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  1. Location: Fatu Hiva, during the 2nd Terraversan War Type: Small Educational Part 1 Here As soon as the white flag was waved on the beach, Count Mesabi and his personal company marched straight to the Royal Basilica of the Faith. The Clergy, Priests, and Nuns stood no resistance to the Mad Count.... Inside, a flurry of papers, and the protests of clergy filled the air, as Count Mesabi and company packed chest and crate with Heretic materials.In the center of it all, he stood, his eyes darting from paper to page, as he scanned bound volumes, ledgers, and other apocryia. The Basilica had been tasked with protecting with materials the Faith had recovered from a mysterious vault, each to be evaluated, then archived, or purged, by the sensibility of the Order's Edicts. And now, the mysterious texts had been claimed by the Count.... FIN This finishes my story with the Fatu Hiva raid. I meant to do this months ago, (like before we ceded the territory back ) I considered having the Count steal more material goods, but I thought this was a more interesting take on the subject. Canonically, the Count has returned to Mesabi Landing after the ceremony, with this load of texts aboard his ship. Thanks to @Keymonus for letting me borrow from his challenge entry, I really appreciate it, and I love building in the continuity. This Build is set inside @Bart's Basilica, and I hope that they have no issue with my use of it. Explanation for newer players: A couple years ago, I created an in game organization / religion called 'Prometheanism' Which is essentially like a secret sect of Heretics that fights with the Order. I went way overboard with it, so I generally try to mostly keep it out of my stories, but I do like mentioning it here and there. Essentially, in Era II Challenge II, Keymonus had the challenge end with his characters fighting unknown 'heretic cultists' and discovering a vault of their literature and artifacts. In the story, these have been stored in Fatu Hiva, and during the Count's raid, he ransacked Bart's Basilica to recover these heretic texts, since they might align with his ideas, or be related to Prometheanism.
  2. Location: Fatu Hiva Type: MCRA Outcome The Count gazed out at the sea, from the Captain's Cabin of the WTC Libertine. "..and so you're sure, absolutely sure that Corrington is going to war with Oleon over Terraversa?" asked Darby incredulously. "Darby, would I ever lie to you?" asked the Count. "Not five minutes ago, you literally..." Darby paused. "Well I guess if you believe the lie you're technically not lying, because you believe what you're saying?" He asked, trying to consider the mind-boggling logic the Count employed. "Well, either way Darby, you're a pawn in a small game of nations and personalities, and we're raiding Fatu Hiva." Said the count with his usual exuberance. "Also, just FYI, you will probably be tried for war crimes if I am." Darby briefly considered his life decisions, before quietly concluding the Count was messing with him, though he reminded himself to restock the bag of embezzled money, and fake documents with fresh supplies... A bell on deck clanged. They had arrived. The crew scurried to make preparations for the landing. The Count Strode onto the deck, peered through his spyglass. "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you our prize.... Fatu Hiva..." Said the Count. He paused. "And, may Prometheus grant us strength over these nutcases. Remember, no looting till the town stops shooting!" The WTC marines through up a cheer, and signal flags were waved. "FIRE!" He shouted The deck of the WTC Libertine shook, as it's cannons let loose a volley. Across their battle line, the Heavy Cannons of the WTC Blackbird, WTC Icarus Returning, and 7 other ships pounded the Large and Small fort of Fatu Hiva. The Cannon volleys reduced the two forts' batteries into rubble, before their gunners could properly return fire. The WTC's love of destruction was proudly on display. The Count let loose an evil chuckle. "They should have built bigger forts..." The Count ordered the ships to approach the beaches, and to land men on the beaches. A small gun placement managed to hit the WTC Rising Sun, rendering it helpless, but the Count continued undeterred. The Count himself boarded a small boat, to the protests of Darby, and soon the WTC had descended upon the beaches... On the beach, a different Count emerged, as he called targets, ordering his men forwards... The Oleanders were tough, but they were outnumbered, and outgunned. A tan tide overwhelmed the beach, and the WTC Marines quickly began to overrun their positions. A Soldier drew his cutlass and charged at the Count. A single pistol shot struck him in the forehead, and he slumped over. The Count grinned, and continued his advance forwards. The Beach was quickly overwhelmed, as the smell of smoke and blood choked the air. A few holdouts had taken shelter in a small house. With a loud crack, a machete wielding marine crashed through the door. As they raised their muskets, another Marine poked his rifle through the back of the building. The beach was soon clear of resistance, Oleander Marines retreated up into the city, in a desperate bid to regroup, and defend their settlement.... To Be Continued.... Thanks for viewing my build! I'm glad to finally wrap this one up. I had a lot of trouble with the WTC Libertine, (Which FYI, is an IC ship only, and not licensed at the moment.), and it still needs some more work, but you can't see it in how the photos are cropped, hopefully. The Fort was inspired by one of Phred's , and the beach scene by one of Ayrlego's builds of villager huts. I had a lot of fun with the beach scenes, though I am a tad disappointed the KPA had the descriptor be "Mostly Bloodless" . C&C appreciated, and I'll probably do at least one more of these before moving on to the next project.
