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Found 75 results

  1. House: small Every proper settlement starts with a harbor and every proper harbor starts with harbormaster. Sanjeev was been our caravan clerk long before I was born and no-one is as fast as him when it comes to goods price evaluation or finding a place where to hide more expensive trinkets. As his knees aren't what they used to be (he took and arrow in one when he was on adventure) ha was more than happy to resettle and take care of harbor logs and bureaucracy in general. After years of travelling, he is enjoying the afternoons on his terrace checking the harbor traffic, his new pet kitten Sheitan and his wife soups with fresh herbs from their garden or just simply chilling on the bench.
  2. Every city on the sea shore needs to have harbor and every harbor needs to have a place where sailors can ease their tensions after weeks crampend in the boats. Hilto is no exception. Right behing the harbor tower is inconspicuous house with big garden filled with sounds of girl laughs and glass clinks. The local speciality is an podium right above the cliffs. When tide is high there is a big chance that the working girl will get splashed by sea mist from top to shoes. This sight allready induced quite a big crowd of lonely sailors to pay extra for private session in upper floors and mere reminiscence couple weeks later to drink themself to oblivion or go to all night stroll on the board in the chilling winds. [ Just dont try the shrimps after midnight or you will end up like this sad pirateer. Pasha's have lot of benefits and pleasant surpires for their visitors but a good cook and fresh seafood are not on the list.
  3. Hilto's harbour, heart of every propper colony: One right corner proudly stands the tower of harbour administration. First couple floors are used for storage of more valuable goods, the top one is a nice openspace room for all accountants and harbor clerks with wiev to the whole harbour. On one end of the pier lives the fisherman/occasional warehouseman On the second one is the afforementioned warehouse for bulk goods: For some reason I totally forgot to make a topic about the build half year ago so better late than never. One question though - how to license harbor - is it commerce?
  4. Artisan: small Well, it’s funny, isn't it? As soon as Sanjeev and his melody boys started to work on harbor construction Uncle appeared. Nobody invited him nobody knew him he just simply appeared one day and started to barter tobacco for pickaxes and silver for lamp oil. In mere two weeks he already started to build his emporium and harbor workers tried to beat all silver from him twice. Placed on strategic corner right behind harbor warehouse and on the way to tavern Uncle was been able to exchange almost everything with booze-driven passersby. Sanjeev had to talk some sense to him and explained that for greater good of community it will be vise to leave sailors with at least enough coins to get some rum and sishkebabs for couple days. And here with surrounding builds:
  5. As the settlement of Fuerte Unido remains successful and civilized, the populous settlement is just finishing laying it's last coat of paint down for it's newest primary school, "Nautical One." Settlers are making sure to come as well dressed as possible for the grand opening in which a battle wounded Eslandolian naval gunner tells his story of unfortunate and fortunate findings alike. backup 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr right side by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr shed 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr One of the workers preparing for his last cleanup for the day. back by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Here's to the last coat of paint. Cheers! worker by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Anyone know a chiropractor? This poor man is definitely going to need one... cards by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Meanwhile, looks like some people need reminding of their job. Stop gambling in front of the kids! right side 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr main room by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr During this scene, the naval gunner explains how he managed to weave in-between four cutlass slices at once! Of course the teacher couldn't help but throw in 2+2=4 equation after hearing that... play 1 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Meanwhile, the older kids get to reinact the famous battle of Don Brickoxte vs the "Giants"! play 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr scene by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Little Edward as always, is getting in to the parents' food. top 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr top 3 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr It's always nice to have a little peace in your own quarters after a long day of