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Found 9 results

  1. One of the great Eslandian heroes of the war with Mardier was Maurice of Greene, Prince of Brickwall, Cousin to King Fernando, and descended from a long line of Eslandolan military leaders, Maurice led the decisive charge in the Battle of La Puebloto. Maurice fell in battle, but his gallantry turned the tide and won the day. Now, his sacrifice is honored with a memorial in Puerto Desafio. As the citizens pass by the memorial every day, many stop to admire the large sculpture of Maurice on horseback, leading that charge. Elders explain to their children the sacrifice Maurice made. A veteran of the war stops to salute the fallen leader. The Prince of Brickwall, and the Eslandian ideals he exemplified, will not be forgotten. A small art & culture build for Puerto Desafio. All C&C welcome.
  2. In the war for Isla De Medio many members of the Brickwall family lost their lives. While many monuments have been built in the Prio Seas, not much has been done to remember them in the Sea of Thieves. Starting with Elysabethtown, more monuments will be erected. This one is a bit different from the others - to remember how many of them were lost, we decided to have an everchanging Statue. Every day, some guards will change out the headgear and potentially weapon of this statue, to show that there wasn't just a single hero. Here you can see the daily ritual; off course with a bunch of visitors observing the change.
  3. Here is my contribution to Brickwall Memorial Park! Located as it is, in the port city of Fuerte Unido, the park offers a wonderful view of the Fuerte Unido lighthouse, known among residents as the Seaweed Point Lighthouse, or just "The Seaweed," when they're talking fast. This name, of course, comes from the strange orange seaweed that can be found on the lighthouse rock and the rocky beaches near it during certain seasons of the year. Not only is the strange seaweed and the lighthouse itself an attraction, but an ancient gnarled tree, somehow finding sustenance on the rocky beach itself, has proved a marvel to many visitors. This area of the park is rather retired and therefore often solitary; but it's not unlikely to become a prime spot in the years to come, considering the excellent view it has to offer. The full build: This would have been fun to build, if I hadn't left it for such a last minute. But I couldn't help it, my rock pieces were tied up until just yesterday. Trying out the orange for seaweed was enjoyable nonetheless, I took inspiration for it and the lighthouse itself from the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in Argentina. And I found some random pictures of trees growing out of rocks, so that isn't such an imaginative stretch. C&C welcome!
  4. One of the first structures in Brickwall Memorial Park, once you are through the entrance gates, is the bell tower attached to the new Fuerte Unido city administration building. The bell rings every hour, symbolically spreading the message of freedom, prosperity, and cultural exchange, and as a reminder of the Brickwall family's sacrifice in the war with Mardier. Small citrus trees, native to the southern coast of the island, have been planted around the building. It is expected that patrons of the park will be free to pick fruit from these trees, but these newly planted trees are not yet bearing fruit, so this young lady has stopped to smell the flowers... ... and perhaps has met a friend. The caretaker of the bell tower takes a moment to get some fresh air and waves to park patrons below. One more view of the bell tower... All C&C welcome.
  5. The Council Hall and Courthouse of Fuerte Unido, designed by Victor Servadac and funded by the White Glove Order, drew inspiration from a building Servadac had passed in his youth on mainland Eslandola. It is part of the Royal Collaboration - Brickwall Memorial Park. Its width and height was a challenge to the builders, but Eslandolan craftmanship had proven to be creative in its ways. Brickwork played a major part in the facade. And the entrance was moderately decorated. Fitting for Eslandolans, who were well known for their modesty. The foyer has a bookcase (mostly accounting and law books, but new history books are being printed), and a cabinet for welcome drinks of different sorts. Today several prominent citizens of Eslandola have gathered to wait for Marquis Alkurda to get to the toast, so they can celebrate and start the feast. Old shipping crates serves as podium for the speaker. There are three reasons for this. First it is a symbol of our deep roots in trade. Second, it is a humbling experience for the speaker. And third, they are free and easily replaceable. The factory window on the south wall let in a lot of light, to keep candle costs down. Going up the stairway, You get a birds eye view on the placement of the council chairs, facing each other in order to create more lively debates. The idea here is that opposing arguments will add more views, so decisions can be made on a better foundation. Upstairs is a room sparsely decorated, where council members can retreat to take a break in the somewhat uncomfortable couch (so they don't take too long breaks), and a desk for letter writing. The statues on the west wing are dedicated to the writers that have accurately recorded Operation KMA, the Eslandola-Mardier war, and forever secured the Brickwall family name in the annals of history. And to an old deluded man with a stick and bone. All C&C welcome.
  6. Brickwall Memorial Park in Fuerte Unido, on Isla de Victoria (formerly Isla de Medio), is Eslandola's memorial to members of the Brickwall family who fell during the war with Mardier. The entrance is marked by two large white marble pedestals. The pedestals stand astride the Avenue of the Brickwalls, and each also includes a pedestrian archway. Each pedestal is topped by a statue of a heroic member of the Brickwall family. On the left is a statue of Admiral Brickwall Adurnos, who was felled by a cannonball while attempting to break a Mardierian naval blockade. On the right is a statue of General Brickwall Murion, who fell at the Battle of the Bridge of Arbol. A view from above the gate: And a view through the gate to the bell tower in the park (loosely inspired by this scene from my college campus): ------------- All C&C welcome.
  7. The Brickwall Memorial Park : The Tropical Garden As a part of the Brickwall Memorial, just next to the Courthouse there is an area left for the gardens to enjoy peace and tranquility. Through those gardens, the Tropical Garden has been designed to better the knowledge of the local Flora of Isla de Victoria. This is a place to chase some colourful butterflies flying around splendid flower beds. This is also a place to study some strange vegetal species the gardener in chief is commisionned to collect. But it's also a great place to rest and to enjoy its beauty and siting around the Brickwall statue is something the Eslandolan citizens are pleased to do. After this Tropical Garden there is an access to the Greenhouse and a short path is leading to the Flower Garden, also parts of the Brickwall memorial.
  8. Amongst the wonders of Brickwall Memorial Park the visitor finds the beautiful Crystal Caves. At several times a day the sun shines into the caves and makes the crystals, stalagtites, stalagmites, andyounameit glitter and explode with light. In any case the Brickwall Memorial Park is the attraction to see when you come to Fuerto Unido! C&C welcome!
  9. The war with Mardier had been costly, but Eslandolan perseverance was rewarded with victory. The cost had been extremely high, however, especially for the Brickwall family, whose many members were the (fallen) heroes of several battles. To commemorate the sacrifice of the Brickwalls and the cooperative effort of all the trade companies, several prominent citizens and merchant families have collaborated on a royal park in Fuerte Unido, Eslandola's seat of government on Isla de Victoria. The city itself stands as a testament to the new unified Eslandola. From here they would ring the message of freedom, prosperity, and cultural exchange. The bells echo from the mountains, and messengers have been sent to all the settlements in the colonies that the next session of the Colonial Council would be held here. Included in Brickwall Memorial Park are: -The memorial gates, serving as the entrance to the park and the Avenue of the Brickwalls -The council hall / courthouse, where the Colonial Council will meet -The bell tower, with city administrative offices -The flower garden, where soldiers returning from war can stroll with their girlfriends -The greenhouses, with all the varieties of citrus trees that populate the island's southern coast -The lighthouse, that beams its light towards the path forward -The tropical garden, a place to study the wildlife and exotic plants of Isla Victoria - The Crystal Caves, where you can experience serenity, while you marvel at natures wonders. Links will be added as the different builds get posted.