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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, I want to have a tachometer to test my MOCs RPM and I am considering four options: Building it with LEGO (I have seen videos of LEGO tachometers (Nico71 is a great example) and they worked quite well but centrifugal tachometers are big and not really accurate, because you have to calibrate it yourself). Buying some sort of RC tachometer (I can't find any at a good price that could be attached to my MOCs. Buying the LEGO speed computer. Use gear ratio calculators and not buy or build anything (I will need to switch on the computer each time I want to know something, because I don't think there is any mobile app for Android to calculate LEGO gear ratios or at least I couldn't find it). What should I do? Any advice of which one to buy if you choose second option? Thank you in advance and sorry for my poor English, I hope you can understand it. EDIT: 5th option: Making it using Arduino but I think it's quite difficult/expensive to make it work as accurate as a "real" tachometer.
  2. All mechanical and 100% LEGO Ball Counter. Numbers do not always line up perfectly because of backlash in LEGO gears but it counts every ball. I tried to minimize amount of gears but as many of you know, backlash is almost unavoidable. The wheels can be taken out the GBC to set to zero. 1:10 ratio mechanism by Parax77.
  3. Hi Everyone, Here are the instructions on Rebrickable for the modular binary counter MOC I made a while ago. Thanks to 1963Maniac for creating the instructions - great work as always and much appreciated. This is the youtube video showing how the model works:
  4. A MOC modular binary counter is presented and used to measure the RPM of a large Technic motor. The counter is constructed of a series of 4 sides reels each representing 2 bits. These are held at neat 90 degree angle multiples by a micro stepper mechanism. The overflow bits are carried to the next reel using a 4 knob wheel pushed by a small lever arm from the previous reel. The design is modular such that multiple modules can be combined to create a larger counter. The counter demonstrated is made from 3 modules and can count from 0 to 4095 in binary. Enjoy!
  5. Acknowledgements I’ll start this post with two call-outs to Nico71. Firstly, he posted images of his ball counting GBC module (refer to text further below) which provided a substantial foundation on which to base my module design. Secondly, he was gracious in giving me permission to post the building instructions for my module online. I wanted to obtain his approval given my module is, ultimately, a derivation of his original work. Module video and Building related files Firstly, a video of the module and links to the building instructions, parts list and LDraw file. Building instructions: PDF Parts list: BrickStock BSX file LDraw MPD file Context I had a desire to have a ball counting GBC module as part of the GBC display for the upcoming 2017 Auckland Brick Show. The primary features of the module were that it would; be a mechanical device i.e. no electronics in the module have discrete digits to indicate the count preferably rotate all digits in the same direction Development I was aware that Nico71 had built a GBC Ball Counter and had posted both photos and a video of it running. It seemed a sensible place to start so, after studying the photos and video, I reverse engineered the module to help me to understand how it worked. I knew that Nico71’s module was not using discrete positioning for digits but I was also aware of Parax77’s video and building instructions of his Chain Holonomic Drive, which I thought I could use in place of the wheel dials in Nico71’s model. Using the Chain Holonomic Drive however proved to be too unreliable. While I could get it to work reliably with two digits (the ones and tens) I couldn’t get the required reliability for the subsequent three digits. I subsequently discovered another video of a GBC counter by Nicky Fitzgerald and a second video providing more information about the build. I attempted to adapt the counting mechanism to replace the wheel dials but this was unsuccessful. The counting mechanism uses the "Technic, Axle Pin with Friction Ridges Lengthwise" in what appears to be a means to prevent the “hammer” from falling due to gravity. I found the amount of friction when attempting to turn multiple dials concurrently (e.g. 99, 999, …) too great for the upper clutch mechanism. However, Nicky Fitzgerald’s design did point me in the direction of the solution I ended up implementing in my module. Module Design Commonality and Differences The following image uses a coarsely grained colouring to identify the main elements of the module. The input bin is coloured red, the primary ball moving mechanism is coloured black and the counting mechanism grey. The primary ball moving mechanism (black) is pretty much the same mechanism as in Nico71’s original module. There are a couple of minor tweaks but nothing that is too significant. The input bin (red) differs in the following ways; it is larger, the agitator mechanism is different (and driven via the addition of a chain) and it contains a mechanism to restrict the balls to drop into the primary ball moving mechanism one-at-a-time and in time with said mechanism. The counting mechanism (grey) is a “plug compatible” replacement for the original, displaying a discrete count of the number of balls. Next Steps and Additional References I have used this module in test mode. It occasionally seems to spin a dial a bit too far but then the next ball moves the same dial less. I won’t get to use the module “in anger” until late October. In the meantime, if someone else elects to build this module and has any suggestions for improvements to the design, you are more than welcome to post back to this thread. Should someone be interested in exploring more about the counter mechanism built by Nick Fitzgerald, in the last couple of days I came across two related videos. Of course, you could always reverse engineer that module and post the building instructions (although after checking with Nicky). Regards, David
  6. Posted to, so also details here Final model Details in 4th reply Finally decided what to build for lego official contest. It will be distance counter - automatic, as it is about some automation. Started with 3 level counter - cm, dm and m. First level is continious, other to discret with 10 steps.
  7. "So, how did this thing work again?" The Trebuchet: The Ulandian government wishes to thank the most Noble Lord Osric for his kind gift. It works!... that is to say, it might if their weren't any mummies stuck in it! A counter to Jacob Nion's guerrilla... Credit goes to ZCerberus for a lot of inspiration on the Tebuchet design! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. A pirate Desert King ship attacked a city they thought was in flames... only to discover that the smoke was really coming from a beacon tower calling in some reinforcements. The pirate ship was caught off guard, burnt, and sunk... maybe it's time the Desert king starts investing in faster ships! Without the ships: My counter to LordDan's guerrilla on M18. I think I got all the flags and sails ship-shape this time around Anyways, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  9. A counter to LordDan at K3 Not all citizens of Easterbroke believe that treason is the best way to earn their right to join with Avalonia. Therefore, these loyalists have manned small, fast patrolboats to intercept the smugglers running weapons to fuel war and pain on Easterbroke. ______________ 1) Sorry for the photoquality, but light was getting dim... 2) This was a surprisingly complex technique for building a boat, but quite fun! 3) I have tried to recreate LordDan's rock technique 4) C&C welcome
  10. MassEditor

