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Found 11 results

  1. Hereby my entry to warzone 18: The Battle for Eastgate The Eastern Guardian Tower is almost impregnable from land, and commands the entrance to the inner city. Without it, The Desert King cannot hope to take Eastgate. Therefore, he has launched an assault to take the fortified bridge across the river to be able to attack the Eastern Guardian Tower from the back. However, our brave heroes from the Trifork has taken up position on the bastion in the river, prepared to repel any attack with their lives. However, they are not alone, as Kaliphlinite forces are marching across the bridge from the inner city to brace the walls and defend it if breached. This will not be the day that Eastgate falls to the regime of the Desert King. Not if these warriors have their say... __________________________ This was a fun build, although I initially had not included the tower - rereading the warzone description, however, forced me to find a way to include the tower - and considering it is an afterthought, I think it turned out pretty well! C&C is welcome, as always.
  2. Warzone 18: The Battle For Eastgate Location: E2 Who Can Participate: High Council and Desert King (Unless Ulandus can get in range before the due date. ) Terrain: Eastgate sits on the Red River, and sits on a grassy plain, with the Wither Woods starting just north of the city. The Red River was named for its red water due to the color of the soil of the Wither Woods, which was the main sediment picked up by the stream. The river is mostly slow moving, making it easy to traverse the river northward. However, the entrance of the river is guarded by the fortified Great Bridge, which is almost flanked on each side by two massive towers called The Guardians. (they sit just to the north of the Bridge) Map here Eastgate is considered a safe harbor for ships traveling east from Avalonia into the coasts of the Badlands. (Also vice versa, but the winds are more favorable west to east.) Furthermore, it sits at the mouth of the Red River making it paramount to the great timber trade (live oak in large quantities, the finest in the world) and some river trade from upriver. It is a mix of styles, having some classic European architecture, mixed with Mediterranean and Arabian because it is a melting pot of cultures. The quarries to the east bring brown and tan rock, while the quarries up river bring red rock, with Avalonia so close, rock grey in color is also sold in the city. The city walls are mostly tan / brown in color, but some of the newer structures are the now cheaper Avalonian grey. They are often whitewashed to make them stand out in the inner city. Not only is Eastgate a port, but it also has some of the best ship building facilities in the known world (due to the large live oak supply that comes through its port) with a natural bay that has been artificially expanded around four hundred years ago. The inner city, The Old City, which held out during the War of the Brothers is mostly large and older buildings, while the New City is unwalled and more houses and buildings made of timber. History: The wiki link above has more about the city’s history. One note here is that the Greater Eastgate Article and Resupply Company owns most of the town, and elects its leaders. GEAR and Eastgate both have standing armies, although they were largely winnowed down through the War of the Brothers. The city is in good shape, despite being sieged, as Dugal’s forces controlled the New City and Petera’s controlled the Old City – neither side made a successful move on the other, leaving little collateral damage to their home town. Mini-challenge: The only way that Eastgate’s inner city falls is if the Eastern Guardian Tower is breached. While it stands, no ships may get out to the Inland Sea or up the river to the Wither Woods. DK builders, the task is simple, depict the great Guardian Tower, and show your forces breeching it. HC: Defend the Guardian to your last breath! Both sides should clearly depict the tower, which overhangs the Red River, and their forces should be winning the battle. Special: Whoever has the “best tower” as voted on in the voting thread will be known as “The Tallest man/woman in Kaliphlin.” Restrictions: 32x32 Due Date: May 31st
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    [WZ18] The Fall of Eastgate

    The Desert King has taken Eastgate! After a combined attack (unique in Kaliphlin's history) of air, ground and naval forces, the city has surrendered. The ground forces (supported by heavy catapults and ballista) were attacking from the North, breaking out of the Witherwoods. DK ships came from the sea and attacked the city where the red river waters mingle with the clear blue water coming in from the ocean. Finally the bombardment carried out by the Royal Flying Carpet Corps (RFCC) broke the resistance of the defenders. This is the aerial perspective: The "Guardian" took severe damage: Most of the city was saved from ruin as the attack had been quick and swift. Victory once more fell to the Desert King! C&C welcome.
