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Found 6 results

  1. [begin Transmission] [Type - Alliance Report] [security - Low] [Report from: Vedauwoo (Pilot) {HV-37}] [Location: Unknown swamp, Nar Eubrikka] While the crew is negotiating the deal for the hangar, I decided to give the HV-37 an In-flight systems check.....needless to say, things did not go well....clearly we have more work to do integrating the various's hell trying to get various computers and control circuits to agree.... On the bright side, It gives me a chance to check out the Escape Systems... Like other ships of her class, the HV-37 has a fully maneuverable cockpit sub-pod. Sadly, though the Fusal Trust Engine had ample Fuel, we had failed to power up the Ion Ring Engines, so, tumbling into some backwater swamp I went... As a result of impact, or the murky water, the comm systems were out....and even the personal comm was useless, as it was normally charged by the Ion power cells....I really need to have a talk with the fuel crew..... There is some hope, however, as there is some sort of mineral extraction station nearby... Now if I can just remember how to slice this type of interface....never a droid around when you need one.... "What do you mean 'Please clear area before unlocking interface.'?? How can I unlock the interface if I clear the area??" "Something is not right........I have a bad feeling about this......." Thanks for visiting!
  2. Location: H08 - Sinden's Run Tags: Civil, Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- --23 Augustali 3815-- I was instructed to head back to Sinden’s Run last week, apparently some other explorers were indicating biomass in the asteroid field. After Dr. Long chewed me out for missing biomass readings (Why was she concerned anyway? sector H08 is known for awesomnium, not biomass!), I went and chewed out the engineers for what were clearly mis-calibrated sensors! After putting around in an exploration pod for a while, the (properly calibrated) sensors picked something strange up. As I came within visual range, these crazy mushrooms appeared in the scope. If I were to guess, I’d say they use the awesomnium veins as a sort of nourishment with the weird neon-green phosphorescent bits converting the awesomnium to fungus food. I picked a few samples and dropped them in the collection basket for the scientists to confirm the food source and to figure out what the odd red things do. --End-- As always, C&C is appreciated.
  3. goatman461

    [O - E02] The Jin Homestead

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle, Civil After crash landing on Jurin II, Pilot John Hannibal left his medic/mechanic/explorer droid Dora to scout the area while he was away. As she gives him a tour of all of her favorite discoveries, John and Dora come across two new colonists, the Jins, retrieving their freshly delivered frontier pod. Ma' Jin very happy to see John, who has been the majority investor in their colonization bid with Octan, and John is excited to get such a good look at his eager, and not-so-shy colonist. [O - E02] Pod Drop 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Ma' - "John! So lovely to see you, and you too Miss Dora. How sweet of you to come check up on us. George! John's here! Climb your butt back up here and say hi!" Dora - "HI MA'!" Hannibal - "No need for that Mrs. Jin, I can see that he's busy..." George - "John!? I'll be right up." Hannibal - "Stay put for a minute George, I've got to come down there anyway, my droid is tracking something she saw a couple of weeks ago, it must be down a little lower." Ma' - "Oh, that's very likely John. These trees grow so fast whatever you're looking for is likely to have been consumed by now. And call me Ma' you turkey, you're every bit of our family, like it or not" Hannibal - "Yes Ma'. Very possible, about the growth that is..." Ma' - "What was it you were looking for?" Hannibal - "More M.A.N.T.I.S. personnel I'm afraid. Been finding remnants of their patrols all over the lower levels. Dora says this one is particularly interesting." Ma' - "Oh, yes... our little scarecrow. He was like that when we scouted this place out last week. The locals said they were having some fun..." Hannibal - "Locals?" Ma' - "Oh, yes, our little octopus friends... George was able to figure out how to communicate with them through colors! He can really only understand their general emotions about a subject, but they were quite tickled by their little stunt with the fella down below." Hannibal - "Hm, well if it's all the same to y'all, I'd like to move y'all's pod a bit further away to be safe; wouldn't want any kiddos catching something from that corpse. Also, don't report in about your new friends just yet. The company's latest "retrievals" of xenological specimens have not been very peaceful... "O.T.C, "Mercy Brandy" where's our closest pick-up" Mercy Brandy - "OS-461, picking up his droid, about an hour from your location... need pick-up expedited?" [O - E02] OS-461 - 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal - "Negative. Send Cantillon along, but an hour will be fine. We're going to move Colonists 81815 and 81915 and their pod to sector RTMP-136 when they get here." Mercy Brandy - "Confirmed, something wrong with our drop." Hannibal - "Negative. Y'all nailed your spot, just have some new factors to account for." Mercy Brandy - "Roger that, we'll adjust our orbit to give you more time on the ground." Dora - "OOOO, wait-wait-wait, does Captain Cantillon have Mabel with him! I can't wait to share!" Mercy Brandy - "He does, Dora, and she's anxious to share with you too. Mercy Brandy out." Ma' - "But John, we've been scouting this sector for weeks. It's just lovely." Hannibal - "Don't worry Ma', it's still yours. RTMP-136 is... was one of my sectors... it borders this one and now both belongs to you and George." Ma' - "Oh, John we just couldn't!" Hannibal - "Stop it. Now lets help George get that pod secured..." C&C welcome and appreciated
  4. ADHO15

