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Found 43 results

  1. The University of Petraea is pleased to announce the opening of its new Doctorate of Historica program! (The University would like to thank Erudhalion Sansael / Gabe for capturing this announcement in a picture) What is the University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica program? The Doctorate of Historica program is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary degree program designed to encourage you to advance your building skills across a number of different areas. By the time you have finished the program, you will be certified in most major historical building techniques and subject areas. The program consists of multiple Disciplines, each of which has several Subjects. Over the course of the program, you will build MOCs that cover these techniques and subjects. Disciplines: Technique-Related Disciplines Architecture Landscape Design Hydrology Other Techniques [*]Content-Related Disciplines History Military Science Trade and Law Agriculture and Zoology Anthropology Geography Subjects for each Discipline: Architecture roofing -- Demonstrate mastery of three roofing techniques, not including using standard LEGO slope bricks. Each technique is a separate certification. See examples here and here. wall techniques -- Demonstrate mastery of three advanced wall techniques. Standard, studs-up walls of bricks are not included. Each technique is a separate certification. Examples include (but are not limited to): 1x1 round plate walls (a la Derfel Cadarn) SNOTted tile stonework half-timbered Tudor style wooden walls [*]round walls and towers [*]roof rakes (the inclined end of the roof between the eaves and the ridge; see explanation and a great example from Derfel Cadarn) [*]advanced windows and window frames [*]advanced SNOT -- See question below for an explanation [*]Landscape Design trees (demonstrate mastery of at least three different tree building techniques; examples here and here) flowers and dense foliage landscaping studs up rocks and cliffs two of: sand dunes snow and ice extreme environments (lava, caves, acidic pools, etc) sideways rocks (studs horizontal) [*]Hydrology four of: still water (lakes, ponds, ocean without waves, etc) waves flowing water waterfalls underwater [*]General Building (Other Techniques) minifig posing interior design forced perspective microscale one of: lighted builds (e.g., light bricks, LEDs) movement-enabled (Power Functions, or manually operated via gears or other mechanisms) mosaics, stained glass, or complex SNOTted floor designs brick films [*]History A special discipline, wherein you must build three MOCs depicting significant events in Kaliphlin's history (you make up the events, or use whatever existing history there is). You must also supply a story of suitable length and quality describing the historical event pictured. At least two of the history builds must consist of at least three different pictures, either different scenes altogether, or the same scene at different moments in time, with changes to the scene such as figure movement. [*]Military Science battle scene siege fortifications military camp [*]Trade and Law marketplace manufacturing one of: caravan / shipping by land shipping by sea / water [*]two of: arresting criminals and/or jail courtroom governing body (king, council, etc) [*]Agriculture and Zoology three of: crop farming raising livestock fishing harvest time logging [*]brick-built animals -- Brick-built animals, birds, or fish, realistically rendered using advanced or innovative techniques. Number of animals should be commensurate with their scale -- three or more if they're approximately minifig sized. [*]Anthropology two of: city scene village life countryside scene tribal scene [*]life in Kaliphlin [*]two of: life in Avalonia life in Mitgardia life in Nocturnus life in Valyrio [*]Geography four of: mountains or cliffs oceanside or river scene forests swamp desert grasslands [*]Culture pick 2 of the following: Theater Music Art Current minimum subject count to graduate: 51 total, 24 technique-related, 27 content-related Cool. How do I get started? If you're a member of a Guild of Historica, just start building! If you're not, you'll need to join a guild first. See instructions in the first post of any of the guild threads. How do I post my MOCs? Post each MOC in its own thread. It would help if you prefixed the topic title with "UoP DoH"; also tag it with "Petraea University" and "Doctorate of Historica". In your post, be sure to indicate which subjects you would like this MOC to qualify for (up to a maximum of four). Then post a comment in this thread, with a link to your new topic. How does the Peer Review work? After you post an MOC, if four currently active Kaliphlin guildmembers approve of it, by posting comments stating "+1" or "I approve", then you're certified in that MOC's subjects. However, if three Kaliphlin guildmembers vote against certification, they can veto the approvals, even if four or more guildmembers approve. If someone posts a veto, they must also post a comment indicating why, and what you can do to improve the build so that it passes. I just built a great MOC (before DoH started) that covers some of the subjects; can I get credit for it? On joining the program, you may get four "advanced placement" credits for recently built MOCs. The MOCs must have been posted to Eurobricks on or after June 15th 2013. Just post a comment in this thread stating that you're joining the program, and you'd like credit for a previous build. Put in a link to the build (which must have been posted in GoH), and state which subjects you'd like credit for. It must go through the same peer review. Peer reviewers should post their comments in