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  1. This has been a most distracting interlude of ifs, might-have-beans, assumptions, and secret money, but on to other matters. I have some things that I would like to have added the History and Religion sections of the BOBS lore, chiefly about the Crahaish neh Triuri. Once I have done a full write-up, to whom should I send it?
  2. About the word 'mate'; some of us can affect enough of an accent to make not odd sounding, but then we'd have to keep up that accent. Something to note for Brits; some Americans, particularly those who identify as southern, will take offense at being called 'Yank'.
  3. The Bagpipe Factory in Pontelli

    Truachesh settlers will be happy to hear that proper pipes can be found outside the mainland. Does the factory offer repair work on older pipes?
  4. I see a number of good ideas, but if we can set aside the name Castle for a spell, I have an idea. Fables, a theme centered around classical tales from various cultures. Mostly folklore, but some based on real historical figures and events. Examples: The Labors of Heracles (proper Grecian name) - A full wave could come out of this. Jason and the Argonauts - A few sets including the Argo. The Labyrinth The Trojan Horse Marathon Beowulf - This could give a full wave. A Lego Grendel wouldn't be hard. The Epic of Gilgamesh - Maybe, as I'm not as conversant with the material. Journey to the West - I have little knowledge of Asian folklore, but material from this could be applicable, and has seen major media adaptations. The Arthurian Saga - Obviously, but sanitized like everything else. The Welsh version is the way I'd go, so I can get a Taliesin minifig. Robin Hood - Another obvious choice. Vercingetorix - Gaul vs. Rome Boudicca - Celts vs. Rome This could be the overhaul that Lego historical fantasy needs. The varied subject matter would also give TLG the ability to avoid overlap with other themes.
  5. I'm still around, but haven't built for GOH for a while. BOBS has much of my focus, but I hope to finally finish Quest for the Egg. It won't be the grand build I had planned originally. Once that is done, I may try to pick up other story threads down the road.
  6. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    There are lots of those around. I use a number of Brickarms and Brickforge.
  7. What are you reading?

    I'm rereading Watchmen and the recent prequel graphic novels Before Watchmen.
  8. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I think the phrase you're looking for is, "I dare ya!"
  9. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Understood and accepted. I have edited the Consort's Duty class claim and stats plan accordingly.
  10. My HP tablet, along with a mouse, needs an external keyboard to have full LDD function. I have it on my tablet, though, because it can run the rendering program, where my netbook cannot.
  11. One more option for education is an observatory; see my example.
  12. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    I don't think there is a webform for the intro posting, just the DBs when the name is added to the accounting list. As to ship licensing, the new system isn't in place yet, so waiting on doing so is probably best anyway. Ship income comes from participation in the MRCA, which is still being reworked.
  13. New Ship Classes - The Transition

    I would dispute this. I think her 5 rating should stand. The Firefly has a longer deck and hull, more sails, and more arms than the Consort's Duty (already classed as a 5). The Consort's Duty only appears longer because of the over-long bowsprit and overhanging sail.
  14. I doubt the word 'mammoth' was being used to describe an actual fig, but to describe the previous hint itself. The hint being something to do with the Fourth of July, plausibly a firework costume.