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Found 17 results

  1. Challenge I : Repairs on the Elvish port of Falahuas Lord Faladrin being absent, it is to Lady Walahaeria, the elf Princess of the old evish clan living in Falahuas, to supervise the repairs of the old part of the port. The port was built by the Elves long time ago and suffered many damages from the Drow during Lord Raavage reign of terror. The main warehouse was totally burned down and was left with only ruined walls. The actual repairs were focused on rebuilding the roof of the warehouse and conforting the walls to support the new roof. Hopefully for the port activity, the lighthouse was kept nearly intact and was kept functional. The elvish falconer was already at work sending eagles and hawks all around the country from the top of the lighthouse. It is an important part of the mailing system of the city of Falahuas, but riders are still usefull too. Speaking of riders, there is a green rider arriving ! He stopped his exhausted horse at the level of the elvish princess, bind to her and deliver the message : "My Lady, I have been sent by Lord Faladrin. His ship, the Bouncing Frog, sprang a leak during its return trip and had to reach land at the southwestern coasts of the Enchanted Forest in a quite deserted area. He needs asistance to repair the ship in order to drag it to the city. So I was sent to you to require your help. Here is the list of the materials he will need to repair the ship." Lady Walaheria thanked the green messenger and ordered a team to leave immediately to reach the position of her husband. Here is my entry for the Challenge. A quite heavy build for me... I integrated the story of this challenge build in my main storyline and hope to continue soon this story ! Hope you'll like this build !
  2. Book III - Challenge I: Together we'll build our future The lands of Avalonia is in ruins after the wars. Farms and whole villages have been burnt to the ground and many Avalonians is without home and occupation. In this times of peace the soldiers of Zamorah is sent out to help the Avalonians rebuild their lifes. Edda and William lost their crops when the enemy burt their fields and their farm. And when the messanger came with the news that their son died in battle they felt as their lifes were over. But the soldiers of Zamorah came to their aid helping them rebuild their house again. More pics on Flickr
  3. After the war, vast parts of Kaliphlin had been left in ruin. Not only as a result of the fighting itself, but equally significant were the diminished incomes from trade. Located along the oil road, Mophet had an ideal position between two of the largest cities in the region. Tabib D'Odo, one of the more prominent leaders of Mophet, tried to view the devastation as a chance to better the lives of the people around him. As the fighting had ceased, it was apparent that people still needed to transport goods along the oil road, and thus through Mophet. This in turn meant opportunity! Located about 1 days ride south of the Arkbri river, getting supplies to Mophet was easier compared to a lot of the other settlements along the oil road. And given his fairly good relationships with the tribes that populated the badlands, Tabib D'Odo was able to ensure safe passage for those bringing supplies and material, something which was not to be taken lightly. Something the people of Mophet never shied away from, was hard work. The climate and environment had bred a hard people, but also a stern belief that fortune favours those who are willing to work for it. To make sure the world knew that Mophet was now a place where the future looked brighter than it had in a long time, it was decided that a town hall was to be constructed. It would symbolize the spirit of the people, and act as a beacon of hope for things to come. Masons, carpenters and stonecutters from not only Mophet, but from all over Kaliphlin, all came to lend their services. Work of this nature had been hard to come by during the war, and many were thankful for the opportunity to do an honest days work, without the fear of death hanging over them. Within only a couple of months of the first groundwork being layed, the town hall of Mophet began to near it's completion. Tabib D'Odo stood on the steps of the building, the jade-coloured door to his back, and found himself at peace for the first time since the fighting had began. As one of the domes was carefully being lifted in to place, he looked across the yard - which at this point more resembled the desert than any grand beginning of any sort - and thought to himself "this is the time and the place which will mark the rise of Mophet, this will give us hope!" Ear´aba the wainwright Al-quirsan supervisin the lift Qu'ba putting the finishing touches on the dome Not all jobs are fun in the blistering desert sun... Sah'alia-rider on site So a long story, which I hope at least a few of you found some joy in. This is my entry to Challenge I over on Guilds of Historica (the theme being rebuild). I have a lot of other Mophet MOCs on the way but they are a ways away from being posted at this point. But like in the story, this is only the beginning ;) So stay tuned. Finally I'd like to thank all the other swedish AFOLs including @Gideon @Zilmrud @dalle @Wineyard and Peter S (couldn't find your tag, sorry) for feedback during this build
  4. Around the ruined granary, the rebuilding process started to take shape. Both peasnts and soldiers worked hard, to rebuild the storage building, befor the start of the harvest. Winter was far, but with everyday, it came closer, Conrad wanted tobuild, of fix many buildings, capable, to store food, for the time of need. "- If neccesary the lords of Avalonia can give shelter to the refugees. But if we are not focusing, to store our food,for the winter, we can't feed even our soldiers." -Said Conrad, every time, if someone asked him, why not building, or repairing the houses.
  5. Updated 1 April - Results posted here Corrington, Challenge I – Celestia’s Superb Orchid Corrington’s latest claims in New Terra have mostly focused on the East Prio Sea, where the Crown has claimed a chain of Islands which have been dubbed the Paradise Isles. The two largest islands of this chain are Celestia and Cascadia. The Royal Navy has conducted a thorough survey of the coastlines of these new territories which have been mapped and settlement has begun. An expedition into the interior of Cascadia led to the discovery of the ancient city of Myzectlan, however, little is known about the interior of Celestia. Contact with the natives on Celestia remains limited, although they appear to be a far more primitive society to the Myzectlan on Cascadia. Communication with them has so far proven very difficult. Recently however, one of the native auxiliary scouts that accompanied the expedition from Alicentia has approached Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock, Colonial Governor of the Paradise Isles with news. The scout has learned of rumours of a ruined temple complex deep in the highlands of the interior of Celestia. Abandoned thousands of years ago, the natives believe the temple to be where the gods lived on the island before departing sometime in the distant past, and it is considered a sacred site, haunted with the spirits of the ancestors. Most of the natives avoid it, although those who have ventured in talk about an orchid that they describe as the most beautiful in existence. Celestia is quickly becoming known amongst the Corrish colonists as the Orchid Isle, due to the huge diversity of the epiphytes that grow there, so the claim of the most beautiful in existence is one not to be taken lightly! So while Dirk doesn't place much weight in the superstitions of the natives, and is even sceptical about the existence of 'ancient ruins', he is deeply curious regarding this splendid Orchid. That, and the need to explore and map the interior, have meant that he and the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy will sponsor expeditions into the interior open to adventurers from all nations. So now is your chance to make a name in the field of science! Put on your best hat, and join the adventure... NB: In era II, each main challenge will focus on developing one area of the "hosting nation", and highlight the specialty of each nation. For challenge I it is Corrington and Science. We may also add smaller "story-challenges" in between, but you will see. Soon(TM)..... General Rules Deadline: January 15th 30th, 618 AE. The exploration challenge will consist of three sub-categories. Participants may choose to enter any number of sub-categories, however all participates must submit an entry to Category A in order to progress to the other two categories. All entries must be linked in this thread. As entries start to be submitted, the fogged out ‘terra incognita’ on the map may start to be revealed as word of your discoveries filters back to Jameston. New geographical features will most likely be named after (or by) their discoverers. Category A – Setting up Camp All expeditions require a starting point, so all participants are required to licence a small property (may be bigger if you like) in the settlement of Jameston. If required the mayor will provide the funds to licence the property (upon request, although ownership of the property will then be transferred to the settlement). A Jameston Street Your expedition’s base may be anything from a log cabin or tent, an inn or tavern, or a grand residence suitable for a gentleman or women of high status. It should introduce your explorer and his/her team. Rewards and Rules: Minimum size 16x16. One entry allowed per player. Build must be able to be licensed under the rules of the EGS. The winner of this challenge will have obviously invested a great deal in the fledgling settlement, and so will be awarded a free large property licence of any type in the settlement of Jameston (micro scale build only required). The ownership of all properties will have the personal guarantee of the Colonial governor, even in the event of a state of war between Corrington and the nation of the owner. Judging Criteria: Base camp build and the description of the expedition and it's member minifigs. Category B - The Flora, Fauna, and Geography of Celestia Celestia has a huge diversity of plants, from swamp reeds to gorgeous orchids, animal life, from the smallest insects to rumours of large carnivorous cats, and geography, from rivers and lakes, deep jungle and open grassland, to mountains, valleys and caves. Portray and describe a plant, animal or geographical feature with the description in the style of a scientific article to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy. Animals may be brick built or Lego animals. Your build should be accompanied by a short letter to the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy describing the creature in as much detail as possible. Rewards and Rules: Maximum size per entry: 1024 stud (equal to 32x32). Each entry may consist of several builds and multiple entries per player is encouraged. The overall winner for Cat B will be granted a free large educational property license, second place a free medium educational property license and third place a free small educational property license (microbuilds required to activate) in Jameston. Additionally, there will be one winner for each sub-category of Flora, Fauna, and Geography. The winners in each of these areas of study will be rewarded with a 100DB grant from the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (and honorary membership if not already a member). In addition every entrant to this category will be permitted to name the species or feature they discover (within normal naming conventions). Do you want to describe an animal and geographical feature? Have no worries for in this category, several entries per player are encouraged. Judging criteria: Depth of "scientific" description and creativity in illustrating it with builds. Category C - The Superb Orchid of Celestia Show your character discovering the 'Superb' Orchid within the ruins of the ancient temple. The build should clearly show your explorer discovering the orchid within jungle ruins. Remember the build should be set in the mountainous jungle deep in the interior of Celestia. Be creative - perhaps the primitive tribes are helpful, or maybe they are trying to prevent you discovering the ruins? Perhaps the ruins are related to Myzectlan on Cascadia? Rewards and Rules: Size: Unlimited. One entry per player. The winner will be awarded the title “Great Explorer of Celestia” and will be rewarded with a 150DB grant from the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy (and honorary membership if not already a member). As the winners will now be quite the renowned botanists, they will receive a free large plantation property license, second place a free medium plantation property license and third place a free small plantation property license (microbuilds required to activate) on Celestia. Judging Criteria: Tranquillity and beauty of the scene, integration of jungle and ruins, the superb orchid itself.
  6. Elostirion

    Plants in Jameston

    After challenge 5, the Fontonajos have added further properties to their estates in Jameston (microbuilds to activate challenge rewards): C) Medium Plantation: Bees & Honey (hope this counts as a micro build; if it does not please let me know, and I will license this as a small plantation and come up with a real micro) The Myzec of Cascadia collect honey from wild bees as a sweetener for their foods and drinks on special occasions. Celestia, as the neighbouring island, has even more biological diversity. The businessmen they are known for, the Fontonajos have decided to have some honey bees imported from the old world, to recreate the excquisite in a controlled environment near Jameston on Celestia - and potentially the wild bees of the island might be attracted and both types of bees - if they are different in the first place - might interbreed eventually? B) Large Educational Property: Botanical Gardens In the rapidly growing settlement of Jameston on the island of Celestia, Juan Alfonso Fontonajo has opened a small Botanical Garden to display the wonderful flora of the island that he and others have discovered on their adventures deep into the jungle covered mountains of Celestia. A) Large Property of my choice: Cotton Plantation Near Jameston the Juan Fontonajo has setup a cotton plantation - and with the help of Corrish scientists has come up with an innovative irrigation system. In the middle of the concentric fields there is a well, and water is pumped up from that well into a very long tube that ranges all over the field, to automatically irrigate the whole width of the field. An ox is walking circles around the well all day to turn the tube, which is placed on stakes with wheels at the bottom - and the whole field is irrigated. Will that new technological advancement spread over all the Brick Seas?
  7. When he ordered the Jameston distillery, the doctor also ordered a small pied-à-terre in Jameston too. The Garret twins where in charge of the building The barn is already full of stuff, ready for the Orchids search. C&C welcome, the Garret twins are ready to explore. The rest of the exploring team after the following AMRCA entry.
