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Found 18 results

  1. After winning their way into the city of Sultan's Gate with an impressive performance, the minstrels quickly found the point at which the great victory parade was to begin. Striking up their noisy tune, the minstrels began to livened up the parade, with the crowd gathered in the streets and rooftops cheering wildly - so much so, in fact, that the guard who had let them in was even starting to hope that he might get a raise! The Minstrels: Part one of the guerrilla. Credit goes to Marcu for the window and street design... to whom I now turn this over for the final part Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. There are many tombs scattered high in the Rakath Mountains. The Desert King has been drawing his strength by waking the ancient hibernating mummies. As a preemptive action small teams supporting the Kaliphlin High Council have been raiding these tombs to destroy as many of these powerful warriors and sorcerers as possible before they rise. The High Council guerrillas discovered quickly that fire extremely effective for eliminating the bone-dry mummies. More on Flickr. C&C appreciated.
  3. The High Council decided to send an "Authority Figure" to secure the continued support of the people. His strategy was lacking, as he decide a mandatory speech was a good first move. The kids of the village quickly decided that his speech was boring, so they borrowed some fresh fruit and vegetables. The "Authority Figure" C&C appreciated!
  4. (POV Amir Navabi) After traveling to the Ulandian Camp outside Petraea, I had been ordered to raid Desert King territory. The Northmen, like the mercenaries they were, refused to raid with us. They had agreed to help the siege of Petraea, nothing more, nothing less. But I was ready to serve my allies. We had found a Desert King Coal mine.....and we intended to destroy it. The Desert King's war machine ran on coal, and needed mines like this. The Desert King might well be able to rouse untold numbers.........but no matter how many soldiers, they needed swords. And swords required fires. Hot fires. After defeating the only warrior among them, I faced him down, but there was something familiar about him.......... "Amir!" He exclaimed. "Brother!" "Aram.....You support the Desert King?" "Indeed, Brother, and loyally so. Like my parents." Then the Lieutenant called out I turned my back- as my brother attempted treachery. I twirled around, and in so doing, cut off my brother's hand. He cried out in pain, and fell, having failed in his treachery. We set fire to the shaft, and within minutes, it would be no more. As the building fell apart. I was ready to leave.....then I heard a sound. I was brother's moaning. "What are you doing?" The Lieutenant asked, incredulously. I moved his body away from death, and wrapped his wound. I had honor, where my brother had none. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  5. We had been Traveling through Kaliphlin for some time, and I was anxious to return home. Amir Navabi had promised a ship to take us when he could secure one. But we were caught up in the Civil War, and I feared I might never see my homeland again. But as we traveled, we had come upon an Ulandian Lieutenant, and he and Amir had decided to venture into enemy territory. I personally had no wish to fight, only to return. But if returning meant raiding traveling parties on the road, thus be it. And we had just stumbled upon such a party. I head the Desert King Commander disscussing options with his escort. But they would not be afforded the time to think. "Surrender," Amir called. One of the bandits protecting the caravan spat at him, initiating his own demise. "Attack!" Amir was always ready for battle, and wanted to spite the Desert King as much as possible I, on the other hand, while not exited about fighting the Desert King, felt the feeling all Vikings feel before battle. Warrior rage. Rollo and I engaged the DK forces on our side, and made quick work of them. They were bandits, not the Warriors fighting at the fronts of this terrible War. Amir was once again re-asserting his ability to fight with his sword. The man was a natural, I hadn't seen a swordsman like him in my life. While Rollo had speed and power, Amir had something more. His sword strokes somehow.....flowed, like a dance. His sword just seemed to weave in and out, doing it's deadly work. I doubted if anyone could defeat him in open confrontation. Meanwhile, I had seen the Escort Leader sneak up on Amir. With a bellow of rage to wake the dead, I charged. The force of my stroke was so powerful it sent the mummy warrior tumbling right past Amir and the DK Commander, running into one of the horses. Amir hadn't even had to use his sword on the poor leader, which was just as well. The person I though was the leader of this Caravan was a lass of no more than 17. "Last chance," Amir told her. "Surrender." And she did. We had won the battle, but much remained to be decided. "I snitched one of there," Lydia told us, holding out a ruby of outstanding quality. "So we can sail back to Mitgardia." "Yes," Rollo exclaimed. "Now we can go home!" "Not that simple, I'm