the MOC's topic, not this one. Can I use MOCs that I'm also building for another challenge or contest? Yes, you can. This program is all about improving your building skills, and if you do some great work for a challenge or contest or whatever, and want to get credit for it, that's fine. But make sure that it's really a good example of the subjects and techniques. Do I have to post the MOCs in the Guilds of Historica forum? Your MOCs must be posted in the Guilds of Historica forum or LEGO Historic Themes forum. It is OK if they have been posted somewhere else first. To ensure that most reviewers see your MOC, we recommend you post it in the Guilds of Historica forum. Can I just quickly build a bunch of mediocre MOCs and get my titles? You could, if you could convince the peer-reviewers to certify your builds. But you'd only be fooling yourself. And your mediocre builds would be up here for everyone to see. Is that worth a lousy title? This program is not about the titles, it's all about improving your techniques and styles, and getting you experience in building across a wide range of subjects. So I'm reviewing someone's build, and it's pretty good, but not stellar. Do I approve it? Tough call, right? Well, the goal of the program is that everyone who completes it will have demonstrated basic mastery of the techniques and subjects. That doesn't mean they have to be world-class in those techniques, but the quality should be high enough that you can say, "Yes, they know what they're doing when it comes to that technique." The key phrase is "basic mastery" -- you have to demonstrate mastery, not just crank out a small, mediocre MOC that checks the boxes, but on the other hand, that mastery is "basic", not amazing, or world-class, or even innovative. OK, basic mastery works for technique-related subjects, but how should I judge content-related subjects? When building for the content-related subjects, students should ensure that the build fully explores the subject. Since these subjects are not testing mastery of a building technique, students need to demonstrate instead that they can create a build that represents a well-thought-out and fully realized scene concerning the subject. Reviewers should expect that the build does not just present a small, standard representation of the subject. Let's take the example of the crop-farming subject. Is it enough to show a farmer tending to a single plant? Perhaps, if the plant and scene were really exceptional, but most likely not. How about a row of crops, with a farmer and a scarecrow? That's getting better, and if very well done, it could be approved. How about several rows of different types of crops, with several farmers doing different tasks (one weeding, one harvesting, one planting), a scarecrow, a farm cart and horse, a barn, and some good landscaping. Assuming the build quality is good, that is definitely a well-thought out build that well represents the subject, and would be easily approved. How long is the program? The program is currently open-ended. Work at your own pace. This is not a race, and you're not competing against anyone. It's about you advancing your building techniques and styles. I'm in a different guild; can I participate? Definitely! University of Petraea has a very diverse student body, from all over Historica. As long as you can pay tuition, you're welcome here. Speaking of tuition, what if I can't pay? No problem! See our financial aid office. You might want to bring a wagon to carry back all to forms you'll have to fill out. You may also pay in chickens, fresh salmon, and dark chocolate. How do we track who has been certified for which subjects and disciplines? You are responsible for tracking your own progress through the program. You should do this in the DoH Registrar's thread. Make one and only one post in this thread where you'll track your own progress. When you complete an MOC, edit your post and add the MOC. Once the MOC has been certified for its subjects, edit the post again, and update that MOC's entry to reflect the certifications. So your one post in that thread will have a list of your MOCs, and for each MOC, a list of the certifications achieved. You might want to keep a count of total certifications at the top or bottom of your post, along with any interim degrees you've achieved so far. What happens when I complete the entire program? You get the praise and admiration of your fellows! Plus, you receive the title of Professor of Historica, are qualified to lecture at the university, and can use the faculty lounge and golf course. Do I receive any titles after completing some of the program but not all of it? Various titles are granted or in common use for students in the program, although students generally don't use the lower-ranking titles (Apprentice, Novice) except in a derogatory fashion. Once you are certified in a subject, you're considered an Apprentice in that subject's discipline. If you meet all the requirements for a discipline, you are a Tradesman or Bachelor in that discipline. Once you acquire three Tradesman or Bachelor degrees, you attain the title of Master. Once you acquire two Masters (or six Tradesmans or Bachelors), you attain the title of Doctor. After three builds you're considered a Novice, regardless of whether you've completed any disciplines. After seven builds, you're considered an Adept, regardless of whether you've completed any disciplines. I have a great idea for a build; can I substitute this idea for a subject? Yes it is possible, although not common. You may apply for a substitution by sending a PM to the Assistant Dean for the DoH Program (NiceMarmot) or the University President (SkaForHire). Note that allowed substitutions are rare, and are mostly granted only for extreme shortage of