    [CG:A15, DK vs. U] Ante Up

    To the surprise of many, Ulandus had mustered enough men to commit a large army in the northeast corner of the Desert King's territory. The movement of such a large force, however, did not go unnoticed for long. One of the Desert King's crack units happened to be nearby and enjoying a respite after their recent victories. The unit, refreshed and re-equiped, was ordered out to meet the Ulandians and drive them back into the sea. Exhausted and under-supplied, the Ulandian force would likely stand little chance. A photo using Garmadon's mirror technique: And a photo of the MOC, with the troop commander: ----------------------------------------------------- Hello! As you can see, I tried my best to imitate Garmadon's mirror technique he used in his GA, To War! And wow, what a frustrating task it was! I'm sure I cursed Garmadon on more than several occasions as I tried to figure out that first photo. It's interesting how much the images are distorted as they are reflected between the two mirrors. I tried a few things to cut down on that but I didn't have much luck. It was definitely an interesting experiment though, kinda makes you think in multiple dimensions. And then, you know, your mind starts to wander to metaphysical properties such as our place in time and space, the truth of existence, quantum possibilities and what have you. Such is the effect of two mirrors with some LEGOs in between. Oh, I'm rambling now... A couple of other things I should note: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find two mirrors in a little podunk Arkansas town? Or the challenge of dodging the cashier's inevitable inquiry over why I need two mirrors? The answer is very! Also, I managed to crack one of the mirrors as I was trying to extricate it from its frame (the store only had two mirrors, each different. More headaches!). So, seven years of bad luck. Thanks a lot, Garmadon. Anyways, thanks for looking! Please don't make me do this again!
  11. After reports of heavy siege equipment and chariots being positioned for an attack on Eastgate, the city council has commissioned improvements to the defences. After the long conflict between Dugal and Petera, the city defenses have been somewhat battered, and no improvements have been possible. However, as the brothers are now united against the High Council's enemies, the populace, craftsmen, and soldiers of Eastgate are eager to avoid a new, unpleasant siege, and even more eager to avoid a violent assault from the savage troops of the Desert King. Therefore, they have flocked to the defenseworks to lend their hands. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr In order to hold off the heavy equipment necessary to storm the tall, strong defenses of the inner City of Eastgate, a military engineer has proposed a defensive ditch, which will stop any heavy equipment, or topple it over, should it try to approach the walls. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr To support and strengthen the ditch, a wooden wall is erected, supported by heavy logs driven into the hard sandstone ground. In order to drive them in, a heavy hammering contraption is being used. As its operators crank the handles, the heavy iron hammer is lifted, to be released at full height, falling down on the log with all its weight, driving the log in by another notch. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr Should someone try to storm the ditch, Eastgate will still stand ready. A poleturner is sharpening poles to be placed at the defensive end of the ditch, which will be enough to drive off any beast. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr An overview shot: Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr I know the pics aren't perfect, and I am somewhat stumped as to how improve them. I seem to have tried every setting on my camera However, I think the build turned out pretty well C&C is more than welcome
  12. A counter guerrilla, against Garmadon's, The Storming of Ras-El-Akhen Wall design inspired by Gideon. After breaching the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen, the Ulander troops thought they had it made. But upon seeing the inner wall, they had second thoughts about their attack... More pictures here: Link I tried a new background for this build, any input on that welcome. C&C appreciated
  13. Counter to Robuko's Guerilla against Everlast Besieged, surrounded, and blockaded by Desert King forces, the people of Everlast have been offered supplies and protection to give up control to the Desert King. However, on the town square, a group of strangers have drawn a crowd, handing out food and supplies to the people of Everlast... The Saviour by Beorthan, on Flickr On the podium, a noble-looking, charismatic gentleman is speaking in a booming, deep voice: "The socalled Desert King holds your town in an iron grip, cutting your supplies and starving your families. He claims to mean you no harm, and offers to feed and protect you for your allegiance. But from whom do you need protection? And why are you in need of food? This town has ever been able to support itself, and where it not for the troops of the false god-king, you would be in no need for his socalled gifts!" In the crowd, a low murmur of support is rising, people looking at each other, nodding in agreement, as the elderly gentleman proceeds, raising his voice: "It is said that you should not bite the hand that is feeding you, but are you to rely on this very hand for food, when it is the same hand that holds you in a stranglehold? Who is to say what the price of the next meal will be, should you give up your freedom for this? Will he, who styles himself a god, allow you to live as equals in his realm?" The People by Beorthan, on Flickr The orator looks around, meeting the gaze of many of the on-lookers, as his followers hand out large amounts of fish, meats, bread and other foods. A silence falls over the crowd under the man's serious gaze. Loudly, he continues: "The Desert King promises peace, security and an end to starvation, but at what cost? What sacrifice will this "God" require of you next? Will you give in to his demands for the scraps from his own table, or will you stand against him to preserve your freedom? The Republic of Kaliphlin stands with you, and thus, the people of all of Historica! We offer you supplies at no cost but our own peril. We require naught of you, but that you respect YOUR rights as FREE PEOPLE of these lands!" The murmur in the crowds resumes, slowly rising to a cheer... The Town by Beorthan, on Flickr "We have made it our undertaking to supply you with all you need. We have established secret, hidden routes of supply through the lines of the Foul Besieger. We have done so, not to ask for your support, but to show you that you have ours. The High Council stands as protector of the Republic, and as protector of its people. It stands as YOUR protector!" Silence falls over the plaza, as the orator pauses for a second. "So what will it be? Surrender or Stand Fast? Submission or Freedom?!? I shall leave it up to you and yours, but know that we will do our part in allowing you a free choice in this matter!" A loud cheer of support rises, and out of the noise a chanting emerges, increasing in volume, echoing throughout the valleys of Everlast: "Stand fast.... Stand Fast.... STAND FAST, STAND FAST, STAND FAST!" ____________________________________________________________________________________ That's my counter to Robuko's attempt to take over Everlast. I hope you like it :) I am quite happy with the idea, satisfied with the build and story, but somewhat dissapointed about the pics, though.
  14. Robin Creations