  3. Keymonus

    A new vineyard

    Fatu Hiva, Ile D'Or, July 619 After the dark happenings of the previous months, life in Fatu Hiva returned to normality. Patrols of soldiers and groups of native warriors started a fierce hunt against the bands of fanatics still infesting the jungle and, even if some of them may have escaped, no new attack was reported. The economy of the settlement flared up again too: the natives returned to their fishing activity, while the plantations outside Fatu Hiva were repaired and expanded, allowing the recovery of the brewing activities. This little vineyard was bought by a foreigner, a Varcosian, who invested a large sum of money to expand the plantation. A little is known about this individual, but he is rumoured to have earned his fortune during the successful expedition in the jungle. While up to now the vineyard is sufficient for the requirements of the settlement, the Varcosian has imported seeds of Oleander grape, in order to expand the business and export wine and spirit in the archipelago. Today, the workers are cleaning a part of the hill from the undergrowth and are building new terracing. By sure, even if a lot of time will be required for the first profitable harvests, starting a vineyard near to the Oleander capital of alcol production is a wise investment. The herd of a native shepherd is very useful to remove herbs and low bushes... ...while more robust plants are removed with more resolute methods. Meanwhile, other workers realise the terracing for the new plants, planting poles in the ground and shovelling away the earth. Overall view The sheep And the "mysterious" owner, one of Tristan's followers during the expedition against the fanatics, in which absolutely no treasure was found. I will license this build as large plantation (instead of using a micro) as prize for the last challenge.
  4. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Myth Chaser

    While in Fatu Hiva Samantha thought she recognized an old friend. So she followed her into the Blue Tassel for a better look Sure enough it was Cathy Derr. She approached her and surprised her. The Gals talked like gals do. They talked about old times then talked about the current. Samantha boasted that she decided to go abroad with her new Husband Darren Kedd, an Eslodian who owned his own trade ship now, and as luck would have it here are many fancy new dresses in the New world. Samantha asked where Rodish was as they were rarely apart. Cathy rolled her eyes and sighed... Stating he's gone off on a folly to go rescue his sister he's never met. Luckily we got the news after the Ball in Kings Harbor not before. Cathy straightened up and smiled though as she proudly proclaimed I am Captain of the Narwhal now though! Cathy explained further that she was preparing to head for a military exercise in Quinnsville, but was going to have to call it off as her crew refused to sail with soldiers packed shoulder to shoulder. She explained how it was really a pity as the Corish government had even sent her special flags to be flown from her masts. Samantha said you won't have to cancel at all, we have ample room aboard my husband's ship the Myth Chaser. After all they may not be neighbors any longer but they are still friends and that's what friends do. Cathy asked if Samantha would have to convince Darren to go along with it. Samantha told her don't worry it's as good as done... Just see if you can get a second set of flags dear! Later that day aboard the Myth Chaser Samantha told Darren of how she ran into her childhood friend Cathy and explained how she was going to cancel her mission but wouldn't have to because the Myth Chaser had plenty of room. At first Daren was shocked at the boldness of his new wife. He then scolded her as this folly would have no profit at all. To which Samantha batted her eyes and pouted her lip and said if you love me then the profit won't matter as long as it makes me happy right... That's what you told me. Darren was over a barrel. She had all the power in the world and he would give her anything to make her happy. Even if it meant getting his ship blasted with paint. He calmly said to Samantha It will give me an excuse to fire the guns and drill sailors, when do we depart darling? ______________ OoC: this is to explain the second ship raiding Quinsville since the Narwal does not have enough cargo points to transport all the troops @Bregir @LM71Blackbird This will also serve to Licence the new ship check the spoiler for photos Comments and Criticism welcomed Ship photos:
  5. I know challenge II is been a while back, but I found out a bit later that I had won a prize. This started out as a build to claim that prize, which is technically still possible, but well it got a little bigger: -- After Captain Adolar Brickdottir that the Mayor of Fatu Hiva had granted them a license to build a free building in Fatu Hiva for their efforts in exploring the island and trying to find the source of all the evil. She told some local builders to build Fatu Hiva a temple for the Faith. The local builders didn't waist any tie and cleared a large part of the Jungle just outside Fatu Hiva and started with constructions. The builders elevated the grounds with battlements as to raise the Basilica above the jungle to show the superiority of the Faith over the pagans hiding in the Jungle, imported the best white marble they could find and covered the roofs with the brightest blue slates all the way from the mines in old Oleon. The idoils of the pagans where turned in to good use and all remolted to decorate the outside of the Basilica in gold and silver statues. To maintain the Basilica the builders added an monastery to the build compleet with gardens. Basilisk of the Faith 1 by Bart, on Flickr Basilisk of the Faith 2 by Bart, on Flickr Basilisk of the Faith 3 by Bart, on Flickr Basilisk of the Faith 4 by Bart, on Flickr Basilisk of the Faith 5 by Bart, on Flickr As you can tell I accidentally surpassed my free license size wise a lot, it's not a large Art's and Culture. But it surpases the Royal size limits. Therefore: @Captain Genaro @blackdeathgr @Phred as Oleon staff and @Captain Braunsfeld for running the Challenge: To: Lord Chancellor Calida Supreme High Priest of the Clerics of Zeus From: Adolar Brickdottir, Captain of the West Compagnie of the 1st Battalion Derr's Expeditionary