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  1. Until this point we were only able to speculate who exactly Spooky Girl aka Vampire Girl (her name in the file name of her bio graphic from and now we know as her development name) was based. We all guessed Wednesday Addams (the Haunted House is essentially the Adams Family house) and I felt Lydia from Beetlejuice. But thanks to a recently discovered design we now know she was also based on the girl from The Ring and Emily the Strange and that Matthew James Ashton specifically did not want her to resemble Monster High. Below is the link with all of this information. This year is another dismal year for Lego Halloween. The only seasonal set is the Witch Brickheadz and we already have the Ghostbuster duo Brickheadz set. We will soon get Jack/Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and that's it. Series 18 could go any way you want it since it is a Party theme it's assumed to pretty much be a Halloween costume party theme. It's definitely the year for Brickheadz. The Scooby Doo site has returned with Bricktober currently disabled, don't know why: By the way, if you buy the Fantastic Beasts carriage set you can use it as a Vampire Carriage for your Monster Fighters or Studio monsters Vampire Crypt sets.
  2. kelceycoe

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Um... where were you during all of those releases from 1980 and 1990 properties? Since when were kids familiar with Sonic, Beetlejuice, Et, Ateam, MI, etc? Oh and Ghostbusters, which came out before the female reboot that'll likely be remembered more by the kids of today. Not to mention, in many ways, tge Studio, MF, and Scooby playsets in many ways were taken from the Universal monsters. Now its time we introduce this new generation to the original source.
  3. kelceycoe

