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  1. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Have you seen it more than once? The first time I saw it I thought is was hard to follow with a lot of details put in (since there is no book that have them instead), but now I have seen it 3 times and think it is better every time Definitely not a bad film, but with to many details to take in for only one look...
  2. Roebuck

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Thanks for the info Would not have guessed that, assumed it was from a story based theme not a realistic one like city You din not happen to see the stag mould in another fireman set?!
  3. Roebuck

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have little interest in cars and it has definitely been enough car focus in the last 2 modulars, so hopefully nothing car related in the next A GWP is a great way to do it, put the car there and more animal moulds in the modular instead
  4. Roebuck

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Still have not seen it , but i think the designer teams within Lego talk and collaborate a lot. So e.g. the Hidden side say they are making a new dog mould for a named character, they have not decided on the breed, but it needs to have a lot of personality. Then in comes the WW team and say they need a bulldog for Ripper in a set they are making next year. So they agree to make a bulldog for Hidden side with a gold tooth and angry eyes to give it character, that the WW team can reuse with a more realistic printing later.. I am pretty sure that was what happened with the updated rat mould! It was definitely made with WW in mind, but came in a city set first. Extinct frozen animals in ice; Mammoth, Saber-toothed tiger and rat! Find the odd one out
  5. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I may come in a modular set, but they do not have new moulds so then it has to be made for another theme first.. I still have not seen the bulldog, but if it has angry eyes and a gold tooth it is clearly made to look like a character with a personality and the modulars have a more realistic view on animals.. Is it easy with a different more realistic printing to make it look like Ripper?
  6. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Seen the owl now and it do not look like Errol to me! He is a great grey owl, that new owl look very light so not sure what species it could be maybe a barn owl Maybe Lego are making a set with the owl scene from PS combined with Marge in POA I agree, could be in a Hidden side set
  7. Roebuck

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Sounds great But so far I can not find them either, keep hitting the refresh button on instagram
  8. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    A new owl also That is the same mould I guess They are 2 diffrent breeds, where one is dobble the size of the other (in addition to the ears etc), it is problably bigger since they managed to put on a stud .. I agree it must be from HP, the mould budget put to good use I do not find any of them on instagram
  9. Roebuck

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    I pirate ghost from hidden side has leaked Edit: apparently it was fake
  10. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Is it the same mould that have been in 2 CMF series or a new mould?
  11. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Thanks for the info It is a little surprising that Lego do not want to make more waves per year, but I am sure they have thought it true and decided that it is better to keep the successful recipe with one wave (more or less) going. Instead of risking to flood the marked with sets.. WW theme is something very different than e.g. city were most buyers are kids and every year new kids are old enough to want the police-station. So Lego can make a new one every year because of the high turnover of fans within the theme. In WW on the other hand, there are fans in every age group and a lot are fans for life, then it do not make any sense to make a new e.g. great hall every year since 75% of the fans have the set already. Then it is probably better to have the old sets a longer period for sale so new fans can buy it and make one solid wave of new sets every year for the "old" fans.. It is better to get one wave every year the next 10 years , then 2 waves a year for 2 years
  12. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Can you tell us if you saw any HP/FB sets or place-holders for new sets in the 1HY catalogue?
  13. Difficult to guess what they do: I Mr gold scenario with 1 rare fig in addition to a normal series (fine by me, but bad for those who collect them all) A series 14 or 18 scenario (not my favorite, but depends off course on the theme, could in some rare cases be winner also) New modern variations of old classic figs e.g. Jonny thunder in series 19 (not a bad idea, but if it was going to happen, those figs in series 19 would probably be saved to series 20) Best of CMF, e.g. 19 old cmf in a new series (sounds terrible and brings nothing new to the table) Best of CMF new editions (as long as they are different enough and brings something new to the table it is OK I guess)
  14. Thanks for the info I am sure WW2 will not increase the price either, It seems to me that WW usually have a very good value in sets. So I guess that means that they do not demand the same as the greedy Disney company in licensing fees