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  1. gedren_y

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    That Cloud Roadster has an interesting new cloud part, four of them in the thruster. And those 'demons' would be good for both sci-fi and fantasy. Sandy's Speedboat has the cloud part as well. Both will be on my to purchase list.
  2. Lady Cantoni replied, "Aye." And with her elbow bump, Commodore Grie was prompted to say, "Aye." Glancing up from what look like architectural plans, Viscount Doblin said, "Huh . . . What? Oh . . . Aye."
  3. gedren_y

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The polybag Build your own Monkey King, 40474, has shown up on IG. Weak parts assortment, but it is a cheap way to get the gold bar piece.
  4. Well, the US Shop@Home still has them available, including full boxes.
  5. There's always the 2002 Tusken Raider head.
  6. gedren_y

    Future Pirates Speculation

    With the recent news surrounding a new POTC movie, here's hoping LEGO revives the license.
  7. Commodore Grei pulled out a high quality sheet of parchment from the stack he brought in with him, and stood to address the room, "It is true that we here need reliable intelligence of the goings-on in Terraversa. To assist us in this, the leadership of the Crahaish neh Triuri have furnished me with a letter written to them from a retired of their number, High Priestess Lillian the Skydancer, now living in Westface. It reads:" Dearest Sisters, It is with great concern that I write to you about the civil unrest in Terraversa of late. The city of Nola Mar is in open revolt against the legitimate Terraversan government. A Maridierian Royalist faction has taken control of all routes in and out of the city. I know of at least four merchants from here in Westface that were, instead of being admitted into Nola Mar, beaten and bloodied before being driven away from the gates. One man I tended myself was lucky he came to me, or he would have lost an arm to gangrene. In addition to the governmental woes of the island, the local Atwi people are greatly upset over the seizure of the object being called the Quiver of Artemis. Since I have tended to many a sick Atwi in the time I have been here, I was afforded the opportunity to sit in on a meeting of the Westface area elders. There was a firm consensus that a plan for its return was needed, but of the six proposals put forward, none garnered enough support for action. When I was asked my opinion, I told them that any attempt to take the object by force would result in numerous deaths on both sides. All of this is on top of the fractious Terraversan internal politics, with Archduke Oldis and Grand Admiral L'Olius each leading a group of political actors with opposing views on the direction their young nation should take. The tension here is palpable, and people on the street watch their fellows with suspicion. A priest of Poseidon tripped over his own robes yesterday, and instead of helping him up, the people around merely gawked. Another incident had a supporter of Archduke Oldis being drenched with the foul contents of a chamber pot. It is my concerted opinion that the Crahaish could do much to alleviate the tension. I suggest a hospital, staffed by Wandering Acolytes, be set up in a neutral location and open to all who come. I know of several stately homes, now vacant since the recent war, in an area that would suit such needs. I live in hope that the Crahaish heeds my words, and acts with swiftness to aid troubled peoples. Yours Faithfully, Lillian the Skydancer, High Priestess Ret. Taking a breath, Commodore Grei continued with his address, "In addition to this letter, I have compiled all the Crahaish neh Triuri's fleet reports on the various rumors concerning Terraversa, and the RNTC's involvement, that seem to corroborate High Priestess Skydancer's assertions. I am in complete agreement with her that a neutral position needs to be taken with respect to Terraversa's internal political situation. While we cannot condone the armed insurrection of a legitimately elected government, we also cannot have the Terraversan populace believe we are trying to interfere with their self-governing." "A hospital catering to all would do this well," Lady Cantoni interjected. "And provide us with the first-hand intelligence we need," Viscount Doblin added. "True," Hammish continued, "But the Crahaish cannot fund such an undertaking at this time. Acquiring Terraversan property, renovation and supply, would divert funds from ongoing relief missions elsewhere. I am provided with only a modest budget to manage their fleet, though I do believe I can cover a blood price for the return of the Valiant Phoenix. The Crahaish can however, should we decide to build such a hospital, provide medically trained Wandering Acolytes to handle the care of the wounded and the sick." "I agree with Mr. Reyngout that our anti-piracy missions should include the waters around Terraversa," Viscount Doblin commented, "but doing so with a specific political faction would be a mistake. Being seen as interfering outsiders would be a real problem. I remember the mess that was Nova Malto after Mardier 'ceded' control of Isla de Victoria to us." "Exactly my point," Commodore Grei responded, "Even one of the Crahaish's captains, Missa Drewsa, in her honest attempt to do the right thing inadvertently caused more unrest by working too closely with Archduke Oldis. Whatever we decide, it should be done with respect to Terraversa's sovereignty."
  8. Commodore Grei gave a gruffy snort, but replied, "Aye." Lady Cantoni patted Hammish on the back. To the motion she said, "Aye." Viscount Doblin looked up from his perusal of the pages he was handed to give a perfunctory, "Aye." Alexander then dipped a quill into his purple ink, wrote something on one of the pages, then passed it to Commodore Grei. He nodded, and passed the page to Lady Cantoni. She read the page, wrote something with the pink ink, and passed it back to the Commodore. Hammish nodded, signed the page with the gold ink, and carefully placed it into the Viscount's satchel.
  9. Commodore Hammish Grei, having heard the last few remarks from the entryway, comes in with a stack of parchment held under his right arm. As he takes his seat, Lady Cantoni hands him her notes, and he passes three of his pages to Viscount Doblin. After a moment of perusal, Hammish stands to address the assembly, "As I see it, Corrington is looking for some support in defense of their shipping lanes. First, I propose we publicly announce the names of ships we commit to anti-piracy missions. Alphabetically, so as not to give clue to their distribution. While this may seem like giving an advantage to pirates, a careful study of the Kings Port Advertiser could give anyone interested an idea of the size of our anti-piracy missions. To mitigate trouble in that area we could wait a full day, or more, after their sailing before publicizing a list. Even that level of transparency would garner us some good will on the Brick Seas." "Secondly, the routes our ships patrol could be arranged so that they pass near to Corrington ports, or through areas Corrington merchanters sail. They in turn could do the same for our shipping. This may require a formal agreement for information sharing to maximize such an effort whilst maintaining security. In such a formal agreement both parties could be required to make captured ships available to their original owners at an agreed upon blood price."
  10. gedren_y