  4. After reports of heavy siege equipment and chariots being positioned for an attack on Eastgate, the city council has commissioned improvements to the defences. After the long conflict between Dugal and Petera, the city defenses have been somewhat battered, and no improvements have been possible. However, as the brothers are now united against the High Council's enemies, the populace, craftsmen, and soldiers of Eastgate are eager to avoid a new, unpleasant siege, and even more eager to avoid a violent assault from the savage troops of the Desert King. Therefore, they have flocked to the defenseworks to lend their hands. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr In order to hold off the heavy equipment necessary to storm the tall, strong defenses of the inner City of Eastgate, a military engineer has proposed a defensive ditch, which will stop any heavy equipment, or topple it over, should it try to approach the walls. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr To support and strengthen the ditch, a wooden wall is erected, supported by heavy logs driven into the hard sandstone ground. In order to drive them in, a heavy hammering contraption is being used. As its operators crank the handles, the heavy iron hammer is lifted, to be released at full height, falling down on the log with all its weight, driving the log in by another notch. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr Should someone try to storm the ditch, Eastgate will still stand ready. A poleturner is sharpening poles to be placed at the defensive end of the ditch, which will be enough to drive off any beast. Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr An overview shot: Defences of Eastgate by Beorthan, on Flickr I know the pics aren't perfect, and I am somewhat stumped as to how improve them. I seem to have tried every setting on my camera However, I think the build turned out pretty well C&C is more than welcome
  5. To secure the Desert King's conquered territories in the west, his troops need a fortified keep at the coast to gain supplies and reinforcement from Avalonia. Lord Osric Isentooth is gathering his and allied Avalonian troops for an attempt to sack the city of Eastgate. The inexhaustable timber of the Wither Woods makes it easy to construct large siege weapons. Eastgate will fall.
  6. Supporting the Council (Challenge IV Prelude, Chapter 17) Chapters so far: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 (ALSO: War of the Brothers Part II Chapter 1 HERE for more on that) petera by skaforhire, on Flickr Supporting the Council (Three Months after Chapter 16) It was unusually cold in Eastgate today. Petera MacLean placed the seal on a letter. He hoped it was not too late. The last two years had been hard for Eastgate, the constant siege and the jockeying of two brothers to take control of their birthright had left most of the old town thin to the bone in civilians. Dugal’s Army, backed by his strong ally Lord DaMaximus still sat outside the Old City walls, while most of the New city on the other side of the Red River thrived in this war economy. They had even constructed a makeshift port, and outsourced much of their shipbuilding to Carn, Eastgate’s little sister town on the inland sea. Petera was surprised that the siege still held. Most of Dugal’s mercenaries moved on now that Bishop Jamon was dead and not paying their wages. There was gold to be had in the conflict brewing, an mercenaries always went towards the scent of gold. DaMaximus had siphoned off some of his own soldiers to go back to East Kaliphlin, where Both Ulandus and the Desert King were making strides at turning towns and villages to their command, so far no violence between the forces of the High Council and the other two had broken out, however, the peacekeeping troops, had mostly retreated towards Petraea to avoid conflict, as their orders from the Council were clear not to provoke a fight. Pretty much all of Dugal’s Army that were Kaliphlin troops had been stripped from him by the council and sent to be peacekeepers. This made it a much more even fight, if Dugal ever decided to storm Eastgate. Petera’s forces were not in the best shape either. After a hard defeat at the Wither Woods, it was near impossible to build some of Eastgate’s armies that were loyal to him. Eastgate was one of the stronger cities when it came to military force, mostly because GEAR Co’s possessions stretched throughout the known world, and often times a show of force was necessary to protect them. However, with all of the armies recalled to Eastgate to fight out this civil war between brothers, many of Eastgate’s possessions had been seized by raiders, other Councilors, Ulandians, and even Mountain Mummies. Petera had just got a report this morning that some of the oilfields in East Kaliphlin had been taken by the Desert King. Eastgate had a good reserve in gold, but Petera was spending it quickly. The war between brothers had to end, but he was somewhat sure one of the two of them would have to die first. His Fiancé, Avona the Storm Mistress came into his meeting quarters. She had been a powerful ally, especially after the Wither Woods, when many of his mages deserted him. Not that that mattered too much, since he was one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world himself. But most of his power went to fueling the giant magic dome over Eastgate that Kept Dugal’s forces from going over the walls. “You sent for me?” she said. She didn’t like to be bothered when she was studying the arcane. DSC_1693 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Yes, you are the only one I can trust with this.” He said handing her the letter he had just sealed. “I need you to teleport to Knightsbridge, you know