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  1. After opening it, my antivirus software (Avast free version) popped up with a warning on "Phising", so I guess we know the answer even more clearly already :)
  2. To me it looks ridiculously good in Nissan livery!
  3. Well, there is this simple idea by Sariel, but I guess it is not at all good enough.
  4. The boat is made by Mahjqa. No, I don't know your Youtube channel, I will check it out.
  5. It works nicely indeed, nice moc, I've also seen some with old Bionicle "tubes" (the "boxes" they came in) and a more complex aproach, but if you want good performance while keeping it simple this huge part works well.
  6. PROlego

    F1 2017

    I like this modification, but there is something missing I just can't stop focusing in - the rear-angled "delta" front wing!
  7. Yeah. A conveniently hidden M motor linked by a worm gear driven shaft (to make it slow) would make for a good moving sculpture.
  9. PROlego

    Should LEGO sponsor a racing team?

    Don't worry, I was just making fun of the stereotypes, no hate to any competition.
  10. PROlego

    Should LEGO sponsor a racing team?

    Yeah but I meant proper racing not NASCAR... Just kidding, nice find.
  11. Yeah, I meant for traction in dirt, which is the typical place where a Moon or Mars rover would be
  12. Yeah, that's it, but it will maybe be way too expensive, probably if you already have some and put one every two half bushes instead of in everyone it can be affordable. Kinda like the small paddles in the wheel of the not as famous as it should be Lunokhod.
  13. Nice, totally looks like a micro mars/moon rover chassis. I think it will do relatively well on dirt with tons of this in the wheels for traction
  14. PROlego

    Should LEGO sponsor a racing team?

    I think a racing team is the right kind of promotion to draw more revenue for LEGO, specially prototypes. Spock, don't want to continue with the OT so I sent you a PM.