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  1. You're really on a roll @nitrofurano
  2. I'm looking for someone with the SDCC BrickHeadz

    I'm looking for people interested in (high quality) sticker sheets for the printed parts in the SDCC Brickheadz. For more information, send me a PM. The more people the better
  3. Oh man, that Italian Villa. The memories... My father had it as a child and when I got his old tub of Lego it was one of my favorite models to build when I was young.
  4. Well, @Raskolnikov is the expert here, but I believe he said somewhere here on the forums or on another website that you can move the model if you grab it at the stands and are careful. But you gotta ask him to confirm that
  5. According to the software, the model is 95.5 cm long. I don't know how accurate that is, but sounds pretty accurate. The stands are removable, but the back stand can be a bit of work I believe. The front stand is attached using a few technic pins with bush. You take off the top panel, pull out the pins and voila. That's a few seconds of work. The back stand is attached using a pair of Technic axles. On its own it's also easily removable. But... to be able to access the axles, you need to remove the bottom panels, and the bottom panels (unlike the top panels) aren't really designed to be easily removable... I mean, the bottom panels are attached with a bunch of Technic pins with bush, that's not the difficult part. The difficult part is accessing those pins. You'll understand if you view the YouTube video linked in the instructions book 3 on page 263
  6. I went into this topic ready to notify yet another user that reviving age old topics without a good reason is frowned upon here on Eurobricks. But... I suppose you do have a good reason. Not sure if many people here will remember this topic, but feel free to post them here. I think keeping it in this topic instead of creating a new one would keep it more organized. Keep in mind that Vynsane doesn't seem to be an active user anymore.
  7. Maybe a poor choice of words from my side. They're complete invisible...
  8. I don't either (well, only for ease of installation I guess). Especially since the previous incarnation of LPub (LPub4) did not use a seperate library if I remember correctly. I vaguely remember that Travis once explained on the LDraw forums why he uses a separate library for the PLI, but I couldn't find it.
  9. FYI: version 1.1 apparently contained a few wrong images spread through the various books. The problem was that LPub saves the images of the steps so it doesn't have to regenerate unless the model changes. However, the various books apparently produce the same image name for a few steps so LPub thought it already generated those images while in reality it was actually using images from a different book. This (alongside some other problems and changes) will be fixed in an upcoming version. One noteworthy change that isn't mentioned here already (like the 36 tiles -> grilles) is the fact that we changed 2 2x2 turntables from LBG to black; LBG version is apparently crazy expensive and it doesn't necessarily have to be LBG. I hope that people who have already bought an LBG version don't feel scammed You will receive the new version later today or tomorrow. As for parts lists per book: I'll take a look at it, but it's not at the top of my priority list at the moment. Probably later this week.
  10. Lego and Poliigon

    I have a bunch of those parts. If you ever want some pictures or measurements or anything, feel free to shoot a PM
  11. That's of course the safest option. is probably the same as your LDraw installation, but could very well be different than your main LDraw library. You could either zip your version or download a new zip with all unofficial parts from the LDraw website.
  12. Well, got some news for you (again). I was confusing two things earlier. You don't have to remove a 2x4 tile in favor of a 2x2 tile and a 2x2 corner tile. You can just remove a 1x2 tile and be done with it.
  13. There are 8 in total. But the size differs a lot (the largest one is 345 pages and the smallest one is 16 pages). A parts list per book is possible I think, but that requires a bit of work and they probably wouldn't be 100% correct.
  14. I hope you got a few more leftovers, because someone found two errors in the instructions that change the parts list. The parts list is not yet changed and the instructions aren't either, but in case anyone wants to know beforehand: The most frustrating one: 36 LBG 1x2 tiles actually need to be 36 LBG 1x2 grilles There's 1 LBG 1x1 plate too much in the parts list There's 1 LBG 2x4 tile which actually has to be a 2x2 tile + a 2x2 corner tile (or you could keep using the 2x4 tile and have a 1x1 plate + 1x1 tile as leftovers) The good news: the guy that found the errors was at book 5 I believe, so that means (fingers crossed) that book 1-4 are pretty much problem free