the barrel on the next level. This is where the Deloreran time machine goes when Doc Brown hides it away in 1885 for his younger self and Marty McFly to discover in 1955. I though it would be a neat Easter egg to hide it away in my silver mine... I just need to build it, with the parts showing up (hopefully) very soon. Now compare my model to the original Lone Ranger set (79110) . No nearly enough room for a steam train to fit down that hole in the wall... and besides, it has a ton of gaps in the rock-work that make it seem odd. Anyway, comments, questions and complaints are always welcome, and if anyone wants to see the rest of my western stuff, see this topic here!
  7. Hi, I got inspired by a few pictures in this thread and decided to create a modular train tunnel section. Of course this idea sounds somewhat silly, although in reality it is not totally uncommon as the hilarious pictures in the aforementioned thread prove. However, I had fun building this piece and especially like the idea to bring my modular buildings and trains closer together. The tunnel was built on a 16*32 base plate, on top I placed a modified version of an alternative build of the official LEGO set 31065 Park Street Townhouse. The tunnel is 10 studs wide and leaves enough space for most of my rolling stock to pass through. The townhouse can be reached by stairs. In the front and the backyard I added some plants and a tree. Here you can see how it fits together with the detective office and one section of the pet shop. The train passing through the tunnel is a modified version of the Maersk train with BNSF color scheme. Some more pictures of the building: The top of the tunnel can be removed. This gives view to a small maintenance area inside the tunnel_ I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Best wishes Arnold
  8. LegoSjaak

    Traintunnel Entrance designs

    I've made a traintunnel entrance for a small tunnel that i will place next to my modular building. Any ideas on this design? (It is wide enough, as the train is almost straight entering the tunnel!) The large arch will be changed by a LBG piece....
  9. This model was inspired by set 79110, (Silver Mine Shootout) from the Lone Ranger theme. This tunnel can let tall objects through, such as the official caboose (set 10014, the tallest train I know of), with at least two bricks of clearance between the roof of the caboose and the tunnel ceiling. Also, this plastic waterfall part is not in LDD and is missing from the model in two spots: http://alpha.brickli...309pb01#T=C&C=0 The middle of the model has modular pins to connect to the identical other half needed to build a complete tunnel. it can also be extended with a middle section, but I don't have one available to download like the rest of the tunnel at this time. Proof that this tunnel lets the 10014 caboose through with room to spare. Here is the LDD file for the tunnel only (no caboose): http://www.moc-pages...1463503949m.lxf Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  10. LittleJohn

    [A - G04] A Diminutive City

    Location: G04 - Fractor V Tags: Building, Vehicle While scouting out Fractor V, an Octan explorer came upon a tiny, yet highly advanced, alien civilization. He was going to get a closer look at some of the buildings when he noticed several hostile looking spaceships coming right towards him! Deciding a closer look could wait, he turned heel and ran. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt: Link Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  11. It took almost exactly two years from the first idea to completion of this diorama of a railway station. There is less emphasis on the station itself, as my main goal was to present it in the natural environment and have a try at building a landscape. A railway line running at the foot of the hills, with railway station and adjacent bus stop, bridge and tunnel. Station building in masonry style. Bus stop with shelter Covered bike racks Some maintenance work on underground wiring needs to be done. Functioning railway signal. The photo was deliberately taken with incorrect settings so that the light from signal could better be seen. Bridge Tunnel entrance Detail of landscape The river offers plenty of chances for recreation. Aerial view. The entire thing measures 127x77 centimeters, while the estimated brick count is at least 10.000. A few more pictures can be found here.
  12. A counter against the lego dwarf at A2 You can see the collapsing floor works here: Link C&C welcome
  13. My Category A entry for the Men's side! Unfortunately, this will be my only entry to Challenge 3. During the Drow incursion in Avalonia, western Mitgardian army officials ordered hundreds of shafts dug to the bedrock for the early warning devices perfected by the Kaliphlinites (sand worms are a major problem in sections of the Siccus Badlands). These devices were drums placed at the bottom of each shaft that, when the ground vibrated, beat seemingly of their own accord. If one was near enough to hear, the alarm could be raised and a Drow sneak attack from underground would be far less sneaky. Although no Drow tunneled to Mitgardia during the crisis, the drums were manned again on Elon Chorian’s command to listen for Amortug dwarves tunneling in the opposite direction. This MOC was inspired by the Mythbusters episode where they test the rather dubious myth that in the middle ages Chinese military engineers used drums to sense vibrations in the ground caused by enemy tunneling. Apparently, it's plausible... Link Kaliphlinites, I'd like to claim UoP credit for: Landscape Design--trees (#3 for me) Flickr C&C appreciated as always!
  14. Hello, and thanks for reading! This is my current home layout, built over various iterations in the last year. I started with nothing but the desire of getting back into trains and into Lego. Given I had limited space, I settled for a 4 ftx6 ft rectangle, or roughy 7 x 5 32-stud baseplates. Here's the BlueBrick diagram: Layout in BlueBrick, on Flickr And here's the first version, with green felt over the raw wood panel: Initial layout Here's a view from above -- it was not easy to take this picture :) Layout full view Modulars on 'main street' are temporarily with their top floors removed so we can see the whole railroad. This is a view from the other side: Layout from the back I am able to run two trains concurrently, and keep a third one on a side line, which has been good for a while. Now I want to build more, and I am again kind of out of space.. ..problem is, in the meantime I also got somewhat addicted to modular buildings.. so it's a constant struggle to use space as best as possible. I eventually opted for a 'custom' road between two rows of buildings, which saved me some space. I also wanted to have a feeling of a small but vibrant town, pedestrian and bike friendly. No private cars. The little smart-like cars mimic the 'car2go' shared cars we have in Seattle. The tunnel helped creating some more space for buildings: Tunnel The other good thing about the current layout is that it leaves enough space for a decent station: Train Station - Stazione Still a WIP, once I'm more satisfied with the interior I'll add more pictures and a post for that. I think I will now look for a different 'iteration' and different layout.. suggestions? I could possibly expand the available space by one baseplate in either (but not both!) direction. I would like to accommodate 4 or 5 trains, and at this point I don't care anymore to run several of them at the same time. I just want to build and display more trains :) Lastly, thanks for all of you who participate in the forum and keep it alive. This is my first year "back" in lego and I learned a lot from all of you and your great creations. Keep on building!
  15. I haven't found too many details about this, so I figured I'd ask. If I was to build a train tunnel that'd take something along the size of the Santa Fe Super Chief, how big would the tunnel have to be in order to fit it? Obviously it'll have to be at least the width of the track wide, but I'm looking for how much I'd need in terms of space on either side and most importantly, height. The people I know aren't being very helpful either: <Phoxtane> I need to figure out what size is a 'standard' train tunnel <Phoxtane> for lego trains that is <Mosai> it is roughly 1 train tall <Phoxtane> how wide <Mosai> roughly 1 train wide <Phoxtane> mmm <Phoxtane> how long? <Mosai> however long a train is along its z axis <Phoxtane> I thought Z was height <Mosai> z is depth I also know that the Super Chief is quite a bit larger than the typical cargo train, but I figured if the tunnel was big enough to admit that, it'd be big enough for practically anything that runs on standard Lego track.
  16. Dfenz