where that is?” She nodded and said “ That will be a tricky teleport. There are a lot of mountains in the way. “ “Good thing you are an expert teleporter.” He said. “This needs to be delivered to Lord Folston immediately. Our spies have reported to us that there is Desert King army marching along the Peak Road, and headed for Knights bridge.” “Why would he not take the Sultan’s road through the desert? It is much quicker than winding around in the Rakath Mountains, that is for sure.” She asked. “I am not sure, but I worry that they may get to Mypa Stedor through the back door, or Berigoria.” He said and she looked at him funny. “Your enemy’s town?” She asked. She had killed a few of DaMaximus’ men herself at the Wither Woods. “Despite our squabble, I am still a High Councilor. We don’t want to see Ulandus or the Desert King take over Kaliphlin. That would make the Valkarian Order’s overall plan to stabilize Historica much less possible. “ He paused. “Before Dugal’s resurfacing, DaMaximus and I were on fairly good terms and supported each other’s initiatives in the council.” “I am not sure this is the correct path, my love.” Avona said. “Even if it isn’t, I made Lord Folston. He was my friend, and I submitted his name to the Council for Lordship at that god-forsaken place. I can’t leave him with no help.” He said. She just nodded, took the letter, and vanished. DSC_1694 by skaforhire, on Flickr Almost immediately Mikeo and his enslaved Efrite, Donjini , entered the room. “Brother, we have a visitor!” But he stopped that line of thought. “I smell Avona’s perfume, is she here?” “I sent her with a message for Lord Folston. The Desert King moves on him.” Petera said. “But Folston is heeding Council Orders, why would you help him.” Mikeo asked. Petera explained the situation basically the same as he had just done for Avona. “Interesting. Do you want me to take my knights there? I am sure Donjini can teleport us there safely.” DSC_1698 by skaforhire, on Flickr “I would not be so sure of that master. I sense that there are numerous mana weaves throughout Kaliphlin, designed to catch teleporting groups.” The Efrite said. Petera knew this. He had webs up within Eastgate to protect them from teleporting intruders, but three very powerful mages were also weaving at that moment in Kaliphlin. He assumed there was a mage for each of the factions in Kaliphlin trying to prevent anyone from moving massive amounts of troops through magic. Luckily for Avona, these weaves were designed to catch large groups and not individuals. Mikeo, despite his fast study of magic since Petera pulled him from the underworld, was a bit confused. Petera did not have time to explain it, for in walked a man in Ulandian armor. DSC_1699 by skaforhire, on Flickr “I thought you were announcing me?” he looked accusingly at Mikeo, but did not wait for a reply. “I am General Royce Ponce of the Thousand Suns, First Centurion’s First Legion, and I have come to secure your friendship for the future of Kaliphlin.” He directed towards Petera. How did he get into the city? As if answering his thoughts, Ponce said: “pardon me for sneaking into your city, I took a small craft into your harbor, however, it is urgent.” Petera cut to the chase. “Why should we join Ulandus?” “You would be joining Kaliplhin, Ulandus only seeks…” but Ponce was cut off by Petera. “…to rejoin Kaliphlin, yes I have heard the spiel. That was months ago, your armies are all over Kaliphlin now. You have fought some battles against Kaliphlinites, you cannot say you come in peace!” In truth these battles were against the Desert King… “We only attack the Pharaoh’s men!” Ponce said. “We seek to be equals in Kaliphlin. Nothing more.” “I think that the equals thing is a cover.” Petera said. “You know that the council will mull over allowing Ulandus to join the guild, it would upset the balance some would say. But your emperor knows this. He also knew the Desert King was on the rise, and found his excuse to force the Kaliphlinites to decide.” Petera smiled. “It is clever indeed, “ he admitted. “ Letting the citizens choose sides in this war while their leaders talk. You will use your armies to defeat the Desert King, and when that is done, you will have a large enough foothold to force your interests to the Council. But… the demand won’t be to add five councilors, it will be to submit to the emperor. When the refusal comes, you will march your armies against your new enemies.” DSC_1700 by skaforhire, on Flickr Ponce sighed, seemingly unfazed. “Your war with Dugal has left you with little trust, I should expect this from someone who murdered their own brother.” “How dare you.” Mikeo said. “You are a guest here, a guest we could easily get rid of.” “You know not what you speak of, manchild.” Ponce said. DSC_1701 by skaforhire, on Flickr Petera butted in. “The Council had declined your offer. I being part of the Council must decline.” “Dugal rules Eastgate from beyond these walls. You are not on the High Council any longer.” Ponce said, and Petera was well aware that he had few supporters at the moment. “We can change that. You will be put onto the council when our negotiations come to fruition. Dugal, who has defied us, and has sent troops to keep us from going where we desire, is not a friend of First Centurion. We will see him deposed. Unless, of course you want to kill him again.” Ponce smirked. Petera had not killed Dugal during the war, although he didn’t stop Revolword from doing so, he also didn’t join the expedition to retrieve his soul from the underworld – but he used their portal to get Mikeo back. Mikeo felt a strong loyalty to Petera because of this, and for that reason a blade of ice quickly appeared in his hand and he began to threaten Ponce. “ That is one lie