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Found 20 results

  1. When Archduke Oldis returned to Kings Port, he toured the city to view the damage from Oleon’s assault. The citizens saw Oldis as stoic, and he exuded a calm that gave them confidence that they would be able to rebuild. But Oldis’s mind was elsewhere. When he finally returned to his main palace, he was quite distraught over the damage to his opulent home, particularly the main ballroom. There was extensive smoke damage around the windows, floor tiles were chipped, upholstery ruined, and the chandelier would need extensive repairs. The people could clear the rubble from the streets and their simple homes, but Oldis would call on artisans and workers of all skill levels to restore his palace to its former glory! Oldis oversaw the repairs personally, directing the foreman with detailed instructions. The foreman was just happy Oldis didn’t blame him for the damage! Here a worker scrubs the smoke from the walls and windows… …while a journeyman upholsterer sets about repairing the window seats. A tiling master removes broken tiles in the ballroom’s intricate floor design and replaces them seamlessly. The chandelier was fixing up easier than the craftsman had expected, but reaching some of those tight spots was difficult. He just hoped nothing dropped on Oldis below! Oldis did not forget about the people who fought to save Kingsport. He made sure a militiaman injured in the war had a job sweeping up debris. Soon the palace would be returned to its former glory, but Oldis would not rest easy until his gilded living conditions were restored. - - - - - - - - - - A build in support of Archduke Oldis. - - - - - - - - - - Here’s the build without minifigs and such: And a view of the floor design: This started as just an experiment with what designs I could make with some of the new wedge plates and tiles, and grew from there into a way to show how Oldis is “a man of the people.” All C&C welcome.
  2. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* 5800-I by Meyerj 5806-J by Meyerj 5816-H by Meyerj After making contact with my informant on Coruscant, his information was not what I was looking for. A holocron appears to be on Devaron. I think I will bring this back to Mic and see what he wants to do with this information. As for now I am heading for Tarsunt to see if I can location some Pyerce troops. 5799-K by Meyerj
  3. *Your entry has earned 4 XP* As the hunt for Holicrons is on to take control, Pyerce Commander Zander has been tasked to quietly set up a scouting camp on Tarsunt. Inside one of the many rooms of the camp, scan have indicated that there is minerals here and more scanning is going to be needed. 5793-D by Meyerj 5792-C by Meyerj 5787-B by Meyerj 5786-A by Meyerj and the build: 5795-E by Meyerj 5796-F by Meyerj 5797-G by Meyerj
  4. While there are surely many things that are different between the peoples of northern Halos and the peoples of the Kingdom of the Lotus in southern Halos, there are also things that are the same. In a public garden in the Kingdom of the Lotus we can see these similarities between us and them. Although their language is different from ours, the architecture of the gazebo and the archway may be different than ours, and the garden's wild nature may differ from our planted gardens, the appreciation of the beauty of nature is universal, and their relationships are just like ours. We see two couples in the garden today, one young and one old. The young couple strolls hand in hand along the cobblestone path and the bridge that will take them across the babbling brook. Across the garden, they see an older couple. The older couple is in conversation ... ... and so the young couple steers clear to give the old couple some privacy, and soon they continue their walk. The young girl sits on the stone wall, and the boy offers her a bouquet of wildflowers he has picked ... ... as an offering of his devotion to her. Moving to the gazebo, the boy reveals what is on his mind today. His military unit has been called to active service, and he will soon sail to a far-away land to fight in the service of his king. But he does not want to go before he knows that his girl will be waiting for him when he returns, and so he gets down on one knee and asks her to be his wife. Surely this is a scene that plays out all across Terra in every culture. One more view of the garden: This is my entry for Category A of the challenge. I particularly enjoyed building something far more contoured than I have built before. I was afraid of the scene becoming too crowded with so many elements, but I think it worked out ok. All C&C welcome.
  5. Edwin Fitzgerald had arrived in Fatu Hiva with a letter in hand. The order had requested his help. He specialised in dealing with the abnormal, demonic, and otherwise unheard of. Months ago he had gotten word of some darkness causing trouble in the jungle. He had agreed to come as long as he was aided by a member of the order and a small platoon for safety (and to carry the supplies). The sea was fairly calm ... Unusually calm for the winds being so strong. Edwin had made port a day early because of this. He figured he would take advantage of the lack of an escort and interview some locals so their stories would not be swayed by the presence of a member of the order. As he made his way down the gangway he watched the shops for activity. One specifically caught his eye. It was tucked in to taller buildings but the storefront was very elegant. What made him eye this place was that it looked as if a place officers would go to drink but yet he had only seen tribesmen come and go. As he drew closer he made out the sign. The Blue Tassel Pub. Once inside he was shocked to find a fairly upscale establishment. Just in the door you stood on a balcony there were rooms lining the length of balcony to the left and stairs to