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  1. The third chapter of A Curious Story takes place in Trador.
  2. The third chapter of A Curious Story has been posted.
  3. gedren_y

    A Curious Story

    Given all her recent experiences, it was a curious decision by Captain Drewsa to reverse course, and once again attempt to sail for Trador. With this decision made, Callum impressed upon her the idea that they should have her wondrous finds examined by the scholars at the Trador Museum of History, that is should they actually make port. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Curiously enough, the Consort's Duty did reach its intended destination this time, nearly a month after the Winter Solstice. Even better, their salable cargo went for much more than they were expecting. Missa and Callum indulged themselves in some fancy additions to their respective wardrobes. Such additions would be readily called upon for their visit to the Trador Museum of History. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For such a good trading season, the streets around the museum were curiously empty. When Missa and Callum finally encountered someone who could identify the finds, he blanched to a curious pale yellow, told them to wait in the corner by the window, and ran to fetch the Administrator. As he negotiated his way into the space, Callum found himself repeatedly bumping what had to be a very expensive chandelier. It wasn't long before they were met by a man clad only in brown. Administrator Louvre immediately recognized Missa's first find, as it had recently been in their collection. It's a scepter used centuries ago by Hades priests of The Order of The Faith, and was thought lost when a ship carrying a load of their artifacts bound for the museum in Kings Port sank. Curiously the ship sank thanks to the same squall that landed the Consort's Duty in Hojaroja. A hand full of trunks from the ship had been found on the beaches of La Sombra, but most of the artifacts were thought to have gone down in the deepest waters of the area. The other was a scepter used by the priests of Zeus from the same period. The serendipity of the find made the Administrator curious to hear Missa's tale of the finds in their entirety. Missa was curiously generous in offering to turn over both scepters without seeking compensation. They were symbols of a faith not her own, after all, and would hold no religious significance to her. Administrator Louvre countered with the idea of the museum contracting the Consort's Duty to transport all the other recovered artifacts, along with her two finds and a letter detailing all that transpired, to the Grand Halos History Museum of Kings Port. Callum noted that they did have the space for the trunks Administrator Louvre described, but that they were already slated to join one of the protected trade convoys bound for Nova Terreli. If speed of delivery could be a non-issue, the Consort's Duty would be able to keep the artifacts in her hold until they could berth in Kings Port, which Callum projected to be some time in April. After a bit of negotiation, a contract was drawn up. Curiously, the artifacts the museum had been able to recover were in a guarded storeroom exactly one floor below them. And on the roof, one of the guards was enjoying his vantage point. The man's idle curiosity lead him to discover that the private bath chamber of a luscious woman was visible without impediment. Has your curiosity been piqued? Even if it hasn't, you should expect what comes next . . . . . . . . . Wait for it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . To be continued . . .
  4. gedren_y

    GoH Book III

    I will be sticking with Kaliphlin, but there will be a character change coming, An upcoming build will sort it all out.
  5. The Crahaish neh Triuri might want to send some people to investigate the mystical aspects of this story, which would definitely engender some ill will from the Order.
  6. For Cat B, don't you mean minimum, not maximum, for the stud count? And I think you meant to use the word conscious, not concessions, in your story.
  7. *passes around bottles of uisge*
  8. What about religious alternatives? Wandering Acolytes from the Crahaish neh Triuri travel the Brick Seas spreading the word of the Triuri.
  9. Maybe not a new animal mold, but a recolor. The skunk could easily be a badger.
  10. gedren_y

    Should I hire Ninja-Pirates, or Pirate-Ninjas?

    A pirate ninja will also pirate others' techniques.
  11. Star Wars will never happen, the same with Marvel, because of Hasbro's exclusive figure deal. That's why all Lego magnets that are to feature figs are glued. Hasbro filed suit over early Star Wars fig magnets that weren't glued. This was before Lego got the Marvel license, but they are under the same exclusivity conditions.
  12. One of the CMFs slated for 2019 was thought to be for the Billion Brick Race movie, but there was a loss of director some time ago. Is there any word about whether production is still ongoing for this movie? Could it still meet its schedule? Given the length of time digital animation movies take to produce, the loss of a director at this late in production might not have been as catastrophic as has been believed.
  13. gedren_y

    Count Kainans House

    Ooh! A safe haven for witches, with safe broom parking provided!
  14. The second installment of A Curious Story has been posted. Are you curious yet?