bricks. What qualifies for the "Advanced SNOT" building subject? SNOT is Studs Not On Top, but you probably knew that. Advanced SNOT is a bit of a "I'll know it when I see it" subject. The reviewers should be flexible about techniques, but still hold students to a high standard. Recommended techniques and styles include having studs pointing in at least three different directions, using multiple types of SNOT bricks, and having studs at angles other than 90 and 180 degrees to horizontal. Using a few headlight bricks, Travis/Dalek bricks, or 1x1 bricks with stud on the side to put a few tiles or slopes at 90 degrees is not going to cut it. There are many good discussions of SNOT available on the InterScrolls; the University can recommend Didier Enjary's classic Advanced Building Techniques Guide. How do the roofing, wall, and tree subjects work exactly? Regarding the roofing and wall subjects: The text "Each technique is a separate certification" means that each technique can be separately judged -- a judge could approve one technique and deny another, even in the same build. They are each different subjects as it were, and count towards the maximum of four subjects per build. However, the trees subject is just one subject, as is the brick-built animals subject, and they only count as one subject each towards the maximum, even though you (may) have to build multiple trees / animals. In fact, it is acceptable to spread these subjects over multiple builds, acquiring partial credit with each build -- there is no need to have all the different types of trees in one build. Just make sure you ask in your final build for final certification, and reference the previous builds. If you do spread them over multiple builds, they only count towards the maximum per build in the final build. How big do my builds have to be? For most subjects, there is no minimum or maximum size. See subject definitions above, as some do specify a size. However, your builds should be large enough to clearly demonstrate your mastery of the technique or subject. In some cases this could be done with a very small build, but in most cases a larger build will be required. The University finds that most students have success with builds of 16x16 or larger. Remember the goal of the program is not to crank through the subjects with the minimum effort possible, but instead to push yourself and advance your own building styles and techniques. You should be pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. I built a huge MOC; can I get more certification in more than four subjects for it? Very large and diverse builds may request more than the standard maximum of four subjects. Each request will be reviewed individually by the Assistant Dean for the DoH Program (NiceMarmot) and/or the University President (SkaForHire), with input from the peer reviewers. Even if the build itself is huge, the area representing each subject must still be a decent size. In general, don't bother asking for an exception for builds that are smaller than two 32x32 baseplates. I spilled shadows all over my term paper, blurred it quite a bit, and wrote it on top of a picture of my bedroom; is that OK? The University is known throughout the world for its very high standards, both for its professors and its students. We expect the highest quality work from our students, and therefore will not accept work that is out-of-focus, dark, has distracting backgrounds, or is otherwise of low quality and care. Lousy photography is not subject at this university! Students are advised to take their time, get some good lighting, and at a minimum, put a sheet, towel, or posterboard/foamcore behind their builds. There is plenty of good advice on taking photos of builds on Eurobricks. Can I use an LDD build? The university prides itself on being on the leading edge of education technology! So LDD builds are acceptable for DoH credit. However, judging of LDD builds will be at a higher level, as you are not constrained by your brick collection. So the judges should have higher expectations and criteria for LDD builds. I don't like some decision made by the reviewers / the University / etc; can I appeal? We are working on developing a Board of Appeals for the program. More information to follow. Contact NiceMarmot or SkaForHire directly in the meantime. Or just revise your MOC and suck it up ;-) I posted a build, and requested certification in four subjects, but have been denied one of the subjects; can I ask for a certification in a new subject for the same build? You may retract a requested subject, even after it has been denied, and request certification in a different subject in the same build. For instance, if you requested certification in advanced SNOT for a build, along with three other subjects, but get feedback that your SNOT is not so advanced after all, you can retract it and request a different subject for the same build, e.g. roofing. You may do this twice per build. Can I build anything I want? Yes, but builds which bring the good name of Petraea University and its inestimable staff into disrepute are not permitted. Is hazing allowed? Absolutely. However, make sure you leave no permanent marks or damage. Will I be taught by Prof Frankenstein or Prof Leibniz? You should be so lucky! Faculty assignments are posted outside the Registrar's office. I'm a werewolf from Nocturnus; can I eat my fellow students during the full moon? Absolutely no consumption of fellow students, staff, or faculty allowed. Punishable by banishment to the Null Void. And believe us, we have professors who can definitely send you there! Is University of Petraea going to win the big game against Qarkyr Tech this year? Definitely! The Sand-Worms are going to stomp all over those lousy Miners! Go Worms!
  2. jtooker

    Stables near Batuhan

    There are many small farms around Batuhan, in the northwest of Kaliphlin. At one, a farmer and his son put the livestock into the stables for the night.
  3. jtooker

    Shield Shop of Batuhan

    Shield Shop The shield shop in Batuhan crafts and sells the best shields west of Petraea. Besides crafting shields for the Batuhan Guard, shields are made to order or repaired when needed.
  4. jtooker

    A Lumbering Process

    A Lumbering Process Loggers, Sawmiller and Shieldsmiths In this MOC, a trio of scenes showcases the process of transforming trees into shields in medieval times. These workers are from the town of Batuhan, in northern Kaliphlin. Loggers The first vignette shows loggers at work. Two are using their axes to chop down a linden tree. Linden wood (or basswood) is light and easy to work with making it a great for shieldsmithing. A third man guides a horse pull along a felled tree. Sawmiller Logged trees make their way to the sawmill shown in the second scene. The water wheel powers the saw blades reducing the amount of manual effort needed to create lumber from logs. A sawmiller pushed the tree through the machine. At the other end, lumber falls into a cart (not shown) to be taken to the lumberyard or carpenters. Shieldsmiths Shieldsmiths take the linden lumber planks and cut them to the right shape and then plane them. The carpenter (center) uses a cabinet scraper to further smooth the wood surface. The blacksmith (right) hammers out an iron band to reinforce the shield. A painter (left) applies heraldry to a fully constructed shield.
  5. As I marched north of Qarkyr, Rhalyf wrote after the ordeal was over, the wind obstructed my path. The beginnings of a sand storm hit with no warning. Before I could find shelter, the road was obstructed from me. Within a matter of minutes, I was off my path and into the Parched Lands, Rhalyf continued. Just as unexpectedly as it started, the storm subsided, leaving me bewildered but well. I made my way north, intending on finding the road without delay, but the hills and the sand guided me ever so westward. I was obliged to this direction. I soon saw I was not ambling aimlessly, but rather a stone dais lay before me. I knew avoiding this henge in the desert would be in vain, so I approached it, prepared as one can, for what might be. “Lay down your staff!” a voice said from the stone platform as I ascended. I sized up the sorcerer I saw before me. So, this was the reason for my divergent course. I kept quiet, waiting my time. “I will not ask again, Rhalyf,” the wizard said. Still, I watched. Unconcerned he knew me, though I not him. Without additional warning, he cast a binding spell. I met the spell and withstood it, but still he persisted. “Cease your assault!” I commanded. My words went unheeded. As I gathered my strength to throw off this spell, the very stone beneath us tremored and glowed, the same evil as this sorcerer’s spell. “Enough!” I cried as I pressed back. I heard a crack and saw the dark figure fall. At the same time, the sand storm returned enveloping the stone henge, soon blocking everything from sight. When the storm subsided again, I was alone in the desert again. No trace of the stone platform or the sorcerer. This is my “Wizards Duel” entry into the Colossal Castle Contest 2020 (CCC XVIII) as well as LOLUG’s December competition. The challenge prompt did not provide a setting, leaving it wide open. The first concrete idea I had was a magical henge. Lighting seemed like the best way to convey a sense of magic to the environment and I went with trans-neon green. I am happy with the way the pillars came out, but was hoping the lighting in the floor would have been brighter and more uniform. The round edge of the stone platform uses the standard 1x3 brick and 1x1 round brick technique. The center/floor is made up of various slope pieces, tiles and plates, many not connected, but just laying there. For the sand, I borrowed Blake Foster’s technique from his amazing M:Tron Magnet Factory. Comments and criticism welcome. I'm submitting this for Petraea University's General Building (Other Techniques) -> Lighted Builds Website | Flickr | YouTube
  6. Abram Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Centuries before his more famous descendant, Abram Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, stalked the mountains of Transylvania looking for, Neferata, the vampire who killed his younger brother. Weeks of traveling and following rumors have brought him to this small castle in the mountains. Perhaps he will have is revenge tonight. This is the first actual castle I’ve built in quite some time. While not colossal, it is my entry into the Vampire Castle Category of the 2020 Colossal Castle Contest (CCC XVIII). Window Technique The hardest part of makin this MOC was getting the stained glass windows to line up. I needed to use some 3185 Fence 1 x 4 x 2 and some 3633 Fence 1 x 4 x 1 pieces as I didn’t have enough of either. Due to the size restrictions, the windows were 2 studs wide and spaced every two studs. The following images explain how I centered the ‘open’ part of the fense in the gaps. The horizontal transparent pieces are required to hold the center sections together. I am submitting this for The University of Petraeas' Doctorate of Historica program in the following subjects: Architecture → Roofing Style 3 (Sideway, Alternating Cheese Slopes) Architecture → Roof rakes Architecture → Advanced windows and window frames
  7. This thread is to be used for tracking your builds for the University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica program. You are responsible for tracking your own progress through the program in this thread. How? Make one and only one post in this thread where you'll track your own progress. When you complete an MOC, edit your post and add the MOC, including a link to its post. Once the MOC has been certified for its subjects, edit the post again, and update that MOC's entry to reflect the certifications. So your one post in that thread will have a list of your MOCs, and for each MOC, a list of the certifications achieved. There's no need to list the certifications that you're going for in the MOC, until it's actually certified (you put those in the MOC's actual post). You might want to keep a count of total certifications at the top or bottom of your post, along with any interim degrees you've achieved so far. What format should I use for my post? It doesn't matter too much, but here's an example: NiceMarmot RTD Tongue of a Bandit - certifications: Minifig Posing, History etc... # Certifications: 8 Degrees: Bachelors in History Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Post them in the main Doctorate of Historica thread, so we don't clutter this thread up. Thanks!
  8. jtooker

    Pizza to Go

    Hungry upon entering Batuhan, Rhaylf began looking for a tavern and a warm meal. Before he could get to the center of town, his nose lead him off the main road. “Traveler! Try some pizza.” Noè the proprietor shouted from a counter window. “Pizza?” Rhalyf replied, “I have not heard of such pastry, but its smell is agreeable." “Ay, it is recipe from my homeland, Varlyrio,” Noè explained. “My wife, Melitina, makes the dough and bakes it in the oven, fresh. My son, Federico, even makes deliveries - mostly to the on-duty guards who cannot leave their post over the noon hour. We have made a good life in the three years since we left Illaryian; as Batuhan as grown, so has our business." Rhalyf laid down some coin and enjoyed some pizza before heading on his way. I built this MOC for the Summer Joust 2020’s Every Set Could be a Castle Set category. It is based off of set 6350 Pizza To Go. For a write up of techniques including tutorials and inspiration, see this post. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category: Architecture → walls #1 (Tudor) Website | Flickr | YouTube
  9. After spending the better part of the season up north in Mitgardia, Rhalyf heads south looking forward to warmer Kaliphlinian temperatures. The beauty of the frozen lake and snow covered trees unnoticed as the cold wind whirls past. This MOC is my entry into the Frozen North category of the Summer Joust 2020 competition. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category Landscape Design → Snow and Ice Website | Flickr | YouTube
  10. A gang of thieves chases Nikou upon discovering her theft of an emerald gem. She leads them into a busy market square where she finds herself trapped between the gang on one side and the town guard on the other. Scaling a statue at the center of the square gives her brief reprieve from her would-be captors. As the walls close in around her, Nikou makes an acrobatic leap over the head of one of the guards leaving the gang and the guards to sort themselves out. This was going to be the second of three scenes for the Just Another "Normal" Day category of the Summer Joust competition, but my partner was unable to complete their portions. Though not mentioned in the story, it takes place in Petraea. I am also submitting this for the Doctorate of Historica for the following two qualifications: General Building → minifig posing Anthropology → life in Kaliphlin
  11. jtooker

