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Found 29 results

  1. Anyone here has found a safe way to create transparent green color Lego pieces out of Trans clear pieces? Just like the Turmeric technique to create trans yellow pieces.
  2. I always build my MOCs in Studio first, and time and time again I found myself wishing I had a Lego color chart that would not only be a reference to identify colors, but would also help me decide on colors for my designs by allowing me to try out different patterns, so I created this: (Click on it to see the full size. It shows colors as rendered in Studio with these settings: Asteroid, Intensity 1.) At the moment, it’s not possible to build it, because many colors don’t exist as 1x1 bricks or 1x4 tiles, but I would really like to have this made of real bricks, so I also submitted it on Lego Ideas. The cards could then be used like paint swatches, you could hold a card against a MOC you are building to see which color would look best for a certain part. And the 1x1 bricks (plus 1x2 tiles for transparent colors) would allow us to experiment with colors and try out different color patterns, like this: I also designed a little display stand to hold the cards: If Lego releases new colors, it would be easy to update the cards either by expanding them with a second plate or by replacing colors that you don’t use often with the new colors and keeping those that you rarely use on an extra plate that you store away. Lego could sell the parts you need to update your chart in the ‘Pick a Brick’ section. I have also considered the possibility that it might not be possible anymore to manufacture some of the older colors. If that is the case, my proposal would be to print a background as close as possible to the color it should be on white tiles and white bricks so you can still get a good idea of how it looks. You would then have the possibility to replace those printed bricks with already existing bricks of that color if you wish, which would be better than not having them at all. (But at the end of the day, Lego would decide which colors they want to include or not.) I know that only very few ideas have been approved by Lego lately, so if you can think of any improvement that you feel might give it a better chance of being approved by Lego, let me know. Here is the link if you would like to support it on Lego Ideas:
  3. A little something I threw together to make my life easier when creating custom LEGO decorations for LEGO Digital Designer. These are color swatch sets for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, featuring all current brick colors (according to BrickLink), with black and white color corrected to match LDD's black and white. The Illustrator set is organized by catagory, and since the Photoshop swatch system doesn't allow for this, each catagory is its own set. Even though these are brick colors and not decoration colors, it seems to me that most decorations tend not to stray very far from this palette. Download Illustrator Swatches To install the Illustrator swatches, download the file and place it in "C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator [VERSION NUMBER] Settings\en_US\x64\Swatches". Once in Illustrator, open the Swatches window, and from the dropdown in the corner of the window choose "Open Swatch Library>User Defined>Lego Colors". Download Photoshop Swatches To install the Photoshop swatches, unzip the file and drop the *.ago files into "C:\Users\[YOUR NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop [VERSION NUMBER]\Presets\Color Swatches". Then go to the dropdown menu in the corner of the Swatches pane and select "Replace Swatches", and pick the one you want.
  4. Stoffer70

    Color Explosion

    This colorful LEGO mosaic of mine was made in Jan. 2022. Color Explosion by c.behrens, on Flickr It is made of 4 x 9 = 36 stk. 32 x 32 LEGO baseplates. It gives a total of 36.864 studs or 1 x 1 LEGO bricks. It measures 102 x 230 cm.I have used bricks and not plates. There is used a total of ca. 18 kg LEGO bricks included baseplates.It contains a total of 64 different colored LEGO bricks. It was my goal to get as many different LEGO colors in it as possible. The brand new 2022 color Neon Yellow is also in it. And also the color Light Nougat that is new in basic bricks is in it.It even contains a Metallic Silver brick in the middle and also a 1 x 1 brick in Pearl Gold rains as stardust over the artist name. In the middle there is a ring of "fire" that is made of the brick color Glow In Dark White. That way the picture attracts attention even in the night.The picture has the working title of Color Explosion, but I have 21 suggestion for new / better / other titles:1. Ring of Fire (Refers to the glow in the night)2. Color Explosion3. Life is in Colors4. Big Bang5. The Creation6. LEGO Colors7. LEGO Explosion8. Colors9. Color Circle10. Paletton11. RGB (RGB stands for the three primary colors red, green and blue)12. Color wheel13. Color art14. HOT15. Colored16. Orgasm17. Genesis18. Colorpalette19. Colorful20. 64 (Refers to the total number of colors)21. The picture with the many names.The picture hangs in my bedroom at the end of my bed. In that way I have a beautiful "sunrise" every morning and it reminds me of the creation of the world, the big bang, - or the beginning of a new and wonderful day. And it also reminds me that life comes in many colors and shades. There are sad gray days and those wonderful bright days where everything shines. Lifes ups and downs.In the evening when I go tired to bed it reminds my of, that it would be nice with a lovely colorful and explosive orgasm. So you understand that it is a nice colorful picture to have in my bedroom.What do you think of it? Do you have a good name for it? Or what name do you find the best?Please comment and post below! Leg godt! Christoffer Behrens - Denmark Member of
  5. Antha