to many, Fork-tongue! “ DSC_1704 by skaforhire, on Flickr Ponce laughed. LAUGHED! “ You know not what you step into.” He smiled. “You can’t hurt me here.” Now Petera was interested, what made this guy think he could get out of here alive if Petera thought it prudent to end him? Mikeo moved forward but Ponce turned to the Efrite. “Alka’dar Baelos Moritt’guf, al’gernen de’coli pillianar.” Donjini’s eyes widened and he immediately bowed to Ponce and then turned to Mikeo. “He is right master Mikeo, I cannot let you hurt him.” DSC_1705 by skaforhire, on Flickr Petera remembered the incantation, he would have to figure out what just had happened, but it was most likely Old Olinor’s Tongue that he spoke it. It was said that Olinor was the location where the Djin and the Efrite parted ways, and forever Efrite were forbidden to use the old language. Something Ponce said, in that language, had turned Donjini into his guardian. Petera had a feeling that if he was to try to call his magic, he would be unable to do so. Although Donjini was not powerful enough to stop Petera in full sorcerer state, he could easily keep him from reaching that state if he had the drop on him, like he did at the present. A bit of panic hit him… Ponce could kill him now. =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Lord Folston was preparing for the Worst. Knightsbridge was to be attacked from the South soon. His scouts had reported that the Ulandians were making their way up the Peak Road – in his mind, more of a trail than a road—and they had high numbers. DSC_1712 by skaforhire, on Flickr Folston had only a few dozen men left. The council had not sent gold in months, and his soldiers were now deserting. He had taken out all the loans he could from villages up to thirty miles away. There just was no more Gold left from Needletop to Southpass. Kaliphlin-north-east-0 by skaforhire, on Flickr The council said that Knightsbridge must be held, as it would keep the Ulandians from reaching the territory claimed by the Desert King. The council feared that if major blood was spilled over a bit of land, then the winner would be less likely to negotiate or relinquish control of said land. Folston agreed. Even if his benefactor was no longer on the council. He thought of Petera, cooped up in Eastgate. He had been a good liege to serve, and Folston was happy to be placed on the high council with Petera’s support. But in reality, NOBODY wanted Knightsbridge. That is why there was a seat open, the last family abandoned its lordship. Knightsbridge was the crucial link on the Peak road. A small trail that went North to South, but also led to the northern Kaliphlin coast, a valuable trade route for spices and other small loads that one can bring by pack animal. Wagons could not travel on the road because of its grade and width at times. The town itself protected a bridge over the Al’Weri River, or Weary River in the common tongue. IT was the only passable place for the length of the whole river within the Rakath Mountains . Therefore its strategic importance was paramount, which was also why the Council subsidized the small town. The town itself sat mostly underground in an old dwarf den – or perhaps it was one of the outposts of the old Rat King’s people? Folston didn’t care, he hated it. It was damp, ugly, smelly, and he relied on the mountain villages to provide food. It was a terrible place to be Lord of. “Alright, we need to work quicker men!” he shouted as a few of his boys pushed barrels towards the secret door to get within the Trifort, The fortification of the south side (technically East side because of the way the river bent at this location) of the river. preparing for defense by skaforhire, on Flickr Just then, Lady Avona appeared next to him and he nearly jumped out of his skin. Damn teleporters! “Greetings Lord Folston, Petera sends is regards and well wishes. He has a message for you.” Avona said, and handed him a letter. DSC_1716 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Hello, Lady Avona, what a pleasant surprise” he said as his heart calmed down. In honesty, he had always been terrified of storm mistress. “Open it right away there is much we must discu…” Suddenly her eyes widened. “I have to go, Petera is in trouble!” with that she vanished. He opened the letter and his heart sank. The Desert King was attacking from the North. He had maybe two days. Petera urged him to keep the bridge at all costs, and to keep the two armies apart. Even if it meant fighting back, something the council had yet to do. DSC_1717 by skaforhire, on Flickr =+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Mikeo was still upset. The meeting with Ponce, then his unexpected departure with Mikeo’s Efrite, and finally Petera telling him to just let it go, was wearing on his twin brother. “I will make this right.” Petera said. “I don’t think his power will last over Donjini for long, and I think, if I know my Efrite lore correctly, he will return to you, still your slave.” “Fine. But I want to kill that guy personally.” Mikeo said. Petera ignored that last bit. “Get a message to the Yukar, we need more reports about the Desert King’s whereabouts. “ Petera concluded. DSC_1710 by skaforhire, on Flickr With that, Mikeo left. Almost immediately Avona reappeared, ready to fry anything in her path. DSC_1691 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Are you alright?!” she demanded. “Fine.” He said. They embraced. He then told her about the meeting, and how the Ulandians wanted him to continue to distract Dugal’s forces, and in return, he would be placed on the council. Avona seemed to agree this was wise. But then again, what could he do when he had a Genie’s blade to his throat? Now… was he to keep his bargain?
