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Found 83 results

  1. Legonardo

    All Terrain Heavy Transport Unit

    Essentially a glorified galactic dump truck 93% of the finacial year, but everynow and again the guys at MOONBASE 42 find some sort of constructive use for it... right now it's carrying a massive keg of Tangy Orange flavoured Spaceman-ale! (pictured) Everyone who didn't like mars mission clearly never had one of these. my favorite part is definitely the canopy, the rest of the build sorta just happened after that was made, I would definitely love to see it used in other contexts! (simon, start building that dropship!) One of several things that'll be featured in the Moonbase 42 Collab in Christchurch this year! Enjoy :)
  2. Legonardo

    (MOC) 2780 moon rover

    When you're on the moon and adventure calls, what better way to answer than with the 2780 moon rover? Due to an unfortunate build of friction, the wheels take a lot to turn so good luck actually getting anywhere, but hey you'll look like a space explorer! More photos to come tomorrow on my facebook page, but first I need to sleep enjoy! David
  3. Legonardo


    Home to Radagast the Brown wizard, this house was featured briefly in the film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey". Only the front facade was view-able from the movie, the rest of the creation has been made up based on fan art and whatever I felt worked. With an estimated 20-25,000 bricks and a footprint of a 77cm square, this is by far my largest creation to date, and one of the most complex at that. I have previously built a rendition of the house, but much smaller, only the front facade and without the surrounding landscape, and I've always wished I had done a better job at it, so when I saw the opportunity to do it justice, I decided to go all out with it! This was built for and sponsored by The Christchurch Brick Show 2016, but will be displayed around New Zealand for the next year or so, until it hopefully finds a permanent home (It's too big to fit in my room... too big to fit through the door for that matter!) Some of the challenges I faced with this was the conflicting time with my (very intense) architecture studies, and creating it modular so that I could transport it... just making the house was a headache enough in itself! Check out my Facebook page for more of my creations or to get in touch, and my Flickr for the high resolution images! Hope you enjoy! David
  4. Legonardo

    RPS - Mockingbird

    2 stubby wings, 2 killer thrusters, no landing gear and 2 ornamental lasers makes the 'Mockingbird' one of the cutest and least practical starfighters ever to leave the shipyards. Why should you invest in one? no idea. should you anyway? yes you should. First build of the year! yes the white stripe came from a lego sticker sheet :p a potential entry in my local lugs "spaceship SaceShip! SPACESHIP!?!" contest coming up, though I hve another one in the works that may take its place... Not really sure what I was doing with the presentation but it kinda looks nifty? I might change it if I decide I dislike it all of a sudden. enjoy! David
  5. Legonardo

    Some mocs

    been a while since I posted here, so here's a few mocs I've made the last few months, enjoy! enjoy! David
  6. Legonardo

    Eldorado Outpost

    Inspired by set 6276 Eldorado fortress, by designer Daniel August Krentz, who passed away last week. Was started some months ago as an entry to my local lugs 'classic set redux' challenge, but my course got in the way and I didn't get round to finishing it. Not too much special in techniques and part usage (the one bit of NPU isn't actually visible in the photo) but some cool colours I think work quite well going on, hope you enjoy! David
  7. Legonardo

    Neo Classic Rover and Starfighter

    Enjoy! Higher res images can be found on my flickr or facebook page (see signature)
  8. Legonardo

    The Stargazer

    Yeah I'm still a castle nut guys, I'm not completely lost to space ;) The Mystic Isles of Avalonia house many diverse persons, creatures and landscapes. Wonderful Wallace, Brother of Senneck and Harry the Hallucinating Healer, is one of them. He lives in solitude in the middle of a small cluster of islands in the center of the isles. Unlike his elder and younger siblings, Wallace has deviated from potions and other magic, and found his love in astronomy. He spends his days charting the skies, bartering with the local fishermen, and smoking pipe-weed. Also like his brothers, he has an incredibly awesome beard, which he takes great pride in. potentially more pride than what he has in his astronomical discoveries. Hey guys! Here is my main exhibit for the Christchurch brick show this weekend! it's been an interesting build, my original plan had been different, but then lugbulk didn't show up as early as i'd hoped so it changed :p the roof was a bit of a pain, but i'm pretty happy with the result. I had planned for a different colourscheme on the ground, but this worked too, when bulk arrives I guess I'll just have to build another moc with that scheme ;) Now all I need is for it not to be completely obliterated on the way down to Christchurch! Come see it in the weekend! hope you all enjoy! This build would not have been possible without the support from the coolest canadiasian in the world. you know who you are, and everyone who knows him should know too. Thanks so much Mr Liu. David
  9. Legonardo


