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  1. legolijntje

    Rendering from LDraw/MLCad

    I like to use the LDraw import in Mecabricks and then using the Mecabricks render-farm. The downside though, is that not all LDraw parts are available in Mecabricks (yet) and that LDcad flexible parts can't be imported either.
  2. legolijntje

    LEGO 60197 TRAIN LDD

    Please post LDD files of Lego sets in this topic: I'll remove this post when it's posted over there. Thank you
  3. I believe mpdcenter has an option to flatten an mpd model into a single model.
  4. You can open both models in LDcad, then go to the submodel you want to copy and select all parts (CTRL+A) and copy them (CTRL+C). Then go the model to which you want to copy the submodel and create a new submodel and paste all the parts (CTRL+V)
  5. Exporting to Blender is free and if you know your way around Blender, you can do everything you can pay for, for free and that's perfectly fine. Many users however, don't have the knowledge nor the computer horsepower to do that and that's who the feature is mainly (I think) for. You can pay for the knowledge, time-saving and the rendering hardware, not the render itself. I mean, that's the case with almost everything that costs money. For example, I can also build my own furniture. But then I have to spend time learning about how to build proper furniture, not to mention that my first set would probably look real ugly. I could also go to a store, buy some pre-made furniture and be done (and happy) with it. If you don't wanna pay for that, or just enjoy the experience of building it yourself, no problem whatsoever either.
  6. The same connection was discussed here too. I think it's a semi-'illegal' connection that found its way into an official model.
  7. There's texmap for textures right?
  8. legolijntje

    LDCad vs

    I want to add a disadvantage (for me personally): the file format of is 'closed'. Yes, in reality it's an LDraw file with some added stuff, but I just don't like the idea/attitude of taking an open-source file-format, adding a bit to it and then hiding it behind passwords. If it was a completely custom format; sure do whatever you like, but this is just a bit childish (in my personal opinion). Other than that, it is a nice piece of software.
  9. released the 2nd parts update of this year. With 540 new parts! A preview of all the new pars can be seen here. The update can be downloaded here. And more information about the parts update can be found here. Enjoy!
  10. What I usually do when I need to make a parts list from a digital file (either LDD or LDraw) is uploading it into a custom list at Rebrickable. In my experience they have the best mapping data between LDD/LDraw/Bricklink and can easily convert between different formats.
  11. When the auto-buy feature was new, I remember there being a setting to let it favor either as few stores as possible or as low cost as possible. I can't find that setting anymore, which is a shame Yeah, it's true that there are a bunch of sellers with (relatively) really high prices but also a huge stock. If you look on Rebrickable sets/mocs on the Buy Parts tab, it always lists stores with the highest percentage of parts in stock and it's almost ALWAYS the same few shops which have the highest percentage. But their prices are really high too. For example, they might have 95% for €200 while number 3 might have %90 for €50. But I don't think I would necessarily call them greedy and I don't think they're taking advantage of the system either (at least not on purpose) as most of my blacklisted stores were already expensive before the auto-buy feature. I guess it's, in a way, paying for the convenience of not having to shop around multiple stores. If you don't want to pay for that, just blacklist 'm (I have indeed blacklisted a few expensive stores too) and fiddle a few minutes with the easy-buy. What about this setting (never used it myself)?
  12. Certainly true. But at the time of making these building instructions the fade feature wasn't working very well yet in the software being used. Nowadays it works quite a bit better and it's used for example in the building instructions of this moc. Regarding the random colors inside: that's definitely a thing that can be used in future models. In the past, it was often not used because random colors in the parts list were far from user-friendly. It made buying the parts so much more work. However, these days Bricklink's auto-buy feature can actually do that for you. If you use the auto-buy feature on a BL wanted list that contains parts with the color '(Not Applicable)', the software will search for the cheapest combination of those parts regardless of color. That, too, is used in the moc linked earlier. I hope to be able to apply those things, where applicable, to any future projects
  13. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] The Empire over Jedha City

    Semi-important note for people planning to build the model and buying their parts on Bricklink: As Onecase said, all red parts in the parts list can be any color. If you export the parts list to Bricklink, I highly recommend to change all red parts to Bricklink's (Not Applicable) color. To my positive surprise, Bricklink's auto-buy feature 'understands' the (Not Applicable) color and will search for the cheapest combination of stores and parts regardless of color (except for the other parts with an explicitly stated color obviously). It saves a lot of manual work and money. During development of the instructions I ran auto-buy on the parts list (with red parts being (Not Applicable) ) and it was around €600 in Europe excluding shipping. Not too bad for 5000 parts. As a sidenote: the reason the parts are Red in the Rebrickable parts list is because Rebrickable does not have any color that correctly exports to Bricklink's (Not Applicable) at the moment. Happy buying building!
  14. You can use LDView to create nice looking 'instruction-style' images. Though, you have to improve the settings quite a bit, the default looks really low-quality.
  15. AppData is a hidden folder. You have to turn on hidden folders in Windows Explorer. Here's a quick guide how to do that. If that isn't the problem (another folder doesn't exist) then... I have no idea