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Found 67 results

  1. Nation: Isle of Rahz Location: Western Briouli, Studica An edge to getting the info leaked out that the CoAC was attacking grids E4 and E5 was that the RoN had a short window to set up quick defenses. Tanks can dig out a hole in the ground very quickly, almost as fast as a front-end loader. These tanks, the Rahzian Barron (The first model to be produced by Rahzian engineers to see service on another continent), arrived here a few hours ago and have entrenched themselves into the ground. This provides cover in that much less of the tank is exposed to anti-armor fire. When the fighting began here, the tanks easily defended themselves from the enemy. Most of the threats have been eliminated, so the team has called the command post to report. Command has dispatched an infantry team to their location, which should be arriving shortly. Bonus Tank shot in the spoiler, C&C Welcome! Mecabricks Model
  2. "The rebels forces on the home planet of the Gand have proved to be quite a nuisance to the lesser ranks of the empire. No longer. The deceased 'artist' known as Thrulsis spent the last 10 years of his life as an employee of various local governments on the planet. His purpose was to beautify the cities. This was all the records indicated when the planet was placed under more stringent imperial power 2 years ago. However, there is a hidden past to this artist. Every one of his pieces was actually a model of a building of other structure he designed during a past career as an Architect. Imperial obtained records conveyed none of this, and for a reason. Many of the structures he designed were in use by rebels at one stage or another. And I suspect one of his designs, found here in a museum in the core, to be a prison. And not just any prison, a prison which can hold force sensitives. It was likely intended for insane findsmen, but I suspect right now it holds a missing inquisitor." Later... "The sculpture was indeed another hidden structure, deep within a cave system. However, the contents yielded only a few suicidal rebels and another model of Thrulsis'. It would seem they attempt to throw us off permanently with this chase of models and deception. It will not. I am more persistent than their best findsman, for deception is but a delay."
  3. Umbra-Manis

    Blacktron Boval Speeder

    The Blacktron version of my Boval speeder design, being virtually identical to the CS version, except for two extra studs. C&C welcome!
  4. Umbra-Manis

