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  1. Roebuck

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Sounds excellent, I got my hopes up for the otter when I saw the hare in one City set. Looks like they include forest animals with some of the sets, maybe a new mould like a fox or badger is possible as well then
  2. Dragon’s Keep looks great as a MOC, but I hope Lego will improve it if they release it. Unfortunately no animals, do they not have horses in D&D? At least the minifigs have a lot of potential. It depends on the budget they give the set and how it end up looking so will wait and see before I decide if I should get it Castle in the Forest was a "set" I did not end up buying because the design budget was zero, hope this will get a better budget like the 90 year castle
  3. Roebuck

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    The one you did not order was a lot better than the one you did order Such a nice bonus I assume the one who should have gotten the order get a new one
  4. D&D on Ideas are open for voting and for me one of the sets looks more compatible with Caste minifigs scale so will vote for that and think it has a fair chance of winning. So we might end up another big Castle set next year
  5. I know the foal was also popular among AFOLs, but what I meant was all the "horse-related" figs. Horse related toys are not big among adults I think, but probably kids like them in user tests, if AFOLs like the fig it is probably only a bonus
  6. As long as they include a new animal I do not mind other stuff I am less fond makes it a harder pill to swallow. However I think the girl with the foal had a lot of nice parts/prints, the girl with the rocking horse is boring and I do not have much use for it even if it is nice so might ship her Maybe they are very popular among kids: Series 20 Piñata Boy Series 22 Horse and Groom Series 23 Knight of the Yellow Castle Series 24 Rockin' Horse Rider At least they should have run out of horse toys by now
  7. No, but I hope it is and comes in other sets
  8. Yes, but have we gotten tan before?
  9. Is the bow and arrow a new colour?
  10. The bow and arrow in a new colour? Glad to have the animals back in CMF
  11. Roebuck

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Koala is very cute, must see the falcon better to judge it, but the wings should probably be more pointy at the end Anyway great to see some new animals
  12. Sounds like a great series Finally some animals again it has been to long since series 22 The falconer sound amazing and will almost certainly be my favorite in the series will probably buy 7-9 of the figs, but will wait until tomorrow to decide
  13. Roebuck

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    That was in the old days they did things like that would never do that today Sounds like a excellent series Still waiting for the pigeons so the falcons can have something to eat