    Two Men episode 2

    Two Men, my latest creation, Lego and friendship... I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a colourful and friendly 2021 and thank you if you have the time to support me on Lego Ideas
  6. Hello! I recently bought a 3D printer and I am trying to make my own custom Lego pieces. Spray paint sticks to the custom pieces quite well, but it's being hard for me to find the right colors to match the LEGO ones. Can anyone recommend brands of spray paint for specific colors? Or maybe techniques used? I'm looking in particular for Flat Dark Gold and Flat Silver, but I'd be interested in any color you have experience with, for future reference. Thanks everybody, hopefully this topic can become a little database for people in my situation.
  7. Hello everybody, I'd like to recolor some Bionicle pieces to make some 2003 style Matorans (Kongu, Tamaru, Onepu, Damek). However, because there are socket balls articulations involved, I thought it might be better to dye the parts instead of painting them. I've seen some videos about dyeing LEGO using Rit dye (this video was most helpful). I was wondering, though, if anybody ever made a guide on how to obtain results as close to the actual LEGO colors as possible (brands, ratio dye/water, timing etc). I'm mostly interested in Teal, Purple (the old one, prior to 2004) and Lime, but I think any information would be interesting for the community. Thanks!
  8. bartneck

    LEGO Color Guide

    Hello, The third edition of The Unofficial LEGO Color Guide is now available. It includes two new colors and many design improvements. I am finally pretty much satisfied with the book. Please notice that the printing process remains a challenge since CMYK printing is not able to accurately reproduce some LEGO colors, in particular light greens. If you want the maximum color accuracy then you need to purchase the PDF version. Your computer screen is much better at showing colors than pigment based printing.
  9. rmontesb