lead down into the tavern to the right. He made his way downstairs. He noticed the fine selection of bottles the expected rums, oddly enough a bottle of Bru-Haha. The barman was a tattooed but was dressed more properly while maintaining his island roots. He ordered a glass of brandy and made small talk. He heard various stories: Fire breathing dragons which he quickly dismissed as everyone knows they were just mid-evil stories to keep children from wandering of and to obey their parents Foreign legions Angry islanders seeking to push out the Order There was even one about the undead The most interesting though was the tale he heard after watching a man slip through a bookcase. In the corner of the room was a built in bookcase, most of the books had a fine layer of dust but on the top shelf there were a couple that did not have fresh dust. Edwin reached up to inspect the title but as he pulled the book he heard a mechanism click behind the shelves. A gentle push and he too was walking through the book case. In this room there were several small tables it appeared to be a smoking room. The tales were quite twisted and dark in this room. The most memorable was the tale a old sailor wove about two brothers who went into the jungle to build a home. It told of a man there that captured them and held them in a cage made of bones. He said that when the brother watched his kin be cooked alive he made his escape and told the story. He was taken in his sleep though and no one had seen him again. After the day had passed Edwin sought a nights rest in one of the fine boarding houses ... He would seek out the order tomorrow. ..... To be continued in Cat B Ooc: I have very limited bricks currently so I will be building both in LDD and as much as I can in brick to weave the story. My characters parts are from an aftermarket source so I will not include him in the LDD build but instead paint the picture as if that is what he seen. Comments are more than welcome.
  6. When he ordered the Jameston distillery, the doctor also ordered a small pied-à-terre in Jameston too. The Garret twins where in charge of the building The barn is already full of stuff, ready for the Orchids search. C&C welcome, the Garret twins are ready to explore. The rest of the exploring team after the following AMRCA entry.
  7. Admiral Sharp the Emperor demands your presence at Endor immediately. Then set course for Endor! We shall not keep him waiting! Explosion happens, The ISD Terminator shakes Admiral, one ship known as Saber has emerged from Hyper-Space. Are we Blind?! Launch ranger squad! Now! This is CP-2517, CM-4603 and DH-0408 cover me. As we closed in I saw a Ion cannon come from the ship, Saber. Just barley dodging the two shot I turn and see the two ISD's are disabled. If we are to get to Endor to rendezvous with the Imperial fleet we have to take over that rebel ship. Us three ships left in the squad dock onto the rebel and make are way to the bridge. I then told the man. Hands up traitorous scum! Then the commander barks. Take us to Endor now! After we make it there safely you will only be punished to a life time in jail. A life time?! Do you prefer a death sentence? No. Then take us to Endor! How about you three die. Then suddenly DH-0408 lye shot dead and me and the commander are surrendered. Then the commanded hints that he as a smoke grenade, then he throws it. Then in the confusion we kill the traitorous murderers Well I guess we are flying ourselves to Endor then. After disposing the bodies we punched in the coordinates into the navacomputer and set off..
  8. Somewhere among the shores of Avalonia... A rider sent from General Aeldric of Vanhorn races the soldiers of The Spire to send word to Albion and the surrounding reaches word of the True King's return, the True Heir to Cedrica! The Orcs of the coastal regions have always bore crude weapons and armor. Not nearly on level of that of Soldiers directly from The Spire. The rider must be diligent, swift, and unrelenting on his horse, for the forces of Ravaage do not falter. (Welp, this is my Category A (Riders of Historica) Entry! It's Alliance side. CC Welcome!)
  9. Legends speak of the pumpkin pie found in Nocturnus, its magical taste and vicious properties are sought by wizards and lords alike. Great thunder rolls in the sky upon the creation of a new pastry within the darklands of Historica, and only a master of the deepest secrets will be able to create a pie that is truly Nocturnian. Those who are not fully versed in the art have been swallowed by their creations, or worse. In the wilds of Nocturnus, is often where Harkran wanders. Most visitors to his shack will be greeted by a note, scrawled in the local dialect: “Gotnet Fotr Itngretditetnts, titmet otf rettutrn utknotwn.” Outside of the few days he spends concocting his masterpieces; Harkran wonders the deep, unexplored depths of Nocturnus looking for ingredients to improve his pie. His guides are his instincts, and the Etyet otf Tratckitng, a gift from his father long ago. Also never leaving his side is a well-used pan, dented but polished to a shine. New ingredients must always be tested, although leaving it for some creature to eat first is usually a good idea. Poison isn’t exactly an uncommon thing in Nocturnus. Currently Harkran is scouring the shores of Butcher’s bay for a new variety of pumpkin rumored to be a deep purple or red in color. The red variety is at the top of Harkran list, as he has a feeling that the color of the resistance will be very popular in the coming months. The search may go on for more than a month, but he is confident that a single pumpkin will be useable to grow many more. I was unable to create entries for the other categories due to a big test on the 19th, but I'm pretty happy with how this guy and his story turned out! All parts are existing elements in existing colors. C&C welcome!
  10. Umbra-Manis

