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Found 5 results

  1. The best thing about being a merchant was returning home to your most valuable assets with reassurance that the trade have gone well, and the family will survive another stormy period (I don't know if it is monsoons, or fall/winters in this region, but whatever the equivalent of that is). Three of the many refurbished residences in Puerto Desafio. I tried to make 3 different styles of buildings (Dutch/spanish, German/Suisse, French/Italian -ish), 3 different roof techniques and some training on groundwork/paths. I am trying to improve my quick build skills for buildings, and my overall groundwork, so C&C welcome :) I'll see if I manage to get some better pictures when it is daylight, and when this flu stops bothering me. I will license as 3 separate small residences (built on one 16x32 and one 16x16 base). Edit. More pictures:
  2. The Council Hall and Courthouse of Fuerte Unido, designed by Victor Servadac and funded by the White Glove Order, drew inspiration from a building Servadac had passed in his youth on mainland Eslandola. It is part of the Royal Collaboration - Brickwall Memorial Park. Its width and height was a challenge to the builders, but Eslandolan craftmanship had proven to be creative in its ways. Brickwork played a major part in the facade. And the entrance was moderately decorated. Fitting for Eslandolans, who were well known for their modesty. The foyer has a bookcase (mostly accounting and law books, but new history books are being printed), and a cabinet for welcome drinks of different sorts. Today several prominent citizens of Eslandola have gathered to wait for Marquis Alkurda to get to the toast, so they can celebrate and start the feast. Old shipping crates serves as podium for the speaker. There are three reasons for this. First it is a symbol of our deep roots in trade. Second, it is a humbling experience for the speaker. And third, they are free and easily replaceable. The factory window on the south wall let in a lot of light, to keep candle costs down. Going up the stairway, You get a birds eye view on the placement of the council chairs, facing each other in order to create more lively debates. The idea here is that opposing arguments will add more views, so decisions can be made on a better foundation. Upstairs is a room sparsely decorated, where council members can retreat to take a break in the somewhat uncomfortable couch (so they don't take too long breaks), and a desk for letter writing. The statues on the west wing are dedicated to the writers that have accurately recorded Operation KMA, the Eslandola-Mardier war, and forever secured the Brickwall family name in the annals of history. And to an old deluded man with a stick and bone. All C&C welcome.
  3. One of the most popular places in the Brickwall Memorial Park is the Flower Garden. Very colourfull and romantic, the soldiers residing in Fuerto Unido love to take their girlfriends/lovers/wifes...
  4. The war with Mardier had been costly, but Eslandolan perseverance was rewarded with victory. The cost had been extremely high, however, especially for the Brickwall family, whose many members were the (fallen) heroes of several battles. To commemorate the sacrifice of the Brickwalls and the cooperative effort of all the trade companies, several prominent citizens and merchant families have collaborated on a royal park in Fuerte Unido, Eslandola's seat of government on Isla de Victoria. The city itself stands as a testament to the new unified Eslandola. From here they would ring the message of freedom, prosperity, and cultural exchange. The bells echo from the mountains, and messengers have been sent to all the settlements in the colonies that the next session of the Colonial Council would be held here. Included in Brickwall Memorial Park are: -The memorial gates, serving as the entrance to the park and the Avenue of the Brickwalls -The council hall / courthouse, where the Colonial Council will meet -The bell tower, with city administrative offices -The flower garden, where soldiers returning from war can stroll with their girlfriends -The greenhouses, with all the varieties of citrus trees that populate the island's southern coast -The lighthouse, that beams its light towards the path forward -The tropical garden, a place to study the wildlife and exotic plants of Isla Victoria - The Crystal Caves, where you can experience serenity, while you marvel at natures wonders. Links will be added as the different builds get posted.
  5. The MAESTRO's famous apple cider (produced by Felipe de la Manzana), has always been one of the favourite drinks of many soldiers. The Cider Shop in Breshaun is one of the most popular hot spots in that city. Due to the recent war between Eslandola and Mardier, the apple cider became a forbidden product for Mardierian soldiers. The past three years, La Sombra has been a smuggling paradise. But since the Eslandolan troops recently arrived on the island, the smuggling spots have been taken over by MAESTRO. For the smugglers, not much changed, except for the kinda products they are smuggling. The best fortified smuggling cabin became the temporary headquarter of MAESTRO on La Sombra. The whole smuggling paradise, would become the very popular "Smuggling Bay" where the ships nowadays anchor in front of Trador. These types of canoes are very popular by the smugglers. They are very fast, but still stable and they can transport a lot of goods. Although the job of smuggling can be very dangerous due the pointy rocks around La Sombra, and many smuggler have found their grave in those waters. However, a succesfull smuggling run, results in huge profits, which makes it worth the risk.... The temporary headquarters of MAESTRO on La Sombra, located at Trador ---- Thanks for reading! This will be licenced as a medium commerce (as the canoe itself will not be licenced as a ship)