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  1. Or someone made a mistake when they filed their form.
  2. The feeling that Castle, as it had been before NK, was a bit stale seems to be a common sentiment. That's why I think getting away from medieval Europe for a historic theme would be a good thing. There are existing part designs that would make a Classical Era theme easy to produce.
  3. Birthday? Maybe all of the figs will be the upper brass of Lego in costume. Could that be why 17 is supposed to be the amount?
  4. Commodore Hammish Grei is again shipping out on the Stormbringer II. Rumors have been floating about that the Crahaish neh Triuri has tasked him with something important. An Oktoberfest reveler claims to have overheard something about marble, but the man who relayed this information was wearing his latest conquest's chemise as he said it.
  5. I only bought Apu, specifically for his body.
  6. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    What we have here, I believe, is a player wishing to engage in all possible challenges, but feeling overwhelmed with the potential workload that would entail. Self-imposed pressures are often the hardest to let go. I validate @Drunknok's feelings without sharing them. It will be okay.
  7. Some time ago, in another thread, I suggested a Fables theme. Ambitious, yes, but if it starts with the Grecian fables first, this kind of theme could run two years without the need for a single new part. Most of what would be needed for subsequent waves would likely come out of the CMF series and the Marvel and DC properties. Fables could also be a way to inject a bit of educational value into this part of Lego's brand, with the stories the sets depict printed alongside the building instructions (those booklets often have a great deal of wasted space). Added to the listed ideas could be the later eras of the Renaissance/Age of Exploration and later tales of the Americas (Spanish colonial and westward expansion). Early industrial revolution tales and gothic literature could be included to cater to the Steampunk enthusiasts.
  8. Did we ever get any firm word about a cake costume? I know we speculated for pages on how one would look, and think it plausible, but I don't think anyone who knows anything gave us a confirmation. There was talk of a tree costume seen in a City set that is supposed to be released before this series, and hopes for a more detailed recolor here. About the brick costume: I have seen talk of both red and blue versions, possibly male and female. I can envision some NSFW images resulting from that idea, so I'm not sure about that. (Might happen anyway, even with the same color.) I don't think Lego would do red, blue and chromed (silver/gold) all in the same series. A single color brick costume in normal distribution with a 1-per-box chromed brick costume is more likely. I see possible issues there, too. Some buyers might try then to find new or recently opened boxes, and simply pick out all the brick costumes to be sure of getting the chrome in the box. That could cause a glut of the non-chromed brick costumes in the secondary market, and decrease the availability of the chromed version, which in turn could cause price gouging on the secondary market.
  9. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Yet another reason for the Crahaish neh Triuri ships to avoid Oleon ports.
  10. @Maxim I's Knight and my Consort's Duty got diverted to a different port in the same zone as our destination in the last MRCA. From the wording it seemed that all ships have to start their following MRCA from the port they end in the previous one, not necessarily their intended destination. If the intent of the wording is to mean that the starting port should be the same as the destination port in the last filing, then this needs to be clarified.
  11. That carrot custom has been around for a while. I remember seeing it last year.
  12. [OCT] Octoberfest - Farming Pumpkins

    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  13. MCRA II October Analysis

    @Mesabi, I think you have my upkeep too low. I looked it up, and my upkeep should be 25. 50+75-100=25
  14. @Mesabi, it was the Island Rose (Class 3) that made the profit in Weelond. The Consort's Duty (Class 4) got diverted by the storm and made no profit.