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  1. Brick Charlie

    [MOC | LEGO Ideas] Classic Space Rescue Mission

    Thank you! Well, I was inspired by other AFOLs. I made my own version of vegetation, with the intention of providing a chance to be included in an original set.
  2. Brick Charlie

    [LEGO Ideas] Pocahontas - Grandmother Willow

    Thank you! Yes, there were lily pads, frogs, bunnies, owls - I could extend my creation with them. Lily pad parts has been ordered. :)
  3. Hi, I would like to show you my LEGO Ideas project: Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times. Check it here: I wanted to recreate the first (and maybe most famous) scenes of this film, including the funny movement of The Little Tramp along the assembly line. I raised the base level and put the gears in it. With one single crank, both the machine and Chaplin moves. Please, if you like this idea, hit support button and tell your thoughts in a comment here or on LEGO Ideas project page! Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it.
  4. Hi, please, let me show to you my LEGO Ideas project: Pocahontas - Grandmother Willow I tried to build every character using existing and original LEGO pieces. This is why I have a weirdo racoon in the project. :) The body prints and clothes of Pocahontas is not perfect too. Project page: You can see more details and the build from multiple angle in this video: Please, if you like this idea, support it! I would be happy if you could share your thougths in a comment on LEGO Ideas, or here. Thank you!
  5. Hi, in the last weeks, I started to build a Classic Space layout. The first parts of the creation are ready, and it now in the voting stage on LEGO Ideas. Classic Space Rescue Mission: a LEGO Ideas project -> It is a Classic Space rover, a rock with alien vegetation and a mysterious golden monolith embedded in an other rock. The new minifigures and the neo-classic appearance are binding to the real classic era with a story. Originally, I wanted to have a Classic Space minifigure in a very special colour, but there was a lack of them in my collection. But it is definately not a dead Benny! :) Please, if you like this idea, hit support button and tell your thoughts here or in a comment on LEGO Ideas project page. Thank you! I really appreciate it.
  6. Brick Charlie

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    Hi, please, let me introduce to you my LEGO Ideas project: Charlie Chaplin - Modern Times. Check it out: I've made a short video too: Please, if you like this idea, hit support button! Thank you! I would be more, than happy, if you could share your feedbacks and opinion, here or in a comment at LEGO Ideas. Thank you! Charlie
  7. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    400+ supporters. Thank you!
  8. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    It has reached 300+ supporters. Thank you!
  9. Brick Charlie

    [MOC] The X-Files: E.B.E. (a LEGO Ideas project)

    Thank you for the feedback. Yes, but my model has more play feature and I prefer that. I think that an "I want to believe" poster printed 2x3 tile would be enough as reference to the office. Maybe I'll do this as an update. :)
  10. After releasing Stranger Things LEGO set, the LEGO Ideas team approved a previously not accepted project, which refers to an other popcult-horror theme: The X-Files. Now it is in the voting phase. Let me introduce my latest LEGO Ideas project, the The X-Files: E.B.E. More pics, details: This truck is part of a larger The X-Files layout. It refers to the 17th episode, in what a truck delivers an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (E.B.E.) from Iraq to Colorado. As there is a witness, special agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully start their investigation. In January 2019, I was able to show pictures of the whole layout to the management of David Duchovny. They liked it, so the first plan was the exhibition of the layout on the Budapest concert of David Duchovny. Due to legal issues, we cancelled the exhibit but they invited me to the event. Here is me and David Duchovny. He is holding a classic alien minifigure from my project. If you like this idea and would like to support it, visit the LEGO Ideas page: Thank you in advance!
  11. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    I've made a short promo video - I hope you'll like it. :)
  12. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    Hurray! The idea passed the 250th supporter. Thank you! Please, if you haven't done yet, consider to support my LEGO Ideas project and #bringbacktheLEGOgoat! -->
  13. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    Thank you everybody. The project has reached the 100 supporters and the 200 supporters goal is close. Let's see what happens in the future. Fun fact #1: As I wrote in my first comment, originally I made this LEGO car as part of a larger countryside layout. In fact, this is a LEGO The X-Files layout, where the wheat field is essential for alien and UFO related pop culture references. The layout was seen by David Duchovny and his management, so they invited me to his concert in Budapest, where I was able to give him a LEGO classic alien minifigure and ask him to sign a LEGO part (which will be the part of the layout). Please, if you haven't done yet, consider to support my LEGO Ideas project and #bringbacktheLEGOgoat! -->
  14. Brick Charlie

    The Farmer's Van

    Please let me introduce you my latest creation, the farmer's van. This car and the minifigure tools will be the part of a larger countryside layout. Despite that, I think the van, the chicken coop and the large variety of minifigure utensils make a whole separately. So I decided to start a LEGO Ideas project. You can check it here: If you like the idea, please support it. If you share it, please use #bringbacktheLEGOgoat hashtag. Provide fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs to the citizens of your LEGO city with this ultimate farmer starter pack! Ensure that everyone can get healthy organic food from you – a trustworthy local producer. This idea includes: The farmer’s car with opening doors and with enough space for two minifigures. A large food supply: carrot, asparagus, apple, cherry, egg and milk in bottle. Two chickens with their house. The farmer and his daughter. Last but not least, a free-range goat, an original LEGO goat. Yes, we really should #bringbacktheLEGOgoat ! Behind the ide: Do we know what we eat day by day? Eating quality food and knowing its source are getting difficult nowadays. As a conscious consumer, I want to highlight the importance of locally produced organic food and promote it with a nice LEGO set. Furthermore, as a LEGO fan, I wanted to create a set idea that contains a lot of food minifigure utensils and the legendarily hard-to-find LEGO goat. The goat in the pictures was lent by my friend – I don’t have one either! :) Thank you for your feedback and support. You can check the pictures in large resolution on my flickr gallery:
  15. Brick Charlie

    [MOC] Scooby Doo

    My LEGO Scooby Doo layout, built on 96 x 144 studs, includes approx. 20000 individual LEGO pieces.Discover the true criminals behind the ghost and monster costumes with the members of the Mystery Inc. This layout includes and extended 10228 Haunted House, the Mystery Machine LEGO set, with an enlarged tree monster. The members of the Mystery Inc. are chasing some spooky creatures. But look, those aren't real monsters! The giant tree is RC controlled by a guy next to the haunted house. And the ghosts of the house, these are just white clothes moved on strings by the baron on the balcony. The evil knight is also just a man in costume, just like the dark green swamp monster and the zombie guy. Or, the girl dressed like an old light tower guard. But if you look closely, there are some true mystery should be solved by the gang.1.) Can you find the huge zombie cat? What is this? :)2.) Look inside the cave! There is an other lake monster eating raw fishes.3.) Do you see the skeleton's head crash the side of the grave? Is this may true or just a trick? You can check the full gallery here: