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  1. SarahJoy

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Best of luck with the reno and that 8 week timeline!
  2. SarahJoy

    The Guild's Weekly

    I agree. Nearly any of us could be featured for this!
  3. SarahJoy

    Prison Break

    Nice little build! I love the action and minifig posing.
  4. SarahJoy

    Marching to War

    You're showing a lot of improvement! I think the decision to focus on quality rather than size was a good one.
  5. SarahJoy

    The gates of Petraea

    Gorgeous build! The scale and detail is impressive!
  6. SarahJoy

    The Guild's Weekly

    I'be been enjoying the weekly selection of builds. Other ideas I like: - featured builders - tutorials / featured techniques - AoM (say, a few examples of the progression of stages of farming) - UoP (say, a few examples of one of the required builds) - Historican Settlements (Task 4) -- feature member-built settlements - thematic sets of builds -- swamps, trees, taverns, stables, graveyards, etc. - legendary builds/builders of Historica, like the lighthouse of Barqa - have members submit proposals for features, with links to the relevant builds
  7. SarahJoy

    Arangr Castle: Winter

    Very cool series! The change in landscape is nice, and I've really enjoyed the shift in Minifig activities, indoor and exterior, through the series. Are you familiar with Monet's Haystack series and his Rouen Cathedral series? Monet is not really my jam, but your work here reminded me of his studies of shifting light. That's the only thing I wish this series had (and would be seriously difficult/a pain to do -- capture the different lighting qualities of the seasons.) Ok, I'm rambling. Great work, as always. :)
  8. SarahJoy

    AoM: Storehouse: Phase 2: Daydelon Warehouse

    Fabulous wooden building! I really enjoy the shape and the use of dark brown mixed in.
  9. SarahJoy

    The Algus Saga: Mourning the Fallen

    Beautiful build! There are so many details to enjoy -- the trees, the architectural details of the chapel, that roof, the stone wall, the existing tombstone, and of course the grave itself. Your work continues to be an inspiration.
  10. SarahJoy

    War Has Returned

    Super cool build! Excellent work interpreting the inspiration picture into bricks.
  11. SarahJoy

    Skavenport Bakery and Brewery

    Reinheitsgebot! Great build -- I seriously love all the details of the brewing process. Is that malting barley in the attic?
  12. Nicely done little scene. The fallen pillar is a nice touch. I agree with Kai that the road is a bit BOLOCs, but it's a minor distraction. +1 for the UoP credits. The foliage is a bit smaller than I'd like, but it's well done.
  13. SarahJoy

    Charlemagne's Residence in Budd-apest

    I love all the vegetation in this build! Nice work with the Kali architecture, too. I agree with brickcurve, some groundscaping would improve the build, but I really like the build overall.
  14. Wow! The interior scene is very nice, but that Arch -- gorgeous work! Looking forward to more Resistance stories!
  15. SarahJoy

    The Frozen Beyond, Voting Time!

    A: one point each to Gideon, Halhi, and Soccerkid. B: one point each to Extrius, Gideon, and Soccerkid. C: one point each to Halhi, LittleJohn, and Simon S.