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Found 5 results

  1. Name : Queenston Ownership : The Crown of Corrington Location : Arlintina, New Haven Sea Map : Coming soon Mayor : Edward Scarver (@Justsomebrix) Trade value : account summary Town Bank : account summary Town Income per turn / Town Expenses per turn : 20dbs / - Who can own property in Queenston : Anyone Who can freebuild in Queenston : Anyone Description : Coming Soon Official Information : Builds in Queenston Please help us out by posting the link to your Queenston builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of Licence. Properties : 41/31 Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town' Required for Level 4 'Large Town' : ×2 factories, ×1 cultural Planned Builds : - School, large educational, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) - Factory, medium, Queenston (via Evancelt) - Clocktower, large cultural, Queenston (via Lmcpictures) - Royal Plantation, Queenston (via Lmcpictures) - Royal Plantation, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) - Large Fort, Queenston (via Justsomebrix) Artisans : 14 Blueberry Manor, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Tavern, Corrington (via Lmcpictures) (+10 settlement size) Armory, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Commerce : 4 Mayor's Office, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) ETTC Office, ETTC (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Factories : 2 Logging Camp, Justsomebrix (+2 settlement size) Residences : 4 Grenadier Barracks, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Corner Townhouse, Queenston (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture : 2 Town Hall, Corrington (via Evancelt) (+2 settlement size) Educational : 3 Primary School, Queenston (via Bricksbypidy) (+3 settlement size) Plantations : 10 Royal Sugar Cane Plantatio, Corrington(via Bricksbypidy) (+10 settlement size) Mines : 2 Clay Pit, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Forts : Troops : Vessels stationed here : Other buildings : Other related builds : Arrival on Arlintina, Evancelt Edward Scarver's arrival on Arlintina, Justsomebrix The Reds and the Royals, Bricksbypidy
  2. At the opening party of the Primary School in Queenston, Peter Nash (architect) met a wealthy man. Among the locals he was known as 'Padre Azúcar'. This wealthy farmer owned several estates in the Queenston area. He wanted to expand his sugar cane plantation on a vacant lot. A beautiful hacienda had to be realized here. And so it happened... The hacienda consisted of two building parts, interconnected with a covered outdoor area with lovely yellow inner walls. From the gallery, all around, there was a beautiful view of the sunlit courtyard with the most exotic flowers. In the middle, on the Mediterranean tiled floor, was the center piece of the hacienda, the fountain (based on a design by @evancelt). Various arched passageways provided access to this Royal hacienda. The entrances were secured by Royal Guards (that belongs to royal builds... ) There were as many as 1,000 sugar cane plants outside the hacienda (displayed on this build). Although it was not easy to see due to the high crops, several workers were at work. Although... all of them... there was also one sleeping under the palm trees. Various carts drove back and forth with sugar cane. A flourishing trade in Queenston was a fact! --- Will be licensed by @Ayrlego to the Crown, after a 'financial contribution' for @Bricksbypidy. @Ayrlego, you take care of the paperwork? Completing GoC task 14.2 Bastion of the East with this build. Property type: Royal Plantation Dimensions: 130 x 186 studs Total parts: ~36,000 Credits: - Fountain: @evancelt - Hand cart: @ Barthezz Brick (Instagram) - Cart with cow: @ Peter.g.Keith (Instagram) --- I had some issues with rendering the macaroni tiles...
  3. Hilga Duff and her husband Herbert head to town with a few baskets of blueberries. Hilga had loved blueberries since she was child in Belson and had made it a point to transplant some bushes to the colonies. Those few bushes had really taken off, the wet land around Queenston being an excellent fit for the fruit. Though they had named their home Duff Manor, the locals refer to it as Blueberry Manor. -------------- OOC: To be licensed by Corrington as a medium artisan in Queenston @Ayrlego Wanted to play around with a dark azure and sand green landscape! A close up of the windows
  4. Townsfolk gather at the town hall in Queenston to hear privateer captain Edward Scarver read a report containing recent news of the war against the Lotii. The main meeting chamber of the town hall is below grade with a tall ceiling and high windows, keeping temperatures cooler during the hottest months. While entering the town hall feels a bit like descending into a crypt, the design of the room encourages discourse and has a moderating effect on tempers during gatherings. --------------- OOO: Wanted to try using the white Vidiyo case pieces as a facade for the building. Attempting a rural Havana / New Orleans vibe @Ayrlego - To be licensed by Corrington as a medium Art and Culture build for Queenston
  5. When the privateers arrived at Queenston, Edward and his men went ashore with the supplies before anchoring the frigate in a defencive position, protecting all entry to the bay. Colonel Dirk Allcock was absent from the colony while exploring the jungle, so Scarver took some liberties and ordered the construction of several properties. The first amongst them being a logging camp. As most privateers and other rough sailors are, these men were no strangers to logging, so the logging camp was up and running in no time. The camp will serve useful during the early stages of the settlement, as the palm trees proved to be effective construction materials. With the building material produced in this camp, small buildings and defencive walls can be constructed at a much faster rate. --- I thought it was fitting that Queenston's first licensed build was a logging camp, so here it is! I originally started to build it on as a 64x64 build, but I lost inspiration and decided to do one in real bricks instead. I would have loved to put more trees in the scene and I wanted to build a tent as well, but I was quickly reminded of my lack of parts... but I think it turned out good nonetheless Will be submited as a medium factory