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  1. MusicaRibelle

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    Yes, thanks again for the insightful answers. I've worked my entire career in computer science, but always a layer above any OS, embedded or not, so I never really considered those design challenges. I suppose that the process works fine is there's a train motor connected to the hub, since there are no warnings or instructions for the train sets either, and those were the first application of the new Pup system. Anyways, the Croc runs fine, still a bit tight on curves when towing other cars, but it's nice. I am not in a hurry to convert the rest of my stock, though. Lego Crocodile freight train (sm) by Federico, on Flickr
  2. MusicaRibelle

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    OMG, it worked! Thank you so much! But.... why didn't they explain that anywhere?? There are no instructions in the hub packaging, no FAQ about this in the app or on - I looked through their troubleshooting info several times. I always think computer-like electronics should behave like a personal computer, but they don't (to flash / upgrade firmware, I don't need to disconnect phisically all peripherals..). I feel a bit like an idiot, but I'm glad I got it to work
  3. MusicaRibelle

    Powered Up Hub not working at all

    Hello everybody, After thinking about it for a couple of months, I've decided to invest in the new PoweredUp tech and bought Hub and L-motor for my Crocodile locomotive.< So far the process of using the new tech has been.. terrible. The hub, when turned on, shows a blinking pink light (firmware update needed). The app finds the hub (from the app, I choose the Croc, shows the interface to run the train, and the BLE icon shows a few colors) - I suppose it starts the download of the firmware: it shows full screen a picture of the Hub with a big 0% - I suppose that it is meant to show progress and go to 100%.. except it doesn't. It stays at 0% for a few seconds, then it shows a list of connected hubs. The list has only one element "Lego bootloader", the app is frozen, the hub is "off", meaning it shows no light, and pressing its green button does nothing. The only way out is to restart the app, restart the hub (open and close the lid, disconnecting power). Nothing changed after repeated attempts, I tried on two different smartphones, one Android, one Apple, in case it was a phone problem - it isn't. I don't know what to do. Calling Lego is an option, but their traffic volume is high, I am not expected to speak to any human for hours... Any useful suggestion?
  4. MusicaRibelle

    [MOC] Modular Ferrari Garage

    Thanks! To be fair, skates as trophy cars are not my original idea, you can find them in the original set (75889).
  5. MusicaRibelle

    Switching Puzzle

    Without magnets, you can't pull, only push, so you can't change the position of any train car. You can build an uncoupler (mechanic, manual, without servo-motors) and still have a simple yet complete setup. The Inglenook Sidings requires 2 switches and 1 uncoupler -- and a simplified version for shorter trains should fit comfortably on a 4 ft. table. (ref. )
  6. MusicaRibelle

    Switching Puzzle

    In my current layout, (250x100 cm, or 10x4 bp) I have a switching yard that can be considered an Inglenook Sidings representation: SwitchingYard by Federico, on Flickr And the reversing loop makes it possible to solve any puzzle, i.e. any composition of cars in either direction (forgive the poor lighting in these pictures) CurrentLayout2018 by Federico, on Flickr That said, operating manual switches and especially manually decoupling cars is not particularly fun -- and it's not well suited for an exhibition. I had previously built a mini version of that, with only the shorter 16-stud wagons, just as a shunting puzzle to show students as part of a 'computational thinking' class. That thing is more useful, as a teaching tool, and for that I don't even bother to use a motorized locomotive.
  7. MusicaRibelle

    [MOC] Modular Ferrari Garage

    Hello, a few months ago I purchased the Ultimate Ferrari Garage set, mostly because of the cars. In fact, primarily for the F1 312 T4-ish, and secondly for the 250 GTO. I built the 'garage' part but didn't like it. So I set up to build an actual garage building, as a 32x32 modular. Full album is here: modular Ferrari garage by Federico, on Flickr I've researched a few actual garages in Italy that are official Ferrari repair shops or that cater to Ferrari clients. Lots of them have a paint pattern of red at the bottom, with a yellow stripe towards the top, and white above that. Fitting two Speed Champions size cars doesn't leave space for an actual office in the garage, so the interior is quite minimalistic: garage floor by Federico, on Flickr The main garage door slides to the right -- making the left part of the garage fully functional, and the right part more of a showroom space. caring for the T4 by Federico, on Flickr Upstairs there could be a small apartment for the owner and his family -- again, inspired by real garages around Europe. I've instead made the upstairs into a cozy sitting room adorned with trophies (from the original set), where Michael Schumacher and Gilles Villeneuve are both alive and well, and having a drink together. Gilles and Michael by Federico, on Flickr If things went differently, Gilles would be 68 and Michael is 49, and they would probably enjoy a celebratory drink at an official Ferrari event. The upstairs is small, half covered by simply the garage roof, as I wanted as much light as possible to fill the interior and to have the cars visible from all sides. As for the GTO, it is roaming the streets of my Lego town, and for now it doesn't need any visit to the garage ;) Ciao!
  8. MusicaRibelle