    [CG: K19 U v. DK] Waking the Town

    Umbra-Manis's Build A fisherman saw a strange boat on the horizon. He gathered others to fend off the boat, and eventually the succeeded... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I hope that this was within the deadline. And sorry for the not great picture (time was of the essence ). And no, that's not Mpoh98 on the docks
  15. Hi there! In short: I want that topic for all the people that need an example of how to use a part IN or FOR or wonder how to use it correct. I'll start: I wonder why they made a totally USELESS: 1. WheelBearing 2. 3SnapGearBlok 3. LTCardanBall Can somebody explain to me please. My problem here is: If i use a CrossAxle 5M and Unuversal Joint = flexible suspension + rotation OK / but no steering If I use the LT Cardan Ball its either a working suspension OR steering... and only rotation IF there is NO angle but a straight in line with the 3Snap Gear Blok So why or what for did they make these parts for? It could not be for a good wheel suspension with a combo of steering/suspension/drive train! Im soooo confused! I used to build the 1994 Super Car 8880 suspension. But these parts are not yet included in the LDD. Any ideas? Maybe I'm stupid... but I can not see how to build a steer/suspension/drivetrain combo with these parts, like in the 1994 8880 model. Here are some pictures to help with the imagination and a link to a very good explaination on the 8880. Essentials of the wheel suspension: All three action possible, (steering+suspension+rotation). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for reading. Best regards HAL
  16. 3BrickFriends

    MOC Ice Cream Counter

    Hi. This is an Ice Cream Counter stall I built with my daughter for our Horse Show Layout. Let me know what you think. Mike
  17. This LEGO ball machine was constructed using 10 motors and thousands of bricks. Its 14 balls move continually through the machine, taking approximately two minutes to complete a lap. Two Mindstorms NXT bricks control the green lift, blue lift and ball counter. A combination of Power Functions and traditional 9V motors drive the remaining lifts. The machine is built entirely from LEGO -- even the balls are LEGO parts. Width: 63.5 inches Depth: 24 inches Height: 30 inches A video showing the machine in action is available on YouTube: Let me know what you think! Ben
  18. After the success of my previous GBC Counter module, I decided to upgrade the app and also release it to the public along with a detailed tutorial for building your own GBC counter. How it works explained here: The app & module support the GBC standard of 1 bps. New features: -Balls per second display -The new app & module can handel more bps than the first version -GBC timer -Better design Tutorial download (includes a PDF file, LDD file and the app itself) The video: Thanks for watching!