work! end 1 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr After the long heroic story of the sailor, everyone is ready to go home. minifis by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr What a wonderful class! Seriously though... somebody needs to get a chiropractor to come over here. It is simply unhealthy for that man to still be carrying those books! end 2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Thank you, everyone, for viewing my build! To anyone who was wondering, all stickers and bricks are official lego. The stickers are from an idea book from 1980 and the cast is made from white blank stickers. The bottom floor windows and backside top window are from the Lego Italian Minitalia series, and I got tons of enjoyment working with them! Hope you enjoyed the build! Here are a few more playfeatures/photos for anyone interested:
  6. (Note. This is based between part 4 and part 1, but must be read in numerological order. All references to the WTC have been removed due to a suggestion from someone higher up the chain in command, I support and endorse your desision.) Previously : Part 1: Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4: Betrayal Early 620, El Oleanda 'Dick?' asked Sean. I hated it when he called me that. Richard was my real name, and that stupid nickname was another thing that mother of his left to him. No inheritance, just a contamination of our family, the noble Fortescues, and we would no longer be considered as one of the other regal, powerful families, because of fathers drinking problem and that women he had picked up. 'This is something to do with you, right?' He asked. 'No,' I denied his accusation, but he heard the false tone in my voice and he knew I was lying. I pushed up the panel. It was quiet. I emerged. As I pulled my self up, I gripped my cutlass. A second later Sean pulled himself up, and he pulled out his flintlock. 'What have you done?' he said. I stepped on his hand, kicked his pistol away and bolted. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sean I pulled myself up, retrieved my pistol, and began to walk through the jungle, and then I realised. Dick had planned to kill me and Father's soldiers, take the treasure and then buy up the company. It was obvious that my Half-Brother had no faith in Father. It made perfect sense. Except - who killed Father's Soldiers? In the next clearing, there lay a man bleeding to death. In his chest was a huge machete of a muted iron tone. I ran over to him. Bending over him, I asked him what had happened. What I could hear came from underneath a hacking, violent cough, and he was obviously choking on his own blood. He had no hope. 'Beware... The red mask... The... Messenger of.. He....' And then he was dead. Sean walked further down, until he walked onto the beach. Out in the azure waters of the bay was the Brig that had brought them here. It was burning. This was no longer a fight between two brothers, it was a fight between right and wrong. Someone who will stop at nothing to get what he wanted, and the Man who was willing to put his life on the line to stop him. ____________ To be continued...... Edit: this is FB 2, not 1.
  7. During his youth, Jingu spent long hours exploring the many ruins across the Jade Sands. Meditating next to the remnants of an ancient monastery, he hoped to gain some wisdom from his forebearers. Jingu Jingu of the Jade Sands, reporting for Kaliphlin
  8. (Luc)ky Luke

    With the hunters

    ‘One task that did actually intrigue me was one of the last ones I had to do. For a couple of days I was working with one of my father’s closest friend, Karspart. He is in charge of the hunt and supplies the village with a constant fresh supply of meat, wild berries and other things that are needed in the village. Hunting with Karspart brought me further away from the village then I had ever been before. Even further than I had ever imagined to go. It first seemed like an easy and relaxing task, but this is far from the truth. Karspart’s hunting task is full of danger so I had to be careful with everything I did, as packs of trolls, wolves, bears and sometimes enchanted beasts could be encountered whilst hunting. Not to mention the avalanches and cold that where even deadlier. I did learn how to defend myself and avalanches and the cold were part of my life just like any other child in the village so I wasn’t that worried. Still I do not see myself fighting against some monster, I would rather run for it. Luckily in those two weeks I only encountered some wolves that didn’t even come close to us.’ -Ronan Want to read the previous part of the story: here
  9. Louis of Nutwood

    Svalg Keep: Mitgardia (Free-Build)