afraid," I interjected, stopping their celebration. "If we try to re-cross the border, Desert King forces will surely capture us. It's a miracle they didn't on the way in." "Then how do we get out?" Lydia asked, crestfallen. "We'll help Ulandus win Petraea. if they win there, they'll give us a boat." "Very well," Rollo murmured, still angry at our predicament. And with good reason. As Amir and the rest of the raiding party moved forward, I pulled him aside. "Amir, you're heading to Petraea, aren't you?" "Yes, why?" He had been heading there from the start, after all. "We will help you take the city," I told him. He actually smiled, which was the equivalent of tears of joy from him. Then his face shadowed. "In return for what?" "Safe passage, and a boat back to Mitgardia after the battle." Amir frowned for a moment, then decided. "It's a deal," He told me. Parting shot............ and the build without figs (mostly, anyway) Builder's notes: So this was fun to build, and I really love the olive green and dk orange I got from BL. But tell me what you think! Author's notes: Not much story here ether, but oh well. I have a huge build planned for Petraea, and the story will get really interesting from there. Oh, and sorry I haven't posted in forever........But I have finals for school coming up, so I probably won't be that active again until May/June. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and did I mention? I would like to claim UoP credit for Geography: Desert Landscape. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  6. This is a counter to Lord Dan's Guerrilla: http://www.eurobrick...96#entry2185522 POV: Adira Magdeburg. Shadows flickered across the walls, matching the flickering of the flames on either side of the door. Adira's footsteps echoed across the dimly lit hall as she, Sirhan, and an orc Sergeant named Udgr followed a nervous young fire priest toward a shallow depression in the floor in which was situated a low stone table. The man stepped swiftly down a short flight of steps leading to the table. Adira followed, along with Udgr, her hardened leather boots making strange notes on the alternating stone and metal steps. At the bottom a ring of the strange, green metal bordered the low table. “Where is the entrance to the crypt?” Adira asked, keeping her voice at a whisper. The priest removed a large golden key from beneath his mail and tossed it on the table. “You're looking at it.” After a few more moments silence he elaborated. “This key unlocks the door, which opens out of this table. The artifacts are down there.” “How do we know you are not going to shut us down in there as soon as we walk through?” Udgr demanded. “How do I know you will not turn me over to the Desert King's operative?” The priest asked. “Believe me, we the common priests are not so driven by greed as those traitors on the Council. We still maintain a sense of honor, and we will not be brought under the banner of an Undead Tyrant for the price of a few trinkets!” “Then show us where the key-hole is and get us out of here before your shift is done.”Adira said impatiently. “And remember to say everything we told you to say. The Desert King took back the artifacts at knife-point, and told you it was the High Council that did it.” “Do not worry about me, I have this covered. You do your part, I'll do mine.” The priest placed the key into a nearly invisible key-hole and then gave a mighty twist. A dull thud sounded and a slab of stone rose out of the middle of the table, as if by magic. Udgr leaped onto the table and stared down it a second before entering. Sirhan was about to follow but Adira signaled for him to stay up above and watch the priest. Scowling, he complied. Adira stepped up onto the table and followed Udgr down a long flight of stone steps into darkness. The build. If any of you thought “sci-fi” when you first saw this build, then congratulations! 1,000 kudos or something. This build is a convertible from a sci-fi build on Mocpages, so that explains the lack of good stonework and the ultra-smooth floor. I did have to add the wooden door, switch the profile bricks around, and make a more medieval style table, and I think it worked. Anyhow, please give me your critiques/criticisms. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to receive UoP credit for: 1. Architecture: Wall techniques: SNOTed tile stonework.
  7. The Thirteenth Legion of Ulandus enter the great escarpment on their way to participate in the second battle of Queenscross... A picture in the shade (the sky is actually in the background again, but it looks almost like paper! ) The description pretty well sums up the reason for attacking this square The complete footprint is about 18x22, but what is in the picture is about 14x16. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. To secure the Desert King's conquered territories in the west, his troops need a fortified keep at the coast to gain supplies and reinforcement from Avalonia. Lord Osric Isentooth is gathering his and allied Avalonian troops for an attempt to sack the city of Eastgate. The inexhaustable timber of the Wither Woods makes it easy to construct large siege weapons. Eastgate will fall.
