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  1. I will also keep my country.
  2. LegoRacer1

    Suggestions for next SW contest

    How about a Clone Wars contest? Building your favorite scene from the tv show.
  3. LegoRacer1

    Kintobor's Cosplay Mafia: Sign Ups

    I wish I could play this mafia game but I have no time . Sorry.
  4. LegoRacer1

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Also try to get to 10 post so you have access to the personal messenger.
  5. LegoRacer1

    Lego Star Wars Secrets of the Data Disk

    I really enjoyed it, very nice brickfilm. Can't wait to see what other brickfilms you will make in the future.
  6. LegoRacer1

    Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    I will stay.
  7. Military Base Oscar: Quarter Mile Away The Tyerian troops ran towards the bunker to seize control. They where lucky enough to be far away from Haams, so they did't need too much gear to protect against radiation. Most of the troops knew that this would be easy becuase the bunker had be bombed before. So most of the troops, and equipment, where destroyed. I They knew that they had to clear this so other troops can move in to take Oscar. After they took out the few troops left in the trench, and blew up the top men, they went in. Easily taking out the few scattered troops, with only a few causalities. The Tyerian troops took the bottom they went up. They secured the bunker and informed the rest of RON.
  8. I'm not sure if you have checked them out yet but Brickmania makes some decals for military figures. Link Here
  9. LegoRacer1

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I'm joining as well for Book III, even though I will miss a couple challenges. Legith Rancer The 1st: A ordinary farmer who trained in fighting to protect his small town. When he was on duty he saw something move, next thing he remembers is waking up and finding his town burned, and people killed by Orcs of Nocturnus. He now joins to fight to prevent other towns from suffering this fate. Image to come soon.
  10. LegoRacer1

    GoH Book III

    Lol, same for me. I also would like to join Avalonia. I may not make all challenges, but I will be there for important ones.
  11. LegoRacer1

    The Brick of Nations

    Andrew Bricks-Tyera Ambassador to the BON "This is interesting. How do we know this is not a trick to make RON go after only one site so you can take Xenor for yourselves? What guarantee can you give us? If we do this then what? Are we supposed to divide Xenor in half?"
  12. LegoRacer1

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Thanks to all who made this game possible. I wish I had been able to summit more builds. I'm in for SoNE 2.0 for sure!.....but I have a build that no one will see coming! I have been planning it since before this episode started.
  13. LegoRacer1

    May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    I am done! Not the best title but eh. Thanks @MKJoshA for hosting this contest, and allowing my late entry.
  14. The Screenshot is from Jongo Phett on youtube.
  15. LegoRacer1

    May 2018: Star Wars Epic Re-creation Contest

    Whoops, forgot about the deadline on this. Since there needs to be 10 entries for prizes I will post my build asp. It should be up in about 3hours. Thanks again @MKJoshA.