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Found 4 results

  1. Horatio-Caine

    Ice Planet 2002 Hologram

    Yes I know this might seem a little odd, although I suppose it fits in with the Sci Fi part of the forum and it is hopefully interesting information to do with the Ice Planet line from way back when. Its probably nothing huge but I couldn't really find anything else about it so here goes. A few days ago I purchased a NIB 6973 Deep Freeze Defender from eBay to add to the small collection of new unused old sets that I was most fond of which came today. When I purchased it I noticed it had a label on it saying 'Free Hologram Inside,' and since once of the seals had come off that gave me an excuse to at least have a peak inside before I carefully put everything back and store/admire it. Along with the usual 1993 catalog, service leaflet and even a poster I found the hologram mentioned. It is only palm of your hand sized, but it's cool nonetheless. I have attached some pictures, sorry it is hard to show it off well. It is basically a picture of Commander Cold with the cool icy background and the stars/sky design Lego did back then. This is definitely new to me, most of the sets I owned for display including this one from when I was mostly into Lego before were from the 90s era and before and I've not seen this in them before, perhaps they were a special freebie that were on a certain few. Makes me wonder if there are any other similar things like this from sets at the time now. I do know that some 6990 boxes came with a free space background sheet.
  2. mediumsnowman

    [O - F08] Cold War Tactics

    Location: F08 - Raduon Tags: Spying, Piracy Log Of Jebediah O'Reilly, Entry #026: Scramble Code 613Alpha76 Encryption Key [classified] Security Clearance 10 or Above Required for Access I've been a fool. I tried to run, I tried to hide from my past. It found me. This shouldn't have happened. It's a miracle Dr. Long managed to get us out. Both of us. We should be dead. I knew... I should have seen it before. I've been there before... at the station. I wanted to forget- forget. I won't see a psychiatrist. I can put it behind me, I've done it before. I will do it again. Corporate wasted no time getting me back in the field. I've been assigned to investigate reports of Kawashita activity on Raduon. Anything to keep my mind off the events of the last few days... technically the events of the last few years. That's enough of that. This is a mission log, not a diary! Better up the security... if this got into the wrong hands, my career might as well be over. I'd have to fake my death, change my name... Oh wait, I've already done that. Dammit, get back on track Jebediah! Pull it together. There's something. Looks like a Kawashita comms beacon. I could just blow it up... ...or bug the line. Much better. The information gained will be even more valuable than simply destroying the beacon. On a side note. Dr. Long made me wear that ridiculous blue spacesuit... didn't even match the time period. Some buffoon in charge of handling my regular uniform back in present day has misplaced my helmet, and I have to wear this stupid regulation one until they find it. Someone is going to have hell to pay when I get back to the Axle. End Log Entry #026 Extra photos and commentary in the spoiler.
  3. Mr. Freeze is back! And no, this time he is not to freeze anyone, but to free his frozen wife Nora Fries, and let her enjoy the city like normal people. However, he must first freeze the entire Gotham first! His new machine Arctic Core is a hovercraft, and the turret-like equipment is actually a drill! Don't laugh at a non-rotatable turret because it is not really a turret, but a game changer! While it can fire freeze ray to straight-on targets, it can also freeze the ground, turning the ground into ice and letting the air drill crack the ground open. Then, his secret cryogeneration core can then be injected into the ground and let it slowly turn the surrounding into ice! Gradually, the Gotham city will finally become an ice world, where he and his wife can live forever without the cage or suit! Now Batman has to find a way to stop him! (Flickr: ) Complete set, with Nora Fries in the cryogenics chamber waiting to be freed. The cockpit, in which Mr. Freeze controls the ship... This is the mobile mode. The two turbines (rotatable) can be flipped up and the ship can move at full speed now. Batman, run! View the ship upfront... From the side, Action Mode vs Mobile Mode The two sides of the ship are hovering devices. Moving on the ice or snow will never be a problem now... Batman this time has to deal with two villains, one of ice and one of fire. How is he going to prepare for the battle? Thank you!
  4. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Flash vs. The Rogues

    Flash vs. The Rogues The Scarlet Speedster battles the devious group of super-villains called the Rogues: Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, and Heat Wave. Features a custom Flash minifigure by Christo as well as my own custom made Captain Cold. This is my third Flash build, and also my third version of the "speed-line" that follows the hero. My first Flash build; Flash vs. Grodd, features my first attempt at the speed-line, and looking at it now it is only somewhat successful. My second Flash build, Superman vs. Flash, which is far more recent, is based off the first speed-line, although it is more streamlined and effective. Of all the versions thus far, I feel this third one, of solid color, is the most successful in appearance. Enjoy! ~Nemo