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  1. Brilliant review as always .. does anyone know the reasoning behind Hades ( and Ghost Rider ) hair being glued on ?
  2. Wonder why they decided not to include the black flower that Sally seems to have in the original group render ?
  3. Just a quick comment and as I’m leaving for work .. but I love these .. some more than others .. some characters I wish had been here but sadly aren’t .. I hoped for Goofy, Belle and Beast and possibly Cinderella .. so here’s to series 3 lol. BUT .. I wonder whether the reason some of us think they look a bit off is that in the ‘group’ picture they’re not all to scale with one another .. look at Anna and Jarar’s heads, a regular minifigure head is the same size, yet they look vastly different here .. compare Mickey’s legs to Scrooge McDuck’s .. Scrooge’s are a lot smaller .. so the group pic is visually ‘off’ to begin with.
  4. Toy Story 4 girl with the yellow dress and red hair is supposedly called Gabby, I’m guessing she’s a new ‘toy’.
  5. Jarreth2

    Ideas for CMFs

    Another thing I love about your series is that there’s none of this 1 certain figure per box rubbish lol
  6. Jarreth2

    Ideas for CMFs

    Blown completely away again .. some beauties. My favourite has to be the Red Card Guard .. great use of the body brick piece .. great with the tile option .. offers the option to customise and make 2 to 10 card front labels
  7. Jarreth2

    Ideas for CMFs

    I love that you've based the Ocean Guard on the Atlantica Guards .. I'd love an army of these guys .. would love Lego to introduce an alternate tail pose though .. the 3D Gymnast model is brilliant ^_^
  8. Jarreth2

    [MOC] Disney Collectable Minifigures Series

    Oooooh nice to know you've got another Belle in the works .. and I LOVE the Mickey Mouse idea .. so obviously classic Mickey was in the first wave .. Steamboat Willie in the second ( brilliantly done in shades of grey I might add ) .. Sorcerer's Apprentice in the third .. looking forward to more and also the appearance of Clarabelle at some point ^_^
  9. Jarreth2

    [MOC] Disney Collectable Minifigures Series

    Sort of agree with what Robert8 said about Huey, Dewey and Louie .. but if they all had the same parts wouldn't that make the blind bag collecting thing a bit more fun .. there would be no possible way to 'feel' which one you had .. it would be complete luck as the only different thing would be the colour of their shirts ^_^ lol I know we already have Ariel and you've done ballgown Belle here, but also love to see a land Ariel and Belle in one of her other outfits .. but there are hundreds of iconic characters to do before different versions of characters we already have : ) Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar would be cool .. always remember having them along with Mickey and the gang from the Kinder Surprise eggs as a kid ^_^
  10. Jarreth2

    REVIEW: 10257 Carousel

    I LOVED building this .. I'm amazed at how the engineers come up with ways of using different Lego parts to create the overall look of the model. The brick built animals are beautiful .. I did add a couple of my own parts to the elephant as I wasn't keen on the 'open' look of the back of the feet. The only down side I found to this build was the 'slipping' of a couple of the animals, especially the elephant, which is obviously due to the weight. So I tried to rectify this .. firstly by adding an adhesive layer of sand paper to give to wheels more resistance .. this didn't work .. so I tried some of my niece's adhesive foam craft shapes .. cut to cover where to wheels travel .. this works perfectly and there's no more slipping and the animals seem to have a smoother look to them as they travel round. A tiny tiny niggle was also the blue 'animal tails' that create the border around the roof .. I didn't realise but there do seem to be left and right versions of these parts .. I like them so that the hole in the back of the part isn't showing .. but I had one that was the wrong orientation .. my OCD kicked in for a few minutes but then I let it go lol. I changed all the yellow transparent 'dots' around the carousel base for various colours and prefer the look I've given it. I bought a Lego motor and battery pack to motorise the carousel and would recommend this if you can .. much easier than turning the hand crank. I've read a few reviews that said they felt the lack of a base plate is a negative for them .. the base plate that you make up for this model is a bit inadequate for the weight of the whole model once built .. I build on a large piece of safety glass I have so I didn't find this an issue. Lastly I fitted a set of mini, battery operated LED lights, decided where they would go and with minimal removal of parts managed to get them fitted well, they're from a store in the UK called pound land .. much the same as the US dollar store. Overall a fantastic build and looks great along side the ferris wheel. ( the picture of the lights was snapped from a video, couldn't get the video to upload so excuse the motion blur )
  11. Jarreth2

    10257 Carousel

    Yeah I guess it's personal choice .. I'm just not keen .. I'm gonna swap them for different eyes
  12. Jarreth2

    10257 Carousel

    The second video has made me want this even more so .. I've read through this thread to see if anyone has mentioned what I'm about to ask .. I have a feeling that all the animals look 'sad' .. I think it's the type of eye they use .. it works on the swan but it makes all the other animals have this forlorn, saddened look .. any thoughts ?
  13. Jarreth2

    Ideas for CMFs

    Simply stunning ! If I'm honest I've just checked the Ninjago movie thread and noticed your comment and pic and was like 'new minifig designs are here' dumped the ninjago thread and headed straight here. They're just amazing .. amongst my favourites are the Alchemist, the Cotton Candy guy and the ring bearer .. how cute is he! Congratulations on the 100 minifigure designs .. you're an asset to our community .. the only sad part for me is that now when I see your designs I immediately want them all to be produced.
  14. Anyone else wondering, but can't think why the Pastry Chef has 2 faces ?
  15. Just back from my local Toys R Us haul .. in my town there's a Smyth's toy store opened this weekend .. so my local Toys R Us is offering 20% off everything !! So with that 20% and my family staff member 20% discount I got 40% off these beauties .. so cost me £1.79 each. We spent about 45 mins feeling for the ones I wanted ( family member finished her shift at 3pm so she wanted a lift home too ! ) Some hard ones to feel for, but also some easily identifiable ones .. Rocket Boy, Corn Cob Guy, Butterfly Girl .. the breadstick of the French Guy is a good part to find ( it's also a Fabuland breadstick ) Well I suppose I'd better get em open : ) ( Anyone wondering why I didn't buy more with such a great deal .. Toys R Us can be a bit funny .. they said it's buying in bulk which they can't allow .. they only let me buy 18 with the Disney Series ! ) Ok so I bought 17 .. each one I felt was what I thought it was .. bought some intentional duplicates .. the printing on the Retro Spaceman is just brilliant .. Butterfly Girl is too cute ha ha .. not disappointed with any of them : )