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  1. At the London Toy Fair, usually no pics. At the Nuremberg Toy Fair, some sets are usually pic prohibited.
  2. Unreleased Wild West saloon set?

    There is an image floating around of a Lego bison that never went into production. It is plausible that other set were designed, but the line was cut short.
  3. Until Elves sunsets we likely won't see a minifig high fantasy version of Castle. If Nexo Knights finishes this year, a more traditional Castle can be launched next year. I live in hope that Lego will go the more educational route, and try something like my Fables idea (several pages back).
  4. Such a pity that K'NEX has the Nintendo license.
  5. All active ships got their licensing costs reimbursed to their current owners. All the ships have to be re-licensed using the new licensing webform. There are new ship class distinctions, rules, and operating costs that can be found in the About Ships thread. If you need help understanding the new ship rules, or need help determining in what classes your ships belong, go to the New Ship Classes thread.
  6. Playmobil also uses lower cost materials, which reduces production costs. Weaker materials don't require the higher quality molds, thus creating new shapes costs less. Playmobil's aesthetic loses its appeal above a certain age range, so recycling the same ideas with a different skin is less of an issue. There are also a host of business concerns that LEGO has to take into account that Playmobil doesn't. I could go on.
  7. Second and Third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review - Guessing Game

    I would love Gilmore Girls - Luke's Diner, but NF-15B Research Aircraft is most plausible. Of the marketable ideas, it has the least in common with current Lego products. Jaguar E-Type Roadster is plausible, but Pop-Up Book is more probable.
  8. Brownies! Of course! I have some Chima wings, but need the right color bracket neckwear. I have a trans-pink magic wand, though.
  9. Lady Valentia Cantoni pulls out a scrap of parchment, and reaches for the inkwell and quill. She begins writing the names of her fellow representatives. Commodore Hammish Grei stands to vote, "Yea." He remains standing. Viscount Alexander Doblin stands to vote, "Yea." He remains standing. Lady Valentia Cantoni, setting her writing implements aside, stands to vote, "Yea." As a group they return to their seats.
  10. The Independents delegation glanced at one another, and as the men nod their encouragement, Lady Valentia Cantoni stands. "As someone who has traveled the Prio Seas, I second this motion. This body was created so that all Eslandolan citizens are properly represented in their government. To do any less is a failure to the nation." With a pointed look around the council hall, she takes her seat.
  11. IIRC, the Greek size calculation for the Earth was off more than the Maya. Given the topography and existing BOBS lore, I would think that the equator is somewhere south of New Oleon, even if the world is determined to be larger than the Earth. Most of the islands would lay between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, however large the tropical zones are determined to be. There is precious little depiction of cold weather, which leads me to believe that most of the game play happens in the tropics. If this world is larger than the Earth, then the relative sizes of the polar and temperate zones could be larger. I remember some lore that says the waters north of the Madrice Peninsula are colder.
  12. MRCA II Adventure

    Well, we used to have a ships index that kept track of these things, but since @Maxim I made all the pages only he was doing the work. Like the game mechanics, that sort of thing needs to be distributed.
  13. I think the dragon costume might have a re-use of the lizard man costume headgear.
  14. Thanks. I wanted it to feel like a busy restaurant. Guilder is grumpy because the fancy peg-leg is heavy, and he had to get up those stairs assisted. I got the impression that he doesn't usually let people help him with his physical limitation, which would add to his irritation. His attitude is solely the result of the afternoon's events. Go ahead. That is what cooperative storytelling is all about. If you want to continue with Conan, his hair is dark brown, and his eye-patch is on his left. What he wears can be up to you.
  15. More of the Independent political movement story.