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Found 18 results

  1. Greetings, adventurers! As you have probably seen, the next Creator Expert set, 10273 Haunted House, was announced this morning and it features many references to Adventurers and other themes as it is designed to be a fairground ride that is modeled after the manor of the notorious villain Samuel Von Barron. There is a large haunted portrait of the baron, a sign saying "Manor Von Barron" and several stolen artifacts from the Egypt and Orient Expedition subthemes. So my question is: is this canon to the Adventurers theme? If so, that opens up a lot of questions. We don't know how accurately the fairground operators recreated Sam's manor, but assuming it is accurate, we can gleam a lot of information from it. First, let's talk about the name. Baron Von Barron's infamous name change to Sam Sinister has been confusing Lego fans to this day, and TLG is muddying the waters even more here by calling him Samuel Von Barron which seems to be a combination of the two. Is this his real full name and was "Sinister" just a nickname? The portrait has a play feature that causes Pharaoh Hotep to appear behind the baron. This suggests that the baron was cursed by the pharaoh, possibly for stealing all of these treasures. Did the baron die from this curse? On the other side of the manor, there is "strange altar" with skull candles, a chalice, and a vassal with some dark red contents. There is also a skeleton with a top hat just like the one that both Sam and Slyboots (a.k.a. the other Sam Sinister) used to wear hanging from chains from the ceiling. This has some surprisingly dark implications. Did Sam used to practice some kind of blood rituals up here? Is the skeleton meant to be him or Slyboots or someone else? Were the rituals meant to free him of the curse? There is also a red snake hiding under the table which according to a German Adventurers audio drama is venomous and killed the first people who raided Pharaoh Hotep's tomb as part of his curse, so it would make sense that Baron von Barron would suffer the same fate. There is a coat of arms over the manor that references Fright Knights, specifically set 6007 Bat Lord. Does this mean that Sam is a descendant of Basil the Bat Lord?! As a fan of both Adventurers and Fright Knights, I am absolutely fine with accepting that as canon! There is also one of Ogel's orb bombs from Alpha Team in the attic along with a rusting Junkbot. Does the baron have some kind of connection to Ogel? There might be even more interesting references that I missed, but this gives us a lot to think about. So what do you think? Do all these things mean what I think they mean? Or am I just overthinking some fun easter eggs in a silly haunted house set? It's probably the latter, but either way, discuss!
  2. I have a masterplan for my modular buildings and it uses the haunted house (HH) along with the modular buildings (MB). But the HH does not have a baseplate so it does not fit well. Also, it opens by swinging, differently from the MB - the HH is not modular!. So my solution was to place it on a corner (my layout is a mere row of the buildings, I don't have the space for something else) with a little gap between it and the next building and ... a baseplate that would allow the swinging! Being kind of a purist, I don't like to change a set, so what I did was to add stuff. The HH itself will be exactly as it is supposed to be, no modification except for the fence that was expanded. The HH will sit atop this base that I created (with a little help from my daughter). It was all created in LDD then later made into real bricks. I have two pictures only to show and the HH is not yet assembled. And please understand that I am an unexperienced mod'er/moc'er. I started creating with Lego two months ago. From the back From the front Question: how do I put a thumbnail of a picture here so that when I click it it will open the full picture in another tab or window? The tree and the car are from the Werewolf set. I am/was too lazy/beginner to design a nice tree. And Major Quinton actually is the owner of the house, He needs to take better care of it... This is how it will look like when with the house on top: Screen 1 Screen 2
  3. Hey guys So, back when the 10228 was available, I instantly thought I'd love to see 2 of them together as a big moc, but it was a while before I got 2, and then life happened so I didn't get round to it. I eventually started in LDD as space was still a premium, but kept getting stuck on progress and where to go with it, how to make it work, how to imagine what it would be like rather than simply having something real as a reference (like an at-at) and converting it to lego (what I'm better at). It's been well over 4 years now since I started it on LDD. But I now feel I'm at a point where I'd be happy to build it, exterior finished, despite the interior lacking in furniture. Here's the thing. I'm really happy with it. But... I feel its missing something (other than furniture!)... Something that gives it a 'wow' factor, which I get seeing other people's mocs. Maybe it's because I've looked at it so damned much that it's just nothing special to me anymore, that it's been such a grind to get to this point. Anyway, without further ado, here's (hopefully) pictures! Front : Rear: Ohhh! There's some portraits on the wall with a previous Mr and Mrs of the mansion! They look glum and eerily real... Ahhh! Their faces turned angry! (with a simple pull of a technic axle the heads change to angry faces, there are 2 sets of heads. Not enough space to fully rotate, but can also rotate left and right a bit to look like they're following you with their looks!) Ground floor entrance with spiral stairs to the right to go up to first floor, and the living room to the left. Leading from that goes to the kitchen with just a cooker. Up from there leads out to the conservatory. An organ with bone chair I'm trying to design, for the living room. First floor. Left side is a living room/hobby room/study or something. In the middle in the master bedroom. I accidentally deleted all the dark red pieces so the left room has floor tiles missing g and the bed covers disappeared, seems I saved it when I did that too! Ensuite on the right. Bright red parts are wip and not finalised. I'm struggling with creating my own bathroom stuff. The dresser in the top left will have a 2x4 tile as a mirror, which will fit in the clips, just not in LDD. I'm quite pleased with that. Also, the floor bat is semi 3D! Loft area. Every creepy haunted house has secret deaths in it, this is no different! Skeleton in the chimney, but this one's come alive and breaking out! Ahhh! There is a light brick just above it inside the chimney, it'll have a glow in the dark head. Light brick activated by pushing the top centre 4 chimney pots. Am quite pleased how it works, well hidden. A creepy mirror in the top right, with cobweb in the left, and a coffin! Too scary to look inside it though, might be a dead body, or a vampire! The top spire will come apart in 2 sections. These are always the most imposing aspect of a haunted house, that single round window hinting that something could be up there, watching you! Oh no! It's a dead body hanging from the spire! There was something creepy behind the window after all... Wonder what the story behind that skeleton is... The red bricks will be replaced by string so it can actually swing there. Thanks for looking! I look forward to any suggestions for improvements or what to add for furniture in what rooms etc... I want to stay away from electrical items such as a modern TV, microwave, or computer etc, I want it to have an older feel to it.
  4. HALLOWEEN IS AROUND THE CORNER... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? SPOOKY FUN FOR EVERYONE!!! Over the years I have taken my time to diligently archive many of the LEGO Halloween & Monster sets ever released. I have also made 2 videos: one outlining the history of Halloween sets released by TLC and another counting down the top 10 creepiest, spookiest, scariest, sets. Both videos come with bonus content. I understand the Halloween history one speeds too fast. If it gains traction I'll upload a slower version. You may access these cool videos and sites through the links found in my signature below. Please enjoy them and have a Happy Halloween!
  5. kjm161