    Buğra Quarry

    Mining in Buğra Quarry has been busy since filling the collapsed tunnel. The dwarves are behind in filling quotas for the villages and settlements to the south, especially the wall at Batuhan. The pay is incomparable and has brought workers from across the continent. The Buğra Quarry is my third entry into the Summer Joust 2020 contest as well as LOLUG’s July contest. The theme for both was “tri-color”. The MOC came out a bit larger than I had anticipated. It has at between 8,000 and 10,000 pieces. It felt a bit like I was just spraying down parts at some points while trying to keep the rockwork varied and interesting. I had been planning a quarry MOC for a few months as a source for all the stone used in an ongoing MOC. You can see a preview of it here and here; I am working on expanding it and will post pictures on my website when I get it done. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category: Landscape Design → Studs up rocks and cliffs Website | Flickr | YouTube
  12. It has been three days since we were run off the road into the Wither Woods. I can see why our Rego was apprehensive on getting involved on the continent. What should have been a simple trip to the Avalonian capital has turned into a slaughter in the dark inside these woods. Death lurks in these trees. My contingent of solders has all but vanished and I know it is not cowardice or desertion. I fear if I fall asleep, I may never wake, but I have not slept since we were attacked on that first night; I can fight it back no longer. We’ve situated camp on this crag over a stream; we will be safe on two sides, at least. Hirbod has the first watch. May his eyes, and ears, not fail us tonight. -Sicuro Off-Course in the Wither Woods After weeks of no word from Sicuro or the contingent of men he led to Avalonia, rumor made its way to the Rego of Varlyrio. This whisper was enough to convince his minster of War and himself that isolation from the continent was prudent. Varlyrio would not send troops to the Battle of Historica. ------------------- This is my entry into the Guilds of Historica Book III Challenge V: Category A (which takes place in Book II). This lost diary entry explains what happened to the contingent of troops sent by the Rego of Varlyrio. Their disappearance solidifies his view that Varlyrio should stay out of the distant war. A bonus image of the MOC can be seen below. It features full lighting and and an aerial view. Aerial View I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following two categories: Landscape Design → trees #1 Geography → forests The coniferous trees follow Katie Walker’s design while the odd-angled branched ones are based on Legopard’s Design. I found both by following this Brickbuilt Tutorial. Website | Flickr | YouTube
  13. Previous: Wyvern's War Part I: the Ebon Band The Ebon Band, under command of Hector Mithrades, is continuing its march on Wyvern's Reach, where the local ruler and nephew of the Band's second-in-command, Gareth Larconne, has declared for the traiterous Black Spire. The Band is currently encamped a day's march outside the territory of Wyvern's Reach, preparing their assault. Their camp is thrown up around an ancient barrow, one of many that dot the landscape of Nocturnus. Nocturnus' bloodsoaked history has known countless great warriors, mighty warlords and devious sorcerers, many long forgotten. So, too, the barrow on top of which Hector has established his command post. It has been a landmark for as long as the locals can remember, even being remarked by the founder of Wyvern's Reach. Ancient tombs like this are often better left undisturbed. Who knows what horrors might have been left to guard it, or have taken up residence in the centuries since it was built? Unbeknownst to the men and women of the Ebon Band, an ancient warlord known as the Sire of Serpents is interred beneath the smooth black stone of the tomb. He was obsessed with all manner of snakes and lizards, and bred them for war. Great beasts they were, some constricting his enemies by the dozens, others devouring them whole. However, they had one great weakness: they couldn't get over sufficiently high walls, and their Sire had the greatest trouble taking castles and cities. Seeing the might of the aerial dragons, he decided that he would give his beloved creations wings. And so he bred a new breed of lizards that possessed membranes behind their front limbs: the first wyverns were created. After the warlord's fall his great beasts were set free or escaped, and went on to haunt Nocturnus. One of the wyverns took up residence on a mountaintop in the Rakath Mountains, and become known as the great wyvern Cordath. His slaying earned Jericho Larconne the name Wyrmscourge, and on top of his nest was the city of Wyvern's Reach built. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The murmurs stopped as Hector Mithrades entered the tent, followed by lady Cassandra Rothmere. 'Friends, comrades, we've finally reached the lands of the traiterous Aidan Larconne. Within a few days we'll march for the city. But first we should discuss our strategy for taking it. Gareth had a notion on how to make it somewhat... easier. Gareth.' 