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  1. Robin Creations

    Dangers of smuggling

    Great! The texture and SNOT provide an awesome atmosphere!
  2. Robin Creations

    [MOC] Avalonian Cottage

    Awesome build! Love the shading on the ground, as well as the colors. the techniques you use on the cabin work really well. Good job.
  3. Robin Creations

    Jet Turbine Dragster

    Very clean build, nice job!
  4. Robin Creations

    [GoH] A Walk Down the Street

    Love the different levels of the buildings. It really gives it depth
  5. Robin Creations

    [MOC] Nuclear Building

    Beautiful! I like the way you did the roof with those angled plates!
  6. Robin Creations

    Friends-sponsored rally car

    Nice! I really like that last shot
  7. Robin Creations

    [MOC] Hyrule Castle

    Breathtaking! I LOVE the roofs! And the bionicle joints for the battlements look awesome
  8. Robin Creations

    [AoM Barracks Phase II] The First Trial

    I agree with Soccerkid about the flags! Nice little scene
  9. Robin Creations

    The Kobot Abbey

    Awesome build! The guy in the hospital that's chained up is great and I like the minifig's cloaks.
  10. Robin Creations

    The Warty Watchmen

    Nice! I quite like the wood on the top
  11. Robin Creations

    [MOC] O-ranger

    Very sleek! And I like the mix of greys to give it a weathered look
  12. Robin Creations

    All Of Me

    Sweet! I like the windows and the rails
  13. Robin Creations

    Lego UCS-MOC: Batman™ Arkham Knight ''Batmobile''

    Simply amazing! Very interesting seeing all the steps along the way. I particularly enjoyed the pictures of the modified parts. Great job
  14. Robin Creations

    Good morning from Hayfieldhat.

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  15. Robin Creations

    Greetings, my name is Sweet Pea

    Welcome to Eurobricks!