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  1. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] The Empire over Jedha City

    Semi-important note for people planning to build the model and buying their parts on Bricklink: As Onecase said, all red parts in the parts list can be any color. If you export the parts list to Bricklink, I highly recommend to change all red parts to Bricklink's (Not Applicable) color. To my positive surprise, Bricklink's auto-buy feature 'understands' the (Not Applicable) color and will search for the cheapest combination of stores and parts regardless of color (except for the other parts with an explicitly stated color obviously). It saves a lot of manual work and money. During development of the instructions I ran auto-buy on the parts list (with red parts being (Not Applicable) ) and it was around €600 in Europe excluding shipping. Not too bad for 5000 parts. As a sidenote: the reason the parts are Red in the Rebrickable parts list is because Rebrickable does not have any color that correctly exports to Bricklink's (Not Applicable) at the moment. Happy buying building!
  2. You can use LDView to create nice looking 'instruction-style' images. Though, you have to improve the settings quite a bit, the default looks really low-quality.
  3. AppData is a hidden folder. You have to turn on hidden folders in Windows Explorer. Here's a quick guide how to do that. If that isn't the problem (another folder doesn't exist) then... I have no idea
  4. Like Roland said, LPub3D has a confusing library usage. I'm not entirely sure how it works either. In any case, if parts don't appear in the PLI you gotta update LPub3D's own library. There's a option for that in the menu, but it never worked (very well or at all) for me. If it doesn't for you either, you can go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\LPub3D\data and update and Both zipfiles can be downloaded from the website. I should probably sticky this at some point, it's pretty much the most common LPub3D question
  5. How in the world did I not notice that. Wow, haha. Nice catch!
  6. They are certainly not in the exported file. But I guess something is just broken with my LDD installation. When I wanted to update the ldraw.xml file, there was none to begin with (at least not at the path specified in the top post; the whole path didn't even exists, let alone the ldraw.xml).
  7. It seems part 24299 and 24307 don't export at all from LDD. Is this a problem with my setup, or are they missing from the ldraw.xml?
  8. LDraw has a special color for rubber black: color 256 Rubber Black. As long as the software supports the LDraw materials (which LDView does I believe) it should look less shiny. So if you change the color of your tires from color 0 Black to color 256 Rubber Black it should look better Btw, welcome to Eurobricks! And your English is perfectly fine
  9. I use the mirror function all the time. Great feature! Though, it would save a ton more time if it would also (optionally) mirror the ROTSTEPs
  10. Please note that this topic is years old. First and foremost reviving such old topics (without adding anything substantial) is something we don't like here on EB. And besides, I don't think user Whup is gonna send out any test-links either. I'll lock this topic now.
  11. @Scrubs @anothergol Please keep the discussion here about Blueprint. If you really want, you can discuss further via PM or in a more appropriate topic. Thank you.
  12. Hey @Shroud! Please note that this is not really the place to post (digital) MOCs. Digital MOCs go into the other subforums here on EB. In the forum here we discuss the tools & techniques, ask for help etc. Normally I'd just move mocs out of here into the correct subforums, but since you made your title and content specifically for here, I think moving it as is would just cause confusion. So, I'll just lock this one and let you post a new topic for your moc(s) yourself
  13. legolijntje

    Online Rendering

    You're kidding right? That's not a render!? Seriously though, that looks amazing! TLG should hire you I wanted to say here that if you had LDraw import support you would probably have a new regular 'customer'. Well, I just noticed you (finally) actually have LDraw import support! Since when? Couldn't you have notified me?
  14. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    The parts list at Rebrickable is now updated with the findings from @rockpig. Nothing major, just the ones he reported: +2 LBG 1x2 plates +2 LBG 2x4 plates -2 LBG 2x3 plates A small update to the instructions should come later this week, fixing the issues mentioned by @rockpig. If anyone else has found anything, now's the time to report
  15. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Thanks for the thorough look at the instructions and parts list! Much appreciated. I'm currently on vacation so I'm not able to take a good look at your reports and fix them. So, I can only fix it in a little more than a week at the earliest. Regarding the 2 LBG 2x3 plates: it could very well be that the parts list is wrong. There were some last minute changes with plates and I might have forgotten to change the 2x3 plates in the parts list. But, I don't know out of the top of my head if those changes included 2x3 plates. Again, I can only be 100% sure when I get back from vacation... In any case, many thanks! Even though I can't fix it immediately, I'll surely fix them (wherever possible) when I get back