    To the very end of a treacherous dirt road, west of the Bay of Storms, lay a small fortress called Svalg Keep. The fortress was erected by the Old Men, where the winds were heavy, the temperature was low, and no man had reason to pass by. It was intentionally built away from any city or village, for it only kept functioning as a prison. As we advanced through the muddy road, small bits of the fortress appeared magnificently between the trees covered in snow. The dim light of the lanterns that kept Svalg keep alive looked blurred and weak from a distance. Its walls, built into the rock, were partially cracked and covered in snow. The more we approached, the more Svalg Keep looked old and forgotten. When we reached the walls, I jumped aside. - Open the gates! Open the gates! – I shouted. – The wagon has been taken! A grey-haired man with fuzzy whiskers appeared on the wall. He stretched a fiery lantern in front of him so he could better see us. - Who’s there? – He asked. His voice was deep and strong. - We’ve been attacked! They are coming this way! Let us in! For a moment, the man hesitated and gnarled. His lantern went away. The cold was harsh, but I could feel the drops of sweat trickling down my chest. Our horse was unquiet, jumping and crying. Please, please, open the gates. I was hoping to hear something coming from within the keep, but one could only hear the whispering wind and the falling leaves. - Hey! – I yelled again. – We need help! Nothing. I pulled the reins and approached the giant wooden doors of the keep until we were close enough. I punched the door again and again. If they find out that we are disguised... A crackling sound came from the inside. The door opened. We were received by the same bearded man. He was tall, strong, and although he seemed old, age did not appear to have taken his tenancy. Could be the cold or simply the genetics of the Lion clan, I could not say. He stood firmly as a war general and wielded his long-sword as if it didn’t weight a thing. - Get inside. How long before the attackers reach us? Got him. - A quarter of an hour, no more than that. But we must check his wounds – I pointed at Hob, helping him off the horse. - There are tools in the armory. Head there and see through his wounds as I gather our men to prepare for battle. The plan was working perfectly. We were let inside the keep and made our way to the armory. We entered a small room, packed with wooden cabinets, clipboards and mainly weapon racks, that made the room seem even smaller than it already was. The stony dark grey walls were cold and the feeling inside was humid, what made the cold even tougher. The room was poorly lit with candles casting shadows on the walls that seemed to twinkle like gold. - We did it! I whispered cheerfully. - Easy, Kid. There is plenty we still need to do. – said Hob calmly and analytical as always. He glanced into the room anticipating the other guard’s arrival – We need something to block them in here. Perhaps that cabinet might... His words vanished as he caught sight of three guards entering the room, leaded by the grey-haired general. - Christoff Hobard. – his deep voice echoed through the room. – We were waiting for you. __________ Greetings, fellow builders! This is the first time I'm posting on Eurobricks. Hope you all like it. The story follows a series of MOCs about Louis of Valnötsträd, my character. You can check all the chapters so far on my Flickr page ( This building will count as a Free-Build for Mitgardia, in Guilds of Historica. Let me know what you all think. Hope you like the result. Louis of Valnötsträd
  10. Although many think of Salida Este as a frontier town, expanding MCTC commerce has begun to convert the tiny settlement into a wealthy metropolis. Middle-class Eslandians, staking their savings on one bold venture, have moved in and are establishing not only a center of business, but a city with a culture all its own. The Hillier family, just recently arrived in Salida Este, are happy to move into their new house in time for the holidays. A reckless sea captain turned sensible merchant with a handy ability to do almost any work, Mr. Hillier is confident of his ability to succeed in this new world. Mr. Hillier Sr. goes where his son goes, happy anywhere he can bring his library. Miss Hillier's correspondence was well known for the beauty of its calligraphy and the vacuity of its content in the old world, and Salida Este correspondents are finding her no less devoid of solecisms and originality. Long time butler, man servant, and jack-of-all-trades to the family, Aryan finds that the toughest part of the rough new life falls on him. Mrs. Hillier may have been second rank (possibly third or fourth) back in Eslandola, but here in the colonies, she has a reputation to maintain and maintain it she will, with the aid of Pussy-dinkum. Cutler Hillier - or buddy as he is better known - is one of the most accomplished jokers this side of Gotham. Watch yourself and your possessions carefully if he's within three miles! This is my first build for the "new" Salida Este - hope you enjoy it! I had a great time trying out some new color combinations. Putting my new stash of cool green to use was an amazing feeling. C&C welcome!