    LEGO 497 Galaxy Explorer

    I´m in the process of reconstructing/replicate the Lego 497 Galaxy Explorer set. With respect to the colors of the gary bricks, some e-sellers identify them as being "Light Gray" or "Medium Stone Gray". Which is the correct color for the set? Thanks in advanced for your assured response.
  10. So, I've been doing some building lately with brown plates, and I've noticed they're a little brittle, and break easily. The problem with brown by North White, on Flickr Are my pieces just old or something, or is this a common problem?
  11. The chosen Heroes all stepped off their respective boats in the docks at Carthago. The city's hot sun beat down on the Heroes. Some locals looked in awe at the newcomers. Others, having dealt with Heroes before, seemed to pay no heed. Only the guards truly watched closely. The chosen met on the largest pier and looked back into the city. Before they sailed off, they each receieved a letter saying their man Wilfred was around this very pier. All they had to do now was find him. The Party Vindsval Half-Born (Asphalt) 39 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 38 Vindicator *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened, Effects* Immune to Dark & Demonic enemies Attacks cause Enraged, Burning 10, Poisoned 7, and Cursed. Power: 97 (38+50+1+1+6+1) Power Bonus +9 (Armor +6, Henry's +2, Zoot's cookie +1) Defense: 30 Health: 61/61 (9+33+15) Ether: 42/42 (5+37) Gold: 664 Equipment: Ludeus: WP: 25(50 with arm) Glowing Blade forged from the body of Immortalis. Be free from your endless burden, argent lord of lightning, and allow this blade to carry on your legacy. Successful hits have a 1/3 chance of Awakening the blade's true power, doubling the sword's WP for the next round. Doubling does not compound. Greatsword/Longsword. Shikokku's Stealth Suit (SP:7; Power +6, User is immune to Dark & Demonic enemies; Body, Head and Backwear counts as 1 Artefact) Mythril Shield (SP: 20 Shield) Mechanical Arm (Doubles WP for the equipped weapon; wearer cannot become disarmed; suitable for Vindsval only; handwear) Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity toAsleep,Blinded,Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji) Inventory: Consumables: 4X Mead, Smelling Salts, 5X Remedy, Potion, 11X Grand Potion, 3X Smoke Bomb, 3X Tonic, 4X Venom (poison -1), 3X Deadly Poison (Poison -10), Banana, Poison Bomb, 4X Hurricane - This exotic drink grants the Hilariously and Luckily Drunk-effect, doubling the power of every attack, provided the consumer can state a pun related to his attack with every attack for the duration of one battle, Bone, Fenghuang Essence, Agni Bomb, Elixir, Myrrh, Soma, 2X Phoenix Essence, Candy Cane (Restores 10 Health and 5 Ether), Health Core, Bag of Wonder (Summons a random Decamon that joins the battle for 5 rounds. 10 uses remaining, Consumable) 3X Mulled Wine, 3X Ambrosia Misc: Mythril Shard, 4X Grating Stone, Bag of Wonder (Summons a random Decamon that joins the battle for 5 rounds. 10 uses remaining, Consumable), Weapons And Shields Very Pink Parasol: Broomstick, WP:1, Male enemies are Enamored with the hero Xeno Whip (WP:4, poisoning the Xeno Whip doubles the poison output, whip) Ignis Blade (WP 5, Fire Elemental, Also ignore SP of foes weak to fire (Beasts, Icey, and Plants) Gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; Great Sword) Gaia Blade (WP 5, Wood Elemental, Also ignore SP of foes weak to wood (aquatic and rock) Gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; Great Sword) Witch's Hammer (WP 8, Poison 10, Hammer) Leets d’Loc (WP:9, ice-elemental longsword) Verkenner (WP:10, Broomstick,ranged) Renegade’s Crook (WP: 10, successful healing also poisons the target’s weapon by 3, staff) Undead Antlers (WP: 10, Grants Intimidation, Darkness Elemental, Halberd) Simurgh Wingblade (WP:12, cannot be used with a shield; great-sword) Twin Sai (WP: 12, dual strike, dagger) Stygian Blade (WP: 12, Longsword: WP doubled when using it against an Ethereal or Ancient enemy. The aura it exudes seems to be very cold, very luminescent water, the blade of Charon, the Angel of Death.) Crystal Blade: WP: 16, Greatsword. Imbued