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Found 11 results

  1. When I was making this creation I was thinking about nanotechnology, and I decided to make this spy car really small and compact, so I took an inspiration from nanotechnologies. The spy car is solved from 3 parts, each part doesn't depend on other parts very much, you can remove any part you want, without breaking the car structure. The 4 main parts are 1) main body part which contains a battery box 2) motor part with a gearbox 3) upper body structure which holds the receiver 4) Camera = GoPro HERO Session. I built a special remote controller for this car with an iPhone holder, so I can drive the car and see on the phone, what the car does. that makes this car a real spy car. the remote controller
  2. A music video for Daft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger, with Technic letters, filmed using a GoPro on a custom Mindstorms controlled rig. Made by this guy:
  3. Hello there! After roughly four months, I have finally scrapped together time to make another LEGO video. But this time, I decided to try something different and take you behind-the-scenes of the original video. In this vlog style video, I show you how I was able to create the various shots I did with a custom LEGO GoPro mount I found online and modified to fit onboard my simple Lego pullback car. I even built a Power Functions motorized camera dolly with steering abilities to film turntable style shots. Please watch the video and share your thoughts on my new editing style and attempt to raise production quality. I plan to begin adapting a series to this style format/editing if I get enough positive responses. Also, if you have ANY suggestions on how to make my videos better, PLEASE share them! I am always looking for ways to increase the production quality of my videos, and without feedback from viewers such as yourself, I will never know And yes, I will get rid of that lame intro.
  4. Simple Lego Pullback Car - This Lego Technic creation is the smallest, simplest pullback car I could design without sacrificing stability. It features a minimalistic design. The pullback racer is so stable that it supported my onboard GoPro (yes, I finally purchased one) To anyone interested, I used RenderForest to create my new intro:
  5. Hi everyone It has been a little while since I have posted anything, but I wanted to share my latest model with you. GoPro HERO Session Camera Dolly and Panning Rig This model is a dual purpose dolly and panning rig for a GoPro HERO Session camera. It uses a single chain to control both the linear movement of the camera (dolly) and/or the rotational movement of the camera (panning). My YouTube video explains how this works in detail: Please let me know what you think. PS. For other models that I haven't posted on Eurobricks, please check out my YouTube channel ( Thanks
  6. Hi Guys! This topic is where I will be adding updates to the new parts that I make available via Shapeways. There is also a FB page where I'll be posting new designs. For a bit of personal history, I work in the architectural field and 3D modeling has been a passion for the last 12 years. When I finally had a family of my own, I rediscovered the boxes of LEGO I carefully stored from the 80's. Not long after, I decided to combine the two things I enjoy doing: Technic and 3D. Here are some of the parts that are already size approved and available: The GoPro Adapter is the only product that is available pre-printed on Bricklink in a very limited quantity. Since my intention is not to sell via this thread, you can find more details on the Facebook page in my signature.
  7. I recently started using video in their new gadget - GoPro Hero 4. And it prompted me to think a combination of mechanisms Lego video and photo shooting. I think it is quite promising direction. What do you think of it? Action camera GoPro Hero4 in my opinion it is not only well-advertised brand, but also a very useful thing when shooting Lego Technic MOCs. I decided to dream a little and make their tools and fasteners for this camera and this is what came out of it. Video:
  8. So just why did I build this thing? A few weeks ago I finally bought a GoPro (Hero 4 Silver)... Great little camera (very little). I was looking on the Internet and YouTube to see all the interesting things people are doing with their GoPros. Many people who use GoPros are as enthusiastic about the many uses for their GoPro as we are about our LEGO. Anyway, after looking at many of the interesting ways people were using their GoPros I decided I wanted to combine GoPro with LEGO. What to do? What to do? What to do? That’s it, I’ll build a camera dolly. Capabilities, what do I want it to do? Must be remote controlled. Must be as small as possible. Must be very agile. Must be able to turn on itself. I started looking to see what other’s had done... Very interesting, but not exactly what I wanted. I finally decided that a good platform would be a skid steer platform. I started looking at small skid-steer devices and found small skid steer loader by “imurvai” back in 2013. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87099 I thought that the platform he used for his loader would make a good skid steer platform for my camera dolly. I downloaded his .lxf. I started looking in my inventory for parts and found that I did not heave enough of the studless open frames (needed four (4), I only have one (1)) So I started looking for alternatives. I have plenty of the open frames with studs so I started to build. I built the frame with gears, wheels, battery box and IR remote. I worked well, but it was a little faster than I wanted and the skid steer turning was a much rougher than I wanted so I started looking for alternatives. I remembered the three wheeled robots used with NXT (the TaskBot). I thought about using NXT, but just not in the mood for programming and I could not find a suitable bluetooth remote. I gave up on NXT and implemented my design with studded and non-studded Technic and power functions. In order to reduce the speed (that thing was fast) I implemented a gear train. This works pretty good, but I still need more control. Well, here it is, My “Camera Dolly MK I“... I wanted it to look very utilitarian, so nothing fancy, just function. First I built the dolly Here is a Right side view]Right side[/url] by[/url], on Flickr A rear view]back[/url] by[/url], on Flickr A head on front view]HFV[/url] by[/url], on Flickr And a bottom view.]BV[/url] by[/url], on Flickr I used the GoPro mount by Kyle Martin, you can see it on YouTube, just search Kyle Martin LEGO GoPro Mount. Here a re a few photos of the dolly with the GoPRo mounted First a front-side view]Front[/url] by[/url], on Flickr A head-on view]HVH4[/url] by[/url], on Flickr And a couple of rear views.]BQvH4[/url] by[/url], on Flickr]BVH4[/url] by[/url], on Flickr Finally a link to the Flickr album for more photos The biggest challenge was editing the video to go along with this post, so here it is... Oh yeah, while the camera dolly is agile, not quite as agile as I had hoped for and it is still a little too fast, I need to gear it down a little more to gain more precise control. I hope to make the next version much more agile and able to achieve more precise control. I hope you enjoyed this, and C&C are welcome. Andy D
  9. Finally I had a few hours ( 3 hours ) to put all the parts that I have to work. I build two ramps and built a little ring with two different levels, also added a x-cross to make stuff interesting and used the rest of tracks that I have. It took me one hour to build the pillars, three for the ramps and the layout and one hour more to get back everything inside the box :) What do you use to design your tracks before hand?
  10. The video is nothing fancy, I need to get more creative now.
  11. WARNING: THIS IS A 15 MINUTE LONG VIDEO. Just a heads up. Skip the first minute to get to the trains part, each train runs for about a minute or two then it switches to a different one. I filmed this last summer and thought I might as well share the adventures of my camera. Hopefully I will have photos showing the cradle that was used for filming this rather soon.