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  1. Thanks a lot! I'm quite happy with the start with my story, and I think I can make it an interesting one as well Thanks a lot, about the difference in stonework between the two houses is that I wanted to make two connected builds, but also two that are seperately good mocs. They had to look similar, but I didn't want to exactly copy it. But for the story, it would've been a bit better if they were exactly similar. About snowscapes, I don't have too many white slopes and stuff, and definitely need to practise on it... I can definetely improve on that. Thanks a lot for your opinion! Can't wait myself too Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
  2. Thanks! Thaks man! Hehe.. We'll see I'm pretty happy with the look of the burnt house myself... I can't remember I've seen a grea burned house before, so that was the challenge for me... I'm glad you like it! Thanks man! Had ideas for it for 2 years now, and I'm glad I finally started :)
  3. Finally I started the personal story about my sigfig... For those who wants to know how my fig became a nocturnian or those that want to read ot for another reason, here's the link:
  4. Hey all! I’ve wanted to start a personal story in GoH for a while now, and it finally is happening. I completed the second build of the start yesterday, and I hope there will follow a lot more… The story is about my sigfig and in the first episodes I’ll be telling the story from his youth till now, as he reigns over Kyrrath, The city of purple. Afterwards there will be new stories, but I don’t have any clear ideas for that yet(as I first need to complete these builds ) It has been almost 5 years now, since that day. that one day… Now it should be over, it’s time for justice! It’s time for revenge! Whispers Kiarr to himself. It all started peaceful. Kiarr and his twin brother Rignar grew up in a peaceful Mitgardian family. They were the only two children of their parents, and Kiarr was the oldest, as he was born a few minutes before his brother. But his parents favored his brother more than him, and that makes Kiarr angry. But as Kiarr was angry, it didn’t went that bad, as in their normal lives, there wasn’t a huge difference between Kiarr and Rignar. But that suddenly changed at their 10th birthday… It was a cold but beautiful day. And what makes it even more beautiful, was the 10th birthday of the twin brothers Kiarr and Rignar. And in their family, when you reach the age of 10, it’s a special celebration as from that moment you will be counted as a man, and get training in fighting/hunting and other important things man have to do. And to celebrate it, the oldest boy of a family will get a special ‘family’ axe. This weapon has an enormous value for the family members and it shows who will be the heritor of the family. That one day, everything started great. The whole family was ready for the celebration and was waiting for their uncle Wiglaf(sigfig of @[Claus von Nassau]) to bring the family axe, so the ceremony could start. And around 10 o’clock they heard the sound of a horse walking around the house. That has to be Wiglaf! And Kiarr, Rignar and their mum ran outside to welcome their uncle: Wiglaf has arrived and the ceremony could start. But then the moment came that completely changed the life of Kiarr(and his family as well… ) as Wiglaf doesn’t give the Family-axe to Kiarr (as he was the oldest son) but he gives it to Rignar! And it wasn’t even a mistake, as his parents do notice it, but don’t stop Wiglaf from doing this! Instead of the family axe he deserved, now Kiarr gets a magic box. It’s also a nice present, but it just can’t be compared to a family axe(as that also means he won’t be the heritor of his family)… And from that day on, Kiarr is looking for justice! Or he will be the most important son, or no one will! It’s five years later, and it’s their birthday again. Kiarr has practiced with his magicbox every day for five years now. And now he knows he is strong enough to turn this day into a nightmare for his family! It’s 10 o’clock. Like five years ago. But today his family is inside the house and he is outside. Kiarr creates a small purple magic-ball, and let it grow bigger… And when it has enough power, Kiarr throws the ball to their house. The house shakes, and flames are everywhere in the house. Kiarr keeps looking at it until the flames are extinguished. Then he leaves a purple sign at the floor of the house and flees.. No one knows what has happened and what the purple sign means.. only Kiarr himself knows it, but he has fled to Nocturnus. But when Kyrrath rises, things will come clear for other people… But that does happen several years later after this day, and will come clear in future parts of the story of Kiarr…. So here you have it, my first part of the story of my sigfig, Lord Kiarr.. Hope you enjoy it! Here are some more photos of the builds: The backside of the house: (actually I built this one a year ago, and it’s also at the Mitgardian poster….) The backside of the ruins: And an overview photo so you can compare the 2 builds: I hope you enjoy this build and story, and I hope to continue the stoy anytime soon... Jaap
  5. jaapxaap