with a diamond, as is light-elemental as a result. A transparent blade that the fallen angel Glaz wielded Wrath Lance (WP:16, causes enraged and burning 10, poison 7 and cursed; Darkness and Fire Elemental, lance) Artefacts: Toxic Hood: (Headwear. The green hood worn by the Rosalia Pestilence. Changes the poisoned effect, to Blessed for the duration of the battle if poisoned while wearing the hood, Usable by all.) Ten-Gallon Hat: Gives the wearer the "Tourist" effect, causing no one to take them seriously) Gloves of the Hypocritical/Hippocratic Oath, Handwear, (Adds +10 to healing for characters with the Healing job trait and + 10 Poisoning for characters with the Wicked (or future equivalent) fighting style ) Mythril Mail (SP:10; suitable to knights and barbarians only; bodywear) Anniversary Medal (Power +5, SP +5, Max Health +5, Max Ether +5. Values increase by 1 with each passing year; Accessory) Gauntlets of the Legionnaire (Power +5, immune to Petrified, Handwear) Wanderer's Seal (Vindicator's Seal, grants access to the Vindicator job class; suitable to followers of the Wanderer only) Multi-tool Attachment (Artificial arm, Enables user to ignore the weapon restrictions of their class excluding Shields, Handwear, Suitable for Vindsval) Gems: Emerald X2, Aquamarine , Garnet, Opal, Topaz, Diamond Scrolls, Scroll of Poisoning. Can be cast on a weapon to give it Poison 10, for the duration of the battle at the cost of 5 Ether. Scroll of Frailty (Enables casting the Fragile effect to one target for three round. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.) Decamon Cards: Cherub (Luminous 3) Tools: Bed Roll, Shovel, Magic Compass Paladin Petaldan Parfenius (Played by Palathadric) 5-year-old male "wonder" Knight *Immune to *Stunned*, *Bound*, *Petrified**and *Rock (Earth)*-Elemental Damage Level: 12 Power: 17 Defense: 9 Health: 23/23 10+11+2* Gold: 98 Equipment: Brine Blade (WP: 5, 1/6 chance to trigger a Flood (see Weather Mage) when dealing damage, Longsword), Shield (SP: 5; Shield), Gloves of the Boy Wonder (SP:2; immunity to *Stunned*, *Bound*, and *Petrified*; suitable to Petaldan only; handwear), Really Hard Helmet (SP: 2, Immunity to Rock) Inventory: Weapons: Slimy Sword (WP:20, can be split into several weaker Slimy Swords or combined with other Slimy Swords to increase WP and split apart again at any time, Longsword) Artifacts: Baron's Oversized Hat (wearer is permanently Encouraged and Slowed; headwear), Cloak of Innocence (SP: 3; grants the wearer immunity to Darkness, if the health of the wearer is below 50% the wearer is also *Blessed*; Backwear; Suitable for Petaldan only) Gems: Emerald Consumables: Grand Potion x 2, Remedy x 2, Phoenix Essence, Ambrosia, Smoke Bomb x 6, Fire Bomb, Level-Up Mushroom Tools: Bedroll, Etherium Ore (may applied to one weapon to allow it to deal the Sealed-effect permanently), Letter of Recommendation (Increases reputation with one of the seven main factions depending on the user's choice.) *Greasy Sausage Addok-Zo Obbex (Goliath) 135 year old Male Wakorian RangerLevel 7Power: 18 (7 + 11) Defense: 0Health: 8/12 Gold: 125Equipment: Crossbow (wp:11), Scavenger's Toolkit (Replaces the user's '4' roll with ENHANCEMENT (see Artisan); accessory, suitable to Addok-Zo only) Weapon and Armor: Bandits crossbow (WP.5, Crossbow), Jury-Rigged Long Hand Cannon (WP:3), Pugilist’s Gloves (Power +2, protects from weakened-effect; handwear.), Leather ArmorInventory: 1 Mead, 4 Potion, 1 Smoke Bomb, 2 Venom, 1 Fire Bomb, 1 lightningbombs, 1 Carrion beetle horn (The horn can be attached to any blunt weapon to permanently deal Bleeding 2 effect) (but also including spears, polearms, handcannons etc. Only swordlike weapons are excluded), bone. * Additional +1 health from eating a moldy sausage. (Quest 154) Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus)42 year old male human SorcererLevel 21.67 *Immune to Wood and Fire, Sealed and Blindness* *Enemies that hit Ezeran become slowed*Power Bonus: 3 (+2 spellpower)Defense: 5Health: 35/35Ether: 29/29Gold: 313Equipment: Ooze Wand (WP: 10, 1/3 chance to Slow), Sneezing Demon (SP:2; enemies that hit the wearer become slowed; immunity to wood, fire