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Found 9 results

  1. Rayskull

    One More Protector

    Nyxo with Rapiers by Ray Skull, on Flickr Enjoy!
  2. Behold: Terracles, Defender of the Verdant Green Flickr = When he's not duel-wielding he can store the Verdant Powered Blade on his hip. Its almost invisible at this angle. He prefers his Belt fed Duel Load Double Verdant Hand Cannon. The Belt supplies V-Energy canisters to the discharging chamber, providing 10 shots each. After I designed the main body I knew I needed big articulate hands, after some research I modified an old method with new parts. His thumbs are actually opposable. And his fingers are poseable too! Not so invisible from this angle! Those leg thrusters provide a subtle boost to his speed. I think his Skeleton Looks pretty Awesome myself...
  3. I didn't get many Bionicle sets last year, but I am planning to get more in 2016. Is it worth it to get the 2015 Toa or should I just skip them? I'm going to get the Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder, mainly for the small version of Ekimu and the Mask of Creation in pearl/gold. Are there any other 2015 sets I should get before I get on with 2016?
  4. I've been Spamming the Bionicle 2015 thread with attempts at a compact build that utilizes the Fire Protector's chest build. I believe I have finally succeeded. I invite others to show their alternate builds! BTW I don't have a protector yet, I'm still waiting. This is the back of course.. I was happy to be able to fit in a hood shell to sit behind the head and break up that neck area.
  5. TheOneVeyronian

    [MOC] Skull Protector

    Been wanting to make a Protector style build to go with the Summer Skull Villains wave, so here's the fruits of my labour: Skull Protector. Just like their big warrior counterparts, Skull Protectors are basically skeletal, undead Protectors, encased in their thick, heavy armour. This particular Skull Protector is like an undead counterpart to the Protector of Ice. This particular model takes cues from my other Skull Warrior MOC, Skull Chiller, as well as design aspects of the Summer wave Skull Villains. Skull Protector by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Skull Protector by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr As always, credit where it's due: credit to Rayskull for the basic torso build used in this model. And yes, the gatling gun does fire. I wanted to use actual Protector feet, but all the ones I have are currently tied up, so silver Ben 10 feet it was. Come to think if it, I could have used white ones, but I suppose it gives the metal shoe look I desired really. Comments and constructive advice always appreciated
  6. The Stone Protector Leader and the Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Hello all! May I share with you my latest Bionicle based MOC. I have wanted to build a huge CCBS dragon for a long while, but never really got around to it until recently, when I looked at my large pile of unused craft faux leather and thinking that they'd make good dragon wings on a LEGO model. So this is what resulted! You might notice that I did take Bullion, the steed from my BFTGM entry, and used him as a base for what I am calling "The Okoto Dragon" (yes, very unoriginal name I know!) The Stone Protector Leader by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr First of all, a look at the Stone Protector Leader, which I built while building the dragon, and acts as a steed to the giant Rahi. Credit to Rayskull for the alternate build used in this little guy's construction. And now for the Okoto Dragon itself: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Front view: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Side view: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Rear view: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr Top view, showing the wings fully extended: The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The Okoto dragon can rear up on it's hind legs, though it is extremely difficult since it is extremely heavy. The Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr The Stone Protector Leader (and other Protectors of course) can be mounted cofortably on the Okoto Dragon, as shown here: The Stone Protector Leader and the Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr And a bonus "face-off" shot between Protector and Rahi... The Stone Protector Leader and the Okoto Dragon by TheOneVeyronian, on Flickr That's it for now. Positive and constructive comments appreciated, as long as you don't mention the keetorange (I didn't have much choice there, I wanted to use the flame pieces above the eyes, and kind of had to include more elements of the colour in the build, since until Skull Grinder comes along, they only come in keetorange). Also, please ignore the pole reverser handles on the wings, I forgot to replace them with bushings until halfway through the photoshoot. Any other odd colours present is likely because I run out of the colour I wanted to use
  7. Toa of Gallifrey

    [MoC] Tengen Toppa Goruden Toa

    Gallery: Front: Side 1: Side 2: Back: Back unconcealed: Protector of Time: In the mystical island of Okoto, before the six elemental heroes were summoned to protect islanders, they had their own hero. Vahi, the Protector of Time, who used to guard the legendary Mask of Time found a suit of armor from a past time which granted him immense power. He dubbed it, "Tengen Toppa Goruden Toa" which means "Heaven-Piercing Golden Warrior" in the ancient Okotese language. He has since left the Mask of Time in the hands of other Protectors and left Okoto to pierce his fate and save a universe trapped in an endless cycle of violence. His last words to the Protector of Fire, who questioned his decision were, "Of course I must leave! Who the Karzahni do you think I am? Mine are the spear, flamethrower and blaster that will pierce the heavens and fined the mythical being Mata Nui. Farewell, brother. Do not believe in the Vahi that believes in you, or the you that believes in Vahi, but the you that believes in you." After that, the other Protectors never saw Vahi again, though they can sometimes hear the sound his finishing move, Giga Spear Slash.
  8. Dr_Chronos

    MOC: Protector of Rapture

    Had this idea ever since I got the protector of water. Haven't yet thought of a proper name yet. Basically I wanted people to sea a protector that looked like a Big Daddy from the Bioshock games. Hope he makes ya bubble with ADAM-induced glee! (sorry for all the bad puns and references, I'm really trying okay?)
  9. The Mugbearer

    MOC: CCBS Jaller

    Just a CCBS version of everyone's favorite Captain of the Guard. Inspired by this thread.