    MOC Spooky House

    It was a dark and stormy night... What could be more perfect for Halloween. The Collectible Minifigure Monsters need a home. Enter their haunted house, a four level structure (with elements inspired by the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion) that fits with other modular builds on a 32x32 base plate. The floor can be removed and two panels on either side of the two fireplaces are hinged to allow easier access to the interior. hhback by Karen Metz, on Flickr hh2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhside2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhside1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr More to follow. GOINGS ON IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE The Monster Scientist is hard at work creating new creatures à la “Island of Dr. Moreau” in his subterranean lab. In the processing chamber is his latest creation, the Fly Monster. The Tiger Woman, one of the scientist’s first endeavors, is overseeing the transformation. Meanwhile, the giant Hagrid assists the Monster Rocker by touching up the creature’s green complexion. The lab opens to a large greenhouse where Seymore, an extra large venus flytrap with an appetite for more than bugs, and his best friends from the “Little Shop of Horrors” including the Plant Monster await unsuspecting guests. Square Foot is outside ready to harvest the latest crop of pumpkins that are guarded not too successfully by the Scarecrow. hhgreenhouse by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhlab2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhlab1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr The Zombie Pirate captain, sword at the ready, greats trick or treaters at the main entrance to the house. Three halloween revelers, a costumed Hippie dad and his two children dressed as the Skeleton Guy and an unconvincing witch, anxiously descend the steep stairs from the house happy to escape with their lives. The iconic stretching paintings from Disney’s Haunted Mansion grace either wall of the main hall behind the captain. A chesterfield facing an old grandfather clock make a cozy “unliving” room. The captain’s zombie pals, the Cheerleader and Businessman, relax at the kitchen table and discuss news items the latest edition of the Zombie Times. They appear not to be interested in their brain sandwich at the moment. Also in the kitchen is the Wacky Witch who is brewing an unappetizing potion simmering in a cauldron in the kitchen’s fireplace. To the right of the main entrance is the music room and library. The Spider Lady is about to sit down a play her favorite music piece “This is Halloween” on the piano or perhaps she may change her mind and decide to sit by the second fireplace and read a horror novel from the library. hhmainfloor by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhkitchen by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhlivingroom by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhpiano by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhzombies by Karen Metz, on Flickr Going up either set of spiral staircases leads to the main bedroom of the haunted house. Wednesday, aka the Spooky Girl, carrying her favorite teddy bear enters the main bedroom which contains a bed where the witches cat has decided to take a nap, a dresser, lamp, and old style radio. Her father, The Count, is resting in his coffin off to the side. To the rear of the bedroom is a closed door that opens onto a bloody bathroom scene (inspired by B Rick’s Horror bathroom). The evil side of Mr. Good and Evil has truly come out on this haunted eve. A poor unsuspecting trick or treater has been exsanguinated in the bathtub by Mr. Evil and reawakens to the horror of his new undead state. On either size of the bedroom and bathroom are storage rooms. The storage room on the right can be entered through the picture of the Fat Lady. A lonely spirit ghost stares longingly at all that remains of his earthly self, that being his skull which watches over the room since the valuables of the house are stored in the safe and chest located here. The Wolf Guy, in his wolf man state rather than his more unassuming guise as the Lumberjack, stares out the front dormer window salivating over the easy pickings of trick or treaters on the streets below. If only he weren’t trapped in this room with the sleeping vampire guarding the exit. hhbedroom by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhbedroom2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhbathroom1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhchimney by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhopenside1 by Karen Metz, on Flickr hhopenside2 by Karen Metz, on Flickr On the rooftop level, the ominous figure of the Specter watches the scene below. A naughty Monster is locked in one of the attic spaces. Over looking the rear of the house the Banshee wails for her long lost love as the Gargoyle enjoys spinning around as the hours pass. A owl peers at the black decorative owls that adorn the roof line. hhroof by Karen Metz, on Flickr Hope you enjoy my haunted house.
  6. Tobysan

    [MOC] Victorian House Modular

    Hi All, Just sharing our latest MOC The Victorian House, a classic style modular home with lots of nice details and interior finishing. Here's some highlights of the MOC details: - 3 floors including attic - Openable Style Modular (similar to LEGO® Haunted House 10228) - Porch facade with swing - Center bay Window - Gabled Roofs - Ground floor: Entrance, Fireplace with Cosy Recliner, Study Area, full kitchen with dining table - Upper floor: Bedroom, Lounge area, bookshelf, bay window seats - Attic floor: Folding Ladder to Attic with lots of stored surprises (& friends) Here's our video detailing the MOC For more information about the Victorian House with closeup images Enjoy!
  7. ^ The Haunted House set, right..? Well Check again! It's highly modified. It's wider, deeper, and higher. (Go count the extra studs !) I think the original lego-set is one of the alltime best lego has offered till now. It does have room for improvement though... First of all, it's big, but not quite big enough. If you want to make a complete interior it has to become a bit bigger. And to make the exterior complete, I added a big tree. While rebuilding the original I got inspired by Disneyland's Phantom Manor (paris). It kinda looks like it already. Just some details were not quite right. I added the round, doubled, and trippeled windows in the front as wel as another balcony on the right. The real Phantom Manor has the porch run around the left corner for visitors, but I left that out. I still wanted the Dollhouse-opening feature. So, this one really is much bigger, wider, and higher, but to really appreciate that you'll have to compare it next to a photo of the origninal set. As you'll see I left a lot of the original details intact, cause I think Lego did a terrific job. ^ Rightside porch and balcony (the steps have been corrected one stud to the right...) ^ I tried to make it interesting from a lot of angles by creating different scenes. Here a couple is sneaking about, not knowing they are being watched from behind by... ^ The Creature From The Black Lagoon! ^ The Creature from the Black Lagoon has a diorama of it's own. ^ I love the hinged dollhouse style way of opening so I kept that. As you can see I modified every square inch of the interior. But let's look at the one level at a time... To be continued...
  8. ^ A little horrorscene I created for my modified Haunted House. A bathtub full of blood and a dead person staring right back at you... While building, it reminded me of the most frightfull scenes I saw when I was just a kid. The bathtub scene in room number 237. Man, I get chills down my spine thinking about it... I know, it wasn't bloody at all. Just shocking. Imagine... You think our embrazing a beautifull naked woman while looking in the mirror to see it is really a decaying but living corpse... That kind of subtlty can't be reproduced in Lego. So I got blood instead... ^ A bathtub full of blood. The golden fountain really isn't my thing. I considder it too much of a toy-piece but it fits the building this scenery is just part of really well... Enjoy! Feel free to comment (I will post pics of the whole building very soon! Just felt that this scenery deserved a thread of it's own. )
  9. parsom