    Some Basic Layout Questions

    Yes, you can look for cloth for 'cards table' at a fabric store. That's what I use, it works pretty well. The cloth tends to be slightly darker than classic green baseplates. Alternative to baseplates: that's tough. There are products out there, but the only one I tried did not satisfy me at all: studs were probably a fraction of a mm wider, so bricks or plates on it fit too tightly, making it hard to detach and reuse. I stick to bricklink or the occasional local garage sale, for genuine lego baseplates.
  9. MusicaRibelle

    2016 Lego trains

    Probably the most effective thing we could do is to pick a project on Ideas and get the required 10,000 votes. Any other initiative requires lots of coordination among people who are located far away from each other and with different taste in trains. Possible, but difficult. For example, it would be nice to have lots of LUGs build a train with the same set of pieces -- a custom hobby train set of sorts. First, someone would have to propose a set of parts with some possible designs for a locomotive and cars (passenger cars?). Then we refine the design with contributions and opinions from people in this community, perhaps inviting or attempting to involve members of as many train LUGs as we can. Then we attempt to agree on a timeline for each LUG or individual to order the parts and schedule an event for a given month, and collect videos and other media from the event showing off all the many different MOCs built from the same 'hobby set'. Thoughts?
  10. MusicaRibelle

    Small track loop?

    Try the Inglenook Sidings design -- and use a small oval as the mainline. That fits is a 3 x 4 baseplate space, and many hours of entertainment, especially if you build decouplers.
  11. MusicaRibelle

    3 X 60050 & 1 X 7937 or 2 & 2? Station opinions . . . .

    Get another 60050, and then add on to the pair with your own pieces. I think the best station ever released is 4554 metro station -- and we've seen some moc/mods here in different color and size that confirm that in my mind.
  12. MusicaRibelle

    MOC: China DF-4B diesel engine.

    What suggestion do you need about the powered bogie? I.e. what problem do you have? If you show more pictures of the bogie and its connection with the motor, it'd be easier to understand the issue and to help.
  13. MusicaRibelle

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    I am afraid you're 100% right. The truth hurts sometimes :) From my point of view, I really don't care if new trains or new modulars appear frequently on the market, as long as the theme remains alive.. alive enough to supply the fundamental parts to bulld MOCs. TLG has given us basic pieces and LDD. The rest is built by the community. What I would like, honestly, is a technology upgrade for the controls. I don't have time or patience to study Arduino and make my own board, and the Lego robotic sensors and related pieces are too bulky and expensive. I would like to see a set of components that are for adults, adequately miniaturized and available to purchase as a solution. I.e. a few light, speed, track sensors the size of a 2x4 brick, and controller board with usb plug, and a simple basic program that runs on smartphones and pc, and that can be complemented with custom code. Don't worry about putting out more horizon express trains, we'll build our own. ..though once in a while a nice complex steam engine would be nice, I arrived too late for the EN, and I'd surely buy the next similar thing.
  14. MusicaRibelle

    Lego Interiors

    Get the 'research institute' set. It's all interior, no building.. and them have fun build an actual 'research institute'. Look for 'lego furniture' online and find ideas to build interiors. The 'Lego Ideas Book' has several pages with nice examples of varying difficulty. Have fun :)
  15. MusicaRibelle

    Simple track set up 6x3 foot space only.

    What Exa said. Emerald Night and Horizon Express need about 6 studs of clearance from other trains. Now of you put any of them on the outer loop, you don't care, you can keep your inner loop 4 studs distant from the outer, and you'll be fine.