  9. The sun filtered into the hall in silence, creating patches of colored light where the stained glass windows shone. Nasr's footsteps echoed through the hall, mingling with the muttered prayers of the one worshiper in the temple at the time. The two Mummy guards stood at rigid attention. Not every day did the Commander of Operations in the area north of the Nestlands come to their jurisdiction, this lonely shrine. But now he was striding next to Nasr, one of the few men Nasr knew who could keep pace with him. The man's deep, alert brown eyes turned, fixing their gaze on Nasr's battle-hardened, black ones. He stared at him thoughtfully for a few seconds before speaking. “I hear you performed well at the Duels. It is a pity you were eliminated.” Nasr inclined his head, taking the compliment on face value. The man continued. “And now that your leg hampers your athletic capabilities we must find a position of command for you. To tell you the truth, I would have liked it if you were here to replace me, these bird worshiping jungle dwellers are giving us quite a hassle, and we can never seem to completely eliminate them... but it was not to be.” Nasr's face didn't change expression. “What are my orders?” “Ah, orders...” A wry smile passed over the man's face and his eyes passed beyond Nasr for a few seconds. The worshiper's servant, one of those cat-creatures from Ulandus, shuffled his feet uncomfortably, waiting for his master. The man's eyes refocused on Nasr. “A certain High Council Guerrilla band has been paining me recently. They are few in number, but have the support of the natives. Your job is to hunt them down and kill every last one of them... except their leader. I want him alive.” The man back toward the door and restarted his stride toward the door. “You will be given half a score elite assassins and anti-Guerrilla experts. That is all I can spare at the moment.” Nasr nodded. 'Only ten men, against a complete Guerrilla force... Pretty good odds.' A grunt sounded behind them and Nasr spun around to see one of the mummy guards topple to the ground, and arrow shaft protruding from his neck. A bang echoed through the hall and Nasr turned to see a group of High Council archers rush through the door on the far end of the building, arrow on string. At their head strode a mummy dressed in the red and blue of the High Council and wielding a black longsword. Nasr heard a gasp of recognition to his left and there was the sound of steel scraping against steel as he and the Commander drew their swords. The Mummy behind Nasr growled and started toward the intruders only to drop to the floor with an arrow in his chest. The leader of the Archers glanced at him then turned his gaze toward the Commander. “I would suggest that you and your crony drop your weapons, unless you wish to become a storage unit for my company's arrows.” Seething hatred boiled up inside of Nasr at the name. 'When was I ever this man's crony!?!' But the sight of the half dozen arrow shafts aimed at his neck spoke for themselves and Nasr slowly let his blade drop to the floor. The sword clanged loudly on the flagstone floor, shortly followed by another to his left. The worshiper's servant dropped a long dagger he had drawn. The Mummy Commander Fixed his gaze on the Commander, waiting a few seconds before speaking. “A pleasure to see you, Ramir. Last time we met you appointed me commander of a small watchtower near Everlast. Remember?” “I remember.” Commander Ramir said, through clenched teeth. “That tower, along with all the surrounding land,” the Mummy continued, “is now in the hands of the High Council. And now, I believe, you are too.” Nasr took a step back. “You won't get away with this, traitor!” Ramir yelled. Nasr took another step back. “You are mistaken, in both respects.” The Mummy responded. “For one, I am no traitor. 'I' was never on your side in the first place. Secondly, I will get away with this, because you are coming with me.” Nasr took another step back and felt for something behind him. His hand met a pillar and he quickly ducked behind it. He glanced around him, searching for a weapon. His eyes lit upon the small stone pedestal upon which some sacred jewel was placed. 