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  1. gedren_y

    Sailpunk v. Historical

    I think if the weapons are treated as difficult to produce, they would be allowed. If you were to have them mass produced, however, then you get too far into the industrial revolution.
  2. gedren_y

    Sailpunk v. Historical

    I push things a little with the pregnancy prevention potion that my priestesses make. There were such concoctions in the era, but they were quite toxic and more for what we would call abortion now. I try to keep the mystical aspects of the Triuri faith a bit nebulous. Some of the ceremonies involve hallucinogens.
  3. I did this with the Valiant Phoenix, licensing the ship, and the warehouse on the dock as a small commercial property.
  4. Don't troops incur upkeep costs?
  5. @Bregir The unsettling events at the Kings Port docks made Captain Ambrose MacMathain intent on completing his proscribed mission, but to do so he would need someone to guide him through the Terraversan corridors of power. That someone would have be a fellow captain of a Crahaish neh Triuri ship, Missa Drewsa. It wouldn't be hard to find her, as Ambrose had spied the distinctive coloring of the Consort's Duty as the Valiant Phoenix sailed into port. So Ambrose left the commercial business of the ship to his capable crew, diplomatic pouch in hand, and jogged the considerable distance to the other Crahaish neh Triuri ship. Of course Captain Drewsa was there, but not alone. Dearji the Windsong, Wandering Acolyte of the Crahaish neh Triuri, was at that moment finishing a protective blessing on the Consort's Duty. Captain MacMathain had no qualms about confiding in these two about his mission. Missa readily agreed to help, as it would alleviate some of her current boredom. Dearji decided to accompany them because, in her words, "Events with such import as this should be properly witnessed." It wasn't hard to secure transport to the Terraversa Royal Palace, as there were many a carriage and coachman available for short-term hire. In less than an hour the trio were making their way into the center of Terraversan governance, thanks in no small part to Missa's recent ventures, and the contacts she has made since. As soon as Missa identified the Administrative Reception desk next to the entrance to the Great Hall, Ambrose rushed forward thinking his delivery had been anticipated (because of that mess with Tristano Bucci)., Squire Trelawney, Archduke Oldis' administrative assistant, had not been expecting any messengers, diplomatic or otherwise. It wasn't until Missa jogged up behind Ambrose, and breathlessly vouched for him, that he began to actually listen to the disheveled man. Dearji followed at a more leisurely pace, barely holding in her mirth at the situation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hidden in the greenery outside, someone watches these events unfold. The thin glass makes it quite easy for that someone to follow the conversation inside. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eventually Squire Trelawney sees that what is in front of him is a very genuine Eslandolan diplomatic pouch. He babbles a few apologies for his rudeness, and inquires to whom a reply be sent if needed. "To myself, Captain Ambrose MacMathain of the Valiant Phoenix, moored at dock 43," the now exasperated captain replied. The officious Trelawney scrawls a note to himself. Then he says in a dismissive tone, "If you'll excuse me," before rushing off to the Archduke, clutching the pouch. As the trio begin to leave the way they came Ambrose remarks to Missa, "The Grand Ambassador will be needing a place for his Embassy. You wouldn't happen to know of any suitable properties that might be available, would you?" "Not off the top of my head," she says with a sly look, "But give me till this evening, and I'll have a list of prime candidates." As the two captains discuss matters of practicality, they don't notice Dearji the Windsong giggling as she trails behind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Captain Drewsa had her list compiled, and delivered, just after lunch that same day. It would be another three days before Archduke Oldis' very carefully worded response was delivered to Captain MacMathain. It would be an even longer wait until he could report this all to the Grand Ambassador. Eventually the day did come that Román Fontonajo's ship made port, but this time Ambrose chose not to rush himself. Because of this he was treated to the sight of a man angrily slinking into the shadow of a nearby warehouse, the same man who had inquired about Mr. Bucci at his own arrival. Captain MacMathain presented himself to the guard at the gangplank, and was quickly ushered to Román Fontonajo's cabin. "You have news to report, Captain?" the former Admius Legistrad asked, getting quickly to business. "I do, Grand Ambassador," Ambrose replied, savoring the man's response to the new title before passing him the Archduke's letter, "He gets a little flowery, but you, sir, are officially empowered to establish a permanent Eslandola Embassy in Kings Port." "I will need . . ." the Grand Ambassador began. "A list of available properties," Ambrose finished for him, handing over Missa's list. With a glance at the spidery lettering, Román Fontonajo remarks, "This looks quite unlike a man's handwriting." "That's because it isn't," Ambrose tells him with a slight chuckle, "My fellow Crahaish neh Triuri captain, Missa Drewsa compiled the list. Her experience here has been invaluable." "If that is all, Captain," the Grand Ambassador returns to formality, "then I'll let you return to the duties of your own ship. Fair winds, Captain MacMathain." At those parting words, Ambrose left the cabin feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. With the burden of a diplomatic courier lifted, his course back to the Valiant Phoenix seemed all the more brighter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Elostirion and @Capt Wolf will now be taking over the continuing narrative of our AMRCA response.
  6. On the matter of named historical persons: Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare were in the TLM series. The Wizarding World series gives us that announcer's horn, which we were hoping to get with a Director fig from somewhere in the TLM line. Maybe TLM2 will finally have him. Just speculating.
  7. gedren_y

    71043 Hogwarts™ Castle

    I suggested in the rumors thread we might get Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw in the CMF line, but this does seem more appropriate. I like a number of the reused parts. I had wondered when those Ninjago snake parts would land elsewhere. I don't think I'll be shelling out for the set, but if I get a good deal, I may acquire some of the parts or figs.
  8. To whom would Guilder pray? Has he ever expressed any religious beliefs? I like the continuation of the rented manor house location. Hopefully it can get some use in the Tristano Bucci portion of our AMRCA.
  9. Ships that unknowingly sailed with Black Flag ships that committed no act of piracy should have the status removed.
  10. gedren_y

    GoH Book III

    To help drive prospective builders' confidence we need to show the weakest of our builds, then the not quite so bad builds, and keep the progression on into the beautifully skilled builds. Show that joining in the RBG can help improve your overall building skill, and also that it's okay to be a novice.
  11. The final chapter of A Curious Story has been posted.