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  1. May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    Do app games count?
  2. Filling out my collection & eBay

    I have heard of this problem before, I'm not sure if the ones you have are fake or custom.
  3. Oh, sorry I missed that. This might sound odd but it was Tarkin. I dint want to say earlier because if he was Godfather I would be lynched right now, or dead for that matter. No one trusted me before, and if I said he was town forget it. Just saw this, and it makes sence. Unvote:Captain Needa(Khscarymovie) Vote:Grand Admiral Thrawn(mediumsnowman)
  4. Vote: Captain Needa(Khscarymovie4) Why vote Thrawn? He may be Godfather but at least I have info that says it's most likely Needa! Like Thrawn said use your heads!
  5. I am Investigator! The only other things to note is that Greer is a neutral. If he is a Godfather than thats is something to note. Either way I say we do lynch Needa first.
  6. I can confirm Thrawn as Town, I investigated him last night. He did show up as a loyalist!
  7. Three Tyeraian troops in police disguise ride towards the weapons test site Echo. The soldiers inside thinking them to be here for the inspection open the gate. As this happens multiple Tyeraian troops come in from different directions. The man in charge of the base walks towards the police officer. He asks him for the secret pass code He responds with "Your all dead unless you show me where the nuke is!" After he said that a battle broke out. It was only do to the surprise of the attack and the hidden troops surrounding the base. After the Xenor troops were either killed or captured they went inside the cave.
  8. @mediumsnowman
  9. He could be trying to trick us. Also, I do not see your vote anywhere. Care to share why? There has to be someone you suspect, the only thing you have basically said is "not really sure Tarkin is a traditor" is different ways.
  10. I have sat back a bit to see what might happen. I did read through some of the past few days and Tarkin seems to have defended traitors. He was one he pushed for a no-vote on day 1, if I am not mistaken. Vote: Grand Moff Tarkin (legomonorailfan)
  11. Well that's a great night! What's the average amount of traitors in a game?
  12. Here are all votes from the previous day, I hope this helps us today.
  13. Sorry I am late, thought when they said the meeting is in 4B I thought they meant the Star Destroyer Forbidden. It seems that all I missed is that we are trying to connect dots from little to nothing. Yesterday was useless! We got little to no info, today we need something. If we lynch we can look at all the vote patterns and have 1 less suspect and lots of info. Unfortunately I have zero idea who to vote.
  14. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I am not officially part of the guild yet, but once book 3 comes I will join.
  15. So it appears that my vote is getting me killed. I guess in my experiences in the empire have made me periniod and even if I know its a joke I take it too far. Unvote:Admiral Motti (mostlytechnic) Not sure why some people are trying to push for a no Lynch. Spy or no Spy it helps the next day. Yet after so many people agreed a no lynch helps only traditors Tarkin still thinks it helps? Vote: Tarkin(LegoMonorailfan)