'Perfect'. “You betrayed our trust!” Ramir shouted. “Trust is only as strong as the thing in which it is placed.” The Mummy responded. Nasr leaped out into the open and hefted the pedestal, letting the jewel fall clinking to the ground. The archers spun towards him, but not soon enough. Taking a few running steps forward, Nasr hefted the pedestal toward the High Council archers, aiming specifically for their commander. The Mummy turned, and his eyes focused on the object flying toward him. Reflexes kicked in and he leaped out of the way, just as the pedestal smashed into the floor past him, almost hitting one of the archers, and demolishing his Longbow. Nasr didn't wait for them to react. Ignoring the pain coming from his leg Nasr sprinted toward the open door, closely followed by the worshiper’s cat servant. Ramir hesitated a moment, still trying to comprehend what happened, then started after them. An arrow whizzed over Nasr's head and he redoubled his pace. There was a yell from behind him but Nasr didn't bother to look. He had been given an assignment. Not even the man that gave it to him would stop him from carrying it out now. The build. I was experimenting with a different style of stonework, (having only patches of greebles, along with patches of olive green for moss) and a raised part of the floor. I also tried stained glass again, and I think I was slightly more successful this time. The chandelier is new design for me as well. 'nother Pic. Anyhow, another LOM convertible, that happened to be directed against the Desert King (heavens knows we need it). Hope you enjoyed the story. And also; you are correct if you drew a distinction between the Ramir fig and Disco's character. I was originally planning on making this a counter-guerrilla to his attack on Eastgate, until I found out about the size limit. (Dang it!). In any case, hopefully this will do. And also: since there seemed to be some confusion about how to counter my previous Guerrillas, I will set out a few possibilities. 1. Recapture the Commander. 2. Show a capable replacement. 3. Destroy the whole building with them in it and take the title for yourself. Anyway, as long as you don't kill any of my characters, you can do pretty much anything with them. Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia! I would like to claim UoP credit for: Stained Glass (Mosaics, stained glass, or other complex SNOTed floors designs).
  10. A Notice to all Ulandian Soldiers: Attention! Before hanging any spies or prisoners, please check and make sure the tree is not being used as storage by Osric Isentooth and his men. They tend to store their signature brand of torture tar there. C&C appreciated!
  11. This is a counter to MKJoshA's Monkey Business guerrilla. ​Shortly after a new city pledged their allegiance to Ulandus and the First Centurion, a Dwarven officer has been stationed their as a recruiter and as a defender. Surely enough, he's spotted something rather peculiar - a monkey running around with what appears to be stolen gold. His first instinct was to put down the monkey, which he has down so with a single swipe of a steel longsword. Surely enough, it was revealed that the monkey was in a scheme to steal gold from Ulandian sympathizers. The monkey's owner and trainer has not been found. He has probably crawled into a cave like the rest of the Desert King scum should be. Here's an additional picture with a closer view.
  12. A counter guerrilla, against Garmadon's, The Storming of Ras-El-Akhen Wall design inspired by Gideon. After breaching the outer wall of Ras-el-akhen, the Ulander troops thought they had it made. But upon seeing the inner wall, they had second thoughts about their attack... More pictures here: Link I tried a new background for this build, any input on that welcome. C&C appreciated
  13. “There is nothing I can do. I surrender the tower.” Adira shook her head, refusing the Dessert King Officer's sword. “I will not strip you of your honor. You have retained it in sparing the lives of your men, when vain pride would have destroyed them and yourself.” The Mummy remained somber, following Adira as she moved away from the two Mummy guards by the watchtower they had just captured, the sum total of the Officer's troops. Adira surveyed the black clad soldier, wearing the traditional headpiece of the Dessert King and shrouded by a dark cloak. “It was a pleasure doing business with you. The High Council will reward you once the war is over, if you can manage to keep yourself alive that long.” The soldier spat on the ground. “I do not look for your rewards. I only seek what is best for nation. The Dessert King will enslave Kaliphlin in Iron until his tyranny forces those under him to revolt, in which case they would die. I would prevent that, along with other reasons.” “And what are those other reasons?” Adira pressed. Immediately she regretted asking and considered