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  1. Check his neck for a royal birth certificate.
  2. gedren_y

    [COR-FB] A Carnivore's Welcome

    "Just blast the miscreant with the long gun, and be done with it. His title don't mean a can of horse meat, and his WTC crazies will just follow the next guy in line," roared one of the Triuri faithful in Eslandola's colors. ------------------------------------------------- Everyone's favorite dynamite thrower steps into the fray. I'm glad I got my ships out of there.
  3. Did I miss that? It had to have been a serious engagement, because she was a tough little ship. Just look at her. I'd be all for sistershipping her if it would be okay to do a derivation on the name, rather than simply adding a "II" to the end, to avoid confusion.
  4. I still have to do a full write-up on the history of the Truachesh neh Triuri, and their Crahaish neh Triuri. The Eslandola leadership recognized as canon the Crahaish maps "proving" that there had been previous exploration of the New Haven Sea as part of an Adventure thread. (One of my political campaigning builds was used as part of the impetus, and I made @Capt Wolf's Willem Guilder grumpy in it.)
  5. I wasn't trying to devalue your opinion, but the way you worded it implied it was an overwhelmingly held one.
  6. I think you are overstepping a little with your opinion there. KKII had some of the best heraldry designs, and some of the figs just needed a bit of swapping in of neutral colors underneath the bright bodywear and visors. Some of the set designs are a somewhat ridiculous, but how many of we AFOLs actually keep playsets as Lego designed them? A handful of the builds from the sets, though, are usable in diorama builds. The Castle of Morcia set had the idea of swapping faction control, and included the parts to do so, which is something I wish Lego would have continued with. Even the giant figure builds offered some useful parts in interesting colors.
  7. This whole recent discussion about Nexo Knights stems from a comment about how long Castle has been in hiatus. The point was that Lego internally considers Nexo Knights to be a Castle theme, so they do not consider Castle to have been gone as long as most AFOLs do. The original comment was making both points. There is no need to argue.
  8. I missed the tall legs when I saw the Avatar images earlier. Now we can do a purist Fezzik for The Princess Bride.
  9. gedren_y

    The Return of The... (Chapter 9)

    Hmm. Someone there doesn't seem to have been bribed. That can be taken a few ways. Too ethical? Not worth bothering to bribe? Agreed with the proposal already?
  10. *sings* "Jayne . . . the man they call Jayne . . ." (Browncoats know the rest.)
  11. Then they would be going the Tiny Toons route, and probably include Pinky and the Brain as well. I wouldn't mind that, as some lesser used Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies characters got better screen time with that generation of shows. I could see a one-off Animaniacs set being the Warner Bros. Tower with various rooms inside, including Yacko's map of the world (though some countries have changed since that was produced). They'd all need pin holes in the heads for headgear changes, and some other accessories for costume changes.
  12. With the Muppets there can be a number of variants thanks to some nice Muppets takes on great classics, like Muppet Treasure Island. Come to think of it, The Hispaniola from the movie with a good portion of the characters would be a great set.
  13. gedren_y

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    Here's the brothers brick review.
  14. gedren_y

    10302 Optimus Prime Rumors

    How did I miss this? I just saw the Facebook post for the upcoming set. It sure looks like the G1 Optimus Prime toy from back in the day. I can see why they don't have knee articulation, which a lot of Optimus figs didn't have for the needed stability. I didn't have one of the originals, but friends did, so I remember handling it (and the gun/tank Megatron). I still have some G1 season 1 episodes on VHS that I bought off of a video rental place.
  15. There are also some issues with WB right now. I don't know if the work WB has done with the games is part of a larger licensing deal that covers the cross-media enterprise between them and Lego, or if the video games, movies, and sets each have their own separate agreements. I bring this up because WB is in the process of splitting off the gaming development studio, and I think are looking to sell. There was a segment of the CUPodcast that got uploaded to YouTube that partially covered the announcement.