    [MOC] Twin-Pod Cloud Car

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a while since I last posted a MOC here but having recently started re-watching the Star Wars films, I have been trying my hand at several LDD models. And so, I present to you the Storm IV Twin-Pod Cloud Car. Best known for its appearance in The Empire Strikes Back during the approach to Bespin's Cloud City, this relatively small vehicle was a fair challenge due its smooth, rounded shape which can be quite difficult to replicate in LEGO. Given the vast expansion of rounded LEGO parts created since the release of LEGO's first and only System-scale version of this ship, improving upon their design was not all that difficult. Front & Rear views: As always, I try my best to keep a 'realistic' head on when designing an LDD MOC, meaning that the model should be able to be built using real LEGO parts were they available. Obviously many of the parts used in this MOC aren't available in the colours used, but that's just one of the many advantages that designing in LDD gives! The central grey tiles are not attached - instead they represent stickers that would give the model more detail. Blaster stickers could also be placed on the fronts of each pod. Top: Side: The top of cockpit can be tilted back to reveal an interior on both sides, complete with control panels, steering wheel, seat and crude storage space behind. These are four potential figs that could accompany this vehicle should it be released as a LEGO set. You can vote at the top for which figs you think would best suit this set if LEGO were to release it. Given the model's size, without any scenery or additions, I think two (max of three) figures would be reasonable. The only new moulds that would be necessary in this set would be the Cloud Car Pilot's helmet, released in orange (LDD's Neon Orange used for closest match) with yellow printing down the centre. The figure would have goggles and a chinstrap printed onto his face, similar to a modern Rebel Pilot fig, possibly with a generic face on the reverse side without goggles. He'd have torso and leg printing too, as well as a dark grey blaster pistol. The second fig is the same Lobot fig as seen in set 9678 - minus the blaster. A new curly hairpiece for Lando could be a nice addition to this set, but not an essential one. Lando is, of course, in his Cloud City outfit - an update of this fig. He'd come with a standard blaster. The final figure would be an update of the Bespin Guard figure from set 6209. He would have be a generic guard with a moustached face, based on little known character Helder Spinoza. He would have a printed torso and printed arms and legs, as well as a grey pistol. Below are two potential cockpit designs. I found the cockpit to be the most difficult part of the vehicle to shape. You can vote at the top for which one you prefer. Please complete the polls at the top of this page. Once the best set idea has been established I will upload the model to LEGO Ideas and add a link here for you to show your support. LXF File Thanks for looking.
  5. mrcp6d

    Clowns & Vikings

    I built this mainly for CCC, but it fits here too for a free build! Jesters aren't as appreciated in the far north as they are in the warmer Guilds. In fact, Erik the Angry appreciates jesters so little that he typically runs them right out of his clan's village--an event that is usually incredibly entertaining for the bystanders; but, not so much for the jester. PoD Claims: Architecture - wooden walls General Building - minifig posing General Building - interior design Anthropology - village life Flickr C&C appreciated!
  6. With Episode One of Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka now launched and Bespin under invasion, I thought I'd have a go at creating one of Cloud City's residents, someone LEGO hasn't yet had a spin at. The Cloud Car Pilot, part of the Bespin Wing Guard, the security forces on Bespin. LEGO have only released one Cloud Car in the Star Wars Line, 7119 back in 2002 (thats not including the recent mini-build), and that came with Lobot, so no actual cloud car pilots have been made. Because they only feature in the film for a split second, there is little information on the uniform, so this version is mostly constructed from the action figure, which is why he has that awesome seventies moustache. Also included is the parts list so everything matches up. (Forgot to add that he is equipped with a DC-17 tiny blaster) Click the image to go to my Flickr Page, where the full size image can be downloaded for your enjoyment. I would love to see where in the universe he ends up (especially in any Nar Eurbrikka free-builds), so if you do end up using him, please post some pics or links. If there's demand for it, I can make a few more alternative pilot heads and ranks when I get a chance. ^_^