and blindness, suitable to Ezeran only; bodywear), Etherium Pauldrons (SP:3, immune to sealed; backwear), Sedge hat (Max. Ether +4; headwear)Inventory: Weapons - Trickster’s Baubel (WP:6, each hit causes one random effect: stunned, poisoned by 1, asleep, blinded, sealed or confused; wand), Ancient Sapphamber Staff (WP:8, doubled against Ancient enemies, staff), Simple Staff (WP: 10)Artifacts - Hood of the Elementalist (SP:1, *Absorbs darkness*; headwear, suitable to anyone), Pointy Hat, Mage's Muffler, Bad Luck Charm, White Ninja Cowl, Begone with the Winds (Allows access to the Weather Mage Class, Accessory)Gems - Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Diamond (Light), Sapphire (wind), Amethyst (Darkness)Consumables - 5x grand potions, 5x grand tonics, 3x Remedy, 2x smelling salts, ether core, nostrums, 2x Smoke Bomb, myrrh, venom, Mulled Wine, Pickled Mushroom, Soma, Bright PolishTools - Crescent Seal (+2 Power, +1 Free item usage during the first round of battle), Bedroll, Shovel Matthias @StickFig Level 29⅔ Druid *Immune to Earth, Ice, and Water* *Immune to Blinded, Bound, Fragile, Sealed, and Slowed* *½ chance immunity to Asleep* *Deals Fragile* *Gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed*Power Bonus: 15 Defense: 7 Health: 41/41Ether: 30/30 Gold: 435 Abilities: Bearer of the Anvil (Matthias may sacrifice his turn to add his WP or SP to another heroes for the round; he may also improve one weapon at the end of each quest [+1 WP]), Immortal Waters (Once per quest, Matthias can heal himself to full health and remove all negative effects during combat; this does not take up an action) Equipment: Ethereal Restored Fireball Extraordinaire (WP:12; also hits enemies listed above and below the target; Darkness-, Ice-, and Lightning-elemental; deals Fragile; user is Slowed; hand cannon), Ethereal Steampunk Stovepipe (SP:1; immunity to Earth and Water; protects from Blinded and Sealed; ½ chance to protect from Asleep-effect; suitable for men; headwear), Hunter's Plate (SP:4; wearer gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed; suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and winged warriors) (Dreyrugr), Ethereal Rocket Boots (SP:2; immunity to Ice; protects from Bound, Fragile, and Slowed effects; footwear), Sungold Seal (+3 power, +2 health) Inventory: Ethereal XX Handcannon Replica (WP:12, pierces defense, Fire- and Light-elemental, deals Afraid, hand cannon), Peashooter (WP:2, deals Burning -2, hand cannon), Stave of Grasping Thorns (WP:15; Roots of Life triggers a Kudzu (see Weather Mage); staff), Tinkerer's Wrench (WP:10; double WP against Mechanical; ranged, retrievable, throwing weapon), Dapper Hat (This amazingly dapper hat gives the wearer a ⅙ chance of being Encouraged at the start of any battle, headwear), Trickster's Mask of the Human (Changes the wearer into a human of the same gender when worn, accessory), 2x Adamantite Shard (¼ of a full Adamantite ore, used for adamantizing weapons), 8x Bone (Distracts the target for the duration of 1 round, preventing Free Hits; worth 5 gold in magic shops), Candy Cane (Restores 10 Health and 5 Ether), Deadly Venom, 3x Elixir, Emergency Essence, Grand Potion, Grand Tonic, 2x Grating Stone, 5x Nostrum, Potion, 2x Red Death Blood, 3x Remedy, 4x Shattering Arrow (Lowers enemy SP by 5, suitable for classes with bows and crossbows), 5x Smelling Salts, 3x Tonic, Zhar-ptitsa Incense (Revives all party members to full health and grants the Blessed, Reinforced, and Transcended effects, consumable), Bedroll, Magic Compass, 3x Fire Bomb, Skadi Bomb, Smoke Bomb Quest Items: Guffington's Seal (Proves the hero is a Friend of Guffington - the hero starts every quest with one Hero's Cocktail (Makes the hero Encouraged, Hastened, Lucky, and Inspired, consumable)) Glory Points: 44 Reputation: Bonaparte, Hinckwell Check over everything to make sure everything is ready to go. I'm really excited for you guys to take part of the final part of the Tridentia arc. Have fun!
  12. There has been quite some discussion about the new color schemes and color palettes. This topic is to discuss these new colors....we have been asking for for years
  13. Capparezza

