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  1. Proof that other planes of existence are real, and that the teachings of the Crahaish neh Triuri are true. "We are born one hundred and thirty-five times in each of the one hundred and thirty-five planes of existence until the soul becomes one with the Triuri." The Crahaish neh Triuri welcomes you, @bmerrill, and invites you to join the Triuri faithful in worship. There are a number of Wandering Acolytes abroad in the Brick Seas who can be sought out to introduce you to the ways of our faith.
  2. Future Castle Sets?

    Not really when you consider that two of those covers the same space as three of the 4x5 panel pieces. It also gives additional architectural detail, and it removes the unprotected windows.
  3. Future Castle Sets?

    This panel in gray would be best for an outer curtain wall.
  4. Future Castle Sets?

    TRU is in such a tailspin that they probably aren't going to get exclusives anymore, so there is that opening. I wouldn't worry about retail stores not carrying toys based on licenses from Amazon's media productions. The licensing percentage is generally covered by mark-up for Lego. Any large chain stores are not likely to forego profits because of licensing percentage. I doubt Amazon's LOTR will be licensed, though, given that the target audience is expected to be adults.
  5. The whole religious avoidance is totally hypocritical. The very design concept of the Lego advent calendars is about Christ. Not the builds themselves, but the whole one build per day leading up to Christmas intent to the design. I understand most don't bother with that, but for some an advent calendar is a religious ritual. The fact that Lego produces a number of sets catering to that (admittedly benign) ritual is the hypocrisy. In any event, I don't think Series 19 will have a major theme itself. TLM2 series will likely have plenty for those that prefer the regular series. If the other CMF next year is Billion Brick Race, then that too could cater to some of that crowd. For those who are after historical/fantasy figs, do not despair. I have found that some torso prints from previous racing themes work well as armor/gambeson/tunic designs, so there may be some usable gems.
  6. [MOC] Sniper at church

    Nicely done, but this belongs in Special Themes.
  7. Hammish put his palm over his face to contain his laughter as he pocketed his coin. He knew full well what was used to make the coins purple. He knew that Willoughby, having swallowed three, will soon have a bulge that needs attending for at least 24 hours. "Please tell me he has a woman in his life," he gasped out between fits of laughter, "Dye made from the fruit of the Owan Tree is potent stuff." With their own smirking, Valentia and Alexander both pocketed their coins.
  8. High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher of the Crahaish neh Triuri quietly enters the meeting hall. She goes to each of the Colonial Council members, gifting each with a purple coin saying, "With the blessings of the Triuri." She then leaves as quietly as she came.
  9. [SR-ship] Barque Narwal

    Not to be confused with the Dark Narwhal. Pretty. Do the Derrs happen to worship the Triuri?
  10. Did the Puppy Hustler ever get re-licensed in the new system?
  11. Rotating Meat

    Shawarma McDonald's?
  12. Summoning gone wrong

    Not the first humorous troll build, but this one is funnier.
  13. Some Wal-Marts don't carry Lego CMFs at all.
  14. Shinmizu Village

    Another wonderful Kaliphlin build. As for the location, given the terrain, I would place it somewhere on the mountainous southeastern coast between Mpya Stedor and Berigora.
  15. [COR-FB] Having a ball!

    Wonderfully done. This reminds me of the Damaximus wedding in GOH. If I'm not mistaken, when put together this build qualifies as a Royal Property.