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Found 11 results

  1. So I am trying to find some pieces related to another topic I made and look at the rcx sets for fun and see the prices. They were so cheap! I found one that sold for about 100 dollars that was in good condition. If you also wanna see them you can search rcx on bricklink.
  2. Hey everyone! I've done another deep dive into LEGO set data and would like to share some fun findings. (Side note: I wanted to embed images of some graphs in this post, but I'm only allowed to upload 4kb large files, so you'll have to visit the links below for live updated data ) TL; DR: It was pointed out to me that it's difficult to compare price per part over different LEGO categories, so I attempted to group categories in order to get better comparisons. Here's the result: Price Per Part over the years. Some fun findings: The last couple of years system sets have averaged $0.11 - $0.14 per part And $13.88 - $17.47 per minifig, but there are cheaper categories if you're just interested in the 'figs! Technic parts are roughly the same price as system Longer story: So, the last couple of years I've been doing some deep dives into LEGO set data. It started with me wanting to figure out what sets I should buy, which led me down a small rabbit hole where I began indexing set reviews and tried to figure out the average rating. As part of that I also began calculating Price Per Part, and compared that between sets. However, this is about as easy as you would expect: what happens when you compare a Duplo set to a System set? The system set is, of course, cheaper. Jared from Rebrickable pointed this out, which led me to do another deep dive. I mapped the average price per part of all set categories (as categorised by Brickset), grouped the different categories roughly by part type, and then tracked the average over all years. If you like graphs it's pretty interesting! I created a page detailing the results, and an additional one with the results for each category (as well as the average price per minifig). This is all just for fun and done by a happy amateur, so feel free to point out ways I can improve the data, or ask anything if you want clarifications. It will all be automatically updated whenever new data is found (with imports being done daily).
  3. whitecitadel

    Bricks and Pieces Prices?

    Hi All I need some lego expert advice as I am a bit confused by sudden disappearance of prices on bricks and pieces? Few weeks back I bought a 6051 duplo set that has the alphabet in it. To spell out both my daughters names at once I needed a few more of the letter A. Went on the lego site, found support dept, found bricks and pieces, enter set number, all the pieces came up with pricing but I got distracted (kids!) and didn't place the order and check out, I am in the UK and they were 64p-£1.20 or something like that for the letters depending on which letter you wanted. Went back yesterday to place order while I had quiet 5 minutes, and now there are NO prices on the bricks and pieces site at all? Did Lego just change their website, or do I have an issue with browser/cookies/pc? I tried a few sets - no prices on anything....
  4. Most of you might know that prices of the red #3 connector 32016 have risen quite a lot since some MOC's came out that use them extensively. I recently released also instructions for a Cadillac that uses 25 of them. http://www.rebrickab...o-biarritz-1959 In the search to find alternatives I thought that the red toggle joint connector 32126 might be usefull, only to find out that these are also outrageously expensive: Current prices of these part on BL: 32016 red #3 connector: € 4,- each 32126 red toggle joint connector: € 5,- to 6,- each (and you need 2 to compensate for one 32016) I know the story also counts for some flex axles with even more ridiculus prices. Isn't there something that we can do to have Lego make these parts available through bricks and pieces. I did ask them once, but got a very neutral response.
  5. Oops , error in title Please use this topic:
  6. Hi everyone. I still couldn't find answer to question why LEGO costs are different in different countries? For example LEGO Set 60066: For Spain it cost - 9.99 EURO (at For USA - 9.99 USD (at For Ukraine - 170 UAH (1 USD = 23 UAH, 1 EURO = 26 UAH, current exchange rates) Why we have this differences? p.s. generally I'm very happy that Lego in My Country are cheaper :)
  7. So the other day I went to Cambridge Toys 'R' Us to find the £12 Hobbit set from 2014 BotFA wave, but there were no Hobbit sets there whatsoever. Earlier I went to John Lewis and still no sign. The only places I've seen these sets is in the Lego Shop. I found the new Lake Town set in Toys 'R' Us Ipswich but nothing else. Anyone know why?
  8. Hy Earlier this day, I was looking in the stores to the new sets. The boxes are so big and only 2/3 full. Like the 42039. It is a big set but it is in a to big box. why would they make them so big? -For saving cartboard? Nope -To have less broken parts? Nope because the parts are made of PolyEthylen or PE ABS. So why? It's to buy AIR. TLG wants to make buyers think they have a huge set in their hands. Should change something
  9. Over the years, I've seen several discussions about what a good price/piece ratio is for LEGO, and $0.10 (US) per brick/piece seems to be what most people consider the general rule for standard system LEGO. I haven't had any luck finding similar discussions or a general rule for DUPLO, though. I was wondering what the general consensus is, then. What do you consider a good price per brick ratio to be for DUPLO? Are there any resources to find sets that are a good value? Thanks for your help!
  10. 79111 Constitution Train Chase review Latest pictures and information: (click for higher resolution pictures) Thanks to Grogall for the links. Expected price: £79.99/€99.99/$99.99 original post ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have seen that there is a new brickset item: ... Although it is just speculation, I think it must be a train like the famous "The General" from the civil war. Read further: http://trains.nute.w... Train Race.htm
  11. TheBoyWonder

    Good price for Redcoats?

    Is 3 red coats with printed shakos and muskets for 10.99GBP a good price? I'm not too sure about redcoats.