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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to finish my cat. B entry in time, but instead I have something else for you... (maybe I'll finish the entry as a freebuild somewhere in the near future...) As you know(or don't) am I the founder of the purple city of Kyrrath. And for a big part, it's similar to other city's in many ways. But when you look to the expansion of Kyrrath, than there is a difference with other citys. Yes, there are some houses that are just build up from the ground, but since Kyrrath has declared loyalty to the spire, there has been a second way of expansion: In a lot of places there are citizens that would like to be loyal to the spire, but do live in areas where most of the population is helping the resistance out. But now there's something beautiful, something magical for these people... When they use purple amethystdust from Kyrrath, and paint their roofs purple, their houses will come to live, and move towards Kyrrath, to settle there and be able to support the spire, The true leader of Nocturnus! Oh, and when the houses come across pirateships, or other buildings loyal to the resistance, they don't doubt destroying them... Here are the photos: This build is also an entry for the finals of The Tourney, that is the reason why this ship design is based at the design of my enemy over there, W. Navarre. But it is a complete rebuild, using my own techniques and designchoises. Credits to him tho for the original design of the ship. And lastly a picture of the house itself, without a ship covering the whole front... I hope you enjoy my build, and if you also want to live in Kyrrath, don't wait any longer, buy some Kyrrath' amethyst dust and paint your roof purple.... C&C always welcome! Have a nice day, Jaap
  2. Hey there! Finally there's a new GoH build from me! It's been about a year ago since my last one... :/ But I got some plans for new builds, when I'll be finished with The Tourney contest at mocpages... I didn't have a great idea for category A of the challenge for a while, but yesterday evening I found one(and also one for cat. B), and I couldn't resist building it as I think it's stupidly funny . Anyway, here it is: Messenger: "Hey, soldier! I got an important message for Lord Kiarr. Where can I find him? The message should not be lost!" Soldier: "Oh, hey! Welcome to Kyrrath! So you got a message? Interesting! hehe... Messenger: "Sure I got a message, and it's really important! Can you tell me please where Lord Kiarr is? Soldier: "Sure I can, but first I have some questions, as I can't send everybody to my Lord..." Messenger: "It's a message from the resistance, with some very important information! If it get lost, The spire will rule over whole Nocturnus!" Soldier: "So it's an important message against the spire?!?..." Messenger: "Yes, the leaders of the resistance send me to Kyrrath to deliver it to Lord Kyrrath, so Nocturnus will get rescued from the spire!" Soldier: "As you can see, we got a special mailbox for important messages about the war against the spire. Put it in there, and no one that may not read the message will be able to get it out of it, hehe" (He didn't even lie) Messenger: "Great, that looks very safe! I'll put the letter in the box!" "Thanks for the help, and have a nice day!" Soldier: "I wish you a 'safe' trip back! As 'safe' as your message is! hehe..." When the messenger has left: Soldier: "hehe, stupid boy. The leaders of the resistance make it easy for us, the spire, if they keep using these stupid, less intelligent messengers..." "This way, there's not even a single reason to kill the messengers, if they are so stupid! And I didn't even have to lie to him! hehe... " And here's the build: GoH - Challenge A - The Mailbox! And here's the way we stop messages from the resistance in Kyrrath: GoH - Challenge A: The mailbox! Kyrrath for purple, Kyrrath for the spire! Quite a rushed build, but I think you get the idea, and I decided it was funny enough to build and share with you! Hope you enjoy! Jaap
  3. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf Episode 2: Message in Kyrrath It has been a couple of weeks since Exetrius was tasked with the delivery of a letter to a client in Kyrrath. Due to several delays - including many cases of 'side-step exploring', getting lost in an unexpected snowstorm and taking part the annual Carakath festival celebration - he arrived in the City of Purple several days later than planned. If anything, his journey had given him new energy. Though he had already reached the city of Kyrrath, his instructions for the exact location of his client were a rather vague. The only thing it said was: "Small house with dragon statues." As usual, the addressed person was anonymous... So there he was, walking the streets of