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  1. I don't think that will ever happen. Even though Playstation controllers use Bluetooth as communication, the data it sends over Bluetooth is non-standard I believe, but don't quote me on that. However I have no doubt that if Lego would release a Bluetooth system, there will be people out there creating their own apps so that you can use controllers such as the Playstation. Same thing happened with SBrick.
  2. You mean the download for Blueprint? I'm not sure why you received warnings. The download seems to work fine and pretty much all anti-virus systems deem it safe.
  3. It actually sounds like a cool 'little' project; creating a program that takes the LDraw output from LSculpt and transforms it in a somewhat buildable model. Too bad I'm a bit very busy at the moment.
  4. Well, I have suspicion, but I think it's better to not share it. I know that might sound rather sensationalist or something, but that's not my point. I think he got his reasons, but I just don't want to start a whole discussion about that here (especially since it's just a suspicion). I leave it up to him. Let's keep it to discussing the MOC here
  5. I have a parts list. However, I'd rather not share it publicly, Sheo chose to take everything offline and that's his decision. But, at the same time it's just a list of parts. I'll send you it via a PM
  6. I personally love LDCad, to get 'LDD style of operation' you have to turn brick-snapping on and switch the camera mode to SPN mode. Not all is the same as LDD though and the learning curve might be a bit steep for some. Another popular (and new) tool is Bricklink's, but I personally haven't used it aside from a little bit of testing. Seemed to work quite well though, I just don't like some decisions they've made regarding the software/business, but that's a can of worms I'd rather not open here in this topic; that'll get off-topic way too fast Btw, you could try to submit a bug-report to Nvidia. I did that a while ago (for this problem), but I never heard anything back
  7. The creator (sheo) has (sadly) hidden it. Don't ask me why, I don't have an answer to that
  8. I don't quite see the need for this, as files are LDraw files in disguise. So... You should be able to just take any LDraw file and import it without any problems into But, I don't really use myself, so maybe I'm missing something?
  9. One of the newer versions of LPub3D has a special feature to insert rotate symbols. Just right click on a step and then choose an option that looks something like 'add rotate symbol'.
  10. The thing that makes my mind immediately think 'that's a render!' instead of 'that's a photo!' are the gold pieces at the top of the head. I'm not sure why, but when I glance over the images those parts somehow stand out to me as less realistic.
  11. I think someone is just screwing something up at the server in general, not specifically related to LDD. All files located at don't work. Take a look.
  12. That looks great! Everything looks super realistic; the scratches and imperfections on the parts, the reflections on both hard parts and softer parts, the stickers etc. etc. Love your work! Really want to give rendering something myself using your scripts a shot again. I got a new 8-core cpu yesterday and rendering something seems like the perfect test
  13. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Well... Do they ever stop with those damn exclusives over there at Lego? Why so many!?
  14. LDD Render Glitch

    There's either a bug in Nvidia's driver for GTX 10xx cards or there's a bug in LDD (I personally think it's the former, but I could be wrong). In any case, you can't use advanced shading and brick outlines on GTX 10xx cards. There's a topic about it here.
  15. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    Well, I suppose they can be added to my Google Drive (which I partly linked above). I rather don't make a public edit link (for obvious reasons), so if you want you can PM me your gmail account and I can add you to the folder with write access