'Indeed I do. The city is built on top of a mountain. The slopes are steep, nearly impassable, and the only road runs under the walls and is vulnerable for attacks from above. Storming the main gates will undoubtedly result in great losses.' Razgrim, commander of the orcs, scowled at him. 'Are you afraid of some arrows and rocks? Me and my men, we'll storm up that road and take the gates before you humans are done trimming your nails [1].' Gareth sighed. 'And lose the greater part of them. No, my plan will involve us getting inside the walls without needing to storm the gates. See, the mountain Wyvern's Reach is built on is in fact an old, long-dead volcano. Many old tunnels molten rock used to flow through still criss-cross the interior. This is not known to many, in fact it's being kept a secret within House Larconne, so as not to expose our weakness.' He grinned. 'Of course, they never expected someone in House Larconne to want to attack the city from the outside. I know the location of the entrance of a tunnel that will lead to inside the city. My ancestors were cautious enough to close off any tunnels in or out of the main citadel, so we won't get any farther than inside the walls. Once there, we can use the chaos to subdue the Wyvern Guard and, with luck, take the main citadel by surprise.' Razgrim grunted, looking daggers at Gareth, but remained silent. Hector looked around the circle of his commanders, and when none spoke, he continued. 'If we fail to take the citadel by surprise and find the gates closed, we'll still have a trick up our sleeve. Before we enter the city, lady Saelena will go ahead and slip into the citadel. If we find the citadel closed to us, she'll open it for us. After that it'll just be cleaning up.' The commanders remained silent for a while, looking over a map of the city and pondering the strategy laid before them. Then Cyrus Irving spoke up. 'It won't be as simple as that. I don't doubt we'll be able to enter the city and even the citadel, but once inside we'll have to fight the Wyvern Guard in a city guerilla. We'll have to push them back street by street, in a city they know much better than we do. They'll be pouring out of alleys when we least expect it.' Gareth smiled knowingly at him, as if he'd expected the objection. 'That would indeed be a problem. But you forget that we will have the benefit of surprise. They won't be expecting an attack from inside the gates. In addition, our approach has been noted. The Wyvern Guard will be posted at the gate and on the walls to be on guard against an army they think will storm the gates. If we move quickly enough, we will be in and through the tunnels fast enough for them not to notice that we're not headed for the gates. Finally, when we've entered the city, we will make sure they know who we are. There will be plenty of city folk, and guardsmen, that aren't happy with young Aidan joining the Black Spire. If we can offer them an alternative, one that is still of the blood of the Wyrmscourge, some might join our side and many will at least be confused. All this will contribute to the chaos that will allow us to take the city quickly. I will also give you a final warning: you will not kill anyone as long as it's not necessary. That will not help our image as liberators, and we want the city and its army whole. Is that understood? ' He looked around, lingering his gaze on Razgrim. Everyone nodded, even the big orc, though reluctantly. Hector took over again. 'Good. Then on the morrow, we march for Wyvern's Reach.' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1] Orc nails are more claw-like than human nails, and are generally used so often that they don't need trimming. Trimming, to orcs, is a sign of a quiet, peaceful, and civilized life, all of which are disdained. The fact that human nails are relatively weak and fragile and need trimming is just one more reason orcs generally see humans as weaklings. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Welcome to my latest MOC everyone! I've been gone from the forums for quite a long time as I've been away from my lego a lot, but now I'm back. The latest installment of the Wyvern's War consists of the Ebon Band's encampment near the border of the territory of Wyvern's Reach. It includes a small horse pasture, a couple of cooking fires, a plains orc on cooking duty (making some delicious-looking brown stew), a watchtower, the command tent and an ancient tomb. It's also my first real attempt at landscaping, and I quite like how it turned out. Of course, I'm open to any tips. I really liked building this, the tomb was especially fun. I'd also like to claim UoP credit for this build, in Military Science - Military Camp and Landscape Design - Studs Up Rocks and Cliffs (mostly focusing on the section posted below). Finally, I'm happy to be back on the forums! I hope I'll have more time in the coming months (I'll be where my lego is at more, but university is starting again, so I'll just have to see), and I hope to participate in the two challenges! I already have an idea for the first one.
  14. Arcturus24