    [MOC] Flaxon Speeder

    Well, here's another speeder design I came up with during the build session that produced the boval speeders. Yes, I suck at naming things. Flaxon Speeder C&C Welcome!
  5. An Excerpt from Recorin Orbi | Volume 467 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Oredurin (World Chronicler) Arcturin I "The tunnel was long. Longer than the funeral and mourning period of a Wredurin put together of darkness. This is to be expected of a disused exit from our ancient city, but having left our would for the upper in prior events via other routes, I did not expect this way to extend as it did. A band of 9 left the city, comprised of the Oredurin, the Ferdurin, an assistant Durin, and 6 soldiers who were willing to adventure. The cycle of 7634 draws to a close as we seek the Resistance of Nocturnus, to chronicle them and aid in what ways we can against Raavage, a monster of unknown origin. I'm sure if the body is intact, the Aerdurin will expect me to bring it back. The place we emerged was one of little activity, with nary a creature in sight. The march began immediately, and for the first 4 days, we saw no one, except for a large insect and a rider, high in the sky. (For more on this insect, please consult Recorin Flori V. 1698) An Excerpt from Recorin Flori | Volume 1698 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Ferdurin (Flora+Fauna Chronicler) Casoreon III "This volume is dedicated to the observation of all available info regarding the as of yet unnamed, but ride-able large, quadwinged insect seen shortly after the exit from the tunnels on the way to the Resistance of the Upper's Nocturnus. This insect can apparently support a rider and a decent amount of baggage, as evidenced by the apparent cargo of the specimen observed in flight. More data when sighted again." An excerpt from Recorin Orbi | Volume 468 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Oredurin Arcturin I "The road to the resistance camp, deep in the southern swamps, is a long one, but the journey was uneventful for the purposes of this recorin. The innumerable creatures, sentient and not, are being recorded by Casoreon and the assistant Durin as fast as they can, while retaining our standard. They have even the help of one of the soldiers, who has taken an interest in the various trees of the upper." "After several weeks we arrived at our destination and made ourselves known to the leaders of the resistance. The one called The Lord of Dragons seemed very intrigued by the methods and details of the recorins made so far, and desired copies of any to be had upon certain dragon species. After a waiting period of several days in which the leaders debated this new race, unbeknownst for so long, our band of Inani was assigned to a raid upon an outpost of the Spire, Raavage's forces, named for the obsidian spike which holds Nocturnus, and all of the Upper if he achieves victory, in an iron grip. The raid was carried out swiftly, with cries of "For Nocturnus! THE RESISTANCE!" And "For Historica!" Ringing through the halls as the soldiers from every guild destroyed every spire adherent found within. I remained in the distance, with the other commanders of different forces. The raid was led by a captain of Shadowmere, but, for the first time in thousands of Cycles, an Inani fought in the upper." "This series of events repeated itself as the Armies of free Historica marched towards the spire. The outposts grew to large castles, containing hundreds of spire soldiers, and more spire troops met us in the open field. After our second assault, the Inani were formally accepted into the ranks of the Free Peoples of Nocturnus." "After weeks of constant fighting, only the Spire itself remained. Today the entire army was called into one assembly, and as heralds spread throughout the crowd they prepared to read from a scroll written by the leaders of free Nocturnus. Suddenly, Lord Vladvius of Shadowmere himself, a warrior and leader like no other, appeared on a raised platform, a hollow cone before him amplified his voice, as he spoke these words, which are recorded unaltered, 'Nocturnians! Avalonians! Mitgardians! Kaliphinites! We are all historicans! And today we will march against the last unholy peak of Raavage, The Spire itself! We face death and destruction today, but we do this to secure the future of Historica! FOR THE NEWFOUND KING!' At that he stepped away from the cone and an Orc let out a guttural war cry which will live in the minds of all present forever. The cry was echoed by the whole army, as it surged towards the Spire." An Excerpt from Recorin Flori | Volume 1955 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Ferdurin Casoreon III "Raavage is a creature like no other. He wears heavy armor and a helm which threatens all of the Upper, yet under that helm he somehow has room for 6 horns, which must be flexible in order to avoid breaking. It is also possible that they break off and regenerate. His features are wolv-ish, but he lacks claw of any significance. Swords (2) seem to be his weapon for this battle, as he mows down many ranks, then vanishes to some high tower, according to an eagle. (See Recorin Flori V. 1820)" An Excerpt from Recorin Orbi | Volume 468 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Oredurin Arcturin I "On the peak of the tower, known as Raavage's crown, the Lord of the Spire and his loyal adherent Lord Osiris Vorn, faced down some of the greatest warriors Historica has ever seen. Vladvius of Shadowmere, Anfauglir a defector of the spire, Finn a great axe-warrior of Mitgardia, Henjin of House Quilones, an Avalonian lord, Aymeri one of Kaliphin's High-lords, and one Oredurin who's battle skills were unproven. They faced off, neither side making the first move, until Raavage lept into the air..." C&C welcome, and I hope everyone who appeared in the story liked their representation. Some decorations are missing from the warriors in the stand off due to the time involved in making new decorations for the Mecabricks library (I added the Lord Vlad ones specifically for this), but I hope to eventually make it so everyone who builds digitally has easy access to a figure of all the main characters in Historica. 3D Viewers: Emergence Outpost Raid Raavage's Crown
  6. "Guard duty can pretty boring, honestly" Corriol thought to himself, as Colonel Aprollit continued describing some mission to the captain. A note on Rahzian culture: The "A" prefix before a name indicates fatherhood, and thus wisdom. My Campaign 1 entry.
  7. Umbra-Manis

    [ESL-4A] Sea Sweeper

    The Sea Sweeper prepares for her maiden voyage as part of the Eslandian Navy. With 7 guns to a side, she will not be trifled with on the high seas. By pirates at least, the Kraken trifles at random. To be licensed by the crown. This ship (My third) uses the same rig and main outline as my previous Golden Crescent, but with several changes besides the color scheme. I raised the whole ship by a brick, as I didn't like how close the cannons were to the water, 10 guns have also been added, since this is no merchant ship. The front has been significantly reinforced, and I reworked the back to be more in line with the rest of the ship. C&C welcome!
  8. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] The End of the Journey

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Location: Current Temporary Office of CEO SpacerSteve A voice spoke over the intercom, "Holo Transmission for you sir. Broadcast content unknown." and promptly the voice faded out. Spacersteve turned to the central projector, awaiting yet another news agency requesting comment on Octan's Impending victory perhaps, or another report of equipment failing that he didn't have the people to fix. The transmission flickered into view in the shape of Captain Pangolinus, previously listed as MIA following his disappearance in Octan territory, but recently returned at the head of a battle fleet, which reports claim is engaged in heavy fighting. "Sir, if you are receiving this message, then I have given the order to abandon the Osiris, and for all MANTIS craft in the system to retreat. I will stay with my ship til the end, as my service life is nearing its end. I was given a drug which resulted in rapid deterioration of brain cells while in captivity, and the antidote I obtained from an octan facility bought me only two weeks more of brain function. It has been twelve days since that antidote and I feel myself fading back into an abyss. If you should have need of my starship designs in the future, they are in the care of the Morph Program. I will not explain where or how, but if you need them, you will find them. Agents Urtem and Aryna perished in the attempt to rescue me, honor them well. I regret that my return has been so brief, but my brain will not last. If the internal affairs department figured out where I came from, you may send my remains to rest there, if not I shall rest on Torresta. I wish a fond farewell to my fellow members of M.A.N.T.I.S. and especially my fellow pilots. This is Captain Pangolinus, Signing Off"
  9. Umbra-Manis

    Classic Space Boval Speeder

    Recently I had an Idea for a speeder chassis, and of course, I ended up with half a dozen variants. This is the first one I've rendered. The name is a result of the front looking vaguely like the head of a cow. This model has a Blacktron I brother on the way in the coming days. C&C welcome!
  10. "Good evening my fellow Rahzians, and a Island hello to any viewers tuning in from our fellow RoN countries. I'm Atoral Thriun and this is INN bringing you Tonight on the Isle." "A bit of RoN news will precede our regular local news tonight. Negotiations continue with the nation of Toohati for membership in the Republic of Nations, more on this story at 11. In the local news, the government is issuing a general recruitment call for skilled small boat helmsman, as part of an effort to form a rudimentary navy and take some of the defensive weight off of the Army and her body of volunteers. Now let's go to the weather..." First GBW build for me, hopefully I got the title right. C&C welcome!
  11. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Osiris Rising

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship A raspy voice cut through the comm silence, jolting some of the younger pilots to attention. They'd been awaiting the arrival of someone or something for several weeks in the G03 sector of the Andromeda galaxy. However, today was the first time most squadrons had been in the same area at the same time. "This is Osiris." Crackled the voice, "Prepare" "This is Captain Pangolinus. MANTIS pilots, the time is now. Octan shall remember this day, for as long as they hold on to a claim in this galaxy, this day will live in infamy in their minds. But for the great minds of MANTIS, it will be legend!" The Osiris: Now for the other ships (In spoilers) The Quaddagger Starfighter Edition
  12. Umbra-Manis