    LEGO Colour Questions

    Hey there! Couldn't find any suitable thread so I thought I'd start one What's the purpose? Finding and gathering information about colours which have been used by Lego and for LEGO pieces. To start it off, I have quite a simple question: I have the chance to get my hands on Set 7047. I was wondering if the colour used for the water on the included baseplate is matching normal 32x32 baseplates in Blue?
  14. Hello I'm still very new in the Lego hobby as an AFOL, so please do not be too strict if my question is for a "professional" banal or sounds stupid. How do I clearly recognize the right Bricklinks color name of a Lego element that I have in fact as an object in front of me? The fact is that the color perception depends on the light with which an object is illuminated and thus one and the same color can look different. In addition, the colors of bricklinks also display at a self-luminous monitor, which makes a safe color comparison with an illuminated object even more difficult. Unfortunately, without a color-calibrated printer and paper, printouts are also not suitable for performing reliable color comparisons. So how do you know which Bricklink exact color the Legobrick has in front of you? Only by long experiences and/or comparing with stones whose exact color you know for sure? But there are so many Bricklink colors, how to get reliable reference sample , especially as a beginner of every "challenging" color? Lapidem P.S. I have written this text with the help of the Google translator , please apologize if the text should sound odd for a native speaker
  15. bartneck

    LEGO Color Palette

    The LEGO color palette remains a mystery. Yes, there are many AFOLs who tried to identify all the colors and even TLG provided some information. The problem is that they all disagree with each other on the exact color definitions. I wrote a blog entry on my analysis. Have you found a precise definition of the LEGO color palette?
  16. I did a search on this topic, and it really hasn't been discussed in a while. I was curious about what other's favorite colors might be. I have been gravitating towards the darker earth tones, I have noticed. My favorites are: dark orange dark brown dark red dark tan medium dark flesh I like to build buildings mostly, and want to try and work some of these colors into everything in some way. Trouble is, a lot of the the necessary parts to build a MOC are not available in each of those colors... so there will always be a need for the light and dark bluish gray and white.
  17. Hi, I have been working on making a large Galactus figure in LDD, intending on buying the pieces necessary and building it in real life once I have finished. I completed the head (I'm building it in sections) and went on Bricklink to check the general prices of the bricks I need. For some reason, though, there is one piece: (Inverted Roof Tile Corner in Dark Purple or Medium Lilac) that was not available on Bricklink, and I have not been able to find anywhere. This kind of screwed me up, because I assumed if it was available in that color in LDD, it would be available in real life. Now I have to figure out a way to bypass this issue when I actually build the figure. Any one else run into a problem like this?
  18. Hello, the user L@go recently shared pictures from the Lego World. In one of them a Maersk train in green color scheme is shown: I wonder if anybody ever tried to build it in further color variations? I am particularly interested in cheaper variants because I think about bricklinking that train and I dont care so much to have it in the original azure color scheme. It is a shame that I was too late to get the original Lego Maersk train. Edit: Attached a cropped image of the green maersk train:
  19. (I just noticed that the title got cut off. After the / it was supposed to say "shield," with a question mark.) I've been wondering for a while if the part pictured below, used to join Tahu's "lava surfboard" and Kopaka's "frost shield," came in colors that corresponded to the colors of the parts they're used on (silver and white, respectively). I recently looked it up and it turns out that a white one does exist (last used in 2011), and although a "silver metallic" one doesn't technically exist, I was able to find one calling its color "silver" (last used in 2003), which is close enough for me. Given that, I thought I'd pose this question: why do you think the Bionicle set designers didn't use this piece in colors better suited to match the pieces they were used on? I would have preferred if they had, because then the pieces wouldn't be so obvious or contrast so much, and I'll be replacing the piece with a silver one on my Tahu, once I get it. -Nomad
  20. The Heroes all arrive at the Docks at relatively the same time. There, they see a brown wooden ship, trimmed with black. Various sailors and workers are bustling around on the ship loading and unloading cargo. A seagull lands on the railing only to be quickly shooed away by what looks like the captain of the ship. The seagull squawks and flaps its wings away. Then, a glint of light catches the Heroes' eyes. They look to the left on towards the poopdeck. They see the glint is coming from a small, blue gem held by a man in a darker blue shirt and bright green pantaloons. His eyes hold a look of aloofness under the mop of blonde hair on his head. "There they are! Some of Heroica's finest warriors!" The man casts an eye towards Miderun and Annienal. "And some of the prettiest ones if I might add." The blonde man pockets the gem and walks down towards the gangplank and waves the Heroes on and they follow. "My name is Fabio Sumero. My brother Javier posted the notice about the acquisition of some of the rare dyes from the island of Tridentia." Fabio bows low to the