Light Infantry Fatu Hiva, 27 December 618 Your excellenty, I write to you as to my knowlidge you are the most powerfull person in the Faith. On my behave a Basilica for the Faith has been constructed in Fatu Hiva. I would like to humbly ask you for a royal grant for the building, so as it may be valued in the grandeur it shows. Best regards, Adolar Brickdottir -- I've been trying to build a basilica a few times before in LDD but always got suck on the scale when using regular minifigs as a base. But now this prize came on my path and asked for a micro scale, so I started with the small minifig trophy figures as a size base, first the facede with the rose window grew and then I wanted a dome, and then well it had to stay into the proportions my mind had mapped out. If Oleon things this is not worth a Royal charter, no worries I'll use the free license I won at challenge II. If you do I need to collect some moneys to get the license paid, but lets not worry about that. Bart
  6. The Convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Artemis by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Extract from the continuing adventures of Padré François, as narrated by his companion, Monsieur Gallo The only name she gave was "Weasel". We never found out why, but maybe it was because she could slip away from any problem. She was a born survivor. She had outlasted her parents in the initial terror that hit Fatu Hiva, and she had made it out of the jungle when so many of the rest of our militia fell to the head hunters. I suspect it was her survival instinct that impressed the Padré. When we finally escaped that hell-hole, he ensured that she was well looked after. Took her to the local convent of Artemis and payed well for her to have a good education. Weasel had gone through hell in her life, but things were about to change. -------------- OOC: This is my small Arts and Culture reward from the Fatu Hiva challenge. In my canon, it happens chronologically before the Padre leaves the Ile d'Or. Any inconsistencies like this are Monsieur Gallo's bad bookkeeping.
  7. Cat A Cat B part 1 Cat B part 2 île D'Or, August 618, somewhere in the jungle Captain Rimbaud and his men were following the trail left by the black-cloaked assassins since dawn, when they found a building hidden in the jungle. "They didn't even conceal their trail, they were completely sure about killing us tonight!" "Better for us, mon ami, or we would have only four corpses with a knife and a strange medallion each... Definitely not enough for our hunt!" It seemed a little temple, completely covered by vines and surrounded by a thick fence of poles. Folkloric versions of the 'keep out' sign welcomed the soldiers. "Jacob, search this place. If one of those black cloak is here around, shoot on sight!" "Yes Sir! Here it's clear!" "Dear Gods!" Exclaimed Doctor Laurent. "This is horrible! These men were natives, probably hunters arrived here by chance." "Why did they do that?" Asked sergeant Dubois, remained in rearguard "An offering? A sacrifice? Pagan savages!" "I think that these heads are a warning, sergeant! And this is not a pagan temple. This place is dedicated to the Enemy of the Gods!" Replied Monsieur Rimbaud with a serious voice. "There is no doubt: look at that symbol, a couple of stylized hands grabbing the sun…" "...and there is no statue on the altar, only a blood-red crystal. Ancient worshippers of the Enemy used these symbols too." "But Monsieur Rimbaud, mon ami" intervened Doctor Laurent "those fanatics were eradicated more than two hundred years ago, when they tried to overturn the Order and kill the Royal Family! The few survivors of their bloody revolt suicided en masse." "This is true, but… Well, when we'll find their lair we'll know the truth. Finding this place was a real stroke of luck! The men who attacked us tonight weren't one of the patrols, they were bringing them resupply; probably they were the first ones the red-headed spy found." "It means our enemies have to tighten their belts, and that alligators will party with their food!" "Yes, and it also means that, following the river we will find their den. It's time to send a message to lieutenant Norbert; it's platoon is waiting on the northern coast and we are going north, following the river. If they move southward we will take the main cove between the hammer and the anvil." The soldiers set fire to the interior of the little temple, putting a signaling rocket on the roof… it would have been ignited half an hour later, enough for disappearing in the jungle and hunting their enemies with their same methods, becoming shadows among the shadows, as invisible as ghosts. The rocket, giving Lieutenant Norbert the order to move An overall view
  8. Part 1 île D'Or, August 618, Fatu Hiva "Our birdie is turning left again. No doubt anymore, he is following us since the fishing point." "I'm sure I can nab him, monsieur. Alive, if you prefer, or with a second smile in his throat!" "Thank you, Klein Hans, this is the right mood... but we won't need your knife today. I'm quite sure that man would not sing even if we caught him, they would have never left in Fatu Hiva someone who would betray them." "The question is, mon ami, who are they?" Replied Doctor Laurent "What do we know about them?" "At least our red headed friend is Halosian. Oleander, or he would have been noticed. Their modus operandi, spreading panic with allucinations, is strange... I think they are not common pirates or smugglers, but they are cruel enough to kill innocent natives and pioneers..." Said Tristan, toughtful. "And they are dangerous, very dangerous! They routed a company of RNTC marines without even using firearms: our soldiers' wounds were inflicted with daggers or swords, probably during a close meele combat not far from Fatu Hiva." Continued Doctor Laurent "That means they have patrols or figthing groups right outside the city. They are sieging us and we didn't even understand it!" "But why? Without any clue about their aims we can't fight them! Meanwhile panic is spreading in Fatu Hiva... Two-bit preachers are proliferating in the city, saying the Gods are punishing inhabitants for their sins: if we don't change the situation people will begin to leave!" "This could be their aim." "I think you are right, mon ami. Watch that crowd: people are frightened, and the militiamen keeping them under watch seem tense too. But still we can't do anything, unless..." "Unless what?" "I'll explain it when I'll shape my idea a little better. For now it's better going for supplies to the general store... The petit oiseau following us will gather information and tweet his masters that we'll leave for the jungle in a couple of days." "And what will we do in truth? "We'll leave for the jungle in a couple of days!" "But we'll be walking straight into a mousetrap!" "Don't you know, mon ami, that Oleander mice have lion's fangs?" The general store The house upstairs Additional photos Overall view: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first entry for cat.B, the story will more canonically continue in the jungle. With a 32x32 footprint, the store and the tavern it is licensable as medium commerce (I won't do it, Fatu Hiva can license it if needed)
