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Found 8 results

  1. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Celestia, North of Vanilla Bay, January 618, the 9th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 5th day The past two days were a struggle against barren rocks, cliffs and winds of the northwestern cape of the island. We are now entering Orchid Bay, right in the very north of Celestia, we are close to the jungle but, if not rocky as the cliffs, the way must be very hard too. We may have to fight with our cutlass to pass through the rank vegetation. Luckily, the Garret twins are skilled buccaneers and theirs advices are very useful. They found a path of plants mixed with sands, were it is very easy to walk through, Iauln took advantage and unearthed a ant-hill (with some giant ants) and Sven and I enjoyed some beautiful flowers (Fig 1 and Fig 2) with one of them surely being an orchid (Fig 2) , but not The Great One I'm afraid. Fig 1 Fig 2 C&C welcome as usual, third Cat. B entry one more to come before cat. C
  2. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Near the geographical center of Celestia, January 618, the 29th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 24 th day We ventured deep into the very heart of Celestia, from Orchid Bay on the north of the island. We choose a travel to the south, but the dense, hostile and luxuriant jungle, make us to follow the easy path of a inner river. From Orchid Bay our path would in fact be a south/south-east travel. We finally reach the center mountain peak, and we were searching for a fairly passable way when we oversee a shinny blue lake, with that seems to be a ruined city on its shore. Finally on the rocky shore of this lake, we found it... and friends. Another expedition reached the orchid, almost at the same moment. Too bad that a lava flow and a wall of steam kept us away from the orchid, but I think that the lake and so the Orchid won't last long according to the damage caused to the surroundings by the terrible heat and the non-stop lava flow. This was a sort of meeting at the end of a world. However, this giant orchid (Fig A.) seemed to have been sanctified by ancient civilization of the island according to the shrine it lays upon and the statues around the shrine. That giant orchid seems to offer delight to a kind of in keeping flying insect (Fig B. 1 and 2) Iauln was very interested to bring this insect with us but it was not interested in. I don't think the colonel Allcock could bring this orchid back anywhere, it would have needed a big big flowerpot. : Fig A. Phalaenopsis orchidaceae gigas : Fig B 1 : Fig. B 2 Phalaenopsis macroglossum gigas Colonel sir Dirk Allcock : Doctor Thaum, I presume ? I finally succeed in rebuilding my cat C after the terminal crash of my PC... C&C welcome, and thanks for the extra time.
  3. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Jameston, January 618, the 15th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 10th day We left the shores of Celestia and we enter the inner island fives days ago. The rank vegetation drove the Garret twins to opt for water travel, they built two basics but strongs rafts and we continue the travel through this thick jungle by the easiest way... Indeed it seems that a travel on dry land could have huge impact on the untouch flore of Celestia. I have to scold Callaghan many times to avoid the scraping of some beautiful but fragile flowers like this beautiful one - thanks to the swampy area, no doubt that we have here another kind of Arum (Fig A). We could see, a beautiful colored snake (Fig B), but we don't have many information except Iauln drawing because Callaghan refuse to help us for scientific testing like knowing if it was poisonous or if its bite was painful or if it was a constrictor one. The highlights of this swamp travel was a wonderful giant carnivorous plant like we have never seen before, once again Callaghan refuse to take part to any scientific test. Iauln made some drawings while Sven and I were starstruck by such a beauty (Fig C.) We decided to call it "hungarius uncontrollibus drosera" as it certainly use snap traps to ensure prey catching. Fig A. Arum Bromeliaceae gigas Fig B. Fig C. Hungarius Uncontrollibus Drosera C&C welcome, this is sadly my last challenge 1 built, because of the dead of my PC and so the lose of many pics (not only those of the challenge )
  4. When he ordered the Jameston distillery, the doctor also ordered a small pied-à-terre in Jameston too. The Garret twins where in charge of the building The barn is already full of stuff, ready for the Orchids search. C&C welcome, the Garret twins are ready to explore. The rest of the exploring team after the following AMRCA entry.
  5. Doctor's Thaum diary Jameston, January 618, the 5th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 1st day After a momentous air travel with Callaghan, my dear Iauln and the magnificent Sven, followed by a recordative crash near the shore, we catch the Garret twins up in Jameston. All was ready for the expedition, as I've asked, and I am very pleased ! Today we walked along the shore of Celestia, heading north, along the beautifull Vanilla Bay, I was amazed by the profusion of flora and fauna, what a healthy shore !! The waters are so great provider that we met a very special crab (Fig 1) , with a very high body mass index, he certainly greatly benefits of the fishy shore. As we never met such a crab, Sven decide to name it a cancer pagurus gigas. Iauln tried to catch it with its dip net but didn't succeed. However, he drew a pretty good image of it. We also found a strange five-stemed plant (Fig 2) , with very poor roots (only to grab the sandy ground) which seems to feed on sea spray's salt. As for the gigantic crab, we called it a Svenia Saltis. Iauln, drew it fine too, he is a talented drawer for sure. Fig 1 cancer pagurus gigas Fig 2 svenia saltis ************************************************** First cat B entry for me, C&C welcome
  6. previously Doctor's Thaum diary Celestia, North of Vanilla Bay, January 618, the 7th Celestia Superb Orchid Search, 3rd day We leaved the Vanilla Bay shores for the northwestern cliffs of the island, as we passed close to the jungles, we could see some caracteristic fauna like a beautiful chameleon, also well drew by Iauln (Fig 2). We find a very stange flower, with an exceptionnaly developped pistil (no doubt that this is a specie of arum ) I think this pistil is oversized for better falling down the cliff and be carried by the sea to the stamen. (Fig 1) Fig 1 Fig 2 third built for the orchid search (and second Cat B) C&C welcome
  7. Professor Thaum