    New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Um... Universal Studio Monster sets were pretty much the 2002 Scary Monster sets, not to mention the 2012 Monster Fighters (based on USM) and the 2015 Scooby Doo sets (also based on USM) so I think, especially with the number of non-Lego playsets and merch in existence, Universal Monster sets would sell well, especially since there are sooo many horror conventions that would sell them. As for Looney Tunes, yea, I couldn't see a whole lot of sets just a lot of minifigures with accessories, unless they based them on a movie (Quackbusters?).
  4. As you may know the What Monster Are You quiz still remains on Finally I cracked the code to score how you want. The quiz sums your answers to reveal your result, which is assigned a number. These are the point values you will earn for each answer and what point values will score you as what. It appears they used to offer rewards, mainly posters, and I don't believe I archived them but I figure it's nothing new. POINT/SCORE SYSTEM: Brains =5 Garbage = 2 6,000 eyes = 2 Chain = 3 Walls = 3 Bigger brain = 1 Suit/tie = 6 Jeans/vest = 4 Red = 5 Really red = 2 I'm bald = 1 Who cares = 6 Pink = 1 Red = 4 Funny movies = 3 Concerts = 4 Laugh = 5 Cry = 6 Mad Scientist = 19 Flyman = 24 Specter = 29 Rocker Monster = 34 Zombie Cheerleader = 38 Zombie Businessman = 38
  5. The Monster Fighters theme had many issues and many great things. The story is helter-skelter - why do we have to have monsters being hunted? Why can't they have their own Monsterland where they live in peace and have their own lives? The first Monster theme released in 2002 was the Scary Monsters/Scary Thriller subtheme of the Studios line. Why were they just essentially movie sets and monsters in costumes, why couldn't they just be their own realm? Watch the story video for the Zombies - where did the Voodoo Doctor go and why was the witch released in the graveyard "add-on" pack, I like to call it, when her history is with Anna Lee (she gave her that scar)? We really need a good voodoo doctor and I mean if PotC, a Disney property, can release cannibal sets, they can release a real voodoo witch doctor for a Monster theme. Second, like the 2002 line, it felt like a rip-off and poor excuse of TLC not to obtain a proper Universal license. Even in the preliminary packaging listed Lord Vampire as Dracula and the Zombie Driver as Renfield but final packaging used generic names. That's called a rip-off product (you know, the same thing Lepin is getting jumped for by AFOLs). Not to mention we have a vampire bride but no monster bride and we have yet to have a female monster to date yet that was a very influential part of the monster movies of yesteryear. They would have fared better with a license from US for the 2002 line since those sets felt more like the Universal films than the MF line (which felt like a bit of an update on modern films, like the mummy's chariot being related to the first Universal remake of The Mummy moreso than the original US property). Third, hearkening back to the "fighter" theme, we already know from various sources the original ideas for the line are based on, in part, of the original Ghost Busters cartoon (the one with an ape) which in turn became an inspiration for both Ghostbusters and Scooby Doo (and do I need to go back in history and say these are all based from the Disney cartoons Haunted House and Lonesome Ghosts... but I digress). Now, we have THREE monster-fighting properties that really weren't needed - Scooby Doo, Ghostbusters, and Monster Fighters and haven't fared well on anyone's budget, for those of us who own all the monster sets. Fourth, the Monster Fighters line was one of the first lines where one of its products sold out quickly. This was before products selling out the same day like many do now on Remember the Zombie set, based on the film White Zombie? It was a Target exclusive and one day vanished. Now the set is worth three times its value when it was new and is honestly one of the more clever sets despite the lack of the voodoo doctor (add to the fact it later came out with two add-on packs, the MF accessory set and the graveyard car (not the coffin car)) that were unofficial add-on modular packs many of us AFOLs could gather from the story line. Fifth, there were really no monster rally or even large sets (a castle set would have been nice then). By monster rally I mean not more than one monster appeared in a set (although the scientist does appear to be an early Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde and the first vampire assistant based on Igor, although I wonder if the Mel Griffith's Igor didn't help to inspire this design more). Now for the positives... 1) It uses the steampunk/gothic cultures. We know gothic architecture is real but the whole steampunk idea is fiction - except for steam-powered locomotives and a few other things, it's all fiction. It does seem to be inspired from the WWI era which is the era before monster movies came about (but right after many monster books, such as Frankenstein, were released). 2) We got a lot of monsters, although many were repeats and, especially the wolf set, was a redesign of the old set (we could have gotten a gypsy wagon and a tree). The swamp creature and zombies were newer editions. We even had skeleton horses that, in the game, were in place for manbats (which I have no clue why those were released anyway). 3) We got a lab, castle, graveyard, and even a haunted house in one theme. 4) There was quite a lot of influence to these sets from both The Addams Family and Munsters (we technically got a Dragula and a smaller coffin car) and some of this later influenced the Series 14 CMF monster line (Rocker Monster from Herman Munster and the Franken monster from the now defunct Universal Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue show, almost being an exact replica).
  6. Aye, aye a quick education is in place here... why are you talking about five-year-old issues with Monster Fighters sets as if they're still current/relevant? Because they shouldn't had even happened 5 years ago when they even did. LEGO knew better and has been using glow-in-the-dark elements since the '90s... and guess what... Entex's Glo-Blocs way before them! How exactly is LEGO "LOSING to Mega Bloks"? Read here: and What in the world is "political" about LEGO Friends? How is using life rings for toilet seats — something LEGO has been doing for over ten years, and something they've never had any other dedicated piece for — some kind of newfangled cost-cutting initiative? You'd have to read LEGO's past annual reports and other corporate literature where they talk about this.
  7. Wouldn't that be ironic the very same thing that saved LEGO from its first near-demise (licensed sets) could actually become its demise? In all due respect, we are definitely upon the dawn of a new era for LEGO. Obviously, licensed sets got way out of hand and now have been merged with LEGO properties (TLM, TLBMM, TLNM, Dimensions, etc). What's next for LEGO? Not to mention the quality of the bricks and pieces (LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 instruction booklet; Monster Fighters glow stickers, the small gray circle pieces in the Monster Fighter sets), as well as their handling on customer relations and succumbing to politics (LEGO Friends anyone?) and the quality of the designs (LEGO Scooby Doo) or its lack of knowledge in supply and chain (Millennium Falcon 2, most early Ideas sets, and The Zombies anyone?) or its complete disregard for collectors (LEGO Scooby Doo brick figures that never became available to the public after appearing in the Mystery Campaign Builder box; Mr. Gold anyone?) or its "new agenda" to keep out AFOLs from collecting LEGO memorabilia (all this new LEGO Life crap) or requiring registration for minibuilds, etc., the list goes on. Not to mention LOSING to Mega Bloks and battling Lepin and piracy altogether, let's not forget the new China factories that I guarantee will cause controversy and more quality issues (and I bet we won't see lower prices either) added to the fact that LEGO sets are now reaching $800 with some averaging $200, and the new Toys R Us deal, yes, LEGO appears to still be struggling with brand recognition. They're producing way too much and even re-producing it (like rehashing many of their books and not always updating them) as well as the whole "so now LEGO pieces can be versatile, what works as a spike can also be the horn of an animal; a door can now be a part of the roof; a traditional car door is now toilet paper; a life float is now a toilet seat" initiative to reduce the number of pieces it produces by finding ways to reuse them.
  8. This is the 2017 Halloween campaign from LEGO. Looking at the source code, we will have to "ring the bell" of the three doors for treats like wallpaper and the like that's already on the web site. It seems to cover Nexo Knights, City, and Elves, so it doesn't appear it's any more Halloween related than through its marketing using the Haunted House, Spooky Boy, and Devil Boy CMFs.
  9. Holy crap, thanks for that. Didnt know about that book. Might be another rehash like Ideas was with the Playbook. Update: Yep it's a rehash of several books and a UK exclusive for Sainburys: It's also interesting to note how TLc still relies a lot on the MF line to promote Halloween. Also, there is a New campaign for Halloween coming - I found it through Google. Hopefully it gives us some good stuff.
  10. Good to note Johnny Depp has had 2 I am aware of... PoC and Lone Ranger. What if we based it on characters based on actor portrayals? How many would be attributed to Boris Karloff?
  11. kelceycoe