asking his forgiveness but for the sake of retaining face. Lines of anger formed around the Officer's mouth and he stared at the path ahead of him. His answer caught Adira by surprise. “I was not a friend of the Dessert King when I died. In fact I was the youngest son of a key leader of the Kaliphlin resistance to the Dessert King that helped overthrow his regime. When I first was brought back and before I had recovered my sense of being I was drafted into the Dessert King's army and, since they could tell I was of noble blood, put in a position of relative power. I have only recently come to my senses.” He turned, his face as expressionless as ever, but his eyes showing a strange curiosity. “What of you? Why do you resist the Dessert King?” The question caught Adira by surprise even more then his answer had, even more so in that she did not think she had an answer. “I... It is not the dessert King I have a quarrel against, but their enemies, Ulandus.” The Officer slowly shook his head. “Ulandus is weak, they have not even the might to control their own Island, let alone all of Kaliphlin. No, the dessert King is the one you should fear. Even as we speak all things evil flock to his banner. Are you afraid?” Adira considered denying all fear, but in the end just nodded. A grim smile spread over the Mummy's face. “Not nearly frightened enough.” A shout rang out behind them and Adira spun around to see one of the Mummy soldiers leaping through the air toward her, a long knife in it's upraised hand. How did he find a weapon? We searched both guards thoroughly! But it was too late to leap out of the way, the Mummy was already upon her. There was a blur as Sergeant Adra tackled the Mummy to the ground. Adira drew her sword only to see the Mummy plunge the knife into Adra's throat. Even as he did Sirhan's blade sliced into his back, putting an end to him. Adira's mind went numb, her eyes staring at the puddle of blood collecting on the road. That knife could have pierced me, and yet it killed him... was I just lucky? She slowly strode over to where Adra lay bleeding, dry eyed, and knelt down next to him. His wound was bleeding rapidly, much too fast to bandage in time, even if that would have helped. Slowly his eyes opened, already half clouded-over. Adira felt them focus on her and saw the recognition enter them, ten times a slowly as it would have normally taken. Slowly, ever so slowly, a smile spread across the man's face. Then his eyes clouded over and stared past her. Adira stood, half wishing she could cry, yet knowing that, after so many such deaths, she would not. We've all got dead people, Adding one more to the list is nothing new. And yet she knew she was wrong. Every time someone else close to her died, a part of herself died with them. She stepped back, allowing others to pay their last respects, and turned back toward the Mummy captain. “Do not worry, your other soldier will not be harmed.” He shook his head. “Do not worry about prisoners. These ones are not sentient. They are merely corpses with weapons, it would be doing a favor to let them rest again.” Adira did not bother to reply to him but instead continued down the road, back to the ship where extra supplies stolen from the Dessert King were even now being loaded for the return journey. All they would have to do now is wait for the troops from Everlast coming to occupy the land, coming through the now unguarded paths leading this direction. Maybe when we return to the Nestlands we will be allowed some rest-bit in Berigora or maybe even Barqa. It would be good to find a place to rest. To cry. The build. This is my first time experimenting with the colors sand green and dark brown in landscaping, and I love it. The dark green is rather sloppy, do to lack of the right pieces, but hopefully it's still good looking. Anyway, I'll let the rest of the Pics speak for themselves. A Picture is worth a thousand words anyhow. Anyways, I would like to claim UoP credit for: Hydrology: still water. Trees: 2nd design (for me). Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  14. Raiding in the Grasslands Guerrilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, zone J14 Light cavalry from a desert nomad tribe loyal to the Kaliphlin High Council. They are patrolling and raiding in the grasslands west of Mpya Stedor. For each raid, the Ulandians are finding it harder and harder to keep control of the area. And a closeup shot, can you feel some of how vast the grasslands of Kaliphlin are? Not all of Kaliphlin is sand you know! For the Republic!