  11. Equos Valley - The Valley of The Horses A free build for Avalonia Task 3. Front by The Nev, on Flickr The Equos Valley is home to one of the few remaining villages of the Equicius Clan, Vallis. Nestled amongst the rugged cliffs is the river known by locals as the Equos River, the namesake of the valley, and source of one of the valley's landmarks; the Tonitrui Falls. Waterfall by The Nev, on Flickr The other primary landmark is an ancient staircase, carved into the side of the cliffs by the hands of men long past. The stairs serve the village as a useful route to the lush plains upon the plateau where they can foster their herds when feed is scarce among their usual ranges in the plains below. Cliffs & Stairs by The Nev, on Flickr The cliffs are rumoured to support other, less wholesome forms of life as well; legends of old tell of trolls that inhabit the cliff-side caves. Although no one has encountered any such creature to the knowledge of the villagers, there are tales of some brave few who ventured out, seeking the trolls, to never return... As for the village itself, a strong wall surrounds the buildings within, protecting its inhabitants from any external force. These inhabitats are mostly distanced members of families within the Equicius Clan, although there are a few residents foreign to the clan. The village sustains itself on the breeding of horses, regularly engaging in trade down the river, as well as along the roads to the north and south. The local blacksmith forges shoes for the steeds and tools for the farmers, as well as armour and weapons for the troops that guard the gate. The market serves as a place for villages to buy, sell and barter goods amongst themselves, occasionally even hosting a trader or two from downstream who ventured to the valley to sell their wares. labelled village by The Nev, on Flickr River by The Nev, on Flickr Extra views of the whole build: Wide View by The Nev, on Flickr Back by The Nev, on Flickr OOC: Overall I'm pretty happy with this, my first large build. I wanted to draw emphasis to the cliffs and topography of the land, without crowding things with too much busy noise.
  12. Task One - The Equicius Clan The Equicius Clan of old were once known & respected across the lands for their fine herds of horses. They lived a semi-nomadic life, travelling with their herds across the eastern plains of Avalonia, with some small settlements scattered towards the northern reaches of their ranges. Their lives of peace & prosperity were not to last, however, as raiders from the northern mountains plundered and pillaged the few villages the Equicians had established, taking with them, destroying or scattering much of the herds that were the pride of the clan. Many of our finest warriors and herdsmen's lives were lost in those days, and all the remaining men, women and children were left with no choice but to disperse across the villages and cities of Avalonia, some venturing as far as the lands of other guilds in search of a new home. As the years and generations passed, the great horsemen of old were forgotten by all except legend, their stories passed down to the Equician descendants that remain today. Although the Equicius Clan has never restored their former glory, and remain scattered, some larger families stayed together, and found a life for themselves away from the pastures of their forebearers. One such family is that of my father, Albus Equicius, a direct descendant of the leader of our clan of old, Eorl Equicius I. Equicius Clan by The Nev, on Flickr The Equicians are skilled warriors, both on foot and horseback, fighting with sword, spear and bow. My cousin Eldred is a leader among our men, with the privilege of riding upon a purebred Equician steed, garbed in the colours of our clan. Cousin Eldred by The Nev, on Flickr As for our troops, they are of course small in number as a result of the scattering of our people, but display the strength and determination that stands them equal to some of the best soldiers you can find in Historica, and have often served under the greater banner of Avaloina in times of war past. Equician Troops by The Nev, on Flickr And then there's myself, Neville Equicius, son of Albus Equicius, descendant of Eorl Equicius I. Neville Equicius by The Nev, on Flickr Some of you may have already heard my story, so I will only briefly recount here. Nine years ago, my father set off on a journey to find the tomb of our ancestral leader, in the hope that it would contain the key to reuniting our clan, a step towards the ultimate goal of restoring our former prosperity. Five years after his expected return had not come, my father's uncle, Freca, uncovered a map that leads to Eorl's tomb, and since that day I have travelled across the land, seeking my father so that I can lead him to the tomb and he can reunite the Equicius Clan. Task 2 - My Travels Since I set out, I have often walked alone, other times I have had companions. Uncle Freca and my cousin Eldred often accompany me on my journey, between attending to tasks of their own. Field & Equician Travellers by The Nev, on Flickr Uncle Freca is a wonderful source of knowledge, and was once a great warrior, his career ending when he lost a leg in battle. Uncle Freca by The Nev, on Flickr My cousin, of course, has saved our necks on several occasions, while his faithful steed provides a welcome rest for weary feet and heavy packs. Equician Travellers by The Nev, on Flickr We are a strange sight to other travellers, not that we see too many, often we travel on the smallest, quietest paths through Avalonia, often passing by small pockets of farmland, the land of some solitary farmer making a life for himself off the land. View of Field by The Nev, on Flickr We travel light, venturing from town to town in search of answers that can lead us to my father, with the ever growing concern that he has come by some foul circumstances, as what bodes ill for Albus Equicius bodes ill for the whole Equicius Clan... = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Whew! Sorry for the long post, but I hope it establishes Neville's story well enough for some sort of foundation/background. Hoping to get a real storyline going through some future builds, time will tell what is in store!
