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  1. Apparently the reporter was unaware that the captain of the Consort's Duty is a woman.
  2. One of the Triuri faithful saw someone frantically carrying a roll of paper stock through the back door of the KPA office. He thought he heard the guy mutter something about equipment maintenance.
  3. Triuri nas tròcairiche gràdhaiche na màthraichean. Beannachd uile a' mhuinntir le bethannan.
  4. "But this eternal blazon must not be To ears of flesh and blood. List, list, O, list! If thou didst ever thy dear father love-" Okay, I've quoted from Hamlet. I'm done now.
  5. Art n' ddigrif an t-òr siud.
  6. gedren_y

    A Gathering in Westface

    No. That is Tolan duBroise, the current captain of the Island Rose. I can understand the confusion, as he is a Triuri faithful Corlander in exile over some political mishap that no one really cares about anymore. His cap with the 'crown' belonged to the late Daffyd 'Splattersquawk' Prows, whom Tolan served under till his death. Not really. That's just how some of them dress. The Oleon lady captain's outfit can be seen elsewhere in the Brick Seas, though she has yet to explain the logic of her headdress. How she gets away with being so counter culture is another matter entirely. Thank you.
  7. A High Priestess of the Crahaish neh Triuri has retired. She is now hosting A Gathering in Westface, her new place of residence.
  8. High Priestess Lillian the Skydancer has chosen to retire. She has also chosen to live out her remaining years in Westface. In celebration of the great bounty the Triuri has bestowed upon her throughout her life, Lillian is hosting a grand feast in her newly furnished home. (original) In her retirement Lillian retains her title of High Priestess, and is still empowered to offer her services as a Priestess of the Triuri, but no longer speaks for the leadership of the Crahaish. In her capacity as a Priestess, she offers a blessing to all those who come to share in her bounty. (original) Dearji the Windsong accompanies the High Priestess' blessing with a soft aria. Tolan duBroise, who had a significant hand in acquiring this house for the High Priestess, is watching the reactions of his fellow guests. Camilla Isobel la Reiy is hoping the day doesn't get much brighter so that she can maintain signature pallor. (original) Since the ambassadorial overtures in Kings Port have gone well, the Independents' seats delegation of Eslandola's Colonial Council made themselves available to attend. Lady Gallantria Fortan, a well known Terraversan noble, has brought with her a pot of her famed tea for the High Priestess' table. (original) Kali the Phlin hears Dearji's singing, and worries that the High Priestess will ask her to join in. Singing has never been her strong suit. Oh look, it's that Oleon lady captain that is so fond of Eslandola events. Following her is Tissa, an Atwi woman who has lived Westface most of her life. Bringing up the rear is Lord Andre Groppis, who is just tagging along to see what all the fuss is about. (original) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some close-ups of the foliage. I wasn't sure if I should include them, but none of the main images showed Lord Groppis' scepter well enough, so here they are. (original) (original) (original) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope you've enjoyed my little story build, and have a happy Thanksgiving (those that celebrate it, that is).
  9. Someone cannae handle a good strong drink.
  10. gedren_y

    [COR-FB] WTC Offices

    When the WTC Marines arrived at the unloading area all ten cases of uisge had been unloaded, and Consort Taliesin was performing a blessing ritual on the cases. The marines watched mildly confused. When Taliesin came to the end of his ritual he tapped a letter affixed to one of the cases, gave a smile and a cheery wave, the departed with his cohorts as quickly as possible. The highest ranking marine opened the letter, and read it aloud. To The Venerable Leaders of Mesabi Landing: We the Crahaish neh Triuri have been impressed of late with Mesabi Landing's fostering of goodwill between all peoples, most notably the celebration of Oktoberfest in your fair city. In our appreciation we have sent ten cases of fine uisge help replenish what must be a somewhat depleted supply of good drink. We hope you find the contents enlightening. Sincerely, High Priestess Ylsbeth the Starcatcher He quickly refolded the letter, and ordered his men to get the crates into the storeroom. With trepidation he returned to Mr. Mordo's office to deliver the letter.
  11. Yn dod â ar Brenin Porthladd Hysbysebwr!
  12. gedren_y

    [COR-FB] WTC Offices

    Consort Taliesin the Lightbringer was escorting by rail a delivery of ten cases of fine uisge to Mr. Mordo. In between the bottles were stuffed translated copies of centuries old Crahaish neh Triuri maps. "Tha mi an dòchas gu y rhain cadw Mesabi prysur," Taliesin commented to one of the Truachesh security personnel hired to ensure safe delivery.
  13. gedren_y

    [SR - FB] Fast Fish

    "Math an t-iasg!"