  9. Cat A Cat B part 1 Cat B part 2 Cat B part 3 île D'Or, August 618, a tavern in Fatu Hiva "Hans? Hans old friend of mine!" "Ahmed! How are you doing, man?" "Quite fine, thanks! I'm only concerned that you and your comrades will drain all the beer kegs of the island! And, about that, I see you are wearing blue again..." "I missed the charm of the uniform! Oh, and I needed money. How long has been since the légion, five years? Six?" "Seven years, but it seems a different life! Sometimes I miss those times... the sunsets in the desert, the adventures at the borders of the civilized world and the right benders we had in Fort Hercules to celebrate victories!" "There is a remedy for that! Innkeeper, a beer for my friend! Let's drink to my last campaign! Tomorrow I'll hang up my blue coat forever." "At last even this world trotter Varcoastan decided to put his head straight! This last mission must have been very bad!" "You can say that! Probably you have read something on newspapers... we had to chase a group of bloodthirsty fanatics through the whole bloody jungle! After a couple of skirmishes, we suceeded in getting across their net of patrols and ambushes, and we arrived, completely unnoticed, to their main lair." "Like in Madhna... most of the rebels were behind us, but when we took their headquarters and arrested their leaders they all disbanded." "Like in Madhna. And, like in Madhna, we had to neutralize the sentinels..." " that our assault was completely unexpected. We had planned to route them before they could even realize our number." "But we had a surprise too. As soon as we shot the first volleys..." "...a second platoon, we thought still far north, emerged from bushes and ruins and took the enemies from behind." "The battle was fierce, but those fanatics were outnumbered and surrounded; moreover, they weren't used to an open field fight. Only one of our guys was badly wounded, but fortunately he survived." "Well done, I've read what those beasts did to our company of marines! They only deserved hot lead! But probably you have worn down since the légion, this kind of fights was almost a routine!" "Keep your tongue or I'll change my mind about the beer! During the fight we saw a couple of those black crows disappearing in what seemed a lonely grave, and when everything was over..." "...we understood where those fanatics hid themselves. There was a stairway going underground!" "And probably they were ambushing right at the bottom." "They were, but we used the best precautions. Half a kilo of gunpowder, iron and precautions. And then we went down." "Those damned catacombs were literally the hell! Every niche, every dark corner hid a deadly danger!" "They seemed ancient tombs, and everything seemed Halosian, even if the island was colonized a couple of years ago." "At last, in a little room, we found the leader of the sect. All his men were dead, and he was waiting for us. My blood went cold when I clearly saw a face staring at us from the fireplace: I could swear it, there was something of dark and evil in that place!" "And that man... did he say something?" "Well, before cursing us and trying to stab our captain he said something about bad luck. He said that he had arrived with his disciples on the island five years ago, looking for what he called Sanctuary of the Enemy, that damned hole in the jungle that someone had hidden there centuries ago." "Someone who arrived in the New World centuries before us! But what were they looking for? Why did they kill so many people?" "They killed so many people because they were crazy fanatics, but also to keep the others away: they had found the Sanctuary using old maps, but they could not find a secret treasure room... they found the entrance only the day before our arrival!" "That can by right be called bad luck! And also means that you found the treasure!" "Well, actually lieutenant Norbert and a couple of soldiers found an half-open door and its mechanism in an ossuary..." "My friend Jacob told me that it wasn't a nice place, and that there was a strange statue that seemed to have moved... it could be dumb, but they always kept an eye on it!" (Don’t blink, whovians! Beware the weeping angel!) "And... the treasure Hans? Did you find a treasure?" "Unfortunately the treasure was only a bunch of dusty books! Captain Rimbaud is bringing them to the Order, in Granoleon. Now excuse me but I have to go, or the guys will finish all the roasted turkey! But when you are in Fatu Hiva look for me! My new house is in the main street. Goodbye Ahmed!" "Innkeeper! Ahmed is a friend of mine! For him beer will always be free. Agreed?" "Yes, boss!" "Goodbye Hans, thanks for the beer! But... you bought a new house and the inkeeper called you boss... the tavern is yours! Wait a second, are you sure you only found books?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said! Goodbye Ahmed!" An overall view, with the removable parts removed. EDIT: I'm sorry I forgot giving @Khorne credit for the idea of the légion, since two of the characters are former legionnaires
