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Found 13 results

  1. With the arrival of HMS Melampus in Port Woodhouse, Willem van Baarle's fleet will be expanded with a third vessel. The HMS Melampus is another masterpiece designed by William Parker @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. It is a frigate with 48 guns, 26x 18 lb longguns; 12x 9lb longguns and 8x 12lb carronades. It is the third higher class vessel under the command of Willem van Baarle. The HMS Melampus docks in the outer harbor of Port Woodhouse, near Eldopidy Fortress. In this fort, equipped with a number of cannons, several marines have a break, who sail the raging oceans hunting for brutal pirates. The necessary supplies are hoisted on board with the cranes to provide the marines with sufficient rum for their sea missions. --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. The ship just arrived in Port Woodhouse. Class 7 Vessel "HMS Melampus" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Property type: Ship Property type: Royal Fortress ( @Ayrlego, Is the crown interested in buying this royal fortress?) Dimensions: 162 x 82 studs Total parts: ~26,700 Credits: - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner - Design fortress: LEGO set 10320 Eldorado Fortress, at some points modified by @Bricksbypidy
  2. To raise the settlement level of Port Woodhouse, this (currently) Large Town needs a Royal Factory. Baron Nash (architect) is of course the right person to contribute to this! To also provide the naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova it has become a Guarded Cannon Foundry. This is where the guns for Corrington's fleet are made. At this moment a few more guns are being loaded on board of corvette "Sémilliante". A class 6 vessel with 24 guns (24 x 8lb longgun). The ship can accommodate 140 crew members. The ship was made in William Parker's shipyard. One of the greatest ship designers of Corrington! --- Collab build with @boeing_787_8_dreamliner. Factory will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Port Woodhouse. Class 6 Vessel "Sémilliante" is bought by Bricksbypidy from @boeing_787_8_dreamliner, and will be licensed by @Bricksbypidy Completing GoC task 4.2 Purser's Network with this build. Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 226 x 130 studs Total parts: ~48,000 Credits: - Architecture style: Sleepless Night (Flickr), Andreas Lenander (Flickr), @evancelt - Design crane: Rydan (Bricklink), modified by @Bricksbypidy - Design vessel: @boeing_787_8_dreamliner
  3. Name: Port Woodhouse Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Garma's Key, in the Garma Strait, East Prio Sea Map: Mayor: Trade Value: See account summary Town Bank: See account summary Town Income per turn/Town Expenses per turn: 146DB/100DB Who can own property in Port Woodhouse: Anyone Who can freebuild in Port Woodhouse: Anyone Description: Port Woodhouse is a settlement located on the small but strategically important island of Garma's Key. Garma's Key is a small low laying island located astride the Garma Strait that separates the Islands of Celestia and Cascadia. The sea directly around the key is shallow and hosts coral reefs, but the south eastern coast is deep enough to harbour larger ships. It is on the south western coast where the settlement has been established. This strategic position guards the entrance to Safety Bay, a large deep water bay in which an entire fleet could easily shelter. The settlement itself sits on the most southern point of Garma's Key and the adjacent small tear-dropped shaped island just to the south has been earmarked for the sight of giant fortifications to guard the entry to Safety Bay. A naval base is also being established to protect Corlander commerce in the region. The settlement's purpose as a naval and military outpost, together with its unsuitability for cash-crop agriculture, have resulted in it being dwarfed in size by neighbouring commercial settlements such as Jameston and Mesabi Landing. Despite this, Port Woodhouse looks to be growing into the administrative capital and the seat of Corlander Colonial government in the Paradise Islands. The crabs that are abundant on the island are prized for the taste of their meat, and the island has quickly become known for the quantity of it's seafood. Properties licensed to exploit this have been observed to make a slightly larger profit than other similar properties. Original Information: Builds in Port Woodhouse Please help us out by posting your a link to your Port Woodhouse builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. Properties: 59/61 Size for EGS purposes - Level 8 'City' Required for Level 16 'Large City': TBA Artisans: 12 Pottery Workshop,small artisan, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Armoury, medium artisan, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Heffrington's Inn, medium artisan, RSND (+2 settlement size) Swordsmith, medium artisan, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Cavalry Stables, large artisan, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Supply Depot, medium artisan, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 12 Crabber's Rock, medium commerce, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Seafood Stall, small commerce, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) ETTC Office, medium commerce, ETTC (+2 settlement size) Adminstrative Offices, large