  7. How Lord Max Samu hired the Yeti Mercenaries by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Lord Max Samu, head of the Intelligence Agency of Mpya Stedor visited not so long ago the most Northern parts of Mitgardia. His goal? Making allies with some unusual tribes. On this painting, you see how he bribed a whole Yeti-clan to serve the I.A.M.S. . The first task of the notorious Yeti (under command of Marc) is to send some warriors to Eastgate to fight against Petera. For Dugal & Eastgate! edit: allright, no UoP claiming, I have to agree that it was a fast build... I build it with bricks I bought at a PaB. Sad to see they are already vanished in my University MOC :'(
  8. SkaForHire

    The War of the Brothers

    The War of the Brothers (Call to Arms AND a LDD Contest See next topic) This is the story thread, the call to arms and challenge is in thread two. Backstory: In the New City district of Eastgate, Dugal’s entourage and one of DaMaximus’s generals Herondle meet to discuss how to bring the Siege of Eastgate to an end. Herondle had just come back from a mission to Ximus, so he was unfamiliar with history that led his master’s army to this point. Dugal explained it to him in brief: eastgate by skaforhire, on Flickr The Free City of Eastgate had been ruled by its first Lord Dugal MacLean for five years before it swore allegiance to Kaliphlin in 101 AH. Dugal had gone on a few adventures, leaving Petera, the Second Lord of Eastgate and Dugals first brother in charge of the city. Unbeknownst to most of the population of Historica, Petera , a powerful mage, had been apprenticed to Victor Revolword a few years before becoming the Second Lord of Eastgate. When the Revolword war broke out, Dugal, Petera, and Paulos (the third brother) fought in the resistance against the destroyer of Historica and his elemental forces. Dugal was preparing to lead one of Historica’s main defenses against Revolword’s men at Queens Cross, but was assassinated on a scouting mission. At the Battle of Queenscross, Paulos took charge and won a narrow victory. Meanwhile, back in Eastgate, Petera , now First Lord, had erected a magical dome to protect the city from elementals. However, rumors soon surfaced that Petera had been behind the death of his brother. Assassins also struck at Paulos, but he was able to avoid death. A secret message from Dugal arrived to the High Council of Kaliphlin, asking for their support beyond the grave. Lord DaMaximus was to siege Eastgate and put it back in the hands of the merchant council, while defeating Petera. Others, such as Masa and Ageven were to save Merith, Dugal’s Fiance, by secretly removing her from Eastgate. After Merith’s escape, Petera became openly hostile to Paulos, while still keeping the city open to trading with most of Historica. DaMaximus laid siege to Eastgate, taking the New City area (the portion of the city outside of the walls) and sieging the heavily fortified Old City. Still, Petera was able to supply the city through magical portals, despite Paulos’s agents trying to stop this resupply. At the same time, Masa led the effort to bring Dugal back from the dead. They succeeded, and after another attempt on Dugal’s life, they were now here, in the New City district planning a final assault on Petera and Old Eastgate. It would have to come down to an assault because all attempts to starve the enemy out had been thwarted by Petera’s ability to create magical gates to resupply points. -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Dugal and Paulos Dugal looked to Paulos, and said “What about a diversion?” DSC_0928 by skaforhire, on Flickr All three men in the room knew that the last three attempts on the Old City walls were met with failure. Petera appeared on the parapets himself to fend off the attackers. He hurled lightning from his fists and turned the ground outside the city to molten lava in places. Many men had already died in the siege attempts, and now it was time to do something more clever. “What did you have in mind? “ Paulos asked. DSC_0938 by skaforhire, on Flickr “We split the forces up and try to siege the Inner Bastion (the portion of the old city across the Red River) and the main city from three different points. Then, we lead two strike forces into the heard of the Old City, one will take out the Mage Cabal that controls the Eastgate College of Magic and Navigation. The other will take out GEAR headquarters, and hopefully Petera. “ Dugal drew his plan up on the map. Herondle looked at the map before him, “that might just work.” He said. <iframe src="" width="640" height="640" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe> “Well, unless we have a better plan I think this is our next…” Dugal was cut off by a messenger running into the room. “My Lords, grave news! Petera has reinforcements marching South from Avalonia on the Oil Road.” The man said, nearly out of breath. “We will have to put this plan on hold,” Dugal said. “We must meet these new troops in battle away from the city, as far as possible. I do not want to be sandwiched between Petera on a perch throwing down the elements and whatever this new army has.” “Agreed” Herondle said. “I will hold the bare minimum of a siege force here, and you lead your forces north to fight this battle.” “We will need to call for more allies around Historica.” -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Petera Meanwhile… inside the Old City Walls of Eastgate DSC_0929 by skaforhire, on Flickr Petera looked to Elden Logan, the current Second Lord of Eastgate. The Logan family had been quick to ally with him once he revealed his plan. Elden’s family was guaranteed positions on the Merchant’s Council once Eastgate had been secured and his rule was recognized by the other Lords of Kaliphlin. “If Dugal is really back from the dead, do you not worry that the people of Eastgate that have chosen you will see him as the First Lord still?” Elden muttered. “I mean, you still have not proved that you can call the Golden Axe of Eastgate.” That had been the one thing that he could not do, it belonged to the rightful ruler of the city, and its enchantment had prevented him from