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  1. gedren_y


    A lot of your guesses are great, but I think your #8 is pretty well covered by the CMF Series 12 Hun Warrior. I know the Huns and Mongols were not the same, but the designs overlap a bit too much for the level of distinction needed for a CMF. 1) Masked Hero: like a few others' descriptions, a classically dressed character with a wide brimmed hat, masked face, cape, and weapon. Inspirations can be drawn from The Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, The Shadow, or The Phantom Of The Opera. 2) Gamer Girl: the female match to the previous male fig, with 'PLAYER TWO' printed on her torso. Hair/hoodie combo from the Ninjago CMF line, and oversized fist hand cover accessory with printing to look like the classic Nintendo gamer glove. 3) Firefighter (female?): fully decked out with long coat (printed version of the over the shoulders robe used previously), breathing gear, helmet, and fireman's pick (with the perpendicular heads). 4) Terracotta Warrior: see the drawing posted above. 5) One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People-Eater, AKA Musical Monster: shaggy printing (much like the Yeti) on purple body, purple bat wings neck gear (printing?), lavender head with single eyeball and mouth print, shaggy purple hair mold with 3.5 mm pin hole, pearl gold unicorn horn, and pearl gold trumpet. 6) Civil Engineer (female?): white construction hat/hair, white dress shirt torso print, black leg assembly with detailed printing (keys/badge?), hip wear tool belt, orange 2x2 triangular tile with carpenter's square printing. 7) Pulp Hero: bubble helmet (2 piece existing mold), coifed bright yellow hair (Superman hair reuse), ray gun (chromed?), bright red Flash Gordon style body printing. 8) Wastelands Adventurer: bare torso with chains 'suspenders' print, brown leg assembly with chain mail skirting print, shooting crossbow with ammo, and brown top hat. 9) Gumshoe: classic trench coat (print) and fedora look, revolver type pistol (overmold?), and white 1x2 tile with notepad printing. 10) Vegas Stage Illusionist: flamboyant costume using sparkly prints and printed cloth, and a white tiger cub. 11) Anime Fangirl: sailor schoolgirl type printing (pink & purple on white), pink plastic skirt with purple plaid printing, stockings leg printing, pink and purple pigtails with pinhole, trans-pink crown pin attachment, and trans-pink scepter. 12) Dark Elf: R. A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden as a template, with two of the Ninjago scimitar type swords. 13) Mounties: classic Canadian Mounted Police, with cuffs, and 2x2 tile with a bear face wanted poster printing (think Yogi Bear). 14) Parade Drummer: green and gold fancy printing, shako in green with gold printing, white wand set as drumsticks, and waist wear drum kit. 15) Big Ben Costume: just like it sounds, with reversible head (clock face/fig face) 16) Robot Helper: leg assembly with two robotic legs (Monster Fighters) in pearl silver, red roller skates, tutu in red, pearl silver torso with maid uniform style printing and red hands, and a horizontal cylindrical head with antennae and feminine face print. Yes, this is a total riff on Rosie from The Jetsons.
  2. You might want to look at your math again for the Red Rogues vs. Baby Team results.
  3. gedren_y

    Fantasy Funnies

    Not really. Princes of the Universe requires more vocalists in the opening lines, and We are the Champions starts off too soft. Seven Seas of Rhye begins with power. Freddie's closet had something else.
  4. gedren_y

    Fantasy Funnies

    *sings* "Fear me you lords and lady preachers I descend upon your earth from the skies I command your very souls you unbelievers Bring before me what is mine The seven seas of rhye Can you hear me you peers and privvy counsellors I stand before you naked to the eyes I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust I swear that you'll be mine The seven seas of rhye Sister - I live and lie for you Mister - do and I'll die You are mine I possess you I belong to you forever . . ."
  5. gedren_y

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Take a minute to check that map for hidden messages with the gem. Does no one watch National Treasure anymore?
  6. gedren_y

    Starting faction/EGS Question

    Hey! Eslandola has religious types too. We're more missionary oriented, and use a Celtic language derivative.
  7. There are now two versions of that sword. The newer one has a thicker hilt. The one the CMF series 6 Highland Battler had came out in 2012. There were eleven sets that year that had that mold, including the CMF series 6 Highland Battler and the CMF series 7 Evil Knight. The standard sets that included the weapon were LOTR and Monster Fighters sets. The sword appears to have been designed for LOTR, then used elsewhere.
  8. gedren_y

    Foraleza di Montario

    I've been wondering when this would get posted. A lovely addition to Nellisa's majesty.
  9. gedren_y

    ID this Lego spiderman

    The head is Lego, and going by the eyes it looks to be from one of the early Clone Wars sets. The body looks like it may be Megabloks, from the Amazing Spider-man movies license.
  10. If you build a quarry for story, without the EGS mining system, just don't bother licensing it. Fill the freebuild form out, link it to a settlement (every build helps), and stop there. Then your stone building has a logical source. Or find out where the existing stone quarries are, and claim one of them as the source of the stone. Either way, the people in charge of the EGS processes don't have anything else added to their already complicated issues.
  11. gedren_y

    Library nerd question

    398.2 or 741.5?
  12. I have some commercially released VHS episodes. Not for sale!
  13. I'm betting at least one of those guys had accepted a blessing from a Wandering Acolyte of the Crahaish neh Triuri.