  8. The Crossing Series Mapbc by skaforhire, on Flickr Challenge One: The Great Push for Exploration. As noted, the three main nations of the Madrice Peninsula, Oleon, Corrington, and Eslandola are trying to explore New Terra before all other nations do. Their goal is to claim as much land as possible. In this challenge you will be sailing for your nation in order to find and establish new colonies for the glory of your empire. Or, perhaps you decide to sail to the port of Bastion in the Nest of Thieves to join the Sea Rats. In that case, you will be searching for your own new pirate bases to raid your enemies from. Due Date: February 15th anywhere in the world. Category A: The First Encounter Nobody has every reported seeing a Native New Terran before (outside of Terraversa), but there have been whole villages found on both the isles of Nellisa and Nest of Thieves. So, for sure there must be someone living in New Terra. In fact, reports that Ivo Fortesque has found an Island with natives have circulated throughout the Sea of Storms and the Terraversa Sea. In this category, builders will display the first encounter with a Native New Terran. Make sure to display some of their cultural aspects. For example, perhaps show their type of dwelling, watercraft, or maybe a ritual (these are NOT the limits of acceptability). This category is limited to representations no larger than 16 x 16 with limited overhang. This category will be judged on build quality, story quality, fit with overall story, and presentation. Category B: Land Ho! In this category, you should depict your sigfig’s first attempt at exploration in New Terra. There should be a piece of land involved in this MOC. Size limit: 32 x 32 with limited overhang. This category will be judged on build quality, fit with overall story, and presentation. The winning faction will get to pick 2 new islands first off the revealed map. The second place faction will get to pick two new islands second. The third and fourth place factions will pick one island. All factions will be allowed to name their island/s, but they must be approved by the leadership council. Entries: Your entries for this category should have their own threads, and should be linked back here. It is optional to add the front topic tag. (ie: [COR - Ch1 Cat B] title ) However, the MOC will not be officially entered into the competition without posting a link to it here. Winners!
  9. Expedition into the Mangrove This is my Challenge I category B entry. Gideon de Bothnia is leading an Oleander expedition to a newly discovered island, with a small detachment of marines sent by his brother Alexandre who is a high ranking officer in the Oleander fleet. In the great push for exploration, most people don't seem to mind if the national resources of the navy are "borrowed" by entrepreneurs who are trying to make personal gains from the exploration. After all, it's all for the glory of Oleon! Much of the shores of the new island is covered with thick mangrove, but finally they have found a gap in the mangrove where during the low tide they are able to land with one of the smaller ship’s boats. Now they can make their first footsteps on this virgin soil, but now the members of the expedition anxiously wonder if they are the first to land on this island or if someone has come here before them? More pictures: For those of you interested in how I shot this, here is another "behind the scenes" shot. This time I tried to play a bit with off camera lighting with my old Olympus FL-50R and a cheap umbrella setup I bought a while ago.
  10. Kai NRG

    Blue Beads

    Jan. 22, 616 First encounter with natives today. Seemed friendly, quite willing to trade. Met three - young father and mother, with son - I guessed. Main livelihood apparently fishing, but obviously engaged in trading with others. The young man in complete war costume - willing to barter peacefully, possibly only a dandy. Not at all shy, and very fond of ornament. Blue beads popular in particular. Fishing seemed good, land fertile. Area recommendable as a trading post. - Capt. Granders The back: This was a lot of fun to build! Constructive criticism always welcome!
  11. Book II- Chapter 1- The Battle for Nocturnus. Revolword’s defeat should have marked a day of great joy in Nocturnus, the realm hit hardest by Revolword’s elemental monsters, but Revolword’s defeat has since become known as the Day of the Black Victory. A new alliance calling themselves the “Black Spire” with membership consisting Varlyrian rebels, Hand of Corruption Soldiers and Drow loyalist have captured over half of Nocturnus and erected a stronghold in the heart of the darklands. Bursting up from the ground, seemingly overnight, the fortress has been named the Obsidian Spike. The Spike taunts Nocturnus’s lords; it is not just a sign of the changing times in Historica, but a symbol of the new power unleashed in Nocturnus. After the events in Cedrica, the Varlyrian flood quickly cut through the eastern defenses of Nocturnus, killing or enslaving all Nocturnians in their wake while the Drown tunneled up from the south and the Hand forces rallied from their defeat in Cedrica to invade Nocturnus from the west. The Black Spire’s assault was only stalled when Lord Ssilyrrlith, General Grimm, and an army of volunteers from all the guilds made