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  1. I converted mine to the 1984 by simply not adding the rust stickers. But how do I move the ladder to the other side without it looking like crap since it's not built the same technique as the Lego Ideas version?
  2. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    And who knows... it might pick up a cult following years later and people may want to revive the thread?
  3. kelceycoe

    Halloween & Spooky 2020 Sets

    I have built every HS set except the train and castle and I felt the theme was very heavy on vehicles. How many do Jack and Parker need? A lot of these sets were either vehicle only or had some sort of vehicle, even if it were small (the lighthouse, the shrimp diner, the submarine set). While I do love this theme more that I own it, there are a lot of cons I'm not fond of. For one, the color mismatches between the sets, instructions and boxes. While the love the idea of violent sets I am also surprised this theme went straight off the radar as it contains monsters who's intentions are eating kids, even if they are teens. While that seems to fly in horror nowadays (see IT films or Child Eater film) it's still rather odd it made it into a theme. Even the Monster Fighter theme got accused of bringing Satanism to children. I still feel a lot of the sets are unnecessary but I really haven't opened the app too much, read the activity book despite owning it or even watched the "online series" so I am in the dark about it all. And I am a huge opponent of the augmented reality. Right now it's a cool concept... but I remember a lot of things Lego did 20 or more years ago that were cool then but the parts are either not working (like my light-up lightsaber minifigures or the 9V batteries from the old space/town sets) or break easily (rubberbands, the very old palm trees). There were a lot of games and activities Lego had on their site that you have to deep-search Google to even find the offline flash versions, if you are lucky. I'd hate to have loved the Monster Fighters game... 6 years later and it's gone. And this theme seemed to rely too much on the app for a full understanding of the story and whatnot. I also realized that while the Lighthouse looks similar to the Scooby Doo one on the outside, the build is different and this lighthouse is angled. Plus the inside of the lighthouse isn't as exciting as the Scooby Doo version.
  4. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    What theme are you talking about? Monkie Kid?
  5. kelceycoe

    Halloween & Spooky 2020 Sets

    Hopefully they come back. They are definitely worth it. I mentioned it. Yea some of them were good and some were way to kid-ish. This isn't a history post. This is about the spooky/Halloween sets for 2020. I observing many HS sets are identical or loosely based on existing sets. If you want a brief history of spooky themes (ignoring all seasonal sets and the themes with random spooky sets, specifically Castle, except for Fright Knights): * 1997-98 Fright Knights * ?? Skeleton Army Sets * 2002 Studios - "Scary Thriller" * 2012 Monster Fighters * 2015 Scooby Doo * ?? CMF Monster Theme ?? CMF Costume Party Theme (some consider that Halloween) * 2019-2020 Hidden Side Obviously there are tons more, from the several Ghostbusters-themed sets to Stranger Things to the hordes of seasonal Halloween sets to the rare Halloween gear (like the Halloween Pen and Scary Clock) to the ghost subtheme of Ninjago to a lot of Nexo Knights sets plus all the themes with spooky elements from time to time, from indiana Jones to Jurassic Park to Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean to Mario to Batman to even Star Wars.
  6. kelceycoe