    [WTC ] No witness

    Far west from Nova Malto and east from Tortuga... A cutter is sailing beat to the east Iauln : Lee Shore !!! It's Barney, right in the rendez vous point !!! Turpin : I don't even understand why we sailed to get him back, Oliver. You hired 3 saboteurs, and this perfect specimen is the only one, you press for recovering... It boggles my mind. Doctor Thaum : No stress Dick, the two others are backseat drivers, and this one is the only one which I met while hiring. And Barney is not a bad guy. The WTC and the... spit... count Mesabi could run after the 2 others, who cares, but this one is mine !! Turpin : You're the boss, Oliver. Time to take on board Callaghan ! Callaghan : OK, I'll go ! Spillet : We are close to Isla de Victoria, Doctor, we must hurry. And the wind is changing. Doctor Thaum : You're a wise man Mr Spillet, we will sail as soon as possible, but I need this man ! Callaghan : Should I take one or two turtles back with Barney ? Doctor Thaum: You're a bonehead Callaghan !! Hurry up !!! Callaghan : Come on Barney !! We're getting you back to Tortuga ! Barney : Great !!! I'd just decided that if you won't come in 3 hours, I had to runaway on a turtle heading east !! C&C welcome
  8. Tortuga, edge of the jungle, a small expedition is carefully making headway by jove ! TCHAC TCHAC : your first scientific study expedition, my dear Iauln ! How do you feel ? : I'm so excited, Doctor. What are we going to study ? : It's a surprise ! TCHAC TCHAC : We have to hurry, Doctor, it'll soon be dusk ! : That's the point Callaghan ! Ah ! Here we are Doctor Thaum : Everybody up ! Callaghan : Why up doctor, where not in the jungle yet, there's nothing to be afraid Doctor Thaum : That's because of the MOUS Callaghan ! Callaghan : Of the mouse !!?? Doctor Thaum : No, MOUS ! Callaghan : Because of mouse, hohoho, that's the best yet ! You're afraid of mouse Doctor ? Tee Hee !! Doctor Thaum : You bug me Callaghan ! Hop in !! Callaghan : Oh ! that's a terrible mouse !! heh heh heh ! Goddness, I'm frightened ! Buggy buggy buggy ! Callaghan : Haw Haw Haw !!! a terrible mouse !! Doctor Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan !! Doctor Thaum : now we start to observe my dear Iauln, it's up to you, be aware and tell me what's worth interest according to you Iauln : Great ! Callaghan : haw haw haw ! Doctor Thaum : Shut up Callaghan !! : couiiii couiiii couiiii Callaghan : Hee Hee Hee Hee !! A mouse mwahahahahahaha !! Doctor Thaum : You lame brain !!! GROOOMMBLLLLBLOLOMGRROM Callaghan : Gaaargllll !!! : iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik ! : Uh Oh !! What's this Doctor ?!! : A MOUS of course ! : A mouse ? : No, a M.O.U.S... A Maul Of Unusual Size, my dear Iauln... That's why we are in this tower ! : Great !! It is that this MOUS we have to study ? : It's up to you, my dear Iauln. Callaghan : The ladder !! for pity's sake !! Doctor Thaum : Because of MOUS ? hohoho, that's the best yet ! You're afraid of MOUS Callaghan ? Tee Hee !! that's all folk C&C welcome