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  1. I guess I will take a try. 1.) No 2.) Yes 3.) A ghost
  2. This looks interesting, I play a lot of Town of that similar to this?
  3. [MOC] AT-AT almost done.

    Is that lego?! It looks beautiful.
  4. Minifig Contest Voting

    1.9 2. 14 Great entres to all.
  5. I was given two additional troops to aid me on my journey. As I was walking I felt something.. Thinking to myself "I feel like someone from my past is here...." "but she was on Alderaan...." "and it..." "I also feel my..." "but he was with her..." Suddenly one of the troopers says. "Sir up ahead its the Jedi!" "Hands..." Before I could finish he said. [url= "I surrender" Then he hands me his light saber. "You (pointing to the trooper in the back) call a speeder bike, we need to get this Jedi to Lord Vader" "Yes sir" The spy's say whispering "Sharp, we found Charlie" "Finally, we can bring my brother home" For movement we would like to move to the left
  6. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Thanks for reminding me, I have a build but life has interfered, thanks @MKJoshA for allowing a by for this, It should be posted soon.
  7. Naboo N-1 Starfighter Evolved MOC

    Interesting build, I like it! It kind of reminds me of General Grievous ship.
  8. (MOC) Shadow Squadron Microfighters

    I really like them! My favorite is the Tie Bomber.
  9. We have been traveling for days. We are out of food, amo, and troops. Then I see a bunker not in the best condition but it will have to do. DSCF0361[1] by IMG_6747 by Identify yourself!!! I reply IMG_6747 by Carlos Apodaca, on Flickr I am CM-4603. Me and my squad are heading to the shield generator. He says IMG_6747 by [url= Ok, we can take that prisoner off your hands, if it helps? I reply IMG_6747 by Thank you. He says IMG_6747 by You and your squad are welcome to stay here and get some rest. Movement is up to I-18, right to collect bonus, then straight down.
  10. The Brick of Nations

    Andrew Brick Ambassador of Tyera They fought to protect the citizens?! RON where the ones who evacuated all citizens not just our own. What ever lies you have been told by COAC has brought you down a dark path. I pray you will see your errors. The nation of Tyera declares war on Alsarh!
  11. Lego republic base on unnamed planet

    Nice build! Do you have enough film to make a teaser tralier? That would be cool to see.
  12. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    LDD is allowed.
  13. Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Alright, thanks @MKJoshA and @Cody Startale for the help.