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Found 12 results

  1. sander1992

    Various Castle Builds

    Hi everyone, To make it easier for me, one topic for all my builds. Just a small overview of my builds of the past few years. To celebrate the anniversary of Knights Kingdom. My own version of the set Ghostly Hideout. And of course Forestmens' Hideout. A small confrontation between two wizards in the forest with the Forestmen watching from a short distance. The return of the Black Monarch to the western border of their lands. A small castle for the Black Crows. This was build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. Battle of the old ruins of Lyon's Keep. The Storage of Rayne the Red. This was also build to inspire people to build for a contest on the LOWLUG forum. On the road! The carriage of the Black Knights on the road. Be aware of the Wolfpack! My two new additions to the list. A small cart for the "Bear" Knights of the CMF series. And my own interpretation of the Dragon Wagon. For more pictures please look into my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome.
  2. Red Falcon's Castle Floors: 3 Pieces: About 2000 Inspirations: Old school Lego Kingdom's Castle sets Red Falcon's purchased from my local Legoland (Chadstone) BAM station Red Falcon 1 by Samuel Sheppard, on Flickr Red Falcon 2 by Samuel Sheppard, on Flickr Red Falcon 3 by Samuel Sheppard, on Flickr Thanks for looking! Sheps
  3. Hi! I wanted to present you my new project: Haunting in Brickwood Who of you has a Lego Ghost? I recently bought a new one and I thought that I need to build something for it. The choice was obvious - a rework of Black Monarch's Ghost 6034, my first Castle set! My "Haunting in Brickwood" project is a small chapel where the evil Ghost has inhabited, but the Black Falcons knights are about to drive him away! On my Youtube Edge of Bricks full presentation. And movie on my channel here:
  4. Hello! I am a LEGO Castle Classic fan and still I have the old sets I had as a kid. I would like to shared my Black Knight’s Fortress version.
  5. First of all: im pretty angry cause I just wrote this entire story, posted it and somehow the topic wasnt created . Please look at my flickr for more pics, couldnt include them all without having a huge post ^^ Davok: "Finally we saw the walls of Falconstone loom on the horizon. We had gotten two more compagnons, two magicians. I didnt trust them, not for even the slightest bit. One of them was an Algus, so then already you should think whats wrong. The second was some wolf-like creature, or maybe raven-like, but unlike something I have ever seen before. Everything black, sharp teeth, yellow eyes. Not the sort of stuff you wanna deal with. He was identified as our questgiver, and had some name I forgot. Its some synonym of Havoc, I dunno exactly." "As soon as we arrived, we went to set up our camp, and we started tunneling as soon as possible, out of sight from the wall, for the vision was blocked by our palissade. The black magician had decreed that we would tunnel to some secret room beneath the main tower, for our target would be there. He would take care of the target after we tunneled, and he and his fellow mage would help our main force to fake the siege and repel sorties." "Well, those sorties came sooner than expected. From the west Falco's ever-annoying cavalry came charging in, while from the east the Falcon Infantry was approaching. We struggled quite a lot while getting shot upon by fire arrows and bolts. Those arrows set one of our shields aflame, i wish we had made more of them to protect our archers... Luckily my men were capable and we could quite repel the attack, but everywhere were signs of dead bulls and...." "Come to your point, please", responded the Mitgardian commander "Well, this mage blew apart Falco 'n his men, I swear. But then we heard news from Tauro, who was dealing with the infantry. Some of the men were wearing King's crest on their armor. It appeared that they were King's guard. So, as one and one is two right, the King was here, and he was our target then, but we didnt know he was here. So we didnt know, you got me?" "We heard word of our tunnelers that the mage should get ready to enter the room. From then, it was only shouting, a flash of light, and then our man came back and said everything was collapsing right there. The king was dead, the mage disappeared, and we saw almost no one get out of the mess. So we went home, as soon as we could, with whatever forces we had left.
  6. blackdeathgr