  10. Cat A Cat B part 1 île D'Or, August 618, somewhere in the jungle Nights can be very dark in the jungle, with just a little campfire to repel the shadows and the humidity of the night… very dark and very lonely, for a sentinel guarding the bivouac, alone among his companions wrapped in their blankets or, if they are lucky enough to be officers, sleeping in a comfortable tent. Nights in the jungle can also be very dangerous. Snakes leave their holes, hunting for preys in the bushes and in the low water... ...but you can also receive an undesirable visit of some two-legged snakes infesting the island. Without a sound, similar to shadows in the night, they got close to the camp: two of them headed to the tent, ready to cut the ropes and then slaughter the men trapped inside... ...while the others (among which a familiar face) approached the soldiers, in order to slit the sentinel's throat and kill the others in their sleep. It will be a matter of seconds: blades in the dark, horrible stabbing sounds, and everything will be over. A matter of seconds, and then... ...then the assassins dressed in black will be in the middle of the fake camp, clearly visible in the light of the fire, among straw puppets and pineapples covered by hats. Clearly visible… and ready to be ballasted with a considerable amount of lead! An overall view A couple of close-ups of the cane field
  11. île D'Or, August 618, somewhere outside Fatu Hiva "Why are we here, monsieur Rimbaud?" Asked Marcel Laurent, one of the members of the little group. "I mean... not on the island but here, in this fishery." Marcel, a physician arrived in Astrapi only a couple of years before, was one of the members of the little group. He had spent most of his career in the navy, travelling around the world... nobody was really surprised when he asked joining the expedition. "We have at least two good reasons, mon ami." Answered Tristan Rimaud, leader of the team. "First, I was said Juracàn's tribe was one of the last that arrived in Fatu Hiva, so we can obtain some fresh news. Second, and even more important... don't you like smoked fish?". Meanwhile, in precarious balance on a wooden pole, a native was fishing with his spear and an Halosian was -well...- trying something similar. Soldiers watched them with interest. "Welcome to my fishing point, my lords. The humble Jurancàn wishes he could satisfy you. Are you interested in buying some smoked fish, or maybe you need a barrel of salted cod? We have just found a giant whelk, trust me, a delicacy as you never tasted. We also have crabs and, under the palm, a bucket of wonderful lobsters, I've just caught them myself, I can show them you if you are interested." Finally the flood of words stopped, with great relief of the others. "Thank you, cacique, you are too polite with these men" Replied Tristan, using one of the habitual formulas so appreciated by the natives. "My warriors and I are beginning a journey, so we'll buy both smoked and salted fish, and for this reason we also ask you the courtesy of some pieces of information." "Juracàn would be pleased to be useful, my lords. Are you leaving the island? Juracàn knows all the reefs and sandbanks of the western coast." "I'm sorry you misunderstood, great cacique. We are not leaving the island. I'm going straight into the jungle to hunt whoever is attacking natives and colonists." Here they are. Juracàn seemed a brave man, but most natives were litterally frightened, and was impossible to obtain anything more than a superstitious stutter. "The jungle, my lords? No, no, avoid the jungle! Bad ghosts live there! Live there and kill! They have always hated the men coming from sea, both my people and yours, but now their thirst of human blood increased! Nobody is safe far from the town!" Not very encouraging, but still better then a useless sobbing. "I do not fear bad ghosts, cachique. I will hunt them with my brave warriors, and free both my people and yours from their menace!" Brave warriors... strange definition for his volounteers, an half of which was in jail only a week before: tough and resolute men, but not the ones you imagine on a white horse! "Don't go, my lord, don't go please! Once the forest ghost were not so evil... sometimes they took seamen's life with snake bites or accidents, but not many more than our benign sea gods. But five summers ago something happened: shadows left the jungle and slaughtered brave warriors during the night, and many saw monsters and apparitions. Things went worse and worse, and we decided to leave our fathers' land. Don't go into the jungle, sir, or they will curse you! Somethimes the ones who saw bad ghosts became ill: they had seizures and shivers, and red stains appeared on their skins! Some of them died, and the hands of others became black and contracted..." "Le pain maudit!" -the cursed bread- exclaimed Marcel Laurent. "What are you talking about, my friend?" "All the symptoms are loudly saying ergotism! I've seen this disease when I was a young country doctor in Northern Oleon. Somethimes rye develops strange brown horns, and who eats rye bread becomes ill and sometimes sees or ears strange things. It would also explain the sudden maddness of our soldier... some ergot in the water and a masked attacker would completely frighten anybody!" "But, since the natives do not cultivate... Juracàn, great cacique, there aren't bad ghosts in the forest, but evil men who killed and poisoned your people! Somebody Who is trying to put fear in our hearts! I swear that I'll find them and I will kill them to avenge your warriors and our soldiers." "Monsieurs, cacique, sorry to interrupt you." Whispered a soldier. "We are not alone." Some more photos Salted fish Smoked fish The "wonderful lobsters" An overall view
  12. Captain Brickdottir didn't follow the path's crafted by the other expeditions into the wilderness. Instead she decided to lead her platoon a few days down the beach, before turning into the wilderness. they had been going three weeks now. The mood of the platoon was good, the temperature was pleasant and there was enough food to find. The trekking also didn't seem very hard, yes the plants created severe obstacles but nothing a quick slash of a sabre could fix. Or otherwise the monstrous blade of the Lieutenant would get trough it. But mostly they just bend the branches away or go around. As to leave as little of a track as possible, no need to draw unwanted attention on themself. They still hadn't found any sign of any monster or something else, no sign of victims either. Hidden in the jungle growth, so that hey would probably had passed it where they just a few meters off to the side, they found a pagan temple. EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 1 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 2 