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Found 3 results

  1. Anyone know why the phrase "HonorableIngeniousCoyote" is on my wish list page in the Lego shop? Should I take it as a compliment or a offense?! Get a error when I try to order also, but the issues do not have to be related
  2. Exactly as the title says. In the wake of a lot of people being disappointed about the 42056 Porsche set, I’ve decided to create this topic so that we can discuss the ideal features of our personal greatest supercar, and see what kind of overlap there is. There are 3 major sub categories for the things wanted, so I’ve divided it up accordingly. Looks: If it’s a real car, what make/manufacturer? Or should it be something original? Full body, or 8848 style framed body? Color? 1:8 or 1:10? Large model, or smaller, dense one? Features: What kind of engine? Remote control, or no remote control? Power Functions (Lights and/or motors), or no? Which of these features matter to you? Brakes Four wheel steering Windshield wipers Active aerodynamics Adjustable seats Realistic suspension geometry, I.E. Ackerman correction, caster, kingpin inclination, a suspension type that is not double wishbone. Convertible top Locking or limited slip differentials Is a manual gearbox fine, or would some kind of sequential gearbox be preferred? Extra steering knob, or just cockpit steering? What kind of new parts would you want? Presentation: What do you want more emphasis on, looks or functions? Presentation box, or standard box? Regular manual, or one with technical info? Price Range? Advanced instructions, and non color coded parts, or is the current system okay? B model, or no B model? Going on this list, I’ve got 3 possible versions, which I will go through. #1: BMW i8 Model can be built one of 2 ways: full body, or skeletal body to show mechanics. B model is Convertible version. 1:10 scale Features adjustable seats, realistic suspension geometry, uses control arms like real thing, windshield wipers, brakes, opening hood and doors with locks. There is no gearbox, but there would be some kind of system to allow the demonstration of how the hybrid system works in an RC vehicle, and lights. New parts: Generic rims with good offset, BMW specific wheel caps, new hubs with no slop, and new large CV joints. New crankshaft pieces for the engine, and maybe a couple of new panels, and new motors, with foldable battery box, and Bluetooth/Rf based control system. White and blue. Window box showing major components. Manual is thinner, with more parts per step, and has room for convertible instructions, and some technical information. No coffee table book. No color barf, black 2l axles, black 3l axles, black 3l pins, and no yellow/red axles. #2 Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 1:8 scale with no B model Unimog tires. Features Adjustable seats, live axle suspension, Pneumatic diff locks, pneumatically adjustable ride height, 7 speed sequential gearbox, unless Lego could figure out how to make an automatic one, full interior, opening hood/ doors, sunroof,working steering wheel and brake pedals, working speedometer, removeable bodywork, brakes, remotely located controls for steering, brakes, and gearbox disguised in cargo bed, portal axles, lights. New parts: Generic rims with good offset, Mercedes specific wheel caps, printed parts for badges, reinforced U joints, spline shaft, new portal axle pieces with better spacing and kingpin inclination, new 9 volt battery box, grooved cam for gear shifting, new connectors. Metallic silver, with chromed components. Standard box. Manual is thinner, with more parts per step, and has an appendix of technical information. No color barf, black 2l axles, no color coding, and no yellow/red axles.(sense a pattern here?) #3: Original design 1:8 scale model, approx. Design is actually more like Nissan GTR, or Porsche Panemara, being a 4 seat sports wagon with trunk. Features 4 wheel steering, adjustable suspension which is not double wishbone, opening doors/hood/trunk, active aerodynamics, detailed engine, 7 speed gearbox, all wheel drive with limited slip differentials, working gauges, adjustable seats, windshield wipers, sunroof, and hideable rear seats. Black with silver highlights. New parts: New rims with good offset, swapable caps for either trucks or cars, new hubs/ suspension parts, new large CV joint parts which allow good steering angle, spline shaft, grooved cams for gearbox, new connectors, and panels. Box with window showing off new components, is otherwise standard. Manual is thinner, with more parts per step, and room for information on how the set was designed. No color barf, black 2L axles, no color coding and no yellow/red axles. (Seriously, there is no other line in Lego, not even City, that makes similar parts in different colors, especially when that would hurt the look of the model.) That’s what I’ve got, I’d like to see what you guys think.
  3. After the brilliant UCS Mk7 Cooper, Lego suddenly turned the crank up to 55 and now we are eagerly waiting for the UCS Ferrari F40 to drop. It's a giant leap in terms of subject matter (478hp twin-turbo V8, 201 mph top speed, last Enzo-approved Ferrari) and shows that TLG can do what we want and wish them to do. But now it suddenly got me wishing for more supercars, as well as race cars, to be made in full-functioning UCS glory. I have two road cars and two race cars that I would love to see in the Creator Expert series, and would definitely buy if given all of the moolah. McLaren F1 [PF-ready rear wheel-drive, fake V12 with correct colored-internals (including the gold shield) driven by rear wheels turning, steering, accurate suspension set-up, and those doors.] Honda NSX-R GT [same functions and features as the F1, but without the gold shield and the way those door open. But they can NEVER! take away that roof scoop.] Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 [Accurate, working quattro drive (one PF L motor per axle with adder) to make the Inline-5 engine work, accurate rally suspension, steering, all those lights.] McLaren MP4/4 [Exclusive Ayrton Senna fig (set should be released either on anniversary of this car or on Senna's birthday), PF-ready RWD for the V6, suspension, steering.] I went overboard now, and I'm sure some of you would think that I've robbed you on answers, bu there are so many magnificent cars that will get lusted on in UCS, and you know many more, like the Williams FW14C or the Porsche 959. And I have a faint feeling that someone's gonna lock this topic up forever. Then again, though, TLG can go further than the F40, especially now that they have McLaren and Porsche's licenses. What will be next, however, remains to be seen. Could be the F1, though it's far too early to tell.