a desperate stand at Abyssian Castle. The battle was bloody and claimed the lives of many heroes of Historica, including disgraced Avalonian General, Sir Trian Buress. The battle for Cedrica is over, but the battle for Eastern Darklands now begins. ***Nocturnus*** (Credit ISC for Abyssian) Now in control of the northern and some of the western portions of Nocturnus, Lord Ssilyrrlith calls a meeting to discuss the dire situation. (Credit Ecclesiastes for the Nocturnus Throne Room) Lord Ssilyrrlith: As you have become aware, our position hassss left usssss vulnerable. The Black Ssssspire controlsss the easssst, and ssssouth while we hold the north and some of the wessst. Though I had hoped Buresssss’s death would bring the Avalonians into the fight, we still have only received sssuperficial sssssuport from the other guildssss. General Grimm: Yes, Lord, it would seem we must seek new alliances in every corner of Nocturnus. The orcs, minotaurs, spider people and cyclopses must all be brought into the fold. They are savages, but they are also warriors and Noctrunians. Lord Ssilyrrlith: Yesss, General Grimm, we must seek new alliancesss, but we must also ssstrengthen our defensessss. We can not continue to lose ground to the Ssssspire. Every inch of our land is just as important as Abyssian itssself. Commander Fangmore: We should show our strength Sslither, we should strike at the Spike itself! Send their monstrosity crashing to the earth and scatter the Spire forces like the roaches we know they are! Lord Ssilyrrlith: We can not commit a force that large to a ssssingle target, even one as tempting as the Obsidian Sssspike. We will need to win many battles to topple the Black Ssspire. General Grimm: Should we send emissaries to the other guilds for assistance? Lord Ssilyrrlith: They have already left us for dead, besssides, each hasss their own problems to addressss. The Avalonians who joined our caused have been exiled from their homesss and it is rumored Rex has unleashed a dark power in the Mystic Islesss. Kaliphlin facesss its own internal struggle as Flagg has stepped back and we hear the Jarl struggle with too many uprisingsss to even know friend from foe. We can not count on help from anyone elsssse. Thissss isss our home and we mussst defend it now! Commander Warrent: What are your orders Lord? Lord Ssilyrrlithr: First, we must persuade, by whatever means necessary, the factions in the Darklands to join our cause. Ssssecondly we must ssstrengthen our defensessss. Build towersss, wallsss, gatehousesss and fortificationsss wherever we are vulnerable! Third, we must find the weak pointsss of the Sssspire and take the fight to them. General Grimm: We do as you command sire. (Credit Ecclesiastes for the Nocturnus Throne Room) ***Black Spire*** From his perch high above the Nocturnian swamplands, the new Lord of Nocturnus calls his most loyal generals to discuss the war in the Darklands. Lord Raavage: The Nocturians have held Abyssian and their Avalonian friends have temporarily halted our attacks in the west. Because the intervention of the Avalonians could not have been foreseen, I have only taken the head of General Varsk for this failure, should any of you fail me now, your fates will not be so pleasant. Commander Basil: We have witnessed the Nocturnians strengthening their defenses. The serpent has slunk back in his hole to hide! Lord Raavage: Do not underestimate Lord Ssilyrrlith. We wounded the serpent, but we have not killed him. The Nocturnians are more resilient than we believed. General Lurn: We Drow are not concerned, we have a secret weapon to aid in Nocturnus’s destruction. Malicia, would you kindly bring in the weapon. *A resurrected, zombified Trian Burress enters the chambers* Lord Raavage: So your necromancer was able to revive the old dog! And he is loyal to me? Zombie Sir Burress: I can speak for myself M’Lord Raavage. Lord Raavage: Then speak zombie! Zombie Sir Burress: I am loyal to the Black Spire M’Lord. General Lurn: Of course he is! What kind of Necromancer would raise an enemy from the dead! He is bound to the life spirit of Malicia. Whomever she supports, her new dog supports. He is intimately familiar with Abyssian and the plans of Lord Ssilyrrlith. Zombie Sir Burress: Lord Ssilyrrlith will attempt to rally any undeclared tribe to his aid. We must do the same and forge alliances with any creature not yet flying the Spire's banner. The snake will also use guerrilla warfare to strike any patrol or weak point we may have left open. We must seal the gaps in our defenses and strike the Serpent's forces whenever they surface. Lord Raavage: A useful new weapon indeed. As the mutt suggests, I command you to build up our defenses wherever they are weak, “convince” those tribes who have yet to claim their allegiance to side with the Black Spire, and should you encounter any Nocturnian in your way, place their head on a pole atop the Obsidian Spike! Victory or death. All: Victory or death! Later, alone in the throne room, Malicia enters. Malicia: M’lord Lord Raavage: And so the spell from the Book of Marzule brought the dog back to life. Are you sure you could raise an entire army if we can capture the Orion Sphere? Malicia: Yes m’lord. The Orion crystals held in Abyssian would allow us to raise an army of millions. With the dead on our side we