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Found 8 results

  1. Finally I have an entry for TC13! Since TC12 was such a pleasure and an unthought success (thank you all), it is again big fun to enter this EB contest. I have bought two PullBack sets - just for the parts - two years ago, and the motors were laying in a box since then. To enter this contest, I had to find out which abilities the PBs have. Conclusion: it's heavy, has high speed but low torque, for a ridiculous short period of time, and stresses the parts around it a lot during wind up. But it's compact and doesn't need a BB. The first three weeks were just testing. I tried gearings, two PBs, escapement, gearboxes and so on. Nothing really satisfied me, while I don't want to build a car, but also nothing stationary. After at least fifteen revisions, this is where I ended up with: A Pull Back motor and a pile of parts ... good enough for a proof of concept.
  2. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive #3

    Hi all, after the arriival of BBB wheels, I finally completed the third clockwork locomotive. It is based on pre-war Goods Train No.2 made by Hornby Thanks to BBB wheels reduced profiles it manages well large curves. It works also on R40 radius curves, but looks a lot better on longer ones. The clockwork motor is quite the same as my previous version, only a bit lighter and made all in dark-stone grey color. Two pull-back motors are connected by two red 40-tooth gears, which power the rear big wheels. Motion to front big wheels is achieved trough coupling rods. It has no brake lever, since for winding up you need to keep it on one hand and you can stop the wheels with your fingers. So, being an unuseful weight, I did not include it. It is very light, since the boiler is made by empty cilinders and the body is made by panels. Gear ratio is 5:1 to the axle, then large wheels help to furtherly overdrive the gear ratio. I choose 5:1 since this locomotive will be part of a set, and needs to pull three very small and light wagons. The bolt works as flywheel, and it is put over a little piece of flexible Technic tube. No wheelspin at all allows a bit more travelling. Front wheels on bogie are completely independent, so they make less friction. Front bogie is made to follow the track and not to guide the locomotive, as in old Hornby models. On a mixed track made by straight and large curves it can manage 9 meters with a pair of wagons. I plan to replace the full coupling rods with @zephyr1934 ones, since they are much nicer and surely lighter than mine. Hope you like it! Davide
  3. Hello All, hereby I present You the King of the Pull-Backs, which for I had the idea for very long time. Teaser picture is coming: Where has it started? Well, I had these parts lurking around, and really wanted to test them together: Recently, while I was playing with my Mini Suzuki Samurai, got the idea, how well the body and those parts above would fit together. As I really like the body lines of the Samurai, I decided to keep it, and improve. Let's take a look at on it, the common DNA is quite obvious, that's why I decided to keep it in the Suzuki off-road family, and named as Jimny. I set some constrains for me, like: keeping the body, but reconstruct it using 12M axles for the wheels make it affordable make it sturdy make it fast Here is a picture from inner structure, and how I set the distance with pulley wheels for the chubby tires, and increased the friction for the 12M axle: And one more insight shot (roof is hidden). It was pretty challenging to build a reliable and buildable inner structure for the shape I set in my mind, but finally it works, prototype works and sturdy enough for crashes! The hood still has some flex play, but nothing falls apart. Meanhile the build I made some records for me: Big and heavy wheels have a ton of angular momentum, but 4 Pull Back motors do the job. Big and heavy wheels help to keep the center of gravity low, so it jumps pretty stable. You need extra attention to load both axles properly, but once it is done...whooooooooooooooosh!!!!!! - my 42034 lost the run. (Video might follow, but no promise.) My painting skill (and patience for it) sucks... I want to paint the rims in black, but I have to make a second try on it. I don't find right time and place for taking sharp photos, so I present it as LDD renders, meanwhile I have a built one beside me... sorry. I am also waiting for missing color correct parts (on the way). As an engineer, I wanted to add some extra technical bit first, like suspension, but I realized soon, that it makes the loading of the motors very difficult (as You need to push the car downwards), makes the whole construction very complicated, and adds weight for no reason here. Keep it simple: low weight, big power. BUT, I was smart enough to integrate one nice feature though, and I proudly present You the first Drive Mode Selector in a Pull Back car! HERE You can download the LDD file, I tried to divide the model into small building groups, and built up in the most wallet friendly version. Some parts are mislocated, after real life build, I realised some stress and reinforcement need, but to fix minor placement issues in LDD, I would have to build it again from the ground. We can conclude, that I don't have the patience for it. TO DO: flip the pins (in the side panels) and the 2M rubber damper (under the hood), and push the windshield together - that's it. This is what You get in the LXF file: And finally, some possible versions - I am building the red one. Small part count (284 pcs), great fun. Enjoy! Edit: one small fix in LDD file - v3.31
  4. I built this Lego Technic Pull Back Truck with rear long-travel suspension about a year ago and just got around to filming it now! Two pullback motors drive the rear wheels and off-road tires! In this video, I simply go all action with the editing and test this Lego Pullback Truck in the elements! Please let me know what you think about the editing =)
  5. Hello there! After roughly four months, I have finally scrapped together time to make another LEGO video. But this time, I decided to try something different and take you behind-the-scenes of the original video. In this vlog style video, I show you how I was able to create the various shots I did with a custom LEGO GoPro mount I found online and modified to fit onboard my simple Lego pullback car. I even built a Power Functions motorized camera dolly with steering abilities to film turntable style shots. Please watch the video and share your thoughts on my new editing style and attempt to raise production quality. I plan to begin adapting a series to this style format/editing if I get enough positive responses. Also, if you have ANY suggestions on how to make my videos better, PLEASE share them! I am always looking for ways to increase the production quality of my videos, and without feedback from viewers such as yourself, I will never know And yes, I will get rid of that lame intro.
  6. Simple Lego Pullback Car - This Lego Technic creation is the smallest, simplest pullback car I could design without sacrificing stability. It features a minimalistic design. The pullback racer is so stable that it supported my onboard GoPro (yes, I finally purchased one) To anyone interested, I used RenderForest to create my new intro:
  7. My first Technic pullback racer MOC, an aerodynamic race car with two pull back motors! Lightning fast + extreme torque! Features dual rear wheels for maximum traction and flexible metallic tubing. Upon further testing, Aero Racer was gauged at both a short distance test and a long distance test: traveling 10 feet in .9 seconds, and traveling 25 feet in 2.8 seconds.
  8. Trainmaster247

    Tiny Pull Back car the pull back motor uses the one the creator set with the blue boat, cargo helicopter and one other I forgot about.