    Freebuild: Moving to Kyrrath

    This one is totally different one, as I wasn't allowed to use parts I made before the start of this round... you can compare them on my flickr...
  6. Moving to Kyrrath | jaapxaap | Nocturnus
  7. Hey there! Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to finish my cat. B entry in time, but instead I have something else for you... (maybe I'll finish the entry as a freebuild somewhere in the near future...) As you know(or don't) am I the founder of the purple city of Kyrrath. And for a big part, it's similar to other city's in many ways. But when you look to the expansion of Kyrrath, than there is a difference with other citys. Yes, there are some houses that are just build up from the ground, but since Kyrrath has declared loyalty to the spire, there has been a second way of expansion: In a lot of places there are citizens that would like to be loyal to the spire, but do live in areas where most of the population is helping the resistance out. But now there's something beautiful, something magical for these people... When they use purple amethystdust from Kyrrath, and paint their roofs purple, their houses will come to live, and move towards Kyrrath, to settle there and be able to support the spire, The true leader of Nocturnus! Oh, and when the houses come across pirateships, or other buildings loyal to the resistance, they don't doubt destroying them... Here are the photos: This build is also an entry for the finals of The Tourney, that is the reason why this ship design is based at the design of my enemy over there, W. Navarre. But it is a complete rebuild, using my own techniques and designchoises. Credits to him tho for the original design of the ship. And lastly a picture of the house itself, without a ship covering the whole front... I hope you enjoy my build, and if you also want to live in Kyrrath, don't wait any longer, buy some Kyrrath' amethyst dust and paint your roof purple.... C&C always welcome! Have a nice day, Jaap
  8. jaapxaap

    Freebuild: How to stop the Algus

    Thank you! I'm how this technique of roofing looks. Thanks man, I'm glad you like it! I think it's not especially in using only dark colours, but also in using just different colors... purple for example ismy personal main color for GoH...
  9. jaapxaap

    Freebuild: How to stop the Algus

    Thanks! Just keep building and you will get better at it Thanks man! Thank you!
  10. jaapxaap

    Freebuild: How to stop the Algus

    Thanks man! Thank you! I'm glad you like it! Thanks for your lovely words! Thanks man! I get the point Thanks Titus! Actually changed the base at the end.. I'm happy with how it turned out :) I'm happy you like it :) Thanks! Thanks man, the dblue in the tudor section could work, but I only have a few 1x2 plates and o 1x1 plates in dblue... unfortunately... Didn't notice it was the 4000th topic, but I hope I deserved it... Thanks man! I'm happy you like it!
  11. Finally a new freebuild: How to stop the Algus | jaapxaap | Nocturnus
  12. Hey all! For a while, I've want to build something for the frozen beyond, but I never made time for it. When I was building for a contest, with a mage-battle category, I decided it was time for a build for The Frozen Beyond. For those that are wondering, no it doesn't have purple roofs, so this isnt located in Kyrrath. This build is located somewhere in the land in south of Kyrrath. The reason I didn't go for purple roofs(wanted to do so, at first) is that I didnt want to use black in my build, and I don't have enough purple wedges for all the roofs. So in the end I went for the blue-orange colorscheme, to make an unrealistic color-combination, although I didn't want it to look 'weird'. In the end I'm quite pleased with the result, so now it's up to you to make your own opinion at my build :) I didn't really make a story, but my build shows that the algus is still slowly spreading over the guilds... It has even reached one of the 'hottest' places, far into the nocturnus' lands... But although they come close to these places, the algus isn't strong enough to capture the house of the fire-mage... This far from the north, the power of the Algus isn't that big anymore, and the icemage gets blown away by the firespells, used by the fire-mage... Here are the pictures: The build itself: The fire-mage: The Algus-mage gets a 'warm welcome'..... And here some other views at the house: And finally a shot from above, that shows the different angles in the build quite nicely.. I hope you like my build, And feel free to share your opinion :) Jaap
  13. Thank you! Thank you! Purple is the best! Thank you! Thanks man, it's great to be back!
  14. Thanks! That's the proof that the messenger of the resistance are really stupid (as well as their leaders..) If it's not the first mailbox, than it's the first anti-mailbox for sure Thanks! Nocturnus needs a leader, not some stupid guys thinking they can win together... The messengers of the resistance are just stupid! The soldier is totally right! (he didnt even lie..)
  15. jaapxaap

    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    Just in time for the deadline(It's still the 19th at some islands in the ocean ;) :