Heroes in greeting. He then looks to the two women and says to the entire group, but directed towards the girls, "Perhaps you've seen some of the Sumero Family's work." Fabio then casually pushes a stray lock of hair back. "Do any of you have any questions?" The Party Vindsval Half-born (Asphalt) *Party Leader* 37 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 8 Cleric *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened Effects* Power: 17 (8+9)(X2 against Humanoid and Holy/Luminous) Defense: 0 Health: 16/16 (9+7) Ether: 12/12 (5+7) Gold: 25 Equipment: Verkenner (WP:9, Darkness elemental Broomstick,ranged) Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji) Inventory: Consumables: Remedy X4 , Potion X6, Smoke Bomb X3, Mead X3, Tonic x3, Venom (poison -1) X3, Deadly Poison (Poison -10) X2, Grating Stone, Fire Bomb Weapons: Spark Hammer (WP:8, (X2 against Aquatic, Flying, and Mechanical) lightning-elemental hammer) Artefacts: Toxic Hood: Headwear. The green hood worn by the Rosalia Pestilence. Not only makes the wearer immune to being poisoned, but also makes the wearer Blessed if poisoned while donning the hood. (Blessed heroes recover 3 HP per round. Usable by all.) Tailored Overcoat (SP: 1; Immunity to wind, earth-, and water- damage; suitable for rangers, rogues, hunters, and beast warriors; back wear) Fiery Robes of the Archmagi (SP:3 Bodywear +5 Ether, immunity to Sealed Effect and Fire) Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj) Tricorne Hat (SP: 3; immune to Light; suitable for anyone; Headwear) Nordic Stomach Guard (SP: 3; immune to Ice and Water; suitable for Barbarians, Regulators, and Beast Warriors; Bodywear) Gems: Topaz, Decamon Cards: Cherub (Luminous 3) Tools: Bed Roll and Shovel Misc- Package for Docken (Cape of Extravagance (SP: 5, +10 WP, Wearer is Permanently Nimble, Backwear, suitable for Mimes)) Warlen Melimane (The Chosen Minifigure) 23 year old male half-elf Mage Level 8 Power: 13 (8+5) (Spellpower: 23 (8+5+10)) Health: 12/12 (5+7) Ether: 12/12 (5+7) Gold: 25 Equipment: Gold-coated Bat Staff (WP:5, staff), Magicians Gloves (Power +10 to spells) Inventory: Ethereal Cape (SP:2; Ether +3, backwear). Magic items- Amethyst (Darkness), Aquamarine (Water), Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Opal (Ice), Scroll of Fire Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to fire for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Ice Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to ice for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Water Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to water for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Wood Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to wood for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Sleep (1/2 chance to make target fall asleep at the cost of 1 Ether), Scroll of Antimagic (1/2 chance to make the target *Immune to magic* at the cost of 1 ether). Consumables- 4 Potions, Grand Potion, Health Core, 2 Tonics, 2 Remedies, Dragon Scale, Mead, Smelling Salts, x2 Smoke bomb, Fire Bomb, Ice bomb. Other Junk- Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Magnifying Glass. Annienal Anavir (Kintobor) "19" year old elven female Knight *Bonaparte Reputation* Level 7 Power: 13 (7+6) Defense: 7 (2+5) Health: 16/16 (10+6) Equipment: Ammit (WP: 6; greatsword, user gains 5 ether for every kill); Plain Shield (SP: 5), Pauldrons (SP: 2, suitable for knights, dragoons, and skirmishers; accessory) Gold: 263 Inventory: Bonaparte Cutlass (WP:9, doubled if the user has reputation among the Bonapartes; longsword), Wicked Javelin (WP: 7, throwing weapon, retrievable, 1/6 chance to slow), Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP: 4, Hits doubled against flying enemies, longsword), Training Sword (WP:4), Shark’s Tooth (Power increased by 5 against Aquatics, Accessory), Emerald (Wood), 2 Potions, 2 Phoenix Essences, 2 Remedies Mead, Venom, Smoke Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Field Rations (Restore 15 health) Actaeon Artus (Actaeon) 21 years old male human Ranger Level 11 *Immune to Bound and Slowed* Power: 18 (11+6+1) Defense: 2 Health: 16/16 (6+10) Gold: 354 GP: 6 Equipment:Sanctified Rito Bow (WP:6, doubled against Flying enemies; bow), Greaves of the Aubergine Dragoon (SP:2, protects from the Bound- and Slowed-effects; footwear) Ranger's Quiver (WP +1 to bows and crossbows, suitable for rangers, beast warriors, infiltrators, weather mages and winged warriors; backwear) Inventory: Scroll of the Abyss (When cast, has a 50/50 chance to tame an Aquatic monster for the next six rounds at the cost of 10 ether), Scroll of Frailty, Potion, 2 Remedies, 2 Meads, Smelling Salts, Nostrum, Ambrosia, Dragon Scale (Causes lucky and blessed),Soma, Trial Brew, 2 Venom, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Stun Bomb (Deals 5 damage and the Stunned-effect to all opponents when used.), Writ of Blacksmith Service (Voucher for one free weapon or shield upgrade at Anwyl's Smithy), Bedroll Miderun (CallMePie) *Attacks cause enamored* 18 year old female orc Barbarian Level 7 Power: 21 (7 + 13 + 1) Health: 14/14 (8 + 6) Gold: 0 Equipment: Oculoid Claw (WP: 13, 1/6 chance of dealing the infected-effect, causing an enemy to lose health equal to 1/3 of their level rounded down at the end of each round, club), Seductive Perfume (Holder deals the enamored-effect, accessory, suitable for women) Inventory: Bonaparte Cutlass (WP: 9, doubled if the user has reputation among the Bonapartes), Serstyral (WP: 3, axe), Tricorne (SP: 3), Mead, Nostrum, Opal, Phoenix Essence, 3 Potions, Remedy, Smelling Salts, Smoke Bomb, High Heels (Power +1; suitable for women.) Tell me if all your stats are correct, etc. Hope you guys are ready!