    [Bk.II.5 Cat.A] Air Mail

    For the Resistance! In Nocturnus, there are places in-acessible to even the most agile of land messengers. As all forces are needed to overthrow the spire, messengers have taken to the skies. I had better plans for this category, but a computer death threw that plan out the window. C&C Welcome! I'm also on flickr now.
  13. An Excerpt from Recorin Geni | Volume 8235 | Cometi Cycle 7634 | Wredurin (General Chronicler) Ringel IX "The great cometi has passed over the horizon yet again,and so begins the chronicle of Cometi Cycle 7634. The oredurin (Travelling Chronicler), Arcturin, has convinced the Ovesin (Council) to allow a small force to join him in support of an Alliance formed in the blazing upper. He says that all Inani need fear if the war for the upper goes the way of some Raavage. After much consideration, and Arcturin convincing the Ovesin that he will take records of all events which he observes in triplicate, and ensure that at least one copy returns to Vacunani, he was granted his wish. The Ovesin ordered the great drums to be sounded for the first time since the passing of my predecessor, Cassor XV nearly 40 cycles ago. Arcturin's group, however left via a side passage, so the Grand Portal of Lurtin remains closed, as it has for over 6800 cycles." It's nice to get a freebuild done! This is my first freebuild of 2017, and the first dive into developing the lore behind the Inani. Feel free to ask any questions, and C&C welcome!
  14. Class: 3T2 (Utilizing the Ol's Best license) A new ship sets sail for the first time. Or maybe not, that guy looks way too lazy to have been hired recently. So I finally built a second ship, after swearing off ships following my first one. I took it much slower with this one, but now some kind of bug has bitten me and I have more ships in progress, C&C welcome!
  15. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Going Up

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship Previously "Your shuttle has landed sir. Please embark immediately for your chosen destination." "Very well. I have no intention of ever seeing this planet's surface again" C&C welcome!
  16. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] A Fiery Farewell

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: None Another time, another place. A final farewell. "Comm Auth Code: Alpha Rubicon Delta. Osiris Division. Get me a God Damn ship." "Who the-" *Click*
  17. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] The Pylaton Heavy Fighter

    Tags; Spaceship Location: G03 - New California The MANTIS engineers continue their innovations, this time with a heavy fighter packing numerous laser cannons and a heavy gun mounted on the under side. This model is being flown by a drone, but it accommodates a regularly built pilot, provided their helmet isn't huge. The pylons extending from the back of the ship rotate to provide greater maneuverability, as well as emitting electric pulses. The cockpit section can separate from the main engine and pylon section in order to escape or to detonate a large ion/electric pulse. Fleet Deployment is effective immediately, and Experienced combat pilot are recommended. My latest craft! C&C welcome!
  18. Umbra-Manis

    Candy Cane Starfighter

    I wanted to build something small and holiday themed today, but I also had an itch to build microscale Sci-fi. Solution: A Candy Cane Starfighter! (I'm not sure how stable this design is, but it looks cool) 3D view on Mecabricks: Merry Christmas!
  19. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] There is No Stopping Now

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship The shipyards of M.A.N.T.I.S. are running full tilt, 24/7 constantly cranking out new designs and mass numbers of older craft. The latest design is a simple pod, built for pure speed in order to get commandos to the surface of a planet or the hull of an enemy ship. To make up for this craft's lack of weapons are strong armor, an old experimental design has been updated, given increased weaponry, and put into mass production. This design was christened the Bulletblade. The Pod The Bulletblade Testing on using Bulletblades to protect drop runs by the pods is nearly complete, and both craft will soon enter main fleet service. The bulletblade is an update of a design used in one of the challenges, so judge it as you see fit. The pod is new. C&C welcome!
  20. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Romgal Squadron

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship The Reaper, a design which spent ages in the engineering workshops of MANTIS, pursuing the perfect blend of atmospheric maneuverability and deep space range, and packing some big guns to boot, has finally emerged from an orbital factory, the location of which is classified. To make use of the new design a new squadron has been formed, drawing from MANTIS' elite pilots. Romgal Squadron was the result, and it is currently deployed in the Sector around New California. Fleet Command: Romgal leader, do not acknowledge and preserve your position. Execute scramble code Oscar-Foxtrot-Alpha. That is All. C&C Welcome!
  21. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G03] Zircon Squadron