  13. Henjin_Quilones

    Moto the Fire Dragon

    Moto the Fire Dragon A freebuild for Avalonia < Previous Elemental Dragon Moto and his rider, the elf Lord Joto, are the Fire Guardians protecting the Elvish kingdom of Mwamba from any fiery threats, especially from volcanoes. Moto's wings are smaller than those of many of his peers, enabling him to crawl into lava tubes and into magma chambers without catching the membranes on any sharp edges. Lord Joto sits on the Elemental Council of Mwamba and was one of those who supported gifting dragons to the ragtag collection of Hesperian exiles that showed up on the streets of Bandari, including Galaria. More pictures: ______________________________________________________ ............................................................................................................ Moto finishes the collection of the Elemental Guardians of Mwamba, both dragons and riders. I need to build a council chamber for them to meet and show the story of Galaria and her friends being given permission to form a soul-bond with infant dragons and learn the basics of raising them, but I have been having trouble finding the time lately for much building. Hopefully soon! I've got some other stuff ready to go, but I need to have a day to take the pictures; maybe this weekend, unless another hurricane decides to drop lots of rain on us... C&C welcome. Moto is probably my second favorite dragon I've made. I was rather pleased with the base on this one, so hopefully @TitusV doesn't find something to dislike about this base, too! (I don't think any lines are too straight on the front, at least...)
  14. Treasure! The word had been magical; at the call of adventure and intrigue and a pile of shiny gold doubloons Guy K. Wyndzon had left his Secretary-of-State-ship, his head-of-the-MCTC-ship, and all other -ships which he possessed. Besides, he was tired of the routine of urban life, tired of the tightrope of political strife - ready to strike out a new path. Hard work, certainly, he expected. Visions of himself hacking through underbrush, whacking at mosquitoes and wiping off beads of sweat haunted his daydreams. But reality turned out to be worse. Because, as Guy discovered all too soon, in these days of civilization, you can't just go on a treasure hunt. First, you must receive a treasure-hunter's license; to do this, you must pass a treasure-hunting course, which requires special training in swordsmanship and the use of firearms; there's also a subsidiary course on how to best dig a hole while doing the least possible danger to the environment. Then you must apply specifically for a license to treasure hunt in some particular area. Fortunately, if you don't know exactly where you intend to hunt, there exists a blanket organization which, for a moderate fee, handles the paperwork between you and the several regional departments of the interior and exterior, except for a few recalcitrant departments that insist on doing things their own individual way - to which departments, of course, you must apply separately. In order for your expedition to be approved, you must provide a detailed expedition plan which includes exactly the quantity of provisions you intend to take, the members of your expedition and their former employments, port of departure, intended port of return, date of departure, estimated date of return, and a list of five people to contact in case of emergency. Some departments also require a list of arms and equipment. Besides all that, you and anyone accompanying you have to pass a background check and a medical check. At one time there was a bill in agitation that would have required a would-be treasure hunter to leave in security an amount sufficient to cover the tax on the amount of treasure a qualified (and commission-earning) official expected the hunter might be able to make. But this was thought too stringent. As for Guy, he's still stuck on the swordsmanship part. At Uncle's instigation, he applied for lessons to a former naval officer (suspicions abound as to whether he retired or was cashiered). Whatever else may be said about the officer, he certainly knows his business! Guy studied on in his spare time between red tape, and slowly - quite slowly - improved. His instructor is a master at the craft, and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Outside of lesson hours, Guy often comes and practices on his own. The naval officer also has a shooting gallery in another part of the building (a partially refurbished warehouse, by the way). In fact, he allows the best shots to practice on the shield. Guy isn't among them. Guy's Uncle has been a tower of strength to him in these difficult days of paperwork and lessons. So when Guy heard that his Uncle was "just going" flower-hunting on Celestia, well, he was outraged. ----------------------------- Just a little build to explain why Guy's treasure hunt has been taking so long! Unfortunately he probably won't be done with his paperwork too soon, because I've got a busy schedule including time away from my bricks ahead of me, but hopefully the story will be make up for the wait when it comes along! A few more pictures: If you'd like to get a glimpse behind the scenes you can do so on my blog! Thank you for looking! C&C welcome!
