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  1. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Since the hidden side team have used their budget to create the part, it is not so strange that they do not want HP team to steal their thunder. Next year the part is probably fair game to include in other sets
  2. Roebuck

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I really hope Lego do or I will feel cheated. It is really no reason why they should not include them, but we never know with Lego and animals
  3. Roebuck


    Surprisingly Norway's biggest Lego shop (not a brand store) got it in stock and I got around 20% discount so now the first of two is ordered
  4. Roebuck

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Hopefully one aimed more at AFOLs with soldier sets to go with Barracuda bay I am sure a lot of the designers at Lego are pirate fans, so probably a lot of sketch models for big detailed sets already exist in Billund
  5. Roebuck

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Have they opened up the BAM again?! So you can pick the parts you want or is the figs pre-packed?
  6. Roebuck

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Well the way I see it it can be both good and bad news. Maybe Lego are planning to release their own pirates set outside Ideas And as long as they do not plan to approve any Ideas pirate ships anyway it will only give us false hope to have them there and a waste of Idea submitters time and talent. I personally would much rather have a fort or similar than a ship for the soldiers, but I guess they may be removed now as well Maybe this is a move from Lego to reduce the number of ideas that reach the review stage. If that is the case they should remove all the modulars there as well, they never gets approved anyway
  7. Roebuck


    "If your Product Idea is not approved in Review, you will receive the following consolation prizes. Up to three LEGO products totaling $500 USD in combined value, subject to availability." When people make a set for ideas that is in a licence Lego have had for many years, the chance is big that Lego have already have had the same idea. So that is probably true for the first 4 set you mentioned. The Ghostbuster set was an approved ideas set and they made the car and got the licence: "If we release follow-up sets independently of LEGO Ideas, you will not be compensated. We do not offer compensation for follow-up products. For example, if we decide to produce additional products after yours, based on a license we secure to produce your product idea, or new models in the same genre as your non-licensed idea, you will not be compensated as these products are initiated by the LEGO Group independently of LEGO Ideas." The Fiat I am not sure, but it could be the same as modulars. Modular buildings are never approved on ideas, even if plenty have gotten to review, why should they since Lego make one every year. Lego make new car every year also so why approve one on ideas Sorry for the off topic
  8. Roebuck

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    LEGO Minifigures Series 8 - PIRATE CAPTAIN. Too garish for my taste
  9. Roebuck


    This is how fake news start, next time please check the source "If your Product Idea reaches 10,000 supporters and is chosen to be made into an official LEGO product, you will receive: 1% of the total net sales of the product (this includes product ideas featuring original models based on third-party intellectual property such as a game, TV show, or movie). All payments shall be free and clear of any and all taxes, duties, levies, fees or other charges, except for withholding Danish taxes. For details, refer to the Terms of Service, (iii.) Taxes. 10 complimentary copies of your LEGO Ideas set. Credit and bio in set materials as the LEGO Ideas set creator."
  10. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think they get their info from one or several of the sources I mentioned They could know someone in the know or they are just better than the rest of us to dig up info when it leaks
  11. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    People believe anyone that gives them a "leak", no matter that 9 of 10 times they are fake. The "fakes" get a lot of the attention they crave and they multiply in numbers Possible ways we can get leaks (top of my head): Retail catalogues: was very common earlier, but Lego are aware of the danger and they include less info every year. Toy fairs: earlier the Fan media got invited and could share a lot of info. Now it is mostly secret, but usually at least one person that has been there give some info about it from memory on a small German blogpost or similar. Lego or another cite makes a mistake and post something before the deadline. Happens from time to time, but easy to recognize because of the quality (e.g. CMF). Factory leak: after the virus hit they have stopped it seems People that are in the know like Lego employees, fan media etc and they usually do not speak about it before they have permission. So next time a person that claims to have a uncle working at Lego or similar have detailed info about a set no one should know about for months unless you are working with it and no picture has leaked; drink some saltwater and move along Sorry for the off topic
  12. Roebuck


    Well you get 1% of the sales for starters I think we should start to think of the Lego ideas submissions as similar to sketch models. Lego designers often make a sketch model of a set, then another designer take it and make a set (sometimes years later). It is disappointing when Lego remove stuff you liked about the first model, but most of the times they will make it better overall and if it had not been for the idea we would never have gotten the set
  13. Roebuck

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I do not know how it works in Italy, could be temporarily sold out maybe. In the USA the sets are not out in shops yet so they can not buy it I think Maybe there is another Italian here that can give a better answer
  14. Roebuck

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Around 9 euro in Norway
  15. Roebuck

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Caribbean clipper made it now Personally I do not think it will make it all the way. Since I have plenty of ships I would rather have one of the excellent fort builds that is gaining votes fast make it instated. However to me it seams like the Barracuda bay made it mostly because they came up with the idea to turn it in to a ship, so not very hopeful we will see more pirate related sets in ideas anytime soon.. On the other side I was sure not any of the 3 sets that made it this round would make it so what do I know