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] The Tourniquet

    The Tourniquet The Engineering department at MANTIS has been hard at work producing The Tourniquet, a highly advanced mech, for the inaugural Andromeda Olympics. Let's take a look at their creation! And Here's the all existing parts version, which adds some grey spots. Size Proof: I think this is the best mech I've built so far, so C&C welcome! And check out the 360 view on Mecabricks!
  11. Agent Lotus arrived at the Space Olympic Games, just as the gates were opening for the Mech Wrestling event, The next competitor on the screen was entered by the Kawashita group. "Might as well take a look and see what my team have come up with, and lend some support." As he walked down the hallway to the area floor, he saw the mech on a monitor, zoomed in on its head unit. The machine let out a deep, guttural yell. "Oooooooooh Yeeeeeeaaaahh!" By the time Agent Lotus got into the arena proper and found a seat, it was spinning around, one hand pointed into the air. The powerful looking mech was flamboyantly decorated, and its movements matched its aesthetic. "I'm gonna turn my opponent into bricks and pieces. Bricks and pieces, brother." The mech growled. As it flexed its metal muscles and talked, its eyes lit up a glowing red. as if possessed by madness. "I have the power of the clutch, oh yeah. And no mech can stop me." The slow deliberate bass tone of its voice paused after every sentence, as if allowing the gravity of the situation to enter into its opponent's mind. Finally it still, arms outstretched and its massive hands ready to rip and tear any opposition apart. "Are you ready? Macho Mech is READY!" "Oh yeah, dig it!" It screamed the last line and stood poised to take on anything.
  12. KamalMYafi

    [Maze] Cat A - Speedway

    Hello Everyone! This is my entry for an a-Maze-ing contest Category A. This is a speedway themed game board. That building is a garage and that thing with slope are mean a spectator seat. This is the pic from more upside to see full of the road and a line from start to finish: This is the picture with my Cat B entry: (All pictures are clickable) LXF File | Enjoy!
  13. Tags: Spaceship, Cat A. Location: E02 - Jurin II M.A.N.T.I.S. Warehouse, Sector 62, Donwarr My name is Randy Hairgel, and I'm a hangar worker for M.A.N.T.I.S. I spend my days in a loader, moving supplies in and out of spaceships and cargo craft. However, what I've always dreamed of being is a Pilot, flying through the outer reaches of the Galaxy. Instead I'm stuck here with endless jokes about my last name. *SLAM* *Hangar Door Flies Open* It's the CEO and Admiral: SpacerPombe! SpacerPombe: Hairgel, see me in the special hangar. Randy: Yes sir! *Follows SpacerPombe into Hangar* Randy: You want to see me? SpacerPombe: Yes, you want to be a pilot right, well a suicide ahem.. survey mission needs a pilot to go to Jurin II. Here's your ship. SpacerPombe: Well, are you ready? I have other very important CEO business to attend to. Chogshey get down here! Randy: It's awesome! Wait, Jurin II.... isn't that the place where Octan has a system which makes every non Octan ship Crash? SpacerPombe: Exactly! Now if you'll excuse me I need to go. Enjoy your first mission! Randy: Why are the engines starting?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! I'm psyched and freaking out! Entering the Atmosphere of Jurin II Randy: So far, so good. Computer: 1000000100101111100000001011111111110000001001010010101010000100000000000111110101101010001010 Randy: Was that a response? Do you speak anything besides binary? Computer: 100001001010101000000000111111101111010000000010101010101000000000111010101000101001010 Randy: Super Useful. Wait why am I falling? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Crash* Randy: Well, I guess that's not the worst landing ever. At least I'm on an Island! OOC:
  14. Dannylonglegs