commerce, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Fortified Warehouse, medium commerce, Justsomebrix, (+2 settlement size) Palm Island Outpost, medium commerce, Corrington (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Post Office, large commerce, Corrington (via BricksbyPidy) (+3 settlement size) Factories: 16 Brickworks, large factory, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Pump Station, small factory, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Grenadier's Forge, medium factory, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Guarded Cannon Foundry, Royal factory, Port Woodhouse (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Residences: 10 Infantry Barracks, medium residence, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Blackwood's Lodgings, medium residence, Ayrlego (+2 settlement size) Officer's Barracks, small residence, Legonaut (+1 settlement size) Private Residence, small residence, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Fortified Barracks, large residence, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Private residence, small residence, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Art and Culture: 5 Gallows, small culture, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Customs Office, small culture, Corrington (via Puvel) (+1 settlement size) Military Planning Office, large culture, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+3 settlement size) Educational: 7 Naval Medicine Research Centre, medium education, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Office of the Royal Corps of Engineers, small education, Lord Buckethead (+1 settlement size) Bayonet Drill, small education, Ayrlego (+1 settlement size) Naval Intelligence Office, large education, Corrington (via evancelt) (+3 settlement size) Plantations: 1 Farm House, small plantation, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+1 settlement size) Mines: Forts: 5 Tower Battery, medium fort, Port Woodhouse (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Fort Edwards, large fort, Corrington (via Legonaut) (+3 settlement size) Troops: 1st Battalion, Queen's Mardierian Legion Other Buildings: The Arrival of Edward Brown, Legonaut (+1 settlement size) Vessels stationed here: Other related builds:
  4. Baron Nash remained in Port Woodhouse for a while after his last assignment. He enjoyed the tropical climate and the many Royal Navy ships that sailed here and there. He became acquainted in the local tavern with some sailors of the Oaken Shield. Peter discovered that the sailors missed their home front very much. He was touched by this and thought to himself what he could do about it. This is how the idea was born to expand Port Woodhouse, one of the major naval bases in Terra Nova, with a Post Office. This allowed fleet crews to keep in touch with their loved ones far across the sea. As a result, the morale of these sailors increased remarkably. Baron Nash was pleased again. --- Commerce building, donated to the crown/settlement and will be licensed by @Ayrlego in Port Woodhouse. Completing GoC task 4.3 Purser's Network with this build. Property type: Large Commerce Dimensions: 82 x 74 studs Total parts: ~8,000 Credits: - Design hand cart: @Barthezz Brick, slightly modified by @Bricksbypidy - Design wagon: Marinbrickdesign (Instagram), slightly modified by @Bricksbypidy - Source of inspiration:
  5. In response to the war now declared with Oleon, the Corrington Admiralty has opened a primary Naval Intelligence Office in Port Woodhouse. Naval Intelligence officers are responsible for manning Corlander naval communication structures, inventing new means for inter-ship communication, developing written ciphers, and maintaining networks of undercover operatives. Their new presence in Port Woodhouse signals the focus given to technological advancement within the Corlander armed forces. The recent introduction of optical telegraph relay stations across the Brick Seas has greatly aided quick communication between ships and settlements. Lieutenant Keeling (right tower) is experimenting with a new flag-based semaphore method where individual flags represent letters. He signals down to the larger seaside mast-based semaphore tower and later will ride down to see how well the crew took down his message. Intelligence Captain Hunter meets with visiting Post-Captain Seward and explains the newest ciphers his crew will need to communicate written orders securely. ------------------------- @Ayrlego's Port Woodhouse builds are stunning and are what originally drew me to BotBs. I wanted to try one out! Making the tile pattern around the fountain was pretty fun. Submitted for license to Corrington as part of Glory of Corrington Task 11: Strategic Outposts
  6. "Playing Soldier" Children of Port Woodhouse march along the beach, pretending to be proud soldiers of Corrington. ------------------
  7. After completing his mission in Nova Malto, Major Bradley and his men are posted to the growing settlement of Port Woodhouse. There is however, no rest. His men have been issued with a new socket type bayonet and they begin drilling enthusiastically. Despite his previous musings, the targets are a nondescript tan colour... not greencoats! A quick build to show of the new Brickarms bayonets I acquired for my redcoats. I've been feeling the need for some bayonets for a while now and finally got around to ordering some! Will be licensed as a small educational to bring Port Woodhouse up to Town status!