    Old school siege

    Hello medieval fans! Here is my first semi-serious attempt to a castle wall and a tribute to my childhood castle era. Crusaders are assaulting a Falcons bastion. Inspired by many of your awesome medieval MOCs that have hopefully made me a better builder than i was before (although i must seriously improve my landscaping). C&C always welcome of course! Thanks for watching!
  7. Captain Nemo

    Falcons in the Badlands

    Falcons in the Badlands Black Falcon Freebuild The Siccus Badlands; while the southernmost guild is mostly a desert, it admittedly is more hospitable, and greatly more prosperous, than the horrendous conditions that plague the eastern guild; the home of the “Black” Falcons. It is here we find two lone Falcons, who cast out for their crest’s deeds 100 years ago, are now forced to sneak into trade hubs in disguise. They are on a quest from their lord, Fendrel Falco, to smuggle back food that the overworked laborers now demand. They are not alone however, for suspicious eyes watch them from a distance… Come…look, another vendor…an old one… Welcome! Welcome! Come see, see! I have apples, wine, cabbage! Bread of course—and carrots! Rare they are in this region! Maps do you need? I have many! The second Falcon whispers… “Quickly…there are eyes upon us…” The first Falcon interrupts the vendor, “We will take all the bread, and that jug of wine. Will this cover it?” The Falcon holds out two large coins; but they are different coins than normal ones; they lack the glimmering flare of true gold darics. The old vendor pauses, and looks at the coins, and then begins to question the two, “What are these? These are not gold. You may see the age on my face, but my mind is not foolish enough to take subpar metals!” With the vendor alarmed, and beginning to make a scene, the two Falcons take flight, and quickly leave the market area to the safety of an alleyway; but they are perused by the eyes. Clear to their pursuer, the Falcons stop in the alleyway, and began to discuss openly, “What will we do now?! That was the last vendor in the city—and all of them discovered the coins. It must be true those of Kaliphlin know wealth more than others. What will we tell Falco?!" “We will tell him to make meat for the laborers! We cannot get any food from these suspicious vendors…and those eyes following us…we best leave the city immediately and return to Falhaven.” -------------------------------------- I'm rather happy with this build! I needed a bit of a break after working of Falhaven, so I figured it would be nice to visit the construction style of another guild. Kaliphlin has many different styles but I decided to go more colorful Arabic then generic medieval. This build is not located in a specific city (Unless those of Kaliphlin can find a place for it—since I made it more or less generic K.), and basically I just wanted to make a market place (Which is in stark contrast to the “market” of Port Wrath!), and utilize the food pieces and colors I have that will never show up in Nocturnus. On a final note, I also thought it would be cool to have a vendor selling crystal balls! Enjoy ~Nemo
  8. Fortifying Falhaven Master Architect Challenge Entry Black Falcons of Nocturnus Dearest Kestrel, I write to you now, my love, to inform you of our growing nest... Sir Tercel has served me well, and has returned just recently from Port Wrath with men and supplies; to which we now construct Falhaven. We are deep now within the old forest by the road; but I’ll ensure there’s a path that can hold your beloved carriage. I know you ask, as always, but until Falhaven is complete we cannot meet. I cannot risk you or the children leaving your safe nest to fly into the wild without Falhaven holding power for us. Soon you will have the power you wish, but soon takes time. Falhaven is only early in its construction, but the Minotaur and Cyclops labor yields quick results. We’ve started construction of a great tower that will look far over the forests, a perch for a Lord and Lady. It will be a simple fortress of course, but the forces that flow from it will be strong. I will soon be sending Sir Tercel to flight once more, as I see the need for alliances, and more specific supplies for the future. In the meantime, while you wait, keep the children close. I suspect treachery from the surrounding guilds, and change can only come from that dark wizard. Rest assured though, we will have our revenge. Fendrel ----------- Enjoy ~Nemo
  9. Captain Nemo