  15. The wind wafted languidly over the water, as if in no hurry to get where it wanted to go. 'At least it's better then no wind.' Adira thought, staring up at the sail floating around above her, growing taught as another breath of wind was caught on it's canvas surface, then drooping again, as if tired from it's work. “Captain Magdeburg, there is a matter that requires your attention.” 'Captain Magdeburg... who would have thought that I would be called that, especially all those months ago...' For a moment Adira let her mind wonder, allowing the waves before her to gradually change shape into the realities of her memories... The sun shone down gently on the city of ~Berigora~, and a gentle breeze flowed through the winding streets. Citizens strolled through the streets on afternoon walks or on their way to whatever meeting or duty called them, in no hurry. Tijal the beggar sat at his usual place, taking alms from good natured passerbys. It was a surprise therefor to see someone running on such an afternoon. Adira's lungs were almost bursting from her exertion, but in her excitement she hardly noticed. 'This is my chance! If father agrees, then at last my one greatest desire will be fulfilled!' She could still remember Laffir's expression when she first asked him to teach her to play the Qanun, a local instrument that required great talent to master. At first he had said that it would be both frivolous and useless, and that she would quit before she ever got anywhere close to learning enough to even play a simple tune. But upon her continual begging he had finally relented, on the condition that she first get her father's permission. Ten minutes later... Magdeburg wasn't her biological father, of course. He was Mitgardian, she was of Kaliphlin. He had adopted her after her parents died. But he remained her father in all ways except that, and she loved him as such. Thus it was to him she ran with this news, and she couldn't run fast enough. Adira turned into the street on which her house was situated only come to an abrupt stop. A small knot of people were clustered around the door leading to her father's study, only there was no door there, just twisted hinges. That's when she noticed the sounds coming from that door. The people around the door grumbled as she pushed past them. A sliver slid into her finger as she grabbed hold of the door frame and she winced. But as soon as she saw what was transpiring inside all her pain was forgotten. Two Ul soldiers stood with drawn weapons while their captain watched. Just as she reached the door one of them raised his blade above a prone, motionless man in the corner of the room, preparing to strike. It took a moment for Adira to recognize the man as her father. A cold shiver ran down her spine, and she opened her mouth to shout, but no sound came out. The man's weapon fell. Silence settled over those watching. The only sound was the dull 'thuck' sound as the soldier removed his weapon from Magdeburg's heart. Adira stared at the soldier's blood-stained blade, her mind refusing to compute what she had just seen. 'No! It couldn't be! He can't be dead! He is my father! They had no reason to kill him!' Slowly anger started to seep into her heart, like a dark fog, obscuring all rational thought and replacing it with a cold, calculating madness. Slowly Adira stepped away from the door and glanced over the three soldiers. Her eyes alighted upon the commander, the closest one to her, and from the look of it, the best fighter amongst them. Without thinking, she charged him. The man's eyes bulged as Adira rammed into him, sending him sprawling to the ground in an undignified heap. In the same motion Adira grabbed the one of the soldier's short swords out of it's sheath and swung toward his neck. There was a loud cracking sound and the man fell to the ground silence. Adira felt a hand grab her arm and she turned to see the other guard standing next to her, a very condescending look on his face. Adira didn't wait to hear what he was about to say but switched the sword to her right hand and stabbed the guard in the stomach. There was an angry noise from behind her and Adira caught sight of the captain, back on his feet and red with anger, behind her. Without think she whipped around and swung in his direction. Her sword met resistance but sliced through it, as if it were a thick rope or vine. Adira stepped back and let her vision clear, ready for anything. What she saw sickened her. The captain stood staring at the stump that had been his hand. A small puddle began to form underneath him, and he doubled over in pain. One of the bystanders stepped in, an older one of the cat creatures, and helped the captain outside. Adira stared at the puddle of blood on floor, trying not to look at the dead soldiers around her. 'I've killed someone. Two someones. Another I've maimed for life.' Like when her father had died, her mind refused to compute what she had done. 