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Found 5 results

  1. Discuss your hopes, wishes, and speculation on what LEGO's Collectable Minifigure line may offer for Sci-Fi fans in the near future!
  2. Sooo- since we have a page for the CMF ideas here: I decided to start a Topic of ideas of new sets. Because nobody has read them on the CMF page. I have got ideas for eight sets: 1. Sunken Ship Scare An underwater themed set, would be about 10$ and would include and exclusive variant of Shaggy in diver suit, Scooby Doo (standing version) and the Ghost of Captain Cutler, a small build of a sunken ship with a hidden treasure in it and a hidden net shoote. 2. Big Beach Chase A beach themed set with a small boat dock and a wooden boat, it would be about 20$ and it would include Daphne and Fred in swimsuit variants, Scooby Doo (Sitting version) with sunglasses print on his eyes, the Witch Doctor and the Man-Crab. 3. Mine Escape A cave with a vagon rack and gold hidden behind walls with exploding play feature, it would be 20$ and it includes Velma in archeologist outfit, Shaggy with red shirt and blue pants, Scooby Doo (sitting version), Miner Forty Niner, Ghost Clown and a brick built Stone Creature. 4. The Mystery Race Car A race car in the colours of the Mystery Machine, it is 30$ and includes Shaggy with ketchup and mustard stains on face and shirt, Scooby (standing version), Daphne in racer outfit, Creeper, The Phantom Racer and a small spooky car build for the Phantom Racer. 5. Crystal Cove Creeps A 35$ set, it includes The Enigma Machine from SD Mystery Incorporated and a brick built Evil Entity, minifigures are Scooby (standing), Fred in What's New Scooby Doo outfit, Cassidy Williams,Judy Reeves,Brad Chiles, Obliteratrix,Freak of Crystal Cove and Slime Monster. 6. The Snow Ghost Attack A 60$ set, includes a snowy mountain with a hidden lair underneath, a radio antenne and a snow scooter for Mystery Inc, included are Shaggy, Velma, Scooby (standing) in winter outfits, Snow Ghost, 10,000 volt ghost and a Skeleton Man. 7.Treehouse Headquarters A large tree with a blue house on top, the bottom level of the tree has a garage, the next level is Velma's lab, the next is a kitchen and a living room is in the house. It is about 80$ and includes Scooby (standing),Velma,Daphne in Cyber Chase outfit,Fred, Shaggy, Baba Yaga with her broom and Red Herring, it also includes a smaller version of the Mystery Machine. 8. Redbeard's Spooky Ship Sail A 90$ set, it is a large brown ship with some glow in the dark pieces, so it would look more ghostly, it also includes a submarine for the Mystery Inc. gang, it includes Velma,Fred and Daphne in diver suits, Scooby (standing version), Shaggy, Redbeard's Ghost, Female Zombie Pirate, three skeleton pirates and the Tar Monster. We would get 20 new can dream.... Leave your thoughts below and read the CMF forum,if you haven't yet :)
  3. Hello everyone! I have created a topic where you can post suggestions for what sets you would like to see reviewed by Eurobricks' official review team If a topic like this is allowed, here is my wishlist: The Riddler Riddle Racer Creator -- Vacation Getaways The Penguin Arctic Roller Duel on Naboo Yoda's Jedi Starfighter Salvage M.E.C. Assault on Hoth Thanks to the EB Review team for their excellent reviews!
  4. ultron32

