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  1. kelceycoe


    Well, remember that first animated Scooby Doo movie? The rest of the world got it in November of that first year of the launch and we here in the USA didn't get it until next year on a blu-ray release with another one. So I'm guessing it comes later possibly next year.
  2. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    According to Google Translate: We now have the first information from the next LEGO Hidden Side Set wave, which will most likely be published in late December / early January 2020. LEGO Hidden Side - Hidden Side Portal (70427) 4 Minifigures - 19.99 Euro - 189 Pieces LEGO Hidden Side - Jacks Beach Buggy (70428) 3 Minifigures - 19.99 Euro - 170 pieces LEGO Hidden Side - El Fuego's Stunt Airplane (70429) 3 Minifigures - 29.99 Euro - 295 parts LEGO Hidden Side - Newbury Subway Station (70430) 3 Minifigures - 29.99 Euro - 348 parts LEGO Hidden Side - The Lighthouse of Darkness (70431) 4 Minifigures - 49.99 Euro - 540 Pieces LEGO Hidden Side - Ghost Fair (70432) 6 Minifigures - 49.99 Euro - 466 parts Let's take a closer look: The Hidden Side Portal looks like a dark Harry Potter version of Aragog's hideout - but without a huge spider, but with a darker tree. Exactly this tree is supposed to represent the portal. Where will this portal lead? Maybe the light blue and thus frosty-looking treetop reveals this. But the minifigure of Jake is very cold. What's a little irritating about this set are the two fire ghosts - Nexo Knights sends greetings. The two sets, numbered 70428 and 70429, could also be attributed to the LEGO Creator 3in1 team. Because the beach buggy and the stunt airplane come in the almost typical colors blue / yellow. Only interesting should be the double-headed spirit beach buggy set. The Newbury subway station looks a little small at first glance, if one thinks of the other train stations of LEGO. This is also shown by the indicated tracks, which are only two nubs apart. Otherwise, a slightly grim set with the minifigures of Jake, Parker and a ghost construction worker. Highlights are certainly the two largest sets with 540 and 466 parts. The Lighthouse of Darkness is similar to the LEGO Scooby Doo Set 75903 Haunted Lighthouse, just adapted to the Hidden Side theme. Furthermore, it fits well as a berth for the Hidden Side shrimp cutter (70419) . Once again Parker is among the four minifigures, but for the first time without her cap and thus with open, purple hair. Well and with the set ghost fair, also holds the quite new roller coaster rail system at Hidden Side feeder. Where fair is a bit over the top, because it is a ride with accessories. Part of a ghost train, which consists of three red rails. In addition, the visitor of the train is greeted by a ghost clown who denounces high above the track. Fittingly, the set includes Jake, Parker and JB (a sensational scientist), three fantastic fairground employees.
  3. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Nice try but unless you got it free with a promotion the only other way to buy it is from Ebay and it's very genuine.
  4. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Can we find them on Google? If so by which keywords? Are they on a web site outside the USA>
  5. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    TV SERIES COMING; ACTIVITY & ghost-hunting BOOKS EACH WITH MINIFIGURE COMING 2020: Yes that would make the theme more attractive to AFOLs like myself than just avoiding it, or like me, using select sets as add-on kits to my Monster collection.
  6. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    I really think Lego jumped the gun with planning Hidden Side as a success and began producing a second wave before giving the first wave a chance. Monster Fighters went on sale around this time despite being released months earlier than anticipated and despite some fans insisting it was a popular line, business shows otherwise, and it was one of the most overstocked themes in 2012. I've noticed one of my local Wal-Marts moved all the Hidden Side sets off the shelves and into a hidden standup display to make it look as if Hidden Side sets were selling out. Given the general income for this area, it would definitely seem unlikely, especially on a theme so dependent on an app that requires a very expensive phone to begin with. Bottom line - Lego sets are toys, not apps. When the app is far better than the sets, that is a problem. The "ghosts" in each set are cheap 2D representations of actual 3D spooks that would have really enhanced the sets. Add to the wacky color variety and weird piece selection and design and the whole thing looks like a repeat of Time Cruisers with Fright Knights and Ninjago Ghosts. Not to mention it is a total ripoff of Stranger Things, whose set itself is laughable.
  7. kelceycoe

    Is LEGO getting to inaffordable for kids?