    Retired sets

    Hi, Does anybody knows about LEGO set which had been retired and came back after some time? I wrote to LEGO with question about availability of 10228. And they responded me that it is no longer available etc. However, they also wrote that it is possible (or rather - because they wrote in Polish - not out of the question), that this set will back. I wonder if it is only conventional phrase, or maybe there are some chances for return of Haunted House?
  10. After I buillt the Haunted House I wanted to make another house in the same style. I'm not totally satisfied, but I'd like to share it before I take it apart. Han Solo's House It opens like the Haunted house High tech kitchen. Dinner in less than 15 parsecs. Princess Leia had some say on the bathroom design Hidden compartment in the living room Trophies and memorabilia Thanks for looking, sorry about the poor quality of the photos.
  11. I love the Haunted House set, but its interior couldn't be more boring to me. It looked less haunted than dilapidated due to heavier exterior focus. So when I got the Spooky Girl minifigure, I was inspired to spice it up a little, with inspiration from all things Halloween. The exterior hasn't changed much, It looks much worse, though, since the rickety old house is as fragile in the bricks as it looks in design. I left the weaker parts broken, though, since it fit the theme. You'll notice the hanging cage, with the design, function, and prisoner all taken from the Dol Guldur Battle set. The fireplace on the left was taken from The Burrow and modified. The front entrance has a guardian statue holding the key. Who's that in the window? Spooky, like many girls, wanted a pony when she was little. For the cage, you just pull out this pin... And the cage drops down, with its widely gapped bars releasing the (thrown-in, not attached) phantom. The photo here was taken exactly how and where it landed after falling out of the cage, with the side door providing reference. The fireplace serves as an escape for the phantom, who goes up in flames and disappears! For those who didn't know, the platform and wall tip the minifigure out the back of the fireplace when the side handle is turned. The green flames on the underside of the platform when tilted represented the Floo magic in the Harry Potter set. The interior overview. The foyer has two imposing suits of armor. One seems to be impaled. And the other likes to move. The kitchen is bland but gloomy. I don't want to know who's in the corner! The den has a rotting writing desk, a gramophone, and a bust. But that bust is not what it seems to be, as it likes to turn and frighten guests! The bedroom has a four-poster canopy bed where Scare Bear sits during the day. She has a creepy clock, and a table with an antique phone and a lamp. Some pictures showing the build of the phone. It's a headlight brick with a grey round tile on the front for the dial. A black clip attatches to the square hole, and it holds the phone with two studs on the ends. The attic is where things get quite bizarre. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, although someone needs to tell Spooky that she's being too literal! This thing is inspired by a startling animatronic Halloween prop; a ! (I obviously couldn't do the "hidden" pose, but I could replicate the scare!) The spider web hides a gruesome ribcage. This jack-in-the-box looks fairly harmless... BOO! Meet Jack. He likes to pop out early in "Pop goes the Psycho", since it gives a more effective scare when victims are bracing themselves for the end. I thought this was a perfect use of Krazi's head. Also, the freakiest thing in this house! Look at those methods of hurting! It can rotate on a turntable and hinge downward at the waist. The trapdoor has been repurposed. Spooky rests on the studs at the end (her skirt would prevent her bottom leg holes from attaching without them)... And pops down for a scare! It's nice to even leave her like this, it looks like she's hanging from the ceiling. I had a lot of fun with this! It was a fun process coming up with unique ideas for the remodeling, and I like it a lot more with my creepy furnishings and denizens. What do you think?
  12. Wife and I decided to have some fun! Added the new Halloween Bat 40090 to Haunted House 10228. Enjoy, EddieZ
  13. My first attempt to modularize Lego Haunted House. It was briefly modeled after a Victorian Townhouse. Comments and suggestions are most welcome. =]
  14. ^ Here's my version of the Monster Fighters Vampyre Hearse... Although I find the original set extremely cool (It IS the one set that got me into lego again since 25 years) but felt it was a bit too grotesk for me. It now has a lot of modifications like: A bigger but more subtle engine; It's lower; The body is given more mass; a different frontend; a longer wheelbase; exaust in the back (one bad thing about the original car was a poorly connected sidepipe); Chopped top; etc. You'll have to set it next to an original set to really appreciate the modifications. Only bad thing is, It's still too big for my haunted house and the other modular or town buildings...
  15. ^ This is the other scenery in my modified haunted house that was inspired by the fantastic Kubric movie The Shining, the bloody bathroomscene being the first. Let me introduce to you the Grady Twins... These peculiar identical twins appear out of nowere at the end of the hotel hallway and ask Danny to 'come and play with us'... Short flashes of a bloody massacre surrounding them make shure you'll never ever forget... But in my scenery I added a little humor. Instead of blood, the creepy twins created a milk-massacre... Hope you'll like my moc.
  16. I partnered up with a very talented animator Garrett Barati on this Halloween themed brickfilm. Enjoy!
  17. On the far edge of the village, lies an old abandoned house, called Villa Revenant. Three widows are said to have previously lived in this house. All three supposedly died in the house. Their real names have long since been forgotten, and they have now been nicknamed Ghostly Goat, Poltergeist Pussy and Spooky Sheep. It is said that you'll never know if Ghostly Goat will suddenly appear or disappear in front of you. Poltergeist Pussy is nicknamed as such for always playing tricks on unknowing visitors or passers-by, and Spooky Sheep apparently never leaves her bed. Should you venture up there, she'll be sitting there, staring out and waiting for her husband to return. More pics here, for those who dare