  15. Hark! After a long and tumultuous time with life and all that goes with it, I; Spud, return to the game with increased dedication, enthusiasm and poor image presentation! Greeted by his soldiers and trusty piper, Spud walks out of his family home to set foot on a quest to restore order and autocracy to this unruly world, all in the name of Her Majesty. ____________________________________________ Hello again all, I have returned. Hopefully I can grasp the rules soon enough to fully enter in to this game. Hope I'm not too much of a hindrance Also, those fence pieces can be found here, sorry again for my phone camera; I can't get outside in daylight here in Scotland
  16. mccoyed

    Old Bridge Inn

    The Old Bridge Inn rests at the border of Mitgardia and the Historican Crownlands. Its architecture is thus a mixture, and the structure has been rebuilt over and over again. Once, the bridge was wider and the tower fortified with a stone gatehouse. Watchers on the Water used to charge a toll and keep out Mitgardian raiders in times long past. History hangs over the place, but unlike the haunted ruins of other regions, the Old Bridge Inn has remained a place of life, change, and the congress of ideas and strangers from all over the land. Alva Tyrnsdottir (remember her?) fought the Algus in northern Mitgardia and is now on a diplomatic mission to Cedrica to see the new High Queen Ylspeth on behalf of Asbjorn, Jarl of Arnarvhal. However, Alva has never been this far south or east. Thankfully, Barling has been far abroad and even has maps to help guide their way. Alva and Barling consult a map of the roads from the Old Bridge Inn, trying to determine the safest route. Sturlan is reluctant to leave the inn, however. They had rested here for a few days and he managed to meet himself a young barmaid, the inkeeper's daughter, who he took a shine to. He pleads with her to wait for him to come back. It's only going to be a few weeks... months? Maybe a year. Two at most! Times have been hard in Historica lately. Maybe things are changing, but not fast enough for this man. Maimed escaping the Algus at Hardhearth (remember that?), he is now a beggar... a very low position for a proud Mitgardian to sink to. He lost his arm to Algus ice magic, but a passing shield-maiden offers him a much needed coin. The pies at Old Bridge Inn are famous and now he can afford one. Times haven't been tough on everyone, of course. The rich fellow on the balcony doesn't have to worry about affording pies. He can afford all the pies and he passes the beggar from Hardhearth every day and offers him nothing. A merchant and traveler from Kaliphlin, he finds the cold of Mitgardia quite refreshing... especially with a nice glass of brandy. Just don't tell him that he would have to a lot further north to experience the REAL cold of Mitgardia. Below him, a young girl steals some fish for the cats. She'll get a scolding later, but the look on Mr. Whisker's face is worth it. Unbeknownst to the other travelers and locals, two very special women have been passing through. Astrid is still young and like Alva, she has never been this far from home. The colors of the flowers delight her, and her bodyguard Ylva cannot help but smile just a little even though she knows that if the wrong person should notice them, their perilous flight from the far-off kingdom of Blomgard will only get even more dangerous. Ylva is unused to humans who are so comfortable with having dwarves around. She and Astrid come from a land where dwarves and humans get along quite poorly. Astrid is so delighted with the garden that she doesn't even notice the regal tourney knight approaching the inn behind her. That boy sure does! He's never seen a sight so inspiring in his short life! The knight hopes that the crowning of Queen Ylspeth will reignite the floundering tourney circuit throughout Historica. All he has is his war-gear and his unadorned, but steady mount. Should the tourneys resume, he stands to win fame and fortune if he can trounce the little knights of the other Guilds. Perhaps that boy over there would squire for him. Every good knight needs a squire... Another boy, hiding from his mother in the rubble of a bygone time, would be very jealous if he knew what he was missing up above! The fisherman on the dock wouldn't care either way. He lived for fishing, ale, and warm days on the river. A rich Avalonian countess surveys her rooms in the tower suite. Who knew such a rustic and barbaric a place as Mitgardia could boast rooms so nicely furnished? Perhaps there was even good wine here. But then, she doubted it. This young elven woman appreciates the view. She and her husband seldom travel in human lands and it never ceases to amaze her what the humans are capable of doing with a few handfuls of chiseled rocks. Little does she or anyone else know that a grumpy old minotaur lives below the Inn. Though she is impressed, her husband is not. He preferred the forests and rivers and glades. When he came to human places, he found solace in wine. Now if only the halfling and dwarf at the neighboring table would make less noise! They argue and argue about politics until finally the