    Wow! It's great to hear from the people who weren't given high-priced sets grow up and afford them for their children or themselves. I was spoiled. Between alliwance and gifts, I always had all the smaller sets by my birthday. For Christmas the bigger sets and money I got was used to complete each theme. I remember being 6 and getting the Black Seas Barracuda my birthday. That Christmas or next it was the Island and Fort Legorado. Plus a robin hood set. Until I met kids at school I thought that was normal for those of us who collected Lego. I grew up in the Midwest. The idea of collecting Lego was absurd and counter-productive to the Midwestern ways of giving hotwheels cars or Tonka trucks to boys or even guns. And cooking sets, baby dolls, or barbies. In other words, toys were used as a means to teach children how to behave in a traditional manner and I was often teased for collecting Lego sets. Lego sets, at that time, couldn't teach me to live in the real world and work at plants of fix cars, only to have an imagination, which doesn't get you anywhere in the Midwest.
  8. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Only if the Shrimp boat brings shrimp for the restaurant to serve. Otherwise they are not mutually exclusive. And why not pair them? Gives them meaning. The Graveyard and Train go together in some ways too.
  9. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    So I broke down and bought the Juice Bar, new and through the secondary market. (very cheap) I'm not impressed with the very vibrant, cheap looking pieces. But I bought this set as an add-on to my horror scene (which I will upload later). I do like the kid. I think LEGO done a great job of recreating a character you could see on The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. (Although, hilariously, there is a girl who resembles her in the remake of "Child's Play"). I like the citizen - when he is a citizen. I'm not a fan of the ghost heads because - looking at the theme's graphics, they are poor representations of 3D ghosts. However, I do like his face a little better than the rest of these ghosts. Stickers are lame, except for the Slushi one, that one is awesome. The two lone ones on the back remind me of the ugly out-of-place Blue ones from the Werewolf sets. I'm impressed by the size. This is a big juice bar and worth me paying far less than getting it free with such an amount of purchase. As a theme overall, perhaps Wave 2 will add some continuity to it but for the most part this theme can be broken down into its "twos": a school and a bus; a shrimp shack and juice bar; leaving the graveyard, boat, and stunt car to have their matches in the second wave. Like everyone else, better ghost figures are a must. I wish they would have provided 3D molded heads like they did with the Simpsons. I'm not a fan of the culture represented by the citizens and designs. Where did Lego get the influence for that god-awful graveyard design? Kreo? I haven't matched them against my existing monster themes or Scooby/Ghostbusters, but I feel they are out of place and belong with the Mixels or as its own theme. It was nice seeing pieces from The Haunted House reused, although only 2. I do love Lego's appeal to this new generation, I'm guessing "juice bars" are popular in cities? I didn't think they were a thing like Starbucks. Overall, it'll serve my purpose of putting it near my witch cottage for patrons watching fights to get juice. Beyond that, it belongs only in the Hidden Side theme and sometime in the future I'll set it against the old Studios Monsters, MF, GB, SD themes to show what I mean. 5/5 for Hidden Side/Stranger Things fans; 3/5 for serving my purpose despite the crazy color scheme; 5/5 for value in terms of the size of the juice bar and minifigure count; 1/5 for having minimal replay value; and 1/5 for only looking great with HS theme sets, 1/5 for stickers; 1/5 for minimal storage value; and 1/5 for appealing too much to kids and less to teens or AFOLs..; 1/5 for looking like cheap dollar general ripoffs; 1/5 for lame white box/instructions color; 1/5 for being too dependent on an app with limited device support; but 5/5 for being on sale in deep discounts everywhere.
  10. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Target has these listed for sale, due out August 2020 lol..
  11. Brick Fanatics Issue #9 has a feature on the 30 years of Pirates. Having not bought this issue myself I have no ideas about the details:
  12. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    For those interested, the current version of the Hidden Side site is active and provides download details and FAQ for the app, theme information, product information, and an entire writeup on AR games. They're really putting a lot of stock into this feature and I'm assuming they hope to implement it in other themes. I will give this theme a shot when I see it in a store on a shelf the next time I am out. I do recall the HD photos from the last round of photo leaks did make the theme look more viable. There are also some videos, but nothing like the previously released one. Here's hoping to some shorts that may also make the sets more interesting (like Scooby Doo). And here's an early article about this theme. To date, almost all of the new articles have just been press-release formats and not really a review for positive or negative:
  13. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    And the sales are already up on Amazon for 3 of these sets! They did this with Monster Fighters back in 2012! And I'm in America but it doesn't surprise me Pokemon Go is still popular over there. The game may still be ongoing but trust me, the trend is dead and faded away when schools banned here in America.
  14. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Interestingly, Kreo originated the "spooky city" idea with their Cityville sets almost 10 years ago. I'm reading a lot of enthusiasm and positive vibes from Europeans, not so much into the sets other than "I love it" but negativity about the AR, which was supposed to be Lego's selling point for this theme. Was Pokemon Go not in Europe? That was a trend that died quickly. I'm loving the fan speculation about future waves - airplane, carnival, more AR based ghosts made into figures, etc. If Lego can provide these, I'd see even the first wave worth getting. It appears this wave, like most other themes, have complements - diner/boat, graveyard/stunt truck, lab/school/bus, and the train just sits by itself (for now). The juice bar could complement it but I suspect it's meant to complement future sets in Wave 2. FYI: Monster Fighter complements I found useful (my opinion, not official): 1. Haunted House with Vamp Hearse. 2. Graveyard / Zombie Car / Ghost Train / Werewolf / Mummy. If you couldn't get the Graveyard, Halloween Accessory Kit with other accessory kit. 3. Vamp castle / coffin car with Frankenstein Lab For the record, number 2 sits between 1 and 3 in my setups as they share this graveyard /forest /swamp.
  15. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Yes including transforming them into zombies like I have done with Santa Clause, a clown, a Monster Fighter, and more. Or even convert some of these minifigs to ghosts or witches with the swapping.