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  1. Thomas of Tortuga

    Fort Portugal

    That's downright glorious. Love the cliffs, the barrel, and just the whole playset feel of this. Awesome job.
  2. Thomas of Tortuga

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    That story was worth the admission by itself!
  3. Thomas of Tortuga

    GoH Banner Voting Topic

    Number 4! #3 is best.
  4. Thomas of Tortuga

    REVIEW: 71008 LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 13

    What is this, three days after the line is leaked that Fang has the full review? Wow, you work fast. Everything looks amazing. I hope to get at least two of the fencers, and maybe even make a model of my fencing club. Also, as Dr. Spock pointed out, the fencer's weapon is probably an epee, given the size of the bell guard.
  5. Thomas of Tortuga

    Encounter at the Forgotten Monastery

    You are one heck of a writer. Wow. That story was awesome and fit the build perfectly. The build, too, is just gorgeous. The trees are great, and the texturing of the monastery is incredible. The photography on the last couple pictures is the icing on the cake for this. If I was joining GoH right now, this build would have me instantly picking Nocturnus.
  6. Thomas of Tortuga

    Bk.2: Ch.3: Cat.A: Intrigued by Intrigue

    That's an epic thatched roof. Really great job.
  7. Thomas of Tortuga

    Mitgardian Throne Room

    That bear paw is gorgeous. The contrast between the grey and the black is really dramatic, and looks really tribal or barbaric, as well as Viking-styled. I could totally see that as a stand-alone mosaic.
  8. Thomas of Tortuga


    From leading Enalica, way back in Lands of Mythron on MOCpages, to wowing the GOH community with your building skills, you've really made an impact in the Lego community. Best of luck to you, Simon.
  9. Thomas of Tortuga

    Spies in Low Places: CHIII Men

    Very nice details in the wall, especially your trademark wood framing. Also, I really like how you showed the roof
  10. Thomas of Tortuga

    USS Enterprise from ST2009/Into Darkness

    Really nice job on the engine nacelles!
  11. Thomas of Tortuga

    Book II Challenge III Dwarven Affairs

    Dwarves for me, if you please.
  12. Thomas of Tortuga

    In the Depths of the Forest

    Thanks! I'm glad you think so! Thank you! I'm so happy I thought to include that part!
  13. Thomas of Tortuga

    Traveling Partners

    Nice job! There are some nice sets here, especially the eagle. Also, as proud owner of a grinning siffig, I find you guys' constant smiles hilarious
  14. Thomas of Tortuga

    What rank has this soldier

    Guys... SHE HAS PANTS AND A CUTLASS. Are you not feminist-satisfied, that Lego decided of their own accord to make one of the action heroes female? I think that's pretty awesome that she isn't wearing the massive block dress like all the other females in historical themes have.