    Doctor Who Wishlists

    I've been having a lot of fun lately in the super heroes 'wishlists' threads started by Sir Gareth recently, I thought I'd start one for Doctor Who. We don't know that Doctor Who will become a full theme after the initial Ideas set but it seems very likely at this point. Given that we know LEGO has the license at least for Dimensions as well. I'll kick off the thread with my own ideal set list: As I see it there are not so many distinctive locations and vehicles in Doctor Who, besides the Tardis of course, but there are many interesting characters, so I've included in my suggested line a collectable minifigure series. I figure classic who isn't marketable for LEGO to put anything more than the Doctor and Sarah Jane in the CMF line, so no classic sets here. Another note: ideally each character would be wearing whatever outfit they were in the scene the set is based on. I've listed them in the order that the episodes premiered. 9: Dalek - 9th Doctor, Rose, Henry Van Statten - $20 - a playset with a Dalek which pursues Rose up a stairway, towards a shielded area where the Doctor and Van Statten wait. 9: Father's Day - 9th Doctor, Rose, Pete Tyler, Jackie Tyler, driver - $40 - section of church building with a time reaper, as well as a small car for the driver. 9: The Parting of the Ways - 9th Doctor, Rose (heart of the Tardis), Captain Jack Harkness - $20 - Dalek Emperor and a few Daleks. 10: The Girl in the Fireplace - 10th Doctor, Rose, Mickey, Madame De Pompadour, Clockwork marionette (x2) - $60 - Large playset with French ballroom and breakable mirror with spaceship interior on the other side; includes horse. 10: The Runaway Bride - 10th Doctor, Donna, Santa Robot - $20 - small piece of highway with a car and the Tardis (exterior). I presume that the Tardis exterior will look in sets like it does in Dimensions. 10: Gridlock - 10th Doctor, Brannigan - $13 - Brannigan's 'car'. 10: The Fires of Pompeii - 10th Doctor, Donna, Caecillius - $20 - main room of Caecillius' home with the Tardis in it. 10: The Unicorn and the Wasp - 10th Doctor, Donna, Agatha Christie - $20 - room with window with giant bee outside. I realize I use the $20/3 figure format a lot but I can't help it, perfect format and good price. 10: The Next Doctor - 10th Doctor, "Next" Doctor, Cyberman (x3) - $50 - giant brick-built Cyberman, "Tardis" (hot air balloon). 11: The Pandorica Opens - 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory (Roman), River Song - $30 - Stonehenge with trap door with staircase beneath and opening Pandorica and Cyberman head. 11: The Wedding of River Song - 11th Doctor, River Song, Rory, Amy, Madame Kovarian, Silence (x2) - $60 - Silence aquatic prison pods and large section of full building. 11: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, Nefertiti, Riddell, Brian Williams - $60 - Spaceship deck with triceratops and the two robots. 11: The Angels Take Manhattan - 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory, River, Weeping Angel (x4) - $100 - simple model of the angel's hotel and giant brick built Angel statue of liberty. 11: Nightmare in Silver - Mr Clever, Clara - $13 - castle room with chess board on table. 11: Day of the Doctor - Osgood, Zygon (x2) - $13 - section of the undergallery. LEGO Ideas: Time of the Doctor - 11th Doctor, 12th Doctor, Clara, Seeping Angel - $60 - Tardis interior with attached exterior, with two daleks. This is based on the rumor of what the Ideas set is. 12: Robot of Sherwood - 12th Doctor, Clara, Robin Hood - $20 - forest area with fallen tree over river, and the Tardis. 12: Mummy on the Orient Express - 12th Doctor, Foretold, Perkins, Quell, Emile Moorhouse - $40 - two cars from the orient express (front car and laboratory). Doctor Who: Dalek Battle Pack - Human Dalek - $13 - includes one of each different (modern) Dalek color. This is here so that no one has to spend $4 on a dalek in the CMF series below. Doctor Who: Collectable Minifigures - $4 - this could include all classic doctors and variant costumes for modern doctors, companions, and villains (so as not to include any which would already be in the sets). Maybe a classic villain or companion or two, as well, like the classic Cybermen, which are still pretty cool for fans of the modern show. What do you think? leave your own wishlist below.... :)
  5. So with all of the desired minfigures for this series, and only 18 slots, there will obviously be some left out. Who would you guys like to have? This also serves as a means of keeping the actual theme thread less cluttered. Confirmed characters are: -Mr. Incredible -Syndrome -Mickey Mouse -Genie -Ursula -Peter Pan -Captain Hook Rumored are: -2 unknown Princesses