could crush Historica and enslave all the humans, elves and dwarves who stand in our way. Lord Raavage: And Basil still knows nothing of our plans? Malicia: No m’lord. He still believes Varlyrio and will be an equal partner in our quest to take the guilds. Lord Raavage: That fool. He still believes we sent Varlyrio to Cedrica to capture the Helm of Elemental Magic! Did he really believe the elemental scourge was the strongest magic in the land? It is not the elementals that will rule conquer Historica, It is the dead that will rule this land. Malicia: Victory or death m’lord. Lord Raavage: If we are successful, Malicia, not even death’s grasp will stop us! **Challenge I** If Nocturnus is your home guild- Reply to this topic and declare the side of the conflict you wish to support. You will automatically be assigned to this side. If Nocturnus is NOT your home guild- Reply to this topic and you will be ASSIGNED a side to support by November 1st, 2013. If you have not joined any guild yet- what the heck are you waiting for? Join already! To win this challenge, your side must win at least 2 out of 3 categories below. The decision on which side wins each category will be made by the core leaders who do not manage Nocturnus aka Ecclesiates, Ska-for-Hire and rogueang Category A- the small scale/minifigure challenge Depict a character from your side winning an epic battle against an enemy from the other side. Entries are limited to 16 x 16 with reasonable overhang. Category B- the medium "build" challenge Build a defensive structure of any type to shore up the defenses on your side. Entries are limited to 32 x 32 with reasonable overhang. Category C- the unlimited story challenge Build a scene and accompanying story depicting how your side will recruit a tribe in the realm of Nocturnus to fight for your side. You may, but are NOT required to use a tribe created by our members in the Tribes mini-challenge. There is no limit on the size of the build or number of builds that may be used, however, no more than 5 total pictures may be displayed per the general rules for all categories below. General Rules for ALL three categories One entry per member per category. This means you can have one entry in EACH category if you should so choose. Entries should be new (never posted anywhere previously). If you have any doubts about the suitability of your entry contact one of the staff members. All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands. Decals will be allowed if you've made them yourself, but no cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Entries are to be placed in the contest entry topic (replace with link) in the forum. Entries may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. Every entry should have and entry name. You are allowed to create a WIP topic. However, every entry should be posted in the entry topic for it to be eligible for the contest. Entries are to consist of no more than 5 posted pictures of 800x600 or smaller resolution but may also include a link to a folder of additional images of any size. You can have a video instead of a photo if you want. No photoshopped backgrounds or packaging, but you are allowed to edit the background to remove distractions. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. These rules can be changed whenever we see fit to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest Entries must be posted before January 16th, 2014 anywhere in the world. Entries will be accepted so long as it is January 16th, 2014 anywhere in the world. If you seek individual glory, the best overall entry in each category will receive a sweet brick-built trophy provided by ZCerberus. RESULTS: Winning Category C) Nocturnus Best entry was awarded to Gunman. Winning Category B) Black Spire Best entry was awarded to Torgar. Winning Category A) and therefore tiping the battle... Black Spire Best entry was Emma. NOW RULING NOCTURNUS- THE BLACK SPIRE!
  12. soccerkid6

    A Clever Trap

    Here's my entry for Category A of Challenge I. I had a lot of fun putting this together and I think it turned out nicely. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: battle scene [Military Science], and fortifications [Military Science] = 2 credits The Wolfpack has many watchtowers throughout Nocturnus, some in better shape than others... After receiving word that a group of Hand of Corruption soldiers were in the area, Gavin planned a clever trap. Some of his men lured the group to one of their watchtowers. The Hand of Corruption soldiers, seeing their foes fleeing before them gave chase, just as Gavin had hoped they would: Gavin's men quickly ducked into the tower. And the horde following them quickly turned their attention to the fresh bacon lying on the doorstep. After all, their quarry was trapped in the tower, right? Gavin quickly seized his opportunity and knocked the prison cage off its supports and let it fall on the group below: I just got a new webhost so now my website address is (not .tk). This should fix the problems some of you were having with the site and make it much more reliable. I'm planning on making some major updates on the site in the near future as well. More pictures of the build can be seen at the new website, here. Any C&C is appreciated