    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  10. Legonardo

    Winter Village: Confectionery shop

    The dreamy Winter Village Confectionery shop! Explore the selection wonderful sugar-laden treats, there's something to tickle every sweet tooth till the day they fall out! Put aside your fear of diabetes and indulge! fun for all! enjoy!
  11. Legonardo

    Concert Grand

    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  12. Legonardo

    Sputnik 1

    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  13. Legonardo


    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  14. Legonardo

    Christmas interior

    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  15. Legonardo

    T70- Xwing

    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  16. One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  17. Legonardo

    Microscale red 5

    One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  18. Legonardo

    Iron Builder week 2

    Hey there guys! A follow up to my previous post, Iron Builder Week 1, here are all the builds from the second week of the contest :) Unfortunately I've been away plenty this week so the build count is significantly lower (next week is also rather busy but I'll see what I can do!) 10 days of competition left! Enjoy! David (Mods - If this doesn't belong here feel free to move it to a more appropriate subforum)
  19. Legonardo

    Fire and Water

    Smaug the terrible has been woken by those pesky H̶a̶l̶f̶w̶i̶t̶s̶ Halflings, and has decided to drown the city of lake-town in an epic ball of fire. Talk about a grumpy wake up! I would suggest anger management. My first entry for CCC small misc, there may be a much larger version of this in a year or two... maybe, this was a bit of an experiment. enjoy! David <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
  20. Legonardo

    Iron Builder week 1

    Hey guys! I'm currently in an Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed part is the musketeer sword. Here are my creations from week 1 (just started the second week), hope you enjoy! check out my facebook page for more constant updates on what I'm building Cheers David
  21. Legonardo

    The Magician

    A mystical magician approaching the solitary spire he calls home, to study the stars, read his books, and do magic stuff! Greatly inspired by the fabulous artworks of Péah. Normally I try build original completely compositions, but when I saw his work I just had to build it, it's so beautiful, and I'd love to build more of it! This is my main exhibit for the upcoming Auckland Brick show this weekend and Brickcon-NZ the following weekend, been tinkering with it for several months now, it was worth doing well I think :) unfortunately some bricks cough*lugbulk*cough haven't yet arrived which I would have loved to use, but you can't have everything can you? was a very fun build with some cool techniques and (what I think) is an awesome colourscheme, the ground is flesh and those accents are light and warm yellowish orange, I think? I finally found a use for all that medium azure i accidentally bought last year! :D Enjoy everyone! David
  22. Legonardo

    [MOC] McFlys' Speeder

    It's a known fact that speeders go faster when you can time travel! for the Pimp Reys Speeder contest, taking reys speeder from the upcoming star wars movie, and giving it some DMC magic. who doesn't love back to the future? Enjoy! David
  23. Legonardo

    Ma.ktober - Blue Falke

    In a world that had undergone nuclear fallout, everything needed to look 70% cooler so people liked it enough that they value it so much that it would never happen again. too much to lose for the materialistic minds of the future... The future sucks, but they do have cool spaceships! My build for Ma.ktober, after Simon guilt tripped me into building it by sending me a Ma.ktober brick early >.> inspiration from Calin, Ryan and Google, plus i stole Maelvins stand concept cause it's neat ;) More of the same images on my facebook page!: Enjoy! David
  24. Legonardo

    moonbase MoonBase MOONBASE!

    EVERYTHING IS MOONBASE. Here's part of my main contribution to the upcoming Moonbase 42 Collaborative, more photos shall come later, of both my bit and of the entire layout. ALSO I found out the meaning behind 42! has absolutely nothing to do with hitchhikers guide to el galaxy and the meaning of life at all, New Zealand just happens to sit on longitude 42 :p Much cooler in person, has lights and power things! Come see it at CBS next weekend! enjoy! David
  25. Legonardo

    Bugatti Vendicatore

    In 2043 when Merriam Enterprises became the largest stakeholder of Bugatti, They pushed for a revolution in personal transportation, taking the concept of Toyota's now widely available hover-cars, and pushing it further, adding the class, speed and luxury Bugatti is well known for, and letting man reach for the stars. Starting at $4,000,003.22 Hey all! Random unplanned upload! Just a quick (I spent more time 'shopping it than building it) spacey build I made this morning with some bits I got from some greatly discounted chima (70% off!) and my favorite Canadiasian I got recently :) It was a fun build actually, using a different pallet of parts to what I would normally gravitate towards, which I think turned out pretty nice. Yes there's a nice big Carl Merriam logo on the back ;D (Thanks Nick!) Come see it in 2 weeks at the Christchurch Brick Show 2015! Enjoy! David