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  1. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Pretty sure it means new train sets and not what the trains look like
  2. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    After visiting for the first time I discovered that the parrot in the 60153 Fun at the Beach set is actually the updated mould in a new colour I did not look to closely at the parrot and just assumed that it was the old mould since that is the colour it have been in the last years (green/red).. Lego often release a set with an old animal mould after an updated mould is out, I guess to empty the storage of the old part. So I just assumed that had happen here as well As a oddity I checked bricks and pieces for a set with the old mould, and it had the new mould listed as if nothing had happened on the mould front
  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They turn down every modular building in addition to every other set that are to close to anything they already are making
  4. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    As I have stated earlier, you can still get the tigers! After you have sent in the big order online, call in and add the tigers to the order.. You have to do this before they pick your order! Also make sure the price is the same for the bricks on the first order when you get the next receipt
  5. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    No, new animal moulds in the CMF I guess Although the first had the lobster, so it is still hope
  6. I bought all the sets from a former AFOL. In dollar I paid around 100$ for 6276 Eldorado Fortress and 250$ for the 3 remaining sets The ships were in very good shape, the forts had some yellow parts etc, so I have spent some dollars on bricklink to get them in shipshape..
  7. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Have you tried to call in the order? Pretty sure you can order tigers that way, I did it back in the beginning of June and several EB members have done it since
  8. I got a chance to get the old classics at a decent price so I finally gave after for temptation 6276 Eldorado Fortress 6277 Imperial Trading Post 6274 Caribbean Clipper 6271 Imperial Flagship Now they are MINE
  9. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    The source say moulded and for a city line that makes sense. Creator, winter village and seasonal use a lot of brick built animals or a mix, most other themes luckily do not One exception is the fantastic set 10193 Medieval Market Village where all the animals are moulded, except the birds. They are nice brick built birds, but look completely out of place next to the moulded animals in the set
  10. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    OK, I misunderstood Then maybe someone who have the duplo killer whale can take a pic of it with a minifig so we get a proper scale (most of us have few dupolo animals I guess )? Lately we have gotten a lot of minifig animals who already where in duplo form, but the herbivorous are sadly lagging behind
  11. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Lego have never as far as I know used a duplo or minidoll animal in a minifig line, and they will not start now.. They may use one as a stand in, before the new mould are made maybe
  12. Guess the next animal mould round 3

    A killer whale in next years summer Arctic/Antarctic wave
  13. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I sure would Whales now The animal-mould-team in the Lege group are really working hard this days! Keep up the good work guys The killer whale must be eating something; penguins, seals...? I had hoped for a return of farm and dreamed about a zoo theme, but Arctic( and trains) are fine as long as they bring new animal moulds Hope they go too Antarctica this time, I have plenty of polar bears, but do not mind some more penguins The killer whale are in both the Arctic and Antarctic so it could go either way....
  14. I think the world of Harry Potter could have been a evergreen series like Star wars if Lego had wanted. Even without the new films i guess millions read the books every year.. And unlike SW who i believe have mostly male fans, HP is just as popular with the females
  15. Voltron & Ship in Bottle IDEAS approved

    Have never heard about voltron earlier and have no interest in it, but a lot of people are happy so good for them The ship on the other hand is one of the most original submissions to ideas I have seen! A lot of the sets on Ideas, are from current Lego themes e.g. star wars, modular buildings or "copy's" of sets that have already been released as ideas sets. Many er well done, but not original at all.. The ship in the bottle on the other hand are and it is a perfect ideas set! I guess it will be a perfect parts pack for aquarium mocs also