calling it. Even when Dugal was dead, the axe never appeared to Petera. DSC_0934 by skaforhire, on Flickr “ I can call it just fine.” Petera said. “I have to wait until the right time, in front of my people.” He turned to the matter at hand. “I must use the rift circle to invite our Avalonian guests here. He turned and began to incant. Soon, the glyph on the floor glowed, and a portal to a wooded clearing appeared. A moment later a an Elf and two humans came through the portal. “Lord Baldwin, Duke Tyweld, and Lord Eldris, so good to you to have joined us. We may be the last of the Order left in this part of the globe.” Petera said. He was referring to the Valkarian Order, a group set up to bring Historica into a golden age. Petera had been initiated into the order by Victor Revolword before Victor went mad with power. The Valkarian Order had been created over 300 years ago, and was instrumental in establishing Historica about 104 years ago. Since then the order had gone dormant. That was until about ten years ago when powerful and just nobles began disappearing. This included Dugal and Petera’s own father. In fact, that is how his brother became First Lord of Eastgate to begin with. All over Historica nobles, including the second to last king, had disappeared without a trace. The power void caused by the missing leaders led to corruption in all of the guilds and a weak king in Cedrica. The order came back together and was determined to install real leaders in all of the guilds and the capital. There were even desires to take over Varlyio and other continents beyond for the glory of Historica. Then Victor went crazy. At first the Valkarian Order sided with him, his power play would bring order out of the chaos. But it had become evident that Victor desired power for himself over glory for Historica. Petera had supported Victor until the man finally went mad. Victor had supplied the Spear of Horris to Petera in order to kill and trap his brother. Petera knew that Dugal was part of the old regime, and could never accept what had to be done in Historica to bring glory and strength to the nation. Killing Dugal and taking over Eastgate may have been Victor’s idea, but Petera could see the sense in it. Petera never thought Dugal would return though. Now they had to do the job all over again. “What news of your brother?” asked Lord Baldwin. He was a minor border lord in Avalonia, but he had a lot of men. They were conveniently not fighting the dark elves at the moment. “Well, if he is out there, I am sure he wants the city back. That is why you all are bringing your army south. We will crush the siege against the walls of Eastgate and the war will be won.” Petera Said. “your war.” Eldris said dryly. “We have failed to turn the Revolword incident into a significant change for Historica.” It was odd having an elf there, Eldris’s clan were one of the few elf clans you intermarried with humans frequently, they also had been an important factor in regional politics for as long as Kaliphlin had existed. They were based on the plains between North Kaliphlin and East Avalonia. Eldris was a wizard also, but much less powerful than Petera, although he had ancient magic, which was always dangerous. “Once things are settled here, we can begin our plan to take the throne again. We will have to rebuild armies, and the Order will need Eastgate’s army and navy if we are to secure Kaliphlin in the New Historica.” Petera replied. Without a king, many in the Valkarian order wanted to march on Cedrica to claim a seat of power. Petera agreed, but knew that he must hold on to his city in order to have a position on the new Council of Cedrica. A new king would be crowned, and he would be one of the Kingmakers. First, to take care of Dugal. “I will meet you in two weeks’ time to open the portal for our Mitgardian and Nocturnan allies.” Petera said. “ Why not portal everyone to the woods outside of the city, they would have no warning.” Duke Tyweld said. Tyweld was a very wealthy Avalonian, wealthy enough to pay the Drow to fight for him in this most recent conflict in Avalonia. Schooled in strategy he was not… “We need to spread the men sieging this place thin. They will leave half of their army here, the other half will march north, and we will be able to crush each half one at a time.” Eldris answered. “The more powerful Alleenridders of Mpya Stedor will likely stay here, while the other MacLean leads an army north.” This should not be hard, these two armies were severely beat up during the Revolword War. “Sounds like a plan,” Baldwin chipped in. “Now is a good time to call those who may be willing to join the Valkarian Order to the field.” Petera said. The three men agreed. -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* And for that reason, there would be two battles on the horizon. ------------------------------------------------------ The build for this is a WIP that I probably will not finish. It was supposed to be four scenes, the two talking scenes above, and two scenes of Petera's history. Unfortunately, it has sat for a while and I need to get moving with other things. Plus, the battle for the Wither Woods is going to happen in a little over a month, so I had to introduce the Call to Arms and the LDD challenge sooner rather than later. DSC_0925 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  9. Raising the Dead – Family Heirloom (Community Story Build) Paulos had a long trip back from Mpya Stedor. It was a good party, but the celebration was bitter sweet when he knew what lay ahead. He was on his way back to Queens Cross in order to pick up an item that he had hid there since before the battle. This item, the spear that killed his brother Dugal, was important evidence that he would bring before the Merchants Council at Eastgate to damn his brother Petera for his participation in Dugal’s murder. Petera was now First Lord of Eastgate, the ruler of the city and the controller of its armies and fleet. He was also the CEO of GEAR CO, one of the most powerful trading companies in Historica. Paulos had a tough task ahead of him, but Petera must pay. He arrived at the house of the former noble