    [UoP DoH] Medieval House

    It's been a while since I posted my last MOC, I've been busy with exams and figuring out some photography stuff. I've been working on a pretty generic medieval house, mostly to try out some techniques and just get some practice building in general. I'd like to submit this build to the University of Petraea, but since it's not really related to the Guilds I thought I'd post it here. The categories I'd like to submit in are Roofing, Roof Rakes and Interior Design. Now on to the build: A general shot of the front. I intended to plate up the roof, but the interior floors ate all my brown plates... Other shots of the exterior, also focusing on the rakes. I also tried timber framing on the upper floor. The interior, featuring a bookcase, desk, bed, table and larder. Critique and tips are appreciated, this has really been a learning thing Arcturus
  15. Not long after Zeno had begun his Grand Tour to discover and describe all remains of the civilisation of the ancient Ulandians he stumbled upon his first find. Not far from home, directly next to a small path in the woods stood one lonely column. It seemed to mock the flow of time with its refusal to succumb to the forces of nature like the rest of the structure it once undoubtetly belonged to and from which no trace was to be seen. Zeno took off his backpack and placed it carefully against a rock. Then he searched for a piece of parchment, his quill and some ink. Successfully having found all things necessary he could start to document the site and all visible structures. Upon further inspection the lonely column was actually not as lonely as presumed. In short distance behind it there was a second column, albeit in much worse condition. Only a short stump was still in place. Single column drums lay, nearly complety hidden by foliage, in a straight line next to it. Without any doubt these once formed a column similar to the other. What they once supported Zeno couldn't determine because even carefully searching the vicinity he didn't find any traces of bigger structures. He only found some small fragments of a pavement made of large marble slabs around to two columns. From what he had learnt about architecture these scarce finds were not enough to draw a conclusion about the building which they once belonged to. But the precious material of the pavement and likewise the columns - marble - spoke of a more exquisite context. Maybe a villa of some noble family or even a small temple. Zeno carefully put his documentation is his backpack, gathered all his belongings and left to continue his adventure, now, after this first great find, even more motivated. I'd like to get UoP credit for - trees (1/3) - flowers and dense foliage landscaping Also I apologize for the bad image quality. This beeing my first MoC I didn't have a proper backdrop for photographing available and therefore had to make use of Photoshop to get a white background.
  16. Mr Greeble

    Path to Redemption

    "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." Palzipan comes to the border of Avalonia. Palzipan, Healer of wounds, mender of flesh. Born and raised in Nocturnus, Palzipan, once a knight in the Nocturnian army, has come to Avalonia so as to live a simpler life as a healer. While he mainly deals with the art of healing, his is known to dabble in alchemy. A simple life seems not to be for him though, because once in Avalonia his past calls out to him, and he joins the Flight of the Dragons... I'd like to claim UoP DoH credits for the following: -trees -flowers and dense foliage landscaping -forests More pictures on my flickr. C&C welcome. Tell me what's bad, I can take it!
  17. Hi all, With a house move it's been a while since I made anything but finally squeezed in a small Moc. I wanted to try some sort of contrasting landscape so a present: "Fishing" on the Nocturnus Boarder. Husbandry Challenge - Food's scarce but some have found luck finding enough to support themselves by venturing to the boarders. Usually quite risky as the war means that the boarders are a common place for clashes or full out battle and so most people avoid these areas. The offshoot is food is more readily available for those few brave enough or foolish enough to venture out in search of food. You're just as likely to get a sword in the gut as a good meal! I'd like to claim UoP Doctorate credits for: Landscape Design - flowers and dense foliage Agriculture - 'Fishing' Geography - River scene Hydrology - flowing water C&C welcome.
  18. A little view inside life in Mitgardia while fierce fighting is going on in Kaliphlin... Unbenownst to most men in Mitgardia, coin minting is a core domain of the Mitgardian dwarves. And, before I forget it, I would like to claim UoP credits for: Trade and Law manufacturing Anthropology city scene Now, let us get back to the dwarves: Stage 1: melting of gold: Stage 2: gold is hammered into shape - using modern mechanics. Stage 3: gold is placed upon a belt Stage 4: the actual minting The finished coins are then assembled. Thanks for watching. C&C welcome.
  19. Hi All, This is our (my wife does the writing and I do the building) first story build for my sig-fig Sebastian. For this build I'd like to apply for the following UoP DoH credits: • Architecture - Roofing • Landscape Design - Trees • Agriculture and Zoology - Raising Livestock Story and pictures below. Thanks. A light breeze stirred through the leaves of the trees and a small smile played across the lips of a young boy throwing a ball time after time to his dog, a boundless ball of energy. Neither seemed to tire of the game, but Sebastian’s smile was not born of his enjoyment of the simple game of fetch, but rather of the daydream that he was lost in. In his mind’s eye Sebastian could see himself astride a magnificent white steed, armour gleaming and lance raised as he met the fiery gaze of a dragon with steel in his eyes. The insistent barking of Hugo snapped him back into reality and his shoulders drooped slightly as he took in his surroundings – his father, Tomas and mother, Georgia, hard at work, as they were every day on the farm. Sebastian sighed as he threw the ball once more, wishing as he did every day that his life held more than carrying on the family farm. He yearned with every ounce of his soul to travel to cities beyond his imagining and fight in the grand battles he had heard minstrels tell of. He knew his father had seen many things he did not speak of when he was forced to serve in the army many years before and more than anything he wanted to live a life that held secrets, excitement and danger. He wanted to feel alive. The ball suddenly fell from Hugo’s mouth and one ear cocked as the sound of horse’s hooves could be heard approaching from the distance. Hugo began to dance madly in circles, excited by the prospect of a new playmate and driven half mad by the smell of a strange animal. The family paused in their tasks; riders rarely passed the isolated farmhouse, their appearance usually signifying some emergency. Not this time. It was not a village messenger or a far off neighbour approaching, but a stranger, features and form hidden by a dark green cloak. Sebastian squinted his eyes trying to make out more detail, but the horse cantered past, leaving dust in its wake and Sebastian wondering if he had imagined that long lock of brown hair escaping the hood…
  20. My WZ 5 entry: A weary Desert King soldier guarding an important piece of the desert: ... while the sun is beating down on him ... I would like to claim UoP credits for: Landscape Design - sand dunes Geography - desert ... the lonely guard in the desert... I'm picking D2 as the next WZ if I win.
  21. Covenant84