Kyrrath, hoping to find the house by luck. He asked around, but nobody knew the place. The city really impressed him, though; such bizarre, intriguing architecture, unlike anything he had seen before. And so much purple.... The stories he had heard turned out to be true. He found himself in the outskirts of the city, when he saw a small house that matched his descriptions. He stepped towards the door, but someone already came from the garden. To his great surprise, it was his aunt Alicia (Onicius' sister). He hadn't seen her in almost two years. It turned out that she moved to Kyrrath about four months ago. After some some catching up on the state of affairs, Alicia opened the letter. Onicius was the sender! He had probably set this up from the very beginning, Exetrius thought. She visibly enjoyed reading the letter, but suddenly her look neutralized and she shook her head. She handed the letter to Exetrius: "(...) By the time you receive this letter I am most likely already in Mitgardia, in the high North. I have some important things to figure out here and I will be back in a few weeks. I'd advise my son to head back to headquarters, to practice his Archane magic flow skills (...)" No doubt that his father was up to something! 'Important business' in the North could only mean one thing right now: Algus business... Now he was certain that his father planned this job from the start; it was to lead him away from The Order and the Algus affairs which it was probably about to deal with. Obviously he wanted to protect him, but this was a nasty trick... darn! He said goodbye to his aunt and embarked on a journey whose path he had yet to determine. To be continued.... in the next episode: Equipment upgrade I am back with a build for the Exetrius Saga, I hope you enjoyed it! With the build, I really focused on style consistency with Nocturnus member jaapxaap's builds for his city, Kyrrath. Most of the used techniques were entirely new to me, they were challenging, sometimes frustrating, but fun in the end Thanks for viewing and C&C appreciated, as always!
  4. Hey all! Here's my latest build to share with you! It's a battleship from the Kyrrath army, that defends Kyrrath from dangers from the swamp... Here are the Pics: I hope you enjoy my build! C&C Welcome! Jaapxaap
  5. Hey all! Kyrrath is growing and growing, and there are some ideas to make a trading route from Skarenport to Kyrrath, so from here all goods can be send through the rest of Nocturnus. But to make this work, it has to be kinda safe(for Nocturnus standards... ^^). This isn't easy to get but one of the problems to make a safe route is solved: From now on, there's a new ceremony in Kyrrath: Each Monday someone will be chosen and be fed to Bigteeth. So Bigteeth will have enough food and won't eat much innocents anymore. Normally a Criminal will be chosen(like this week) but when there isn't, there will always be a Mitgardian in between the borders of Kyrrath.... Here are the pics of my build: Here some pics of the background and Bigteeth: I've this build also made for the CCC, category Bring out your Dead. I hope you enjoyed my build and I want to thank you for your attention :) C&C always welcome! Have a nice day! Jaap
  6. Hey all! Here I have a new Kyrrath build ready to share with you! I've build the mill for the Husbandry minichallenge, but also for my Legoworld 2015 layout(Utrecht,Netherlands) so if you want to see it in real life, headover to the Netherlands :) About the backgroundstory for this build: While there isn't very much food in Nocturnus, Birro, the son of a poor farmer somewhere in the Rakath Mountains, Is traveling through Nocturnus to find a job to get money to buy food for him and his Parents. After visiting many places without succes, he arrives in Kyrrath. Here, he hears that the miller of Kyrrath needs a servant to help him with the heavy work. When he walks up the path to the mill, He sees why the miller needs a servant: The mill pond is silted and there is almost no wind to let the blades rotate. When he knocks at the door, the miller opens the door. When Birro asks if he can be the servant of the miller, the miller tells him he can directly start his new job and tells Birro that he'll send some food to his parents. from that day on, Kyrrath has a new, hardworking villager and a happy miller! Well, here are the pics: The moment of my build is when Birro walks up the path to the mill: Hope you enjoy my mill! I hope to meet some of you at Legoworld2015! And have a nice day, jaapxaap
  7. Hey all! Today I've finished another freebuild! This time it's a borderbuilding for my city of purple: Kyrrath! This build will be shown at LegoWorld 2015(Utrecht/Netherlands), so if you want to see it in real life: come to the Netherlands :) well here are the pics: Hope you enjoy the beautiful purple! jaapxaap