    What was the reason behind Lego Scooby Doo?

    They had planned it all the way back since 2010ish, made Monster Fighters first in 2012, then the theme to coincide with Be Cool, Scooby Doo, though I'm not sure how intentional it was since Scooby was based on the classic cartoons. That same year (2015) Wal-Mart released a DVD exclusive called Favorite Frights which, coincidently, lined with the villains used in the sets. None of us could pinpoint where the Sea Creature came from because they used a different character - no one knows why. But this DVD release helped us to finalize these cartoon sources of Scooby Doo sets: Here is the full episode list: 1. What a Night for a Knight (featuring the Black Knight from the Mystery Mansion set) 2. Hassle in the Castle (featuring the phantom from the Mystery Mansion set) 3. A Gaggle of Galloping Ghosts (featuring the vampire from the Mystery Mansion set) 4. Scooby-Doo and a Mummy Too (featuring the mummy from the Mummy Museum Mystery set) 5. Which Witch is Which? (featuring the zombie from the Mystery Machine set) 6. Fright House of a Lighthouse (featuring the Creepy Keeper from the Haunted Lighthouse set) 7. The Headless Horseman of Halloween (featuring the Headless Horseman from the Mystery Plane Adventures set) 8. Scoo-Be or not Scoo-Be? (new to DVD, featuring the sea beast from the Haunted Lighthouse set)
  12. kelceycoe

    Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    It looks like there will be a "Double Feature" DVD in October with both Lego Scooby movies...
  13. IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN AND WITH HALLOWEEN AROUND THE CORNER I WANTED TO HONOR THESE MONSTER MEMORIALS: 15TH: This year marks the 15th year since the Studios monster subtheme (called Scary Thriller and even Scary Monsters) made its debut, introducing Universal-style monsters. Although TLC had licenses on Universal Studios properties such as Jurassic Park and Steven Spielberg's name, one is led to believe that they did not have the Universal Studios Monsters license or, at least, were granted permission to make sets resembling this license. There were four sets and even at times these sets mixed monsters from other movies (like the 2017 edition of The Mummy with Tom Cruise). The main monsters represented were a Vampire, Werewolf, Frankenstein, and The Mummy, although these characters were more or less designed to be costumed actors on film sets. The sets, in many ways, closely resembled the Universal Studios monster films. Other monster mashups included a modified version of Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde as the Scientist in the Frankenstein set, the ghost costume and a female actress in the same set (I am guessing an homage to Phantom of the Opera) and The Hunchback in the Vampire set. Although not directly stated by his name, Van Helsing makes an appearance too in the Vampire set. 5th: This year marks the 5th year since the Monster Fighters line was released. Centered around the fictional steampunk culture, here, a gang of monster hunters must stop Lord Vampyre from eclipsing the sun forever. Many of the sets were different from actual sets in the movies but at times, especially with the Vampyre's castle, they had some similarities. Given the design of the vehicles one must wonder if the time period wasn't meant to be depression-era, especially since many monster movies were released around this time. The sets, in some ways like the Werewolf set, reused previous ideas from the original line. However, some sets did indeed create new editions of older sets and introduce new monster properties from which they were derived. I suggest the following: * Lord Vampyre's Castle - Dracula * Frankenstein - Frankenstein * The Mummy - A chariot, * Werewolf - The Wolf Man * Sea Creature - Creature from the Black Lagoon * Vampire Hearse / Coffin Car - Munsters Coach & Dragula. The driver had been called Renfield, Dracula's assistant, in the preliminary box displays, as well as Dracula being used for Dracula's Castle. * Vampire's Bride - A spin-off of Bride of Frankenstein mixed with Elvira * Haunted House - Munsters (the creator of the set was wearing a Munsters shirt during the reveal for this set) and some Addams Family influence since there was a Frankenstein's monster butler * The Zombies - White Zombie (it was supposed to feature the VoodDoo doctor) and of course was, after all, a zombie wedding in a graveyard * Ghost Train - I am guessing a very loose idea from the 1941 film by the same name * Spooky Boy & Spooky Girl - Although they came later, it's worth noting Spooky Boy is more like Pugsly Addams while Spooky Girl, which you would think is Wednesday Addams, reminded me more of Lydia from Beetlejuice due to her schoolgirl outfit * Tiger Woman - close to the 1944 film by the same name * Mr Good/Evil - A spinoff from Dr Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde * Grandfather clock - Any number of horror films, though Disney's Haunted Mansion ride stands out for me * The Fly/Scientist - obvious * Venus Flytraps (Scooby doo) - Little Shop of Horrors * Graveyard / Witch scenes - Wizard of Oz, Walking Dead * Most zombies are likely influenced by Walking Dead and the rise of the zombie movie craze around that time * One can't help to think if Mad Monster Party and Groovie Ghoulies helped to influence any of these sets and CMFs * Frankenrocker - I know the Beetlejuice show done this at Universal Studios Orlando but I can only find the frankenstein monster from Munsters playing the guitar Almost all of these comparisons to all the Monster properties mentioned are based on my observation since the only time we knew of TLC acknowledging their relation to existing monster movies was at an event where recording was prohibited during an advance presentation of the line.
  14. kelceycoe

    Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    As of now SCOOBY DOO is all retired but the Mummy set. As mentioned above, hopefully we see it back next year when another animated film is expected to be released.
  15. kelceycoe

    LEGO Seasonal 2017

    About time there's a Halloween seasonal set worth having. I purposely missed out on last years and the year's before was just stupid. Seems the FRIENDS Halloween sets in the European magazine has fared better than the official sets. I also love the Valentine and Easter sets for this year but honestly enough is enough. I might get the Easter set if there are any left next week but we could use new ideas rather than just rehashes of older sets. I'm guessing the butler in the Halloween set is just a generic butler but wonder if he is somehow the basis for the Haunted House butler or even Lord Vampire before he became a vampire?