    UoP DoH - Warlord stage 2

    He's my entry for stage 2 of the warlord community build. I'd also like to claim DoH credits for: Landscape Design - Trees 1 Advanced SNOT (if you feel this isn't large enough is it possible for a sideways rock credit instead?) General building - minifig posing Military Science - Battlescene apologies I forgot to take a photo without minifigs- will try to add one tomorrow. Gorrick hired out his talents to the Red Dragon knights, offering to help guide he through the Nocturnus Wilderness to seek barbarians to recruit to their elite siege troops. They hired a couple of clansmen made camp in a nice sheltered spot and Gorrick offered to hunt some food before settling down for the night before the morning march home. Unlucky for the Dragon Knights, Gorrick didn't return with food, instead Warlord BoneBane and a raiding party... for they had hired him fist to find new souls. Even worse the sheltered spot allowed the raiders to sneak right up to the camp before being spotted. The battle looks like it's not going to go in favour of the Dragon nights.. but what will BonBane do with fresh bones? I wanted to make a tree in-keeping with the lands BoneBane my come from I think it turned out OK but would like to collect more ones and try a much bigger version I future one day. Thanks for looking. C&C Welcome Stage 1 - http://www.eurobrick...topic=100863=
  22. He's my entry for stage 1 of the warlord community build. I'd also like to claim DoH credits for: Landscape Design (studs up rock) Landscape design (extreme environments - lava) Geography (cliffs) I give to you Lord Bone-Bane. From long forgotten cavern he rides forth to decimate his enemies. He lay hidden for centuries, arising once again from among the bones left from battles between warring clans of orcs and dwarves deep below the Nocturnus mountains. His armies collect the bones from log dead battles and draw power from these by conducting long lost rituals. There's even rumours that should enough die I battle, Lord BoneBane can summon extra power then and there... and has been know to use this to summon al manner of monsters to join battle with him against the world of the living. Many have foolishly tried to attack his keep thinking to destroy him, little realising the futility of battle against such a foe. Several times he has been thought to be dead, his bod smashed and bones scattered, yet he continues to rise up. Perhaps he's a spirit rather than the undead warlord he's commonly believed to be....
  23. One of the oldest parts of the Contemplative Gardens was built by a gentleman named MacDubh. Like many, he showed up in Ruadh one day, stayed for a while, and then disappeared into the desert with no notice. MacDubh had unusual ideas; he seemed to think that all of Kaliphlin should be united under a single tartan, and couldn't be dissuaded from the notion, no matter how many times we told him that Kaliphlin aren't really interested in homogeneity. Undeterred, he decided that he would subliminally change our minds by incorporating his vision of a Kaliphlin plaid into builds across the Guild. Now, none of the travelling artists have seen this pattern anywhere else, but perhaps we're looking in the wrong places. At any rate, we enjoy this piece of the gardens he built for us. "The Contemplative Gardens: a collection of gardens and religious structures located in the southeast corner of Ruadh. Popular with locals, students, and tourists alike as a quiet, calm location, perfect for meditation and inspiration." from Ruadh: A Guide, coming soon to a forum near you The tree in the center is meant to be inspired by the Joshua Tree, native to the Mojave Desert. According to Wikipedia, most trusted of resources, it was named for its resemblance to a man reaching his hands up to the sky in prayer. Seemed appropriate. As always, feedback and constructive criticism are most welcome! I'd like to claim UoP credits for: Architecture: Round Walls (approved) Landscape Design: Flowers and Dense Foliage Landscaping (pending: 2 for, one against, one undecided)
  24. TheRedViper

    A Long Journey

    Lord Rohan and a small escort make their way to a big Avalonian event, the journey has been a tedious one, accompanied by mainly rain and fog with little to no sunshine. The Lord of Ironhedge and his men grow weary on their travels, but are spurred on by the excitement if the big event. C&C welcome. Would like to claim UoP credits for minifig posing.
  25. Some years ago . . . When Mateus first tried to farm, things did not go well. It turns out, Kaliphlin sand is not particularly fertile, and nothing grew. After a lot of trial and error and blood and sweat and tears, he finally came up with a solution. By adding a mix of eastern Avalonian soil and chobo droppings imported from Muninn, Mateus finally managed to get crops to grow in the hostile Kaliphlin environment. (Thank you mccoyed for the droppings!) I like the organic build shape and the way the ground texturing and changes in elevation came out. I struggled with creating a visually pleasing base that worked with the shape, though. The pattern of 1x2 palisade bricks and 1x1 round bricks works best of the the options I tried, but . . . it just doesn't look as polished as I would like. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome! I would like to claim the following UoP DoH credits: - General Building (Other Techniques): Forced Perspective (edit: withdrawn) - Agriculture and Zoology: Crop Farming - Anthropology: Life in Kaliphlin