halfling, scarred and scowling, asks for his opinion to settle the argument. Ugh! Why couldn't they just leave him alone. Of course the Queen was going to reopen diplomatic ties to Nocturnus. It was just a matter of time. What was there to even discuss! If the poor elven husband only knew that peace and quiet was just a few flights of stairs away. Fresh pies off the oven meant that Lisfala, the proprietress of the Old Bridge Inn, could count on the word to spread. Soon, with Historica hopefully entering a period of peace, that word would spread to every corner of the Guildlands and the Crownlands and travelers would pass through. Maybe then she could make some much needed repairs. As she watched the happy patrons eating and smiling, plans for expansion and renovation flew through her mind. But where was her daughter? Some day, this would all be hers. She had better not be outside talking to that Arnarvhalan scrub again! The Old Bridge Inn could someday become an important junction in journeys through Mitgardia to the other Guildlands. Already, river boats laden with dwarf-mined ores passed through. Raiders and robbers still plagued the wilderness, meaning it was often unsafe to stop if the cargo was precious. This boat can't stop, it's too risky. Lisfala had seen them approach and lamented that for all the armsmen, mercenaries, and knights that passed through she still didn't have any stable security. Perhaps very soon she'd be able to hire some. Builder's Notes: This is the second biggest build I've done (first was Anarvhal) and this is actually version 2. The first version was MASSIVE but modular and I couldn't properly attach the parts. This build is inspired by the Cockatrice Inn from The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine and I credit that with getting me back into Lego because after seeing it I just had to build something like it. I have tried to include some small updates for my previous Mitgardian "storyline" (always pretty loose) and some hints at possible future builds. I was in a hurry and forgot the new Historica logo. Sorry about that! I still don't have a very good lighting setup, especially for builds this size. Sigh...
  17. Blufiji

    Green Abyss

    Green Abyss is a town hidden deep in the swamps of the Moruth. A haven for refugees and criminals alike, this town's populace asks very little questions and hate's the authority of both the spire and the resistance. Another freebuild..thanks for stopping in and happy building! To see detail shots, head on over to my flickr page.
  18. Over on Sea Turtle Island in Tortuga, Ma and Pa Native Islander run a small family pub serving local cuisines. A couple of Sea Rats decide to drop in and try them out. It is best not to order the special of the day. Turtle Family Pub by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  19. A stolen ship made escaping the Eslandolan forces quite a simple matter, but where were two highly unusual pirates to go after that? Who would welcome one woman steeped in death, and another who may not be all together alive? Where would no one notice such a pair of monsters? Charlatan Bay it was… In Charlatan Bay there was a tavern known as Flotsam’s Rest. Squeezed between other buildings in Low Town it was a dark, dingy place with no windows. No one was ever sure if the name referred to the clientèle, or the various oddities used to decorate the bar. It was an otherwise usual night until Yharnam and Harrow stalked in, scaring the other patrons out of their way. Secluded in a corner they considered their next objective believing their presence had gone without drawing undue attention. They were wrong, of course, and their discussions were quite rudely interrupted by the approach of two men. “Yes?” Harrow hissed at the men. “Would one of you two rather lovely women by Jack Yharnam, former captain of the… um, unfunny joke?” asked the first interloper. Jacqueline Yharnam looked unimpressed. Snikt. The man noted three things. Firstly, that he had never thought it humanly possible to move as quickly as Harrow did in that moment. Secondly, he had no idea where Harrow had retrieved that knife from. And thirdly, that he was loosing all sensation... As his body hit the floor his companion, more than a little rattled, tried to speak. “We meant no harm, cap’n,” he began, “we was sent by his Holiness the Bishop. His Holiness says he requests your audience, and ’as an offer of trade for you.” Yharnam approached him, slinking forward from her seat. Harrow still lurked nearby, licking the blood from her blade. It rather felt to him like being surrounded by predators. “What is he offering?” Yharnam asked. “Something about yer ship, cap’n,” the messenger said, “his Holiness says some ‘fortuitous circumstances’ have happened, and he can return ’er to you, but he needs sumthin’ from you.” Yharnam smiled a mirthless smile. “Lucky you,” she said, “you get to live through today. I will meet with your priest.” As they left the surviving messenger could only think one thing: That smile terrified him. Continued here. And some clean shots of the scenes: Flotsam's Rest is licensed as a Small Artisan property in Charlatan Bay.