'I'm no warrior, I'm the daughter of a Mitgardian Merchant, here in Kaliphlin for a few years... how could this have happened to me?' Suddenly Adira remembered her father, lying on the ground bleeding behind her. She quickly dropped the now blood-stained sword and dropped to her knees beside him. She felt for a pulse, hoping against hope, but she found none. For countless ages she sat there, her finger on his wrist, staring into his clouded eyes, but they remained as lifeless as if they had never seen before. “Adira! Adira we must leave quickly!” Adira turned blankly toward where Lorne Cairn, a friend of her father's stood. She had not noticed him in her rage, and now her mind barely comprehended what he was saying. “Adira! Can you hear me?” His tone was urgent. Adira continued to stare for a moment before nodding curtly. “Adira, we must leave now! That Ul will tell his superiors as soon as he gets back to wherever he stays, then we'll have a whole pack of them upon us! Adira you must listen to me!” Lorne took a few steps toward the door and stopped, turning back toward her. Adira silently turned back toward her father's body and stared at his face one last time. Slowly she reached out and closed his eyes. Then she stood and, grabbing the short sword she had used, for what she had no idea, strode past Lorne and started blindly down the street, ignoring the silent spectators around her. She could hear Lorne behind her, trying to keep up with her mad pace. “Where in the world did you learn to fight like that?” She didn't know, she didn't care. One hot tear rolled down her cheek, but none followed. None the less the sorrow was there, felt all the more strongly for it's lack of expression. A single tear rolled down Adira's cheek as she stared out over the waves, lost in thought. Slowly her eyes began to focus again and she faintly heard the sergeant's voice behind her. “Captain? Captain can you hear me?” Adira turned, brusquely wiping the tear from her cheek and focused upon the soldier before her. “What is it Sergeant Adra?” The soldier stared into her face a moment longer the snapped to attention. “Sir we are approaching our destination.” “Good, prepare the men.” Adira turned back toward the sea as Adra began shouting orders to the rest of the force. She let her mind wander once more... 'Revenge. That is my life now. And my revenge will not be complete until every single Ulandian is dead and their island sunk back into the ocean.' The build. This one I think I can say is my best yet, though I'm not sure about that. This is my first time using dark tan in this street technique, and I think it turned out pretty well. I'm also experimenting with half-plate height differences in the street, which aren't as noticeable from this shot, but gives the street a more varied feel IMO. What think you? Build Pics: A new antagonist maybe? Anyways, this is my third GoH build, and C&C are appreciated. Especially critiques. I would like to claim UoP credit for: I: Roofing. II: Roof Rakes (the gray building). III: Interior design. IV: Anthropology: City scene. I would try for stained glass, since I did use that, but it didn't show up very well here. So... Soli Deo Gloria & Sola Gracia!
  16. Location: A secret chamber hidden far below the city of Sands End( C7 on war map). It is an ancient shrine to the Desert King, built during the height of his rule and recently reopened. The Southern Dwarf leader and his bodyguard have been invited to this hidden location by a mysterious letter from a Desert King ambassador,offering the possibility of a profitable alliance. The Dwarves are stunned to find themselves in a chamber adorned with many strange gold decorations and hieroglyphics. After dismissing his bodyguard the Southern Dwarf starts talking business with the ambassador. The ambassador shows offers him several chests full of golden coins and precious gems, attempting to impressing him with the Desert Kings vast wealth and great generosity. After lengthy negotiations the ambassador decides to go all out and offers an extremely generous deal. He offers the Dwarves all the gold and gems he showed them and in addition they would get this chamber and all its contents as a gift from the Desert King, in exchange for promising that his entire Dwarven tribe would swear loyalty to the rightful king of Kaliphlin. He then subtly reminded the Southern Dwarf leader that their new fortune is not safe while the enemies rule the city, providing motivation for the dwarves to free the city. He also mentions that other allies of the Desert King will be aiding in the war effort... figless This is a collaborative guerrilla attack by me and blufiji C and C appreciated
  17. Blocking the Road to Queenscross North of Queenscross, there is an isolated stronghold held by Ulandus forces. Aside from the Arkbri river which is usually the main route of transportation in this part of Kaliphlin, the only reliable route for any significant military force to cross the Westersands to Queenscross is along an ancient road through the desert. Because of the Ulandian threat to Queenscross, a force from the mercenary company called the Arkbri Falcons have been hired by members of the Kaliphlin High Council to sabotage the road. They are also creating barricades where an advancing enemy can be delayed or halted. Of course, they are not doing the hard labor themselves but are instead forcing captured Ulandian soldiers to toil in the desert heat. Any attempts by the Ulandian forces to repair the road will be met barricade by barricade by sharp arrows from the Falcon's accurate crossbows while they themselves are sheltering behind walls of gravel and broken flagstones. Guerilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, at square D7.
  18. Week 2 Guerrilla Challenges The following challenges have been made. Anyone may counter these Guerrilla Attacks, but remember each builder can only build one counter build each week, so pick wisely. If the challenger wins, they will earn 4 additional points. Each counter is worth 4 points. Voting will happen after the deadline. The winning side either retains the zone or captures the zone. NEW: If no one counters the challenger’s MOC, then the zone turns over to the challenger’s side, and they only earn 2 points. Counter builds should have a title with this tag in it: [CG: location, your faction vs the guerrilla's faction] IE: [CG:J13, U vs DK], Due Date: Mar 15th, anywhere in the world. Zone: J13 Challenger: LordDan What Faction can counter: Ulandus Zone: F13 Challenger: Kai NRG What Faction can counter: Desert King Zone: H6 Challenger: Garmadon What Faction can counter: High Council