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] OT-Cog 1

    The OT Cog 1 is Dr. Long's personal shuttle.... well, it's not hers, technically. The ship is one of many Cog model shuttlecraft used by Octan personnel for extra-orbital transportation needs. The crew is typically 2 to 3, a pilot, the optional co-pilot, and the passenger, as is the case with Cog 1. Some have been modified to decrease cargo space in favor of more seats. Dr. Long took a liking to the Cog 1 very early on in her employment at Octan, and nowadays no one dares reserve its use for fear of irritating Dr. Long... a mistake that could make any Axle worker's life miserable. Dr. Long frequently uses the ship to shuttle herself and her Science drones to and from the Axle. It can hold up to 6 Sc106 specimen acquisition drones. The "Head" is so snotty I built it upside down. It's very sturdy. Rear wheels fold out. Front wheels need to be put on manually. Bay door allows minifigures to climb in with very little space. Watch your heads! Several nights of little sleep building this, and one final all nighter. I'm exhausted, but she's done. Anyone know how to photograph big ships like this well? ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  15. There is this legend, of a war company takeover by Octan. This takeover was going south really fast and really bad. This war takeover eventually was saved by the skills of one pilot and her shuttle. Flying through hostile territory she got the CEO of the other Corp to sign the contract that made his company Octan. The pilot was commemorated by Mr. Business himself for her bravery and skills. All of this is of the records so nobody knows if this is true, but the people claiming to know people who know people how think they know it is true say that the fact this contract got signed is a real miracle. Thus the nickname of the pilot's ship was born. This pilot has been called to the Andromeda's Gates system, because things are starting to get out of hand and the need for a good pilot capable of miracles is high. Introducing Fey and her ultra fast and versatile ship The Miracle:
  16. The Merchant Confederacy is vilified group of human-hybrid traders throughout the galaxy. The offspring of enslaved humans, those fortunate enough to escape their bondage banded together in a loose confederation of traders, merchants, pirates, brigands, and colonists. Their biological makeup varies widely and causes great unease to the elites in the A.L.I.E.N. societies. A well renowned leader within the loose confederacy is Captain Bridge Callahan. Upon hearing rumors of a coming invasion, he has pieced together and commissioned a scout ship, "The Libertine," to investigate the G.A.T.E. C&C greatly appreciated.
  17. Mr Greeble

    [SPC] Cat A - S.H.A.D.E.

