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  1. A quick quick build for the third week of the innovalug contest, the entry needs to sit on 4 studs or less. As a tele player myself, I thought I'd give the iconic butterscotch telecaster a try, heavily roadworn of course. Guitars are difficult to build at this scale I discovered. I've had more luck building Real guitars... Enjoy!
  2. I find myself in a weird position at the moment that I'm forced to stay away from work and uni, something to do with the country being in lockdown due to Covid_19. What better a time to neglect what I should be doing and build Lego? Been a while! Here's a quick 1:1 scale Lego OM-1, for some contest where only 1 colour is allowed (the lens element is dark trans smoke or whatever that's called). For fun, the photo was taken with an OM lens. If I had time to wait for my brother to develop the film, woulda done it with the actual camera... Enjoy! David
  3. Legonardo

    (MOC) 2780 moon rover

    When you're on the moon and adventure calls, what better way to answer than with the 2780 moon rover? Due to an unfortunate build of friction, the wheels take a lot to turn so good luck actually getting anywhere, but hey you'll look like a space explorer! More photos to come tomorrow on my facebook page, but first I need to sleep enjoy! David
  4. Legonardo

    RPS - Mockingbird

    2 stubby wings, 2 killer thrusters, no landing gear and 2 ornamental lasers makes the 'Mockingbird' one of the cutest and least practical starfighters ever to leave the shipyards. Why should you invest in one? no idea. should you anyway? yes you should. First build of the year! yes the white stripe came from a lego sticker sheet :p a potential entry in my local lugs "spaceship SaceShip! SPACESHIP!?!" contest coming up, though I hve another one in the works that may take its place... Not really sure what I was doing with the presentation but it kinda looks nifty? I might change it if I decide I dislike it all of a sudden. enjoy! David
  5. Legonardo

    Some mocs

    Thanks guys! Theres a black technic stand that was shopped out in post processing, I don't know how to build flying things yet. will work on that ;)
  6. Legonardo

    Some mocs

    been a while since I posted here, so here's a few mocs I've made the last few months, enjoy! enjoy! David
  7. Legonardo

    Fimbůlvatr Keep

    Haha more rickety angled buildings by those pesky new zealanders seriously mate well done, you're hitting it out of the park with this one! Flick me a message about photography some time, I'll share some tips. your next challenge is manage to make something angled like you've done that you can fly up to wellington in a suitcase
  8. Legonardo

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII

    No problem mate, just lending a helping hand where I can Yeah you probably get that a lot don't you... I'll shut up and build
  9. Legonardo

    Expand the Winter Village Contest VII

    Summer down here in NZ but who cares! love this contest!
  10. Legonardo

    Faerie Dragon

    As I said on facebook, I absolutely love this, everything about it works perfectly, well done mate!
  11. Legonardo

    Smaug the Terrible

    Guess who took the photo when you consider how dark the venue was I think it came out pretty good haha... I only got the one shot thoughHaving seen this thing first hand, I can tell testify that it's absolutely fantastic. Can't wait for the future developments on it mate!
  12. Legonardo


    Home to Radagast the Brown wizard, this house was featured briefly in the film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". Only the front facade was view-able from the movie, the rest of the creation has been made up based on fan art and whatever I felt worked. With an estimated 20-25,000 bricks and a footprint of a 77cm square, this is by far my largest creation to date, and one of the most complex at that. I have previously built a rendition of the house, but much smaller, only the front facade and without the surrounding landscape, and I've always wished I had done a better job at it, so when I saw the opportunity to do it justice, I decided to go all out with it! This was built for and sponsored by The Christchurch Brick Show 2016, but will be displayed around New Zealand for the next year or so, until it hopefully finds a permanent home (It's too big to fit in my room... too big to fit through the door for that matter!) Some of the challenges I faced with this was the conflicting time with my (very intense) architecture studies, and creating it modular so that I could transport it... just making the house was a headache enough in itself! Check out my Facebook page for more of my creations or to get in touch, and my Flickr for the high resolution images! Hope you enjoy! David
  13. Legonardo

    HM Bark Endeavor

    Mr. Mcnaught is a lego certified professional based in Melbourne, better known as "the Brickman", bit of a celeb in our corner of the world ;)
  14. Legonardo

    Neo Classic Rover and Starfighter

    tenuous connection is the one unfortunately, I'm not quite technic savvey enough yet to get working suspension in such a tight space! Thanks though, and yes it is very much swoosh-able :)