  13. Hello All, Here is my entry into the GoH Book II Challenge I B. Built in a couple hours, this was definitely a challenge to get finished in time. I am not completely satisfied with this build, as it was rushed, but I am glad that I still got an entry into my first GoH Challenge! Thank you ZCerberus for extending the deadline one more day, I appreciate it! Enjoy! GoH: Armathian Stronghold by mpoh98, on Flickr In order to establish dominion over the mountainous regions, the Black Spire has set up countless strongholds to defend key positions. The Armathian Stronghold is built for strength and power, and has known no defeat. Now occupied and enhanced by the Black Spire, this stronghold defends one of the only passes through the mountains. GoH: Armathian Stronghold by mpoh98, on Flickr GoH: Armathian Stronghold by mpoh98, on Flickr For the Black Spire! Soli Deo Gloria, ~Matthew~
  14. Dear Narthok, Sorry to keep you waiting, but I've been supervising the work on repairing a fortress. The sides are really heating up, and it shall be full out war soon. We see spies of the Spire lurking everywhere, and the Drow are getting bolder and bolder. I'll try to keep you informed. You would not believe the man who is lord of this crumbling fortress! He call himself the Watcher, even though he has no eyes. He wears antique armor, surely the relic of some long forgotten age. His warriors wear helmets over masks, and similar armor. The Watcher himself is a hulking man, or whatever species he is. I have certainly never seen anyone like him. He hasn't said anything about the origin of himself or the tower, but there are runes inside that speak of him, runes that must be hundreds of years old! Even though the Watcher and his crew are an unsightly bunch, I'm fine, as I'm stationed with a good group of Orcen-folk. Several different bands, but they're all good folk and soldiers. I'll write you again soon, Garthonkk The full build, probably my best yet! The courtyard. Note the Crypt type thing. The large Orc with a beard is the one writing the letter. A ruined tower. The Watcher... Well... Watching. I gave the stained glass a light-up effect! That's my five pics, but more are here! http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=537719 For the glory of Nocturnus!
  15. Here is my entry for Book II, Challenge I, Category C. Emissaries from the Spire were sent to different tribe of Nocturnians to make them ally to the Spire; however, some of the tribes refused and they need to be punished so that they represent an example for all those who tried to oppose to the Spire. The Black Wolves, a mercenary group hired by the Spire, is sent to force one of this tribe to ally. In their way to the tribe's camp, The Black Wolves is ambushed by the tribe's warriors; however, the tribe's warriors have little chance to win against these skillful mercenaries. I As a part of the The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program, I'd like to claim for this build one credit for Military Science: Battle Scene and one for General Building: minifig posing. All photos can be found on my Flickr, C&C are always welcome and I hope you like it!
  16. soccerkid6

    Denrith Fortress

    Well here's my build for Category B of Challenge I. The fortress has a full interior and all the doors/drawbridge/trapdoor work. The lava is lit in several spots. Legonardo inspired the roof of the fortress, while kris_kelvin and DR Church inspired the fortress itself. Also Captain Beerbeard suggested lighting the lava I'd like to receive UoP credit for: roofing (one of three techniques) [Architecture], extreme environments [Landscape Design], life in Nocturnus [Anthropology], lighted builds [General Building]= 4 credits Denrith Fortress is the base of operations for the pack under Gavin's leadership. Denrith provides a secure place of retreat after robbing passers by, or more recently after attacks on the Black Spire. Gavin views the Black Spire as a threat to 'business' and thus all his efforts are now spent trying to bring about ruin for the Black Spire. The dungeon in Fenrith has held many kinds of prisoners over the years, but now it holds one Hand of Corruption soldier who the pack is interrogating for information about the Black Spire so that they can plan their next attack. There are some more pictures here: link All comments and criticism welcome
  17. janatale

    Swamp Defenders

    This is my entry for Category B: Defensive Structure. Enjoy! After recruiting the Wolf Tribe to fight for Nocturnus, Rasmus and his Mitgardian friends began the return journey back to Nocturnus's capital, Abyssian. They spent days sneaking through the many swamp lands of Nocturnus, avoiding many Black Spire tratiors. Eleven days into their return journey they came across an abandoned tower situated on a high cliff. Knowing that Black Spire spies and armies used the swamp lands frequently, they began to bring in provisions and fortify the tower. They vowed no Black Spire traitors would pass the tower alive for as long as they defended the area. After 3 weeks, their vows hold true. They have taken down many enemy spies and after Rasmus's latest supply run, they have enough provisions to last six more months in the tower. Though news isn't all good, there are rumors that the enemy is gathering a large group to overtake the tower. Will this be the end for Rasmus and his men?