    Well, this is my hearty crew. Sorry about the bad quality of the photos. S.H.A.D.E. is a undercover pirate crew. Unlike the pirates of old, they don't go after ships, but after business owners in the galaxy that have enough money. They also have no captain, and duties are divvied evenly. Rumor is you can hire them, of course, you'll have to find them first. If any member of the crew could be called the leader, it might be KingFisher. He calls himself KingFisher for his fast movements and bright colors. He is said to be able to hit a Quarxhopper at 1800 feet. Little is know about Domino except her name. A trained assassin, she is an expert with a sniper rifle. Aarchon was a former officer in the Galactic Guard before he defected to S.H.A.D.E. He is equipped with a Gonxx staff which channels the energy from the air into deadly blasts. X2-9Gs real name is unknown, but it is speculated that he comes from outside our galaxy, from the neighboring tribal planets. An expert marksman, X2-9G is equipped with a high powered double barreled laser gun and an energy shield. The air on some planets is hard to breathe for him, so he keeps an AirAdaptor handy at all times. Solomon Trydes is the ships doctor and repair, and although he is a wiz at both of his jobs, you have to be careful to specify what you want him to do. He is liable to get his tools mixed up. Ironhelm Jack is a loyal and solid part of S.H.A.D.E. His weapon of choice is a Kraej made electro-wand. It can melt practically anything, but it takes a lot of juice to keep it running for long. A fair share of all the spoils usually goes to energy for Ironhelm. Thanks for looking. C&C welcome.
  18. Some years ago . . . "I still don't see why you couldn't have apprenticed with one of our own stonemasons. Dwarves are famous for their sculpture! Famous!" grumbled Hafþór Stronghammer as they strode through the Contemplative Gardens. Ráðgeir kept silent. He'd heard this rant before, more than once. Hafþór continued, "I don't like it! I know, you spent your year in the cold, and so I have no say in the matter, but I don't like it! And I won't have you living among these greedy thieving merchants, worshipping no gods but the gold coin, with no thought of the spirits of your ancestors! No son of Stronghammer will be corrupted! No, you must have your own spirits, proper Dwarven heroes, even in this heathen land." "Yes, Da," mumbled Ráðgeir. They reached their goal: a just-completed Dwarven shrine, carved by Ruadh's finest sculptors to Hafþór's exacting specifications: an icon of the All-Fathers, embodiment of all the warriors that came before. Ráðgeir noticed a few small, scrubby-looking flowers planted at the base. "Edelblau, Da? Really? Surely the All-Fathers deserve something more regal! I know it's the desert, but I'll be here to maintain things!" Hafþór stopped and gazed intently at his son. Ráðgeir was confused by the look of sadness that crossed his father's face, before the old man scrubbed his hands against his face and down his beard. Quietly, he said, "Son. The All-Fathers will always be here for you, even when our people are farthest from your thoughts." Hafþór abruptly turned away and stalked back to the inn, leaving his son to scramble behind him. Present Day . . . The clan had issued a call to war, and Ráðgeir knew he must answer it. Just before he began his journey, he paid a visit to the Shrine of the All-Fathers. As Ráðgeir approached the shrine, he noticed the the small edelblau flowers stretching out from the statue, glistening in the sun, and felt guilty. It had been over four years since Ráðgeir came to Ruadh, and over four years since he had visited the shrine. His father had been right to plant the humble, hardy flowers; they'd thrived on their own, without Ráðgeir's attentions. The icon of the Great All-Fathers, with his piercing lapis-lazuli eyes, loomed over him. As Ráðgeir approached, he noticed the bare feet. Embarrassment flashed in his mind -- Bare feet! How uncouth! -- and then he was instantly shamed. The traditions of his people were old, and worthy, and not deserving of scorn. One felt the call of the mountains, the stone, the mines, through the feet; it was an experience Ráðgeir hadn't felt in a long time, and suddenly he longed for it. He trudged onward, and then stopped abruptly. Ráðgeir stared at the stone statues clustered at the base of the shrine. In the tradition of his clan, he had carved an orante figure to pray in his stead, while he went back to Mitgardia and battle. He'd always thought of this shrine as his own, patiently and beneficently watching over him from afar. This cluster of stone statues brought the abrupt realization that while he had been carousing with fellow Ruadhi students for the past several years, other dwarves had been properly venerating the ancestors, properly attending the shrine he'd pushed out of his mind. These orante figures were a harsh reminder of his neglect to his faith, his traditions, and his people. Ráðgeir didn't look forward to war, but he had grudgingly answered the call. Now, as he gazed upon the shrine, he realized it was past time to return home to his people, to his clan. Notes: The concept of the orante figures is borrowed from ancient Sumer. A few of my favorite Sumerian orante figures are at the Menil in Houston and the Louvre.
  19. Above the barren and obscure wastelands near the Imperial London rises an odd and huge figure. But it is not one of the giants of the old age. It is a machine and it is a house, in fact it is the homely home of Mr. Edward Higgs, eccentric inventor and gentleman who definitely respects peace and desolation. Higgs's home is a typical home of an bachelor (at least on some aspects). There isn't that clean as there's no one to nag about things. As Higgs's inventing projects take some room (one of the three floors) and the machinery of the house isn't that small neither (it is an old steam sawmill tower) he has his bedroom, toilet and the old boiler room all in the same space. Isn't that handy? He doesn't have room for chairs around his table, but fortunately he can sit on the stairs while eating. The sewer system is also very compact and helps Higgs to avoid the sewage costs. As it would be troublesome and time-consuming to climb all the 32 ladders when coming home, Higgs has built a fold-out ramp for his helipack on the first floor. There is also a big steamp-powered hoister above the ramp to make it easy to lift heavy objects into the house. Another of Higgs's homely inventions is the big propeller on the wall of the first floor. It is not an air conditioning system, but a wind tunnel propeller that helps Higgs to make his airs vessels as aerodynamic as possible. This is my entry on the Home Sweet Home contest, category A. The house fits easily on 48x48 baseplate. I'm happy to be able to take part on this contest as steampunk is definitely my favourite theme and contest allowing that madness are not that common. This MOC was built and photographed in two days; late bird catches a worm anyway. More stuff can be found on Cyclopic Bricks, Flickr and Brickshelf.
  20. legoman19892

    [HSH]- Cat A: Spacecation Station

    Built a little cottage inspired by my trip to Palm Dessert and seeing all those tiny-ish homes. Enjoy.