Lord Pastroo. Pastroo had fought against Paulos at Queenscross, and after the battle, Paulos had him executed for treason. Petera had sent out a warrant for Paulos’s arrest after that, claiming that he had “no authority to murder a high noble.” Paulos knew that he would have to retake the city by force, and he had enlisted Lord DaMaximus and his armies to help him in this task. Currently DaMaximus lay siege to Eastgate’s Old City. Although, not much progress had been made according to reports. Inside the house he was shocked. The two guards that he had left to “guard the house” (They didn’t know the spear was hidden here) were brutally murdered and laying on the floor in the grand hall. Paulos checked under the floor boards and found that the spear was missing! He panicked. At that moment there was a knock on the door to the room. Paulos turned to find a Grelf standing in the door way. “Come in, I must.” He said. “Yesil, I am Yesil, and Paulos Maclean, you are. Yeesssssss.” He introduced himself. Paulos knew a little of the Grelf from what Dugal had briefly mentioned. DSC_0382 by skaforhire, on Flickr “The spear that killed your brother, you have. Masa Of Kaliphlin needs it.” “I am afraid I cannot help, as the spear has been taken from this place, and I do not know by whom.” Paulos Said. The Grelf gave a subtle smirk and start to hum, about a minute later his eyes went wide and he said: “Your brother, Petera, has the spear. Your guards his men killed, and to hide the spear from all who wish to use it he intends. Die, you must retrieve the spear or Dugal will. “ “Dugal is already dead!” Paulos said. Yesil responded, in an almost rehearsed manner, “Death is but a sleep so deep. But of essence time is. For should the soul of the dead this life forget, there can be awakening no more.” “So, what does the spear have to do with Dugal’s resurrection?” Paulos asked. “One of the four ingredients required to bring Dugal back from the next world, the spear is. Obtain it, you must. Paulos sighed. “I am going to need allies.” So it was that Paulos sent messages to the four corners of Historica asking for heroes to come to Eastgate and help him take back his home and find the spear that slayed Dugal. Like the firstand second plot lines, this is a community build. All three plot lines will merge together in an attempt to bring Dugal back from the dead. In this plotline, the builders will be completing MOCs that have to do with the Civil War that is going on within Eastgate. Volunteers will join Paulos’s side in trying to locate the spear within Eastgate. MOCs for this storyline will be more combat oriented, as there are two large armies facing off in this siege. There will be a series of tasks given by me to the volunteers. They will represent missions within Eastgate or its surroundings. Once the task is MOCed, then the builder will receive one point. That point represents how many men the builder will be able to field for the final battle of the siege. Builders will be able to complete many tasks in order to build up their army, but points will not be given by to builds that are considered rushed or incomplete (Judged by Masa and Myself, we will ask a non-participant to be a tie breaker) Of course, the bigger the army, the more glory there is to be had in the final battle of the Siege of Eastgate. I will run that siege similar to how the Battle of Queens Cross was run. Finally, the top three builders with the most points by the end date of this plotline will be asked to build a MOC representing their characters finding the Spear. The three builds will be put up for a GOH-wide vote for the best build. The winner would have bragging rights and be considered a Hero of Eastgate. So what we need is volunteers. I will start giving tasks on the 20th of August, but you can sign up for this plotline as late as September 15th. The first few tasks will be the same for everyone, but those who complete the first three will start to get more customized missions. The end date for this plotline is October15th. I will answer any questions or clarify whatever you need. I hope many of you will join us on this plotline, the first plotline, or the second plotline. Or... All three, there is no limit how many plots you participate in, If you have the time to build for each, go ahead and sign up for all three.
  10. Kai NRG

    Rescuing Merith Part 2

    Part One, by Masa of Kaliphlin back there. The waves lapped the boat's side, as Ageven and his companions traveled down the Arkbri River, just a day after their escape from Cedrica. It was hard to imagine that this peaceful scene could any day now become a battlefield, but so it was, for Victor Revolword had taken Cedrica, and there was no saying what he might do! Suddenly, from the water right ahead of them, a crocodile sprang out, pulling from his garments a soiled and dirty letter. Without a word, he dropped it into Ageven's lap. With a start of surprise, Ageven read the letter, his four companions crowding around him. It was from Gaius, Mikel Kalores' head of household affairs. Ageven promptly agreed, sending a return letter by means of the crocodile. They would now strike across the desert, descend to Eastgate, and rescue Merith, fiance of the late Dugal MacLean, who, it was feared was in great danger from Petera MacLean, Dugal's brother, now in control of Eastgate, and suspected of having turned to the side of Revolword. Four days latter the travelers entered Eastgate, gathering supplies - of which, indeed, they were in need of. The city was peaceful - though Revolword had captured Cedrica, the inhabitants felt they had nothing to fear, there city was well protected and guarded. For three days they remained in Eastgate, trying to find out what information they could - but they were strangers, only Ageven had even seen Merith close, and Petera was ever watchful. On the eve of the third day Gad walked the streets, wondering what excuse Ageven could come up with. It seemed to be a hopeless task. Merith, had hidden herself away somewhere in the city. It was evident that Petera was searching for her vigorously, though without much stir; the inhabitants of Eastgate