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 3 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 4 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 5 by Bart, on Flickr After making a round around it to check it out, Captain Brickdottir went up the stairs to check out the inside. There where several statues, symboling different aspects of live, or gods she wasn't sure. In the center there was a big piece of purple glass, or at least the lieutenant said it was glass, his father was a glazer. The whole temple breathed some sort of calmed. One of her soldiers with a native heritage carefully asked the captain if they had to report this to the Order now, remembering the blazing speech they had in the town. the Captain thought about it for a moment, no we don't, we didn't see this and even if we did we can't locate it. Another of her soldiers asked if there was Gold there, there where rumours there was gold on the Île d'Or and if there was any for sure it would be in a temple. They only saw rock, finely crafted rock of different colours, but it all appeared to be just rock. EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 6 by Bart, on Flickr EII-CHII-CatB - Pagan Temple 7 by Bart, on Flickr This is my category B entry for the second Challenge.
  13. Destroying the idol by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Expenses claim, August 618, Fatu Hiva, Île d'Or. Sum: 50db. Associated account: Padre François, priest, Temple of Hades mission. Expenditure: Gunpowder, 5 barrels. Reason for purchase: demolition, pagan idol. Please give full details in order to help us expedite your claim: Your eminences, With the official summons from the governor, the rumours in town, and the results of my own investigations, I determined that the disturbances here merited the further attention of the Order of the Faith. My mission left Fatu Hiva in July of this year, heading into the interior alongside one of the larger streams. For several days we saw nothing but the accursed jungle that covers this isle. However, one week after we set out, we came across a disgusting heathen idol. The thing was festooned with pagan fetishes, votive offerings, and shrunken heads. I immediately detailed half the detachment to begin despoiling the site, while the other half was sent back to town to find enough powder to destroy the thing. They returned two weeks later with the supplies, and we set about preparing the demolition. The miners and soldiers among my conscripts laid the charges, primed the powder, and prepared the fuses. When my people had cleared the area I lit the fuses and retreated into cover. The five barrels my people procured proved sufficient for destroying the idol. Perhaps now these godless fiends will realise the errors of their ways. Addendum. After the idol was destroyed, we heard distant drumming. The natives among my conscripts fled into the jungle, yelling something about "Al'su". I sent men after them. We found their disembowelled remains the next morning. It was the professional opinion of the soldiers among my ranks that their deaths were at human hands, rather than animals. Such barbarism cannot be tolerated. Your humble servant, François
  14. Edwin Fitzgerald had arrived in Fatu Hiva with a letter in hand. The order had requested his help. He specialised in dealing with the abnormal, demonic, and otherwise unheard of. Months ago he had gotten word of some darkness causing trouble in the jungle. He had agreed to come as long as he was aided by a member of the order and a small platoon for safety (and to carry the supplies). The sea was fairly calm ... Unusually calm for the winds being so strong. Edwin had made port a day early because of this. He figured he would take advantage of the lack of an escort and interview some locals so their stories would not be swayed by the presence of a member of the order. As he made his way down the gangway he watched the shops for activity. One specifically caught his eye. It was tucked in to taller buildings but the storefront was very elegant. What made him eye this place was that it looked as if a place officers would go to drink but yet he had only seen tribesmen come and go. As he drew closer he made out the sign. The Blue Tassel Pub. Once inside he was shocked to find a fairly upscale establishment. Just in the door you stood on a balcony there were rooms lining the length of balcony to the left and stairs to lead down into the tavern to the right. He made his way downstairs. He noticed the fine selection of bottles the expected rums, oddly enough a bottle of Bru-Haha. The barman was a tattooed but was dressed more properly while maintaining his island roots. He ordered a glass of brandy and made small talk. He heard various stories: Fire breathing dragons which he quickly dismissed as everyone knows they were just mid-evil stories to keep children from wandering of and to obey their parents Foreign legions Angry islanders seeking to push out the Order There was even one about the undead The most interesting though was the tale he heard after watching a man slip through a bookcase. In the corner of the room was a built in bookcase, most of the books had a fine layer of dust but on the top shelf there were a couple that did not have fresh dust. Edwin reached up to inspect the title but as he pulled the book he heard a mechanism click behind the shelves. A gentle push and he too was walking through the book case. In this room there were several small tables it appeared to be a smoking room. The tales were quite twisted and dark in this room. The most memorable was the tale a old sailor wove about two brothers who went into the jungle to build a home. It told of a man there that captured them and held them in a cage made of bones. He said that when the brother watched his kin be cooked alive he made his escape and told the story. He was taken in his sleep though and no one had seen him again. After the day had passed Edwin sought a nights rest in one of the fine boarding houses ... He would seek out the order tomorrow. ..... To be continued in Cat B Ooc: I have very limited bricks currently so I will be building both in LDD and as much as I can in brick to weave the story. My characters parts are from an aftermarket source so I will not include him in the LDD build but instead paint the picture as if that is what he seen. Comments are more than welcome.
  15. [COR - CH II - Cat B] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations -------------------- Expedition Log: Part 1 Part 2 -------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford. Day 12, After two long days of traversing through the dense jungles of Île d'Or, we finally reached the clearing that Tuk Tuk told us about. It was a little smaller than we first anticipated, however the well trained troops quickly got to work. We tried to remain as quiet as possible, but we needed to make a temporary palisade to protect ourselves. We dug down and cut bamboo in order to make a slightly camouflaged campsite. From past 10 yards we were invisible. The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr After most of the camp had been set up and the men were put on sentry duty, the major, Tuk Tuk, and myself began to form a course of action. Tuk Tuk told us that we were most certainly already being watched by the enemy. That was confirmed later when we started to hear the distant sound of war drums. We were within striking distance of the savage tribe, but we still didn't know what we were truly up against or even where they were located. Tuk Tuk began to tell us about the surrounding landscape as we brainstormed some ideas. The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Base of Operations 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Tuk Tuk told us that the tribe would most likely be centered around a cave. The natives were very superstitious and in some of the caves there were shiny stones and veins of gold, which they believed gave them special powers. So we had to be prepared for a conflict in the darkness of a cave. Major Brickford believed that this could be a forgotten treasure and if what Tuk Tuk was saying was accurate, then there could be a fortune to be made on Île d'Or! We had priorities though, so we decided that before we finalized any plan we would find a vantage point and physically locate the natives campsite and find how strong their numbers were before attacking. It would not be long before we could liberate this island of this terror. -------------------- This is my second entry to Category B. More builds and more of the Fatu Hiva Expedition to follow! I was thinking this will fit as a small residence. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  16. Fôret d'Or Lumber Yard by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Transcript of an interrogation at Forêt d'Or Lumber Yard, Fatu Hiva, as recorded by Monsieur Gallo, temple notary. Candidate #1 was asked to explain the circumstances surrounding the 'Fatu Hiva Incident' of 19 June 618. Candidate #1 responded with incoherent mumbles. Candidate #1 was asked to speak up. Candidate #1 told temple representatives to leave, with expletives. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked the same question. Candidate #2 yelled something incoherent about "Al'Su". Candidate #2 was asked to elaborate. Candidate #2 yelled something incoherent about "Skulltaker prophecy". Candidate #1 was asked to corroborate the account of Candidate #2. Candidate #1 confirmed Candidate #2's account and explained that "bad juju" had happened to both the colonists and the subsequent survey teams. Candidate #1 was asked to elaborate what that meant. Candidate #1 refused. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked about the "Skulltaker" mentioned. Candidate #2 refused to answer. Candidate #2 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked again. Candidate #2 explained that the "Skulltaker" tribe had met the colonists, had been displeased, and had "awoken" [?] something. Candidate #1 told Candidate #2 to stop talking, with expletives. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #1 was asked to corroborate Candidate #2's answer. Candidate #1 told temple representatives to leave, with expletives. Candidate #2 was asked to explain more. Candidate #2 refused. Candidate #2 was restrained. Further questions proved ineffectual as Candidate #1 had sustained a broken jaw, and Candidate #2 was rendered catatonic, apparently through fear. All records certified to be accurate and correct by Padre François of the Order of the Faith. Aaaaand here it is without the minifigs: Fôret d'Or Lumber Yard (sans minifigs) by Ross Fisher, on Flickr I figured terrified natives would want to cut the jungle back as far as possible, build stronger pallisade walls, and, if possible, get more material to build boats out of (So they could leave in a hurry). A lumber yard fulfills all of these needs! It also seemed like a good place for Padre François to start an uncompromising assault on the island. Let me know your thoughts.