  8. "FIRE!!!!" yelled the artillery sergeant as the rocket burst in to the air. As the artillery men went about testing their new prototype rocket they were watched by Leftenant Gibson of the Engineers and Captain Bowles of the Royal Navy. The Army had already approved the prototype rocket for use but the Navy was rather reluctant. "I don't doubt their combat effectiveness Leftenant, but what are the chances they hit the rigging of our own ships, the potential damage is devastating" yelled Captain Bowles trying to be heard over the screeching sound of the rocket. "I understand sir, however the Navy already makes use of mortars on board ships these rockets wouldn't need to be positioned differently from them" replied Leftenant Gibson trying to sound as if he believed it himself despite the fact he knew it wasn't true. "Leftenant, I think it best we end our conversation here, I will not endanger our ships by fitting them with these machines, the potential harm they may cause us simply outweighs any harm we could cause the enemy. However I can approve your rockets for Marines when on land, Good day Leftenant." said the Captain before he left. The Leftenant knew he would never be able to get his rockets onto Navy ships so the marines were the best he could hope for, he let out a small smile while watching another rocket being launched into the air. Meanwhile Captain Fernsby had just landed and was headed to the rendezvous camp with Leftenant Miller, Leftenant Williams and Sergeant Davies. As he entered the camp he was greeted by three men none of which he had met before. "Greetings Captain Fernsby, my name is Captain Abbot, this is Mr. Bardsley representative of the ETTC and this is Leftenant Downer of the Royal Engineers. Apologies for the quick introductions but if you will please follow me, we have much to discuss before our departure in the morning." ____________________________________________________________ The first build is my poor attempt at mimicking Ayrlego's building style in Port Woodhouse, it will be licensed as a small educational using my free license. Any criticism is welcome as I would really like to improve my building style. The second build is the interior of the building as I found the first build a little bit lacking, its nothing really special but it was kind of fun to attempt the inside of a building for a change. The third build is to continue Captain Fernsby's story, it's completely unrelated to the Office of the Royal Corps of Engineers but I didn't think it warranted it's own topic and I don't want to fill it out as it's own freebuild as it seems a bit cheap seen as though I didn't put as much effort into it as I would have liked due to time restraints. Anyway sorry for my poor photography, I need a new camera its just whenever I go to buy a new one I come home with a bunch of new lego but no new camera. -Thanks
  9. So far we have focused on buildings in Port Woodhouse used by the army. Of course it is not just the army present in the settlement, the sheltered waters of the aptly named Safety Bay make for an excellent anchorage for the Royal Navy - indeed the Navy is investing greatly in the settlement. This cottage is one of such investments and houses Naval surgeon Dr David Cole. Dr Cole has been researching that scourge of the Brick Seas, scurvy for many years. He has had great success treating sailors afflicted with the disease with the juice of fresh citrus fruits such as limes, oranges and lemons. He has been hoping to develop a treatment that can be taken on the long sea journeys as a preventative and treatment for sailors, but has thus far not been successful in finding a way to preserve the juice in a way that it still is effective in the treatment of the disease. Colonial Governor Colonel Dirk Allcock has promised Dr Cole that he will establish a citrus plantation on Garma's Key to provide an adequate supply of raw material for Dr Cole to continue his research. The third of my Port Woodhouse series in the same style. Licensed as a medium educational building.
  10. Development continues in Port Woodhouse. In addition to the recently constructed barracks, an armoury has now been constructed for the storage, maintenance and repair of small arms. Inside, a hoary old veteran sergeant, one leg missing from some long forgotten skirmish, still serves his regiment as master of arms. An amateur gunsmith, he can service and repair most small arms. Here he inspects the custom pistol of a hussar. Another in a similar style as my barracks, I'm planning on doing a series of these small military buildings in this style for the settlement. This one will be licensed as a medium artesian in the name of the settlement.
  11. Situated astride the strategically important Garma's Strait, Port Woodhouse is planned to be the seat of the Corrish administration in the Paradise Isles. While the Royal Navy looks to the sheltered waters of Safety bay, the army is constructing barracks and planning the landward defences. Here a half-company parades outside their barracks for inspection by their officer. Sentries on guard duty look on from the attached watchtower. Just a quick build before the end of the month, trying to breath some life into Port Woodhouse! I'm attempting for a more 'classic' kind of feel, but using modern techniques. Also a good opportunity to display one of my half-companies ('Platoon' somehow seems too modern! ). I currently have just over two whole companies of redcoats, not that I'll probably ever use them all at once in a MOC - what can I say, I'm a tragic army builder! Anyway, hope you enjoy, will be licensed as a medium residence.
  12. The plan for Port Woodhouse began with it being a primarily military settlement, however a range of craftsmen, trades people, farmers and their families have naturally followed the military to make a living providing for the soldiers and sailors needs. Indeed it is only now, months after initial settlement that the authorities are beginning to realise just what an important position the settlement holds. Rumour has it that Colonel Allcock, Colonial Governor for the Paradise Isles will move the seat of the Governorship from Jameston to Port Woodhouse! One example of some enterprising craftsmen who have set up in Port Woodhouse are the Elliot twins. Both potters by trade, they have set up a small workshop that produces quality cups and mugs for the use of the garrison and Royal Navy vessels that stop by the developing port. Benjamin takes a load of mugs out of the kiln, while his sister Doris shapes raw clay on their pottery wheel. ---- Just a quick build that I've actually had about ninety percent complete for a couple of months. I finally had the time this morning to pull it off the shelf and finish. Licensed as a small artesian in Port Woodhouse.
  13. High Tide One of the first permanent buildings on the Corrington colony of Garma's Key was a small military outpost. Built on an outcrop of rock in the tidal flats north west of the site of the future settlement of Port Woodhouse, it was originally designed as an early warning post to alert the settlement of vessels in the Garma strait. The soldiers stationed there however, soon discovered that once the tide went out at night, huge numbers of crabs came out from their burrows in the sand. These large crustaceans are so abundant, it is impossible to cross the tidal flats at night without encountering them. As agriculture has yet to be established in the Corlander colonies in the Paradise Isles, the canny soldiers soon developed a thriving trade in crab meat! Low Tide Probably my last digital build in a while as I will soon be re-united with my bricks. Also the first build for the settlement of Port Woodhouse and the first property to be licensed in the Paradise Isles (Cascadia, Garma's Key and Celestia). Built with an aim of uncovering some crabby bonuses - any idea whether I should license as a commercial property or a plantation? Both I think work so I'd be interested to hear what you guys think.