    Halloween & Spooky 2020 Sets

    I thought the next spooky theme were Ghostbusters sets based on Afterlife? I mean, on the plus side it's great for my wallet. Except for the Juice cart and Photo lab I just bought all of the HD sets just so I could have all the spooky sets. I really super hated HD in the beginning but in some ways it grew on me. It's definitely a direct rip-off but kid-friendly version of Stranger Things and I was browsing all the boxes today and couldn't help but to notice sooo many sets from this theme were literally built upon existing Lego sets from mostly other Haunted themes: Light House: Scooby Doo Fairground: What should have been Scooby Doo and some of Jokerland Mystery Castle: Vampyre's Castle Photo Lab / Subway / portal: Ghostbusters 2016 Prison: Ghostbusters 2 and 2016 (although this set used the idea of the prisoners from these mediums since there were no prisons in these films, only a jail cell in the first film) Shrimp Boat: Scooby Doo Lighthouse Haunted School Bus: Nightmare on Elm Street (ok not an existing them but it's the first film franchise that comes to mind) Haunted School: I feel like this was inspired by Goosebumps and I don't know why
  7. For those who look forward to my posts about Halloween sets, I wanted to make a current one reflecting all of the available Halloween and Spooky sets available. This includes books as well. Earlier this year Hidden Side released Wave 2, noteworthy was the Lighthouse which is many ways was similar to the Lighthouse from Scooby Doo. Also earlier this year we saw one of the first sets based on a more mature licensed media, Stranger Things, with the set called Upside Down, complete with its own line of promotional products. Hidden Side has finally released 3rd Wave sets, specifically noteworthy is the castle set, echoing the previous Monster Fighters and Scooby Doo castle sets. They also have an activity book available from major retailers and you get a Jack minifigure. After almost 20 years, Lego has released official Universal Studios Monsters set with the Frankenstein Brickheadz (yes it should be Frankenstein's Monster). Recall that the 2002 "Scary Thriller" monster sets released under the then Studios theme weren't officially licensed but inferred in some way due to Lego's then licenses with Universal Studios, specifically as it related to the then Studios theme. For the first time in 8 years, Lego has re-released a Haunted House set (not counting the Creator Fall set from years ago). The set resembles the 2012 Monster Fighter's Haunted House set, is lower-priced than the MF set, but changes it into an elevator ride. One of my favorites and original idea, that can fit with the new Haunted House and Haunted Fairground, is the Haunted Hayride vignette set. A Halloween Ideas Book has been released containing a build for a "spooky scene," pretty much a tombstone with a skeleton. Super Mario Bros contain some scary characters and levels based on the video game. Another new and great idea for this year are the inclusion of two Halloween ornaments for people who put up "Halloween trees," depicting a bat and pumpkin. Of course if you own a Creator tree house set or even the Stranger Things set you can use those to hang the ornaments. Harry Potter has re-released updated sets where many contain spooky elements and characters.
  8. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Yes it was! So wasn't the Dino Island and the Amazon sets!
  9. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Sounds like an extension of the Hidden Side with the villains from another dimension. I doubt it means the end of the theme.
  10. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Why are there no Hidden Side sets in the new SAH catalog here in the US?
  11. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    If I buy the castle... I'm considering turning it into a "headquarters" for the actual Monster Fighters themselves from 2012. I was disappointed that line only gave them vehicles and no actual castle like the videos showed especially since LEGO has pretty much given each the good guys and bad guys their own vehicle and fort since the Pirates debut in 1989. For furniture, I'll likely reuse stuff from my second Vampire castle I bought so it can now appear less cluttered.
  12. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    There have been numerous sets with box art released that never were released publicly. It would be stupid for LEGO not to release the only remaining set that closely resembles the MF castle, the set that could help get more AFOLs into buying more HS sets, especially after the disastrous second wave.
  13. Can anyone tell me if any of the figures from DC Super Heroes 71026 are the '60s version from the '60s TV series?
  14. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    @Falconfan1414 How do you know any of this? So have we wasted more pages basing our discussions purely on speculation and fan hopes with no actual concrete information confirmed? Can the mods start... I don't know... moderating these forums and deleting any alleged "leaks" so we don't make any conclusions based on false or skewed information?
  15. kelceycoe

    Hidden Side VS Monster Fighters

    Unfortunately this debate seems to be too much "old" vs "new" . People who love Stranger Things and Scooby Doo love Hidden Side. But those who love the more horror stuff (Ghostbusters, Universal Studios Monster films) love the Monster Fighters line the most. I can tell you, putting a couple sets from HS with my setup, HS sets do not integrate well with anything but City, Swamp, Fairground, Nautical, and even Ghostbuster themes. Scooby Doo, sadly due to its cartoony look, is its own theme and USM and MF fit well together. Hell even some of the older Harry Potter sets fit well sith MF.