    [MOC] train tunnel

    For the most recent exhibition in Raheny I completely scrapped and rebuilt my old train tunnel. The new version is twin tracked with both a straight track and a curved section to facilitate landscaping of our train layouts. The tunnel has more detailed rockery than its predecessor including a bear cave. The waterfall moves using a technique I've seen on the web previously so its not my design - I couldn't believe those 1x4 plates are so prone to coming off the track threads. There are also two moving miners tapping away at the jewels. Both the waterfall and miners are remote controlled using PF wire. 2014-10-26 11.06.03 by Dfenz, on Flickr 2014-10-26 11.27.50 by Dfenz, on Flickr 2014-10-26 11.27.36 by Dfenz, on Flickr 2014-10-26 11.07.48 by Dfenz, on Flickr 2014-10-26 11.08.12 by Dfenz, on Flickr 2014-10-27 16.44.32 by Dfenz, on Flickr
  17. -DoNe-

    Lego UCS Dropship

    Here is the deal. I was going to enter SHIPtember this year, but I accidently made the main structure of this thing 60 instead of 80 (the cockpit was planned to be 20 studs)... But hey, I still got a pretty nice looking... thing? Right?! Lets move on to the actual creation itself. It's a dropship that's heavily based the very old "Tunnel Transport" set from the Rock raiders theme. The location of cockpit is the only difference really. It was really fun to put it together, especially considering it would be the very firsts RR SHIP, even if that did't happen it is still quite massive and measures up to 84 studs! For more pictures please visit my Brickshelf folder: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=548558 Thanks for taking a look!
  18. dr_spock

    MOC: Rescue Train Car

    Presenting my Rescue Train Car MOC I made this on suggestion from Lightningtiger that my fire train needed more cars. Plus I like unique railroad equipment and am going through a "Train Age" in my LEGO life. zephyr1934 found a nice article on fire & rescue trains: This MOC is based off a Swiss tunnel fire rescue train. The rescue car is used for evacuating passengers and the injured to a safe location while the fire equipment and water cars stay behind to fight the fire. My MOC has room for one minifig on stretcher, 3 sitting and 6 standing. Play features include crane for lifting stretcher, openable doors, drop down ladders/steps, and removeable roof for accessing interior. There is a cabinet to store medical and other supplies. Rescue Train Car by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Crane to lift patient stretcher onto car: Car interior: Rescue Train Car Interior by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Smiley fireman says I am here to save you.
  19. I've been down here for thirty seven days. Thirty seven. Do you have any idea how long that is, thirty seven days beneath the earth? Thirty seven days with only the occasional pale, wavering torch? Thirty seven days without seeing anything else alive, except for the drow and their wretched prisoners? Thirty seven days ago, when I set out into that cave, freshly disguised and eager to find this man, whoever he may be, I had no idea how long it would take. Now, I've been down here for over a month, and I still have no clue where he might be. For all I know, the way these tunnels wind around, I could be right above him, mere feet, and I'd never know. I hear someone coming. I must go. Our hero! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whew, here's another build in a long tradition of posting at the last minute! Also, I'd like to apologize for the crappy pictures. My normal camera was unavailable. This was one of those build that you make, forget about, find, realize the deadline is a few days away, and scramble to get done. Thanks for reading, c&c welcome! More pics on flickr:
  20. timmyc1983

    MOC: Mountain Train Tunnel

    Hello Train Forum This is my first new topic post in the Train Forum, although some of you may have seen me around the town forum a lot. Anyway, I wanted to share my train tunnel I have made for my layout. You may remember about a month ago I was asking about tunnels and looking for inspiration. Well I finally designed and figured out what to put on top of it... This is my first go at any sort of real landscaping. I have yet to test a train running through it as my layout is a bit of a mess at the moment, but I tried to allow plenty of room around the curve for clearance and most likely the only train I will run through it is the red Passenger train anyway. On top of the mountain is a ruined building, as you can see this area isn't visited very often, hence the plants going wild! I will hopefully test the tunnel in the next couple of days and get a video of it in action and of course will post it here once I do Comments and critiques encouraged