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  1. SwissBrick

    Planes designs that need improvement

    Actually I learned something.. Remember all the airplanes you took.. the entry is always on the left side of the plane, the pilot cabin is always on your left side.. - even in the A380 and Boeing 777 I recently took - maybe there are doors on the other side but never seen them.. besides emergency exits.. Reference: Back on topic, an airplane with business or premiere class would be nice: a bit more "creator" style features and details..
  2. A few more shots.. All improvement feedbacks are welcome! Thank you!
  3. SwissBrick

    Backdrop for Lego Town layout - Experience needed

    Hello again @Vindicare, I tried with a small piece of plain backdrop, but am not really convinced, probably because of the color, lighter blue would make it look nicer IMO.. What do you think? Many thanks in advance: All improvement feedbacks are welcome! Thank you!
  4. Oh yes, good idea! Will try it over the weekend! Thanks! Also I tried with a backdrop and I am not convinced.. probably because of the color.. A lighter blue would work better I guess, what do you think?
  5. Good idea @Wesley D! Actually, I am keeping a free row (32 wide) in the fairground zone for the upcoming Modulars.. so I can replace the green baseplates with the new Modulars and add roads.. So for the moment, I'll just remove the ones next to the beach.. Might try to place a train or two instead with the train engine set Thanks again!
  6. SwissBrick

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello, I have it and don't use it for display, send me a message and we can arrange a good price.. Not promising every single part is there but it should..
  7. Actually, I believe the small creator houses do not really fit with the rest, in the right down green part.. I think I will only keep the log cabins, and add greenery, would look more clean in my opinion. What do you think?
  8. Sorry, photo heavy... Good idea @neonic Tried my best with the resources I had.. Thanks for the tip!! Thanks again @Wesley D for all tips, tiles, beach and greenery! Will continue to try to improve.. Thanks again to all, will now try to get details everywhere, but in any case your help is highly appreciated, merci beaucoup! In case you have more ideas, feel free, you guys are experts and the more brains, the more good ideas! Wish you a nice week
  9. SwissBrick

    Backdrop for Lego Town layout - Experience needed

    Btw @Vindicare here is the link to my layout, so you can get a more precise idea: Thanks a lot for your advice!
  10. Hello @neonic There are several remotes and power functions in this layout. In this particular case it controls the main train (orange one). Thanks for your idea, I'll keep in mind! @Wesley D& @BrickyBoy Like your idea a lot! Thanks a lot!! Is that what you had in mind? Now, I have to add a new table to make it really look nice and some baseplates.. then add details.. (and shelves so my wife is happy! - to store what cannot be on the layout. Also I have the following to make the lake/sea look a bit nicer: Thank you soooo much again, it really helped me! If you have other tips, it is more than welcome.. Especially I am not hap with lower left side/"beach suburb".. Merci! @Bricked1980Thank you for your nice words! If you have any ideas to improve, don't hesitate to shoot :-)
  11. SwissBrick

    Backdrop for Lego Town layout - Experience needed

    Thanks for your answer @Vindicare! You would go for plain blue? Or add clouds or gradient? Many thanks for your tips! Actually I will not be able to paint the wall, especially, I have also shelves in front of one side of the wall, so I am most probably go for fabric, that I could nail on the shelves and the wall. I'll give it a try :-)
  12. Thanks DeanLearner! I had the same issue with overtowering the newest modulars.. I stopped with Detective Office. Also thanks for the tip about the margin, will definitely try and build a canal behind, perhaps between the building back and the train track, it would make a nice scenery (but now I have to rethink the city to have the buildings parallel to the train track and not perpendicular... But this would also allow a modular train station.. with the tracks behind (of course not where the canal would start and from there having a train bridge to go across the canal). Now, the tough question, next to which building would it fit in your opinion? Not TH, I want to give it a special place.. Nor CC GE FB... A few more pics in case the community comes up with a great idea! If so, I will try to arrange accordingly and will warmly thank the person with the coolest idea! Many thanks in advance for your expert advices!
  13. Dear Community, as I am rebuilding my city, and really like the Ninjago city & docks sets, I would like to integrate them.. Do you have any examples to share on how you combined these two universes? Here is my current work in progress layout with three distinguished areas: City, Amusement Park, Suburb. I will then add a sea side probably to include the Old Fishing Store, but for the moment my issue is how to best integrate the Ninjago sets.. Here is where I thought Ninjago sets could fit.. Actually, I have a couple of ideas.. One could be to have a river going into the city (insert a 16 wide river "lane" going through) and then add bridges (almost every city is built around water in real life), or having a lake in the middle.. but in any case for the moment they are in 2 different areas in my mind.. I would really appreciate to see how YOU integrated these elements with other modular buildings.. Or if you haven't, do you have any ideas? Merci in advance for your tips and advice!
  14. SwissBrick

    Town Layout Index

    How to integrate Ninjago city & Docs.. I believe a river could be nice, opening to the see, but it also has to connect with the city (river included).. IMG_4312 by Simon Flury, sur Flickr Here is my current town layout construction, work in progress.. Feedback , ideas, improvements & suggestions would be appreciated... IMG_4313 by Simon Flury, sur Flickr Merci to the community!
  15. Dear Community, once a member recommended me to put a backdrop behind my lego city photos. I believe it is a great idea.. doe anyone have experience with that? I'd like to get a big clothed one that I could nail to a wall or shelves. Can we buy some out of the box? - Preferred solution :-) Did you create one? How? Many thanks in advance for your help and advice!