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  1. Funny. No mail from LEGO saying my order has dispatched. And yet, it has been and according to track and trace on their website it will be delivered today!
  2. Mine has gone from backorderd to in warehouse. Finally! I ordered it 1 hour after Vip ordering was open.
  3. I had this out with The LEGO shop call center before when ordering the POC Ship. It that arrived during a double VIP PROMOTION after being on backorder first. They said they don’t grant double points on backorders. So I told them I will send this one back and order a new one to get double points. They very obligingly helped and processed the return and new order. Utter madness!
  4. Good for you! I have 200 euros worth of points now, keeping it for next year’s modular
  5. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t always buy any LEGO set at the LEGO Store using VIP. Especially if you are nerdy enough to visit this kind of forum. (Or are you simply a recent AFOL?)
  6. This opening statement in the official description of the MF gives me the same impresssion: Welcome to the largest, most detailed LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon model we’ve ever created—in fact, with 7,500 pieces it’s one of our biggest LEGO models, period! What do they know that we don’t if they are already calling it only one of their biggest?
  7. If bakcorder shipping does not start by end of September then what does that say for the official release date on the 1st of October? That either gets postponed or they start selling new sets to new customers while they still have customers waiting. That would be bad business practice. I suspect all backorders will be sent by the end of the month.
  8. Does anyone have accurate info about production numbers? I.e. is this something you will live to regret if not purchased day one? Find it hard to form an opinion whether this will be very limited numbers or mass produced / sold way into 2022...
  9. So I kinda felt the same way and solved it by selling my 10179 for 850 euros last night. An emotional moment and sad in some respects since the 10179 is and will remain a true milestone in LEGO from a historic point of view. But I am not in it for history. I am in it for the sure fun of building and displaying (showing-off even haha) awesome sets and I also wanted to be part of this and get to build it. I think the new Falcon overall looks better (the canopy excluded) and I look forward to opening that huge box and building for months on the MF (short for Mutha^&*$(# perhaps?). And owning and displaying two of these near identical monsters was not within my cognitive abilities of justification.
  10. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    In The Netherlands S@H. Mine has just arrived. Box in perfect condition.
  11. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    It's back in stock. Mine has just been posted.
  12. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I bought GB HQ in the store and the box was fine. Perhaps the other store was unlucky? (Or I was lucky!) Just noticed that the estimated shipping date for DC is before 26 September. That is almost present day, and still they call it Backordered. Can't remember seeing this before with a set.
  13. 71040 The Disney Castle Discussion

    I alvays recieve sets from S@H in mint condition. No damage to the box. Very surprised this is already on back order, it's only just been released. Generally when something is on back order it really is questionable whether you will get it. Otherwise it would just state 'temporarily out of stock'. However, I am somewhat comforted that they state it will ship by the 3rd of October. Should I be concerned and rush to the closest Lego store or relax and wait?
  14. I was one of the biggest complainers last year and I think it is only appropriate to voice absolute appreciation to TLG for releasing a proper new Winter Village set this year. I hope others do so too, feedback is good and after the negative we should voice the postive! A different point: the designer mentions a reference to his favorite sci-if series when he discusses the spaceship toy. Any ideas which one that is? I thought first maybe Blake's 7 but I don't think so any more. But it's certainly not Buck Rogers or Star Trek and it is too yellow for Red Dwarf...
  15. 21128 The Village - LEGO Minecraft

    You know the more I look at this set the more I am starting to see the humour of it. As a Mindcraft set, it is actually pretty nice and good. I try to pick up at least one set of every theme. So I think this may be it - I shall enjoy building a relatively simple yet cohesive set together with my 2 daughters who really love the computer game. Now please TLG listen: I accept this as a an interesting - maybe even bold - product. But please make the next D2C set really awesome so we can forget about the other two 'failiures': Hoth and Batcave. This Mindcraft set would probably have been received bettter if those two had been any good. And don't forget us avid Winter Village collectors and enthousiasts either come autumn this year!