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  1. Jarreth2

    Ideas for CMFs

    I’ve just come to ask if you’ve seen the leak of the Series 19 packet .. so many of your designs seem to be here .. shower dude with a green rubber duck though ?? Wonder who the pink flamingo belongs to ??
  2. Had a reply back from someone who owns the Goofy figure .. the hat is apparently moulded onto the head
  3. It could have been a head and hands swap, but it appears to have been taken by the same person who had leaked the other two figures. It was a slight disappointment. Hopefully there’ll be some leaks of the actual set sometime soon. Edit .. just revisited the pic I found .. it appears to be a dark blue torso with white arms .. there’s a gold looking chain stretching from one front pocket to another .. white shirt and black tie, dark blue ‘teen’ legs .. I can’t seem to find the torso on bricklink .. could be a new one ?
  4. Another image of the supposed Goofy figure has surfaced .. it seems legit .. but a few thoughts on it .. the hat does indeed seem to be moulded to the head .. I think this may be due to the angle of the hat on the head .. if it was a ‘peg’ hat like many of the others we’ve seen I don’t know if it would stay attached very well ? The figure has normal Lego legs, the torso has front and back printing .. so far there have been alleged leaks of Goofy, Minnie and Dale in what seems to be a conductors uniform ?
  5. No confirmation as of yet .. just rumour really .. only things so far are the Goofy and Minnie figures leak .. and I suppose they’re not 100 % confirmed yet either
  6. I’m wondering if the cost might include the Power 2.0 functions .. like those that came in set 60198 ?
  7. I don’t particularly like the cloth skirt either .. I wondered .. if you sprayed the cloth one with ironing starch and then pressed it between 2 moulded skirts .. would it take the shape of a moulded one ? The torso print is new but in general I think this Minnie is a let down. I know there’s absolutely no chance that they’ll do Clarabelle Cow or Horace Horsecollar, but it would be fantastic to see them. Wonder now many figures we’ll let with this .. we got 5 with the Castle .. a point that still sticks in my throat even after all this time .. we were robbed ! Ha ha
  8. Jarreth2

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Very much agreed .. but who nowadays wants to give away all their hard work for free and not get at least something .. few and far between I imagine .. but I appreciate what you’re saying
  9. Jarreth2

    [MOC] Food Stand Diners (One for the Rollercoaster fans)

    Sad that these never made it into production .. I would have loved them in my theme park .. as to there possibly being instructions .. sadly ( it’s all in the terms and conditions ) when you submit an idea to Lego ideas you basically sign your life away with regards to your models and ideas and they state that should they discover you are supplying instructions ( or a number of other things ) they could take action against you.
  10. Sorry it’s taken me a while guys .. I saw it posted on a Lego group on Facebook I’m a part of .. he doesn’t say where he found it .. I couldn’t find it on Insta either .. It does look legit though .. the same thing concerned me about the hat .. it has a centre line down it .. I’m imagining a mould line .. I just wondered if who ever took the picture has it positioned incorrectly .. like maybe it angles forward the other way or something ? Like when I saw the pics of the new HP figs and they had Dumbledore’s head on Fleurs grey dress sometimes the people who take the pics just take a quick snap and think that’s fine. Just looking at the image as I’m typing this there seems to be a slight blurring of black at the base of the hat which suggests it might be connected but I hope I’m wrong on this .. he has the classic looking Goofy teeth .. orange torso with orange arms white ‘gloves’ hands his torso has a printed bright light orange open waistcoat on it .. blue normal sized legs .. black shoe prints and there’s an orange patch stitched onto his right trouser leg.
  11. Saw a picture of the Goofy minifigure this morning .. seems pretty legit .. no long legs sadly .. but looks good
  12. Jarreth2

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I know leaks aren’t allowed on here .. but saw a picture of a Goofy minifigure this morning .. rumoured to be coming with the Disney train set
  13. Brilliant review as always .. does anyone know the reasoning behind Hades ( and Ghost Rider ) hair being glued on ?
  14. Wonder why they decided not to include the black flower that Sally seems to have in the original group render ?
  15. Just a quick comment and as I’m leaving for work .. but I love these .. some more than others .. some characters I wish had been here but sadly aren’t .. I hoped for Goofy, Belle and Beast and possibly Cinderella .. so here’s to series 3 lol. BUT .. I wonder whether the reason some of us think they look a bit off is that in the ‘group’ picture they’re not all to scale with one another .. look at Anna and Jarar’s heads, a regular minifigure head is the same size, yet they look vastly different here .. compare Mickey’s legs to Scrooge McDuck’s .. Scrooge’s are a lot smaller .. so the group pic is visually ‘off’ to begin with.