    Location: G03 - New California Tags: Spaceship *Crackle* Fleet Command: Zircon Two come in, Zircon leader is unresponsive. Zircon Two: .... . ·----· ... -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. - .-.. -.-- .-. . ..-. ..- . .-.. .. -. --. --··-- .-- .... .. -.-. .... .. ... .-- .... -.-- -.-- --- ..- -.-. .- -. ·----· - .-. . .- -.-. .... .... .. -- ·-·-·- Fleet Command: What the hell did you say? *Muffled* Officer: Are you talking to Zircon? Those weird as hell sentient things only speak in morse code. The can speak in other forms, since they possess a learning AI , but they choose not too. *Normal* Zircon Two: --.. .. .-. -.-. --- -. .-.. . .- -.. . .-. .. ... -... .- -.-. -.- --- -. .... .. ... ... .... .. .--. --··-- .- -. -.. -. --- .-- .. ... .- ...- .- .. .-.. .- -... .-.. . ..-. --- .-. -.-. --- -. - .- -.-. - ...- .. .- -.-. --- -- -- ... ·-·-·- Fleet Command: *Turns on translator* Umm, ok. I think. Zircon Leader we need you to execute scramble code Oscar-Foxtrot-Alpha. Zircon Leader: --.. .. .-. -.-. --- -. .-.. . .- -.. . .-. --··-- - .... .. ... .. ... ·-·-·- .-. . .--. .-. --- --. .-. .- -- -- . -.. -- -.-- ... . .-.. ..-. - --- -... . . . . . . . . . . . . . --- -. .... .. --. .... -.-- --- -.. .- -- --- --- --- --- -.. . --··-- .. .... .- ...- . .-.. .. -.- . ·-·-·- -- .- -. --··-- ... --- .-- .... .- - -. . . -.. -- . - --- -.. --- --··-- -.. .. -.. -.-- --- --- --- --- ..- ··--·· Fleet Command: What the megablocks? *Exasperated sigh* Zircon Two, you're temporarily in command, follow the code. The version of the ZipRing in the individual photo is slightly better than the one in the group shot, which has some older pieces. Read the spoilers for translations of the pilot drones! C&C welcome!
  22. Umbra-Manis

    [M-F04] Vorpal Squadron

    Location: F04 - Illustria Tags: Spaceship *Static* Fleet Command: Vorpal Leader come in, repeat vorpal leader. This is fleet command. Switch to secure transmitter. Vorpal Leader: Copy command. Fleet command: We are instigating scramble code Oscar-Foxtrot-Alpha, you need to get the entire squadron active and on duty. Any octan ship you encounter, you obliterate it or you capture it. Any pirates, you blow their gold plated grins to smithereens. Are we clear Commander? Vorpal Leader: Crystal. Fleet Command: Very well. Ending Transmission. Vorpal Leader: WE'RE MOVING OUT! TO THE VORTEXES! GO! GO! GO! There was supposed to be a render of multiple vortexes, but my rendering program is acting up. It's nice to be back to building for AG. C&C welcome!
  23. Sailda Este, Ferro Azure The latest expansion for Salida Este is the addition of a ship registry office for all incoming ships and their captains. Unless said Captain is Marderian, than the Jail registry will suffice. In case you missed it, the entire building is upside down! (I was bored) Registered as a Small Commerce.
  24. Obstacle courses in the Andromeda Olympics are a lot more challenging than ones one earth. For one thing, these races have very low gravity. For another it's in an asteroid field. Imagine running through a sand storm, but instead of sand, it's boulders and small mountains. And there's no solid ground to be found anywhere. All existing pieces. C&C welcome!
  25. Ok, I'm going to cut the chase: I have no idea what the hell this thing is, or what it's supposed to be! And I helped build it! And the name isn't anything useful either, EFW just stand for Engine, Frame, Wheels. Size Proof: This thing turned out Bizarre! C&C welcome!