  17. [COR - CH II - Cat B] The Fatu Hiva Expedition - Into the Jungle ----------------------------- Part 1 of the Expedition. ----------------------------- Journal entry of Sergeant Anthony Andrews, Aide-De-Camp to Major Nathaniel Brickford. Day 10, With the help of some local fisherman and Major Brickford's leadership, we ferried our supplies from the HMS Resilience to the shore. It took a full days work to get everything off loaded and organized, but it was worth the effort. We were able to offer the residences of Fatu Hiva some valuable supplies including food and other goods. Considering their own government refused to lift a finger the local leadership was grateful that the Major was able to bring some of Corrington's abundance to help their overtaxed settlement. From there we checked our own supplies and packaged it up into our rucksacks. Before we left Quinnsville Major Brickford had commissioned some special uniforms to be made for the troops. Knowing we would be in the jungle and that red and white tend to stick out, he had a sort of 'camouflage' developed, consisting of a dark green jacket and black trousers. This way our movements should be less detectable to the savages and rival explorers. We rendezvoused with Tuk Tuk at his hut on the beach. After some brief discussion, Tuk Tuk told us of a path that leads straight into the jungle. He knows that particular area very well, because that is where he cultivates some of his bamboo for his kayaks. It was a 4mile march over sand and rocky terrain, but after an hour we finally reached the location. Into the Jungle 1.1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The transition in terrain was far from gradual. As soon as the foliage starts you are immediately in thick jungle. Thankfully, since Tuk Tuk comes here often, there was a path leading straight through the overgrowth. Into the Jungle 1.2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Tuk Tuk began to fearlessly lead us through the jungle. Some of the men were a little jumpy at some distant noises, however Tuk Tuk assured as that it was just the ambient noises of the environment. While we were hiking, our guide let us know that we were headed to a clearing in the jungle that we could make a base camp at and from there look for the savage tribe. From memory, he believed that it was a 25 mile hike, which would be trying, but nothing to big for the best troops of Her Majesty's settlement of Quinnsville. Into the Jungle 1.3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With a predetermined stopping point and a pep in our step, we marched on. We are currently making a temporary campsite so the men can rest for a few hours, but we will be back on our feet at first light to hike the remaining 10 miles to the clearing. ------------------------------------------------- This is my first entry for Category B. I'm having a lot of fun with this challenge so far, and this jungle scene was pretty cool to build. It is something new for me building wise, so hopefully you all like it as well! As usual, C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! More builds to come! This will be licensed as a small plantation in Fatu Hiva.
  18. "We must send this letter to Breschaun, and quick," said d'Offren to his men, "but this should not prevent us to inquire about the merit of local beverage." As they walked by a cart full of barrels and bottles. "Please have a taste, my good sirs," said the man while brandishing a bottle of moonshine, "the choice of lumbermen." "Speaking of lumbermen, why are they working so close to the shoreline, I think the trees here aren't the best species for wood processing," asked d'Offren. "You are right, sir, not the best species, but since the mysterious attack in the jungle, people were so scared that they abandoned their lumber mill in the mill and every one rushed to beach. You see, they are cutting the palm trees and they are piling up the trunks on the beach." Replied the liquor dealer. "Indeed, they have to live with it..." muttered d'Offren. "Ahoy, monsieur le Duc!" d'Offren turned at the sea and saw a shirtless dude. It was the Duc d'Ablette.. "D'Ablette, par Poseidon, what are you doing here? I was going to send a letter to you to ask help." Asked Hugo d'Offren, apparently confused by the sudden appearance of the newly appointed Ministre of Colonies. "I'm here for the mysterious attack, I guess you are here for the same reason, when I heard the news, I thought finally we are going to have some action, you see, I'm bringing my axe with me, we are going to smash them to smithereens, not the lumberjacks, those who dare to defy the reign of Oleon." replied the Duke with a big smile. "To smash who, we even don't know who attacked us, besides, you'd better be stayed in Breschaun, to cooperate our actions, now you are here, who will send the reinforcement." exclaimed d'Offren. "Oh, this is easy, I have a sport, a fast sailing boat here,"replied d'Ablette, still smiling, "Serge, bring the letter of monsieur d'Offren to Breschaun and tell them to send reinforcement." "Hum, a sport yacht, I should get one of these too." muttered d'Offren.
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB] Rooms to Let

    Just a short way from the docks in Fatu Hiva lays a smallish boarding house that has become a regular haunt for the sailors of the FTA. With comfortable beds, a pleasant host, and fair rates it is no wonder that they choose this boarding house every time they make port. Here a sailor enjoys the peacefulness of his back room. Every room comes complete with horse hair bed, dresser, shelves, and a pot to piss in. (disclaimer: there is not a chamber maid to empty your pot so it is your responsibility) OOC: Since I am away from my bricks for an unknown amount of time I decided I would download LDD and give it a go. After a rather frustrating first couple hours and a few PM's to @Professor Thaum and @Bart (Thanks again for the help fellas) I figured out how to maneuver and manipulate the bricks the way I wanted. This marks my very first build in LDD (not counting the playing around trying to figure it out build lol) Comments and Criticism are greatly Appreciated as I want to improve my LDD skills ... also this is my first use of BlueRender no settings changed from the installed version
  20. Every time there is a build needed to fill an awkward void in my pirate layout, this warehouse design is my fall back option, again. My large fort was originally supposed to be along a side of the layout, but now I want it in the corner. This build allows me to convert the fort into a corner module and maintain my collaborative standard for joining modules. Thanks for looking.