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  1. SwissBrick

    Crude oil plant / Atmospheric distillation unit

    Very nice @stratyd, would have never thought of building one and the render is just superb! Lots f nice details and for once, I like the use of stickers, it brings added value, well done and thanks for inspiring!
  2. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Well technically speaking you have the Lego Ninjago City and Docks sets that are Asian looking style and compatible with modulars.. But yes, it is not quite a "Chinatown" district.. but who knows.. There must be some sort of harmony in a modular town, but as we saw, between DD and CC, there is a great deal of differences.. I transformed with instructions PC into a small "kind of" chinese looking build..: We will definitely be surprised, unhappy, excited, dissapointed and finally very happy to build the 2019 modular in any case! Also, if you missed the Ninjago city integration in a modular layout:
  3. Wow @Huaojozu, looks very promising! Did you only use the parts included in the set? Looking forward to the finished build and integration in your city! Many thanks for inspiring and please keep us posted!
  4. Great ideas, will try that! Thanks!
  5. SwissBrick

    SwissBrick Modular Town layout - video update

    Hey @carebear, you are right!! There are some burglars hidden, kids with broken legs, and no police or ambulance to catch thieves nor taking care of emergency situations (my son loves to simulate car accidents or Ninjago attacks on the city).. But at least we have the fire brigade for people making barbecues in the woods, or even GBHQ specialists for potential ghosts around the haunted house.. And a private detective to check who stole newspapers on the stalls.. Never been in favor of a police station, as we had DO already, and thought dentist would be enough for most people in the city.. Will have to rethink about this, thanks!
  6. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Me too, PR i my favorite! As for the Diner, here is where I placed it, not because of height but color scheme. In reality when you look from the front, it looks good. I agree, at the end of a street or as a standalone (x2) would look better, but I am happy with this solution..
  7. SwissBrick

    SwissBrick Modular Town layout - video update

    Dear Community, I am currently next to a lego store and saw the 21042 Lego Statue of Liberty.. Love at first sight, but canot figure out where to place it.. would feel weird next to the Ninjago area, though it should be on an island in the sea part.. how would you do that? Should I remove the lighthouse? And do you believe adding a new train (x2 - 60197) would make sense? I have space to add new tables but I would need to convince my partner.. I am also struggling, should I add an additional floor to Brick Bank? Well, I cannot do all of it, add a huge airport, expend the sea area, place my other older creator houses in the suburb.. Add lights to all my buildings.. One or two more points.. What do you think of the backdrop, too plain? And should I keep the monorail as it is or adapt the blue or orange tram? What do you think is best? Many thanks for your feedback, I usually take them into account! Thank you @NewTown, any improvement feedback?
  8. SwissBrick

    SwissBrick Modular Town layout - video update

    Thanks @LEGO Train 12 Volts! There is a special focus on that area on the following thread - page 2, with a dedicated video.. Also, as your name suggest, I would like to expand my train tracks, with other train sets I have like emerald night, maersk train and so on.. But I would have to redesign the entire city, any suggestion? I would like to have multiple tracks and one of my concern is to have the engine shed 10027 built as a « square » not the long build as it currently is..and let the trains pass through, but emerald night is too wide.. Your expertise and advice would be very helpful.. Thanks in advance and kind regards! Hi @DeanLearner, good point, we clarified that with the owner.. Like with my partner’s family, they have an electric pole on their property and they rent it to the electric company.. Therefore the owner has lifelong free earplugs, plus a rent , more seriously, I would love to bring the monorail to a higher level and go all along the city, from Ninjago City (include a station there) up to the future envisioned airport addition! If you have any suggestion, it is more than welcome!
  9. Dear Community, please find below an update of my town layout (first time video). Thanks in advance for your fruitful comments and improvement feedback! Also, thanks to Rune for the additional monorail tracks! Main area of concern, how to best integrate an airport..??? My first thought is to add it behind the fairground area, using the monorail airport shuttle to liaise with the city.. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.. I usually take most of your valuable feedback into account - the more brains, the better ideas Wish you a nice day, night, evening, morning or afternoon!
  10. Hello everyone! With this post, I want to thank @Runeman He was so kind to snd me monorail pieces and allowed me to pursue my city update.. Please find below a video done to thank him and show you the entire city! And here a little more focus on the Ninjago Area..: Any feedback is welcome! Thanks for watching.
  11. SwissBrick

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wow, i feel surprised, thought it would match your style - lots of details on the facade and on the street, general look and feel a little less squared, but yet, I appreciate both, yours and the link style.. (besides the towers ), I personally like it and would like such a modular coming next.. But true as well, single business big modulars are not the trend... Thanks for inspiring!
  12. SwissBrick

    --- Bricksonville - City Layout with lights ---

    I think it is magic! Thanks a lot for the inspiration @AntiZombie.. will keep lightening my city, perhaps transform my monorail with the orange tram, and add lots of water at my beach :-)
  13. Hi @AntiZombie, indeed it is, great idea! I also saw at once, but can't find it back, a battery box for several buildings.. Anyhow, will try the longer cable! @Everyone, do you believe TLG will produce other massive Ninjago sets with the same "modular" approach in a near future or do you think the story has ended? I think it would be quite nice to "merge" the lines and have such type of areas to include in lego cities.. It might not match the style completely, but as @Feng-huang0296 mentioned before TLG could create a "bridging" building connecting the two atmospheres.. What do you think? Merci!
  14. Great, thanks a million! You just made my day :-)
  15. Hello @Runeman! Thanks for your proposal, indeed I have a project to extend the monorail ! I just sent you a private message. Wish you a great day!