  20. Don Gonzalo, the notorious murderer of Jamie, was, you may recall, removed to New Eslandola for sentencing. The reason was that the justices of the peace feared the likelihood of a mob insurrection, should Don Gonzalo be found guilty and his sentence be carried out in Terreli. Well, Don Gonzalo was found guilty, which came as no surprise to anyone. But there were quite a few raised eyebrows when it was first understood that he was only being placed under house arrest until the day of his sentence. Most people suspected that someone's pockets had been well lined before that happened. Be that as it may, it was the 29th of November, 616 - the day before the execution of Don Gonzalo's sentence ("elongation of the esophagus," as the judge politely put it). Don Gonzalo was living with a distant cousin of his, who, out of pity, had offered him and his guards a spare room. But the haughty and ruthless Don had soon ceased to be even an object of curiosity to the family, who stayed out of his way and didn't think about him oftener than they could help. So, though it was the day before he was to be executed, his cousin's young son didn't give that a second thought. He was outside playing his favorite game - sparring with the cast iron pump. His mother watched from a safe distance. Fredric could get wild. Meanwhile, outside, things were starting to heat up. Don Gonzalo was taken out by his guards, who laughed and chatted, glad that their onerous duty to this belligerent criminal was about to end. Don Gonzalo only sneered at their good humor. "He who laughs last, laughs loudest," he muttered to himself. He had a good reason for not being concerned. The Terreli mob may have been left behind, but boy had the authorities made a mistake in giving him this much time! It hadn't been hard for him to organize a full-fledged rescue, with a little help from one of his old cronies... Don Gonzalo chucked to himself as he leaned over the rail of his own private ship, later that night. Eslandian officials could be mighty stupid, he reflected. Just witness King Fernando, for one! And now - hurrah for the life of a pirate! A few more shots of the build: This was partially inspired by Legopard and Brick Vader's epic Venice 1486. It was lots of fun to build too, and I hope you enjoyed looking at it! C&C welcome!
  21. Over in Bastion, Bob the butcher is busily preparing meat for his customers. He sells fresh meat, salted meat, and sausages. Fresh meat has to be eaten right away. Salted meat can last a long time and suitable for ocean voyages. His shop is well stocked with barrels of salt and jars of secret spices. Earlier Susie Cheng placed an order of fresh chicken. Freshly slaughtered meat tastes so good. The chicken being chicken has other ideas... Ye Old Butcher Shoppe by dr_spock_888, on Flickr But Bob is faster... Bon appetite.
  22. dr_spock

    [SR] Rum Fest

    Upon hearing word of drink, the Sea Rats dropped by and set up a booth at the Weelond Octoberfest. Red vs Blue Drinking Contest by dr_spock_888, on Flickr "Come ye gather 'round. 36 barrels and 4 bottles of rum. Who thou wager to win? Red or blue?"
  23. Blimey, who the heck MOC us on this boring barren rock? I don't recall signing up for this call of duty. Matey, bring me another bottle of rum, BURP. Sea Rats Play Fort by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  24. From the last MRCA, the Sea Rats captured a 3A called Dear John. She has been repaired and cleaned up to be licensed as a 3A. A Dear John letter has been sent to the previous owners. It's going to be heart breaking. Dear John Pirate Ship by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  25. Meanwhile in Bastion. It's Friday night. What's there to do? Well, let's go to the Drunken Fish to decide which of the Challenge IV islands we'd want over a few drinks. I have the perfect democratic selection procedure. The Drunken Fish Pub by dr_spock_888, on Flickr