    Hag's Tavern

    Hag's Tavern Nocturnus Falcon Freebuild Hag’s Tavern; one of the darker spots of Port Wrath, that is if one considers some areas to be brighter than others. Having come to Port Wrath on their quest, the three Falcons, led by Sir Tercel, now come to Hag’s Tavern in search of allegiances… “Sir Tercel…this was a bad idea…we cannot trust the safety of the gold in a place like this! We’re more likely to be killed here then on the docks outside!” “Quite…Fendrel told me to come here…and you will do as he, and I, command.” Addressing the entire tavern now, Sir Tercel speaks aloud so all can here: “Tavern patrons! Listen! His lord Fendrel, and the Black Falcons of Nocturnus, are in search of troops and laborers. We ask now, that any willing able body persons, who take kindly to gold, come to us now…and join the blooming Flacon empire! Will anyone join us?!” From the dark smoke filled room comes a loud single reply; “What the hell is a Falcon?! I ain’t ever heard of one of them?!” More patrons scream in replies; “Their birds you idiot!” “Aren’t they the ones that got kicked out of Cedrica?!” “We left voluntarily, completely voluntary!” Tercel quickly interrupted back. “Do we have to wear stupid hats like you are wearing?” “I still don’t understand what a Falcon is!” Annoyed, Tercel screams out, “Ok! Well if anyone does want to join us, meet us outside—come on you two this was a waste of time, grab the chest and let’s go to the next tavern.” Enjoy ~Nemo
  10. Captain Nemo

    Port Wrath

    Port Wrath Nocturnus Falcon Free Build The caravan was taken. All were killed. And to the Falcon’s surprise, their vengeance awarded gold; a large chest of darics being hauled by the Lions was now in possession of Fendrel. He ordered his top men, and his lieutenant Sir Tercel, to take the gold to Port Wrath and purchase subjects for war. Port Wrath; a disgusting harbor on the northern edge of the eastern guild; easily distinguishable by its blood red water, was never a haven to humans. While dismissed by many, it’s actually a major trade hub; at least for the cursed and dark evil creatures that live there. All sorts of monsters live within it or within the deep red waters that surround it. Ghost captains and crew sail in and out of harbor each day and night, though they never dock, as they only sail the waters for an eternity with no purpose. It is here the Falcons came to buy allegiances, and it is here that the monstrous Falcons seemed the most at home. Enjoy ~Nemo
  11. Captain Nemo

    Abandoned Tower

    Abandoned Tower Parts 1-2 Nocturnus Free Build Long ago… Along the Old Forest Road, three years ago, a trio of Falcons came upon a Tower…It watched the dark forest, protecting the nearby town from wolves…but had been abandoned when its foundations crumbled…Its original guards were long gone; and the Falcons would have passed it by without a thought, that is until the hunter returned. A hunter; from the nearby village; used the tower to spot out stag…he had climbed down to confirm his kill, only to discover the stag had escaped; and returned to find a trio of men with a strange crest. They were looking at the tower, and intending to climb it. Foolishly, the hunter greeted them with open arms, and offered his assistance. The Falcons declined, as they had only intended to discover the owner of the equipment above; to which the hunter stated was his. Foolishly, the hunter then offered to bring the Falcons to the nearby village, so that they may feast as guests and sleep. The Falcons agreed, and weapons at hand, followed the hunter through the forest. They went farther and farther into the wood, eventually coming upon the nearby village, as the hunter had said... ~Nemo
  12. Captain Nemo

    Game of Feathers

    Game of Feathers It’s like Game of Thrones. You know the Iron Throne…but with Feathers. I recently, finally, acquired some Black Flacon minifigures (5). I love classic Lego pieces, and this is the first time I’ve gotten some nice old Castle figures. Anyways, I felt that the Black Flacons needed their own throne—but with their style of course! Hence the Feather Throne—in stark contrast to the Iron Throne—this is the most comfortable chair in the world. Enjoy! ~Nemo