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The Lost Empire is currently available on Amazon Prime and the Pluto TV app. The Forbidden Kingdom is currently available on both the Pluto TV and Tubi TV apps. Speaking of Netflix, they have a series, The New Legends of Monkey. Monkie Kid himself has printing on par with CMFS, and other than the bull minions, the rest of the main characters have above average printing detail. Pigsy's Food Truck has a complicated build, with food service and command center modes. White Dragon Horse Bike does seem a bit overpriced, but not by much. Monkie Kid's Cloud Jet looks more like a recolored Nexo Knights set. The best price per piece seems to be Demon Bull King.
  11. gedren_y

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I agree with everything except the underlined. Jackie Chan and Jet Li did an awesome movie, and Thomas Gibson did a wonderful Hallmark miniseries.
  12. Lady Cantoni glanced up from taking notes on the session for Commodore Grei, noting the momentary pause in the goings on. She stood, and as soon as she had everyone's attention, began her prepared remarks, "I have provided for all of you a copy of this quarter's Midori Almanac, and if you open them to the marked page you will see a list of the known astronomical events for the month of June. Of import to this discussion are the Summer Solstice on June 20, an eclipse of the Sun the following day, and the comet known as Hades' Arrow on the 24th." She waited a moment while those who were inclined looked through the booklet, "Many of our brave sailors mark such events with riotous celebrations. The Summer Solstice in particular, because it is the most widely known predictable event, and is celebrated by a number of faiths across the Brick Seas. Of particular concern to myself, and my fellow Indepentents' Delegates, is the current status of the Golden Grasshopper, who's crew are all but one Triuri Faithful. I know that some of you have at least witnessed one of their solstice celebrations . . . I ask in all seriousness, do any of you here today have any early reports on the status of our fleet?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (OOC) The Summer Solstice and eclipse are real world astronomical events, but I invented for BOBS the Hades' Arrow because the speech needed a little something more.
  13. Octan space tankers!
  14. In came Lady Cantoni, her arms laden with numerous copies of this quarter's Midori Almanac, each with a ribbon marking a specific page. She made her way carefully around the room, depositing a copy at each seat, saving the Admius Legistrad for last. As she handed him his copy Valentia told Guilder, "The marked page may have relevance when we discuss potential ship commitments." When she took her seat, Lady Cantoni dipped a quill into the gold colored ink, and signed the cover of her copy of the Midori Almanac. She then handed the quill to Viscount Doblin, and he did the same with his copy.
  15. gedren_y

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I placed my pre-order, along with two of this year's Mulan set. It has some parts that will be good for some Super Mario vigs.