would not favor his purpose. They were in a race - a race against Petera, a race against time - a race which, do what they wished, it seemed they were loosing. Lost in his thoughts, Gad paid little attention to where he was going. Suddenly a young man, in the garb of an assassin, ran into him - whether on purpose or not, he could not tell. Gad recoiled instantly, but the man said, in a low voice, "Come with me, I know what you are looking for." The hilt of a dagger gleamed in the sun for a second, and Azc felt he had no choice but to follow. After having walked for several minutes, they finally entered a house, located very near the city wall, where Gad's suspicious companion locked and bolted the door. In answer to Gad's look of surprise, he said, "It is better so. The very stones have ears in this place." "What is it you think I wish to know? You must be mistaken, I am a stranger in the city. I have come with Ageven Deraim, in search of supplies..." "And in search of someone, if I mistake not. At any rate I can trust you." He then told Gad, much to his surprise, that Merith was in hiding in that very house, and that it would be an easy task to let her down over the wall. "But it must be done <i>quickly</i>! Petera is not one to sit back and wait. Another three days of searching and he will have found her!" "Of course," replied Gad, who was rather unsure of what to do. "You are aware, however, that I can do nothing without Ageven? We had planned on leaving today, and I dare say it would be easy enough to row up the river latter tonight and have her come over?" "That is a very good plan. I will be waiting near the city gates at dusk tonight, if Ageven has agreed, give me a nod as you leave, I will understand. Now you had better return - stay a minute, I will take you, it would be difficult for you to find your way through the streets all by yourself." Later that night, in almost complete darkness, a boat floated silently down the river, along the wall's edge. Kaflar and Azc had been sent to Barqa ahead of the other three, so the boat was less heavily laden. They were startled, suddenly, by a soft low whistle. Raz backed his oars instantly. "This must be the spot." Ageven nodded, and with scarce a sound stepped over the side to the rock by the wall's edge. "There is no fear of a little noise," whispered Gad's mysterious friend, "this guard at least is asleep." "Or a little light either?" asked Ageven. "Good, light us a torch, Gad." Under the fitful torchlight Raz made out two figures on the top of the wall, and soon the grating of a chain was heard, Merith was being let down, and she was soon on the slight ledge of rock. Ageven helped her into the boat. The sound of the chain being pulled up was all that could be hear for a second, but then the young man spoke, "Ageven Deraim, do not trust Petera. He has turned to Revolwords side. But you need fear nothing from Eastgate, it's inhabitants are still Kaliphlin, they will not side with Revolword. You must go now, but if you ever need information from Eastgate, I am on your side." With a wave of his hand he descended the wall, and the group was left alone to float down to Barqa. Overview shots of the two set ups (not darkened): Comments are welcome, I guess the story was long but I had a lot of ground to cover, so to speak...
  11. SkaForHire

    Defending the Oil Road.

    Well, we were throwing around the "show me your army" posts, so in response to this new threat, I posted an army - not the army, but an army. Stay out of my woods! ---------------- DSC_1929 by skaforhire, on Flickr When our scouts reported that there was an allied army moving into Kaliphlin, one attempting to sever Eastgate and its protectorates from the rest of Kaliphlin, we had to act quickly. Second Lord of Eastgate Petera MacLean dispatched a raven to Barqa where he had Deregar the Bull gathering supplies and recruiting to join Dugal's army protecting Queenscross. Deregar was ordered with his personal guard, Abu'dun (Just returned from a meeting of the Great Generals) and a squad of Kaliphlin Guardsmen to meet the incoming threat. Most were given fresh mounts from the famed horse breeder of Barqa - Ime'r Koln, his precious white steeds are coveted by any lancer. DSC_1925 by skaforhire, on Flickr We find it odd that in a time when Revolword's troops ravage the countryside and prepare for assaults on various guild capitals, a force from Avalonia would march into Kaliphlin and attempt to stop our commerce and troop movements. Still, Abu'dun, the great diplomat, has come with a message of peace. His message to the leader of Zakon Goldblade's eternal warriors: From the hand of Petera Maclean, Second Lord of Eastgate: "We have heard of your unit's presence on Kaliphlin soil, and that you have begun to turn back merchants. We disagree with your actions, but we wish no bloodshed today. Our armies would be better served attacking together at the armies that threaten Queenscross and Albion, then attacking one another. I ask you to cancel your decree and to let commerce in this stressed time commence as in the previous few years. Please send your eternal guards where they are needed, the war against the elemental threat. My men under my cousin, Deregar, will escort you to the border of Kaliphlin, shall you wish. However, your army will pass no further than the point you meet this vanguard. The Wither Woods have long been under the protection of Eastgate, and GEAR Company's vested interests in the economic industries of the region is paramount to the economies of Eastgate, Kaliphlin, and parts of Avalonia. Further commerce should commence immediately, and the region should be spared warfare if at all possible in these troubled times. I hope that we can see peace today, but know that the sword of Kaliphlin is strong, and we as a people will resist foreign invasion if necessary. -Peace, and good day. Petera MacLean." DSC_1919 by skaforhire, on Flickr Deregar the Bull in the middle of his troops. DSC_1921 by skaforhire, on Flickr A unit of Kaliphlin Guardsmen DSC_1915 by skaforhire, on Flickr A scout watches their flank. DSC_1914 by skaforhire, on Flickr The whole MOC. more here