  21. Four heroes, one with a great deal of experience, and three who had just been given their first quest for Heroica make their way through the docks, looking for a man in a bright, colorful robe over a drab shirt and trousers. In the distance, they see the man they are looking for. Hearing the approaching footsteps, the man turns around, a look of relief coming to his face. "Oh thank goodness, you four are here," the man says. "You have no idea how much we need heroes right now. Oh, I completely forgot. I am William Morris, a tailor down in the town of Tridentia. We're actually a trading colony far to the south of Azzurat, right near the Pearl Sea." Tailor William Morris pulls out a map and shows it to the Heroes. His smile widens as he looks where his town is. "Sir Carvenhall, since you are the most experienced of these worthy heroes, could you lead the party? Also, do you all have any questions?" The Party: Benji Carvenhall, the Dragonslayer and the Champion of the Northern Kingdoms (Flare) *Party Leader* 29 year old half-elf Level 43.4 Beast Warrior *Natural Respite* *2x against Vermin* *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened Effects* *Immune to Ice and Water* *Overkill Gloves* Power: 63 (43+20) Defense: 9 (6+3) Health: 69/69 (6+42+15+6) Gold: 32 Equipment: Meduiak (Precision Bow; WP:20; AIM's become HIT's; darkness-, ice-, fire-, wind- elemental), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to asleep, blinded, confused, fragile, and weakened effects), Overkill Gloves [borrowed from Galen] (handwear, +1 gold for every point of damage done extra when defeating an enemy), Scaly Skin of the Allanoid (SP:6, backwear, suitable for Ranger and Barbarian Oriented Classes and Beast Warriors), Nordic Stomach Guard (SP: 3, Bodywear, Immunity to Ice and Water, Suitable for Barbarians, Beast Warriors and Regulators), Ratmancer's Cowl (headgear, the wearer's physical attacks deal double damage against vermin) Inventory: Crossbow of the Pongcanis (WP:17; earth-, wood-, water-, lightning-, light- elemental), Tricorne (headwear, SP:3), Brown Dragon Girdle (bodywear, power +3; immunity to wood; suitable to rangers, rogues, alchemists and beast warriors), , Trickster's Mask of the Gender Swap (accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Elf - (accessory), Puglist's Gloves (Handwear, +2 Power, Immune to Weakened Effect), Sterile Gloves (Handwear, Immune to poisoned- and bleeding–effects), Winged Sandals (accessory, immune to bound- and slowed-effects), Snake Eye Charm (accessory, immune to petrified-effect), Health Core (4), Greater Potion (consumable, +50 health) (3), Grand Potion (9), Potion (3), Remedy (7), Phoenix Essence (8), Dragon Scales (3), Nostrum (4), Smelling Salts (4), Mead (4), Flame-Distilled Brandy (4), Mulled Wine (3), Venom, Smoke Bomb (3), Soma, Chaotic Bomb, Cosmic Essence, Skeleton Decoy, Lightning Bomb, Fire Bomb (2), Water Bomb, Bone, Magic Compass, Pickaxe, Bedroll, Shovel Bobby "Young" Bucks Jr. (Zepher) 19 year old human rogue Level 1 Health: 9/9 Gold: 10 Equipment: Dope Dagger (WP: 3), Inventory: Potion, Venom Vindsval Half-born (Asphalt) 37 year old, Male, Half Giant, Cleric Level: 1 Power: 4 Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 Ether: 5/5 Gold: 0 Equipment: Montain Hammer (WP:3) Inventory: Remedy, Potion, Smoke Bomb, Bed Roll Miderun (CallMePie) 17 year old female orc Barbarian Level 1 Power: 4 (1 + 3) Health: 8/8 (8) Gold: 10 Equipment: Serstyral (WP: 3, axe) Inventory: Potion, Mead QM Note: Please check your stats to make sure everything is correct. Also, Asphalt if you can make a smaller headshot for Vindsval Half-Born, I would really appreciate it.
  22. Greetings! I opened up LDD recently after a while of not using it, and I'm not sure if this is because of an update or not, but here goes.When I select a brick from the palette in Extended Mode, a window pops up and you choose between the colors that piece has been produced in, no others. Then, when I go to select multiple bricks to repaint, I can't do it. Clicking on the paint tool removes the selection. The only way the paint tool is currently working for me is to click on each piece manually and recolor it, again only in a color that's been produced. As a majority IRL moccer who mostly uses LDD for the infinite color/piece feature, I'd really love some help here, and I didn't see anybody who'd had the same problem. Thanks!
  23. Hey EBers, I want to change the color of the parts in 8110 Unimog. Any advice on what technique (painting, dyeing, etc.) would be best? I'm totally inexperienced with this stuff. This would be to enhance the look of the vehicle with an all-black bed, chassis, etc. Thanks, have a good day!
  24. Kai NRG

    A Child's Dream

    While Mitgardian children dream of warmth and nice blazing fires (due to the absence thereof in the ordinary course of their lives), this is what Kaliphlinian children are dreaming of: The doorway to the castle: Aerial view, so you can get a better sense of the waves & how the water looks: I'd like to claim PU DoH credits for wall technique #2 (for the SNOT sides), round walls and towers, waves, and art (might be stretching it a little with art but I'm not sure exactly how to interpret it, otherwise). It would have been considerably better if I had managed to make conical tops for the towers, but that proved too difficult with the limited amount of time I had! C&C are welcome though, and thanks for taking the time to check it out!
  25. niteangel

    MOD - Nick Fury's Flying Car

    This is more like a "mod" than MOC :) I have finally got the 76004 set with Nick Fury, Spider Man and Venom (I love Venom!), but the green car does not look right in my setup which contains the original Quinjet, original jeep and my MOC Avengers truck. So I just turned it back to the official blue color... And now everything is all good and ready for battle!