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  1. @Scrubs @anothergol Please keep the discussion here about Blueprint. If you really want, you can discuss further via PM or in a more appropriate topic. Thank you.
  2. Hey @Shroud! Please note that this is not really the place to post (digital) MOCs. Digital MOCs go into the other subforums here on EB. In the forum here we discuss the tools & techniques, ask for help etc. Normally I'd just move mocs out of here into the correct subforums, but since you made your title and content specifically for here, I think moving it as is would just cause confusion. So, I'll just lock this one and let you post a new topic for your moc(s) yourself
  3. legolijntje

    Online Rendering

    You're kidding right? That's not a render!? Seriously though, that looks amazing! TLG should hire you I wanted to say here that if you had LDraw import support you would probably have a new regular 'customer'. Well, I just noticed you (finally) actually have LDraw import support! Since when? Couldn't you have notified me?
  4. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    The parts list at Rebrickable is now updated with the findings from @rockpig. Nothing major, just the ones he reported: +2 LBG 1x2 plates +2 LBG 2x4 plates -2 LBG 2x3 plates A small update to the instructions should come later this week, fixing the issues mentioned by @rockpig. If anyone else has found anything, now's the time to report
  5. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Thanks for the thorough look at the instructions and parts list! Much appreciated. I'm currently on vacation so I'm not able to take a good look at your reports and fix them. So, I can only fix it in a little more than a week at the earliest. Regarding the 2 LBG 2x3 plates: it could very well be that the parts list is wrong. There were some last minute changes with plates and I might have forgotten to change the 2x3 plates in the parts list. But, I don't know out of the top of my head if those changes included 2x3 plates. Again, I can only be 100% sure when I get back from vacation... In any case, many thanks! Even though I can't fix it immediately, I'll surely fix them (wherever possible) when I get back
  6. If a part can be in any color, I usually choose the cheapest color on bricklink (while maintaining some sort of logic and color coding). This makes it easy for builders to buy parts (all cheapest colors are already selected, no need to do extra work).
  7. You were not the only one
  8. I don't know out of the top of my head if it was 10188 or 75159, but one of the two had a transparant sticker sheet, thus the background of the arrow-sticker is transparant on one of those sheets.
  9. There is an LDraw part of the SBrick available. It's not in the official library (as it is not an official Lego part), but it should be floating somewhere around the web (it used to be on sbrick's own website, but not sure it's still there).
  10. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    Yup, instructions were made using LDCad and LPup3D
  11. Isn't that cool to see?! Madoca based his FJ40 Crawler model on your RM8 FJ40 and then you based your Jeep MOC on a model designed by Madoca. What a teamwork! Nice work!
  12. legolijntje

    [MOC] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    There might be people following this topic who have missed that Onecase posted the instructions in a new topic here: Please keep further discussion about the instructions in that topic
  13. legolijntje

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Executor class Star Dreadnought

    We (well, mostly Onecase) tried to remove as much of the rare and expensive parts as possible. The original first design was much more expensive, haha. There are still a few rare parts left, especially the LBG barrels and cylinders. They can be changed for DBG. Of course it won't look as slick as LBG, but they're all on the bottom side of the model so they're not directly visible and DBG doesn't look that bad. Especially the cylinders are largely covered by other LBG parts.
  14. legolijntje

    Custom LDraw parts

    Oops, haha. I missed the "all I want is a 2 stud long piece of 3mm rigid´╗┐ hose... BL part 75c02" part In that case djm is certainly right in that LDCad is probably the best (and easiest) tool for the job. Great explanation @djm, with all those images. I do want to add one thing: I'm pretty sure you don't have to create the part manually to be able to use it in The generated part from LDCad contains all the necessary information to be able to use it in any LDraw viewer/editor. It does have extra meta-information added to be able to modify the part in LDCad. Besides, if you choose 'Loose file' at your step 1.3 I believe it is saved a separate part (.dat file) to be able to easily use it in another model. No need to import/export stuff or whatever. But, do note that I haven't used it that way myself so I'm not 100% sure on that.
  15. legolijntje

    Custom LDraw parts

    Nowadays the main software being used to create LDraw parts is LDPartEditor, which can be found here: It's probably not the easiest and fastest software to use, especially not for new users (if only the LDraw format would be modernized... Ah well, one can dream ). It does have a lot of features though, and it's much better than the software that you had to use before its existence. There's a ton of useful information regarding the use of the software on the LDraw forums here: