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Found 25 results

  1. After Sir Peter Nash OC, Baron of Swanly (architect), completed his sugarcane mill in Mooreton Bay, he stayed in Mooreton Bay for a while. He met the head of a Public Nautical School from a neighboring island who was eager to open a dependency in Mooreton Bay. "Our youth are the future and deserve the opportunity to be trained for service in the merchant marine." Peter was happy to participate in this and designed a beautiful school building for these smallest Corries in Alicentia. --- Will be licensed to the Crown/settlement by @Ayrlego in Mooreton Bay. Completing GoC task 5.2 Higher Education with this build. Property type: Royal Education Dimensions: 114 x 98 studs Total parts: ~19,500 Credits: - Source of inspiration: based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (Harbourmasters Office) - Design minifigures: The Minifig Co
  2. Name: Mooreton Bay Ownership: The Crown of Corrington Location: Alicentia Mayor: James Hume Trade Value: see account spreedsheet here Town bank: see account spreedsheet here Who can own property in Mooreton Bay: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Mooreton Bay: Anyone. Maps: Description: Corrington's first settlement on Alicentia, Mooreton Bay, is located inbetween two large freshwater lakes and a large natural bay. As with other Corrish settlements in the new world, Mooreton Bay is founded near a native settlement, and co-exists in close cooperation with the natives in accordance with a formal treaty between the two peoples. Founded by famed Corrish explorer Sir Dirk Allcock in February 616, it was one of the first Corlander settlements in the Terra Nova. The settlement is named after the famous Corlander General Sir Charles Moore. Moore was a hero of the Juniper War who was killed leading a valiant rearguard action that allowed the main Corlander Army to escape an overwhelming Oleon invasion force. Together with the free settlers, a small contingent of convicts were present at the establishment of the settlement; mostly minfigs convicted of piracy in the Sea of Thieves. These convicts are awarded plots of land in return for a set amount of labour determined by the severity of their crimes. The abundent local sandstone makes for a convenient building material for most of the settlements buildings, which have taken a very Mardierian style after the foundation of nearby New Haven and the influx of Mardierian refugees fleeing the Isle de Medio after the Eslandolan invasion. Tropical fruits grow well in the fertile soils of Alicentia and plantations taking advantage of this recieve bonus income. The settlement successfully repelled a raid by notorious Eslandolan pirate Captain Nordau in late 622, although not without serious damage to Fort Denison. Original Information: Builds in Mooreton Bay Please help us out by posting a link to your Mooreton Bay builds in this thread. Licensee is Listed after the type of licence. The amount added to the settlement trade value is included after that in brackets. Properties: 117/101 Size for EGS purposes - Level 8 'City' Required for Level 16 'Large City': x8 artisans, x7 commerce, Artisans: 8 The Corunna Tavern, Medium Artisan, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) The Yellow Mermaid Tavern, Small Artisan, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Widow's Hattery - Mooreton Bay Branch, Medium Artisan, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) Barrel Maker, Small Artisan, Flavius Gratian (+1 settlement size) Post Master's House and Office, medium artisan, Mooreton Bay (via Ayrlego) (+2 settlement size) Commerce: 9 ETTC Warehouse and Offices, Medium Commerce, Ayrlego (Owner: ETTC) (+2 Settlement Size) Fishmonger's Stall, Small Commerce, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Wharf and Custom's Office, Medium Commerce, Bregir (+2 Settlement Size) MCTC Warehouse, Small Commerce, Capt Wolf (+1 Settlement Size) Seawolf Shipping Warehouse and Office, Small Commerce, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Fisherman's Wharf, Small Commerce, (Brickwolf) (+1 Settlement Size) Mayor's Office, Small Commerce, Mooreton Bay (+1 settlement size) Factories: 18 Penal Brick Works, Medium Factory, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) Salt Pork Factory, Medium Factory, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) Miscellaneous good factory, large factory, Ayrlego (+3 settlement size) Glassblowers, small factory, LM71 Blackbird (+1 settlement size) Sugarcane Mill, royal factory, Mooreton Bay (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Residences: 43 Captain Sawkins House, Small Residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Abigail Park Barracks, Medium Residence, Ayrlego (+2 Settlement Size) WETEC Manager Residence, Small Residence, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Militia Headquarters, Small Residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Temporary Administrative Headquarters, Small Residence, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Private residence, Small Residence, Mooreton Bay (via Ayrlego) (+1 Settlement Size) Art and Culture: 15 Department of Time Bell Tower, Small Art and Culture, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Moore House, Royal Art and Culture, Ayrlego (+5 Settlement Size) Town Gaol, small art and culture, Mooreton Bay (+1 settlement size) Courthouse, large art and culture, Mooreton Bay (+3 settlement size) Educational: 13 Botany House, Medium Educational, Ayrlego (Owner: Royal Society of Natural Philosophy) (+2 Settlement Size) Mooreton Bay Library, Small Educational, Spud the Viking (+1 Settlement Size) Public Nautical School, Royal Education, Mooreton Bay (via BricksbyPidy) (+10 settlement size) Plantations: 4 Banana Plantation, Small Plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Hog Plantation, Small Plantation, SilentWolf (+1 Settlement Size) Salt Farm, Small Plantation, Brickwolf (+1 Settlement Size) Terraced Rice Fields, Small Plantation, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Mines: Forts: Fort Denison, Small Fort, Ayrlego (+1 Settlement Size) Small Fort, Small Fort, Brickwolf (Owner: Mooreton Bay) (+1 Settlement Size) Troops: x1 Company of Militia Other related builds: First Landing, Challenge IA, Ayrlego (Trade Value +2) Perchance to Dream, Challenge IB, Ayrlego (Settlement size +1, Trade Value +2) The Treaty of Alicentia, Freebuild, Ayrlego (Trade Value +2) Tholeau Falls, Challenge 3A, Ayrlego (Trade Value +2) Undercover for the Final Piece, Challenge 4A, Bregir (Settlement Size +1)
  3. Peter Nash (architect) had already gained a lot of experience in designing factories. The sugar cane industry was also not strange to Peter. The step to this design assignment in Mooreton Bay was therefore a small one. This suger cane mill is a factory that processes sugar cane to produce raw sugar or plantation white sugar. As you can see, the sugar cane goes in on one side of the factory and the raw sugar bags come out on the other side. --- Will be donated to the Crown, and licensed as a Royal Factory building to Mooreton Bay by @Ayrlego(???) @Ayrlego, you take care of the paperwork? Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 130 x 84 studs Total parts: ~14,700 Credits: - Overall concept: partly based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (see picture below):
  4. Location: Mooreton Bay Type: Large Arts and Culture The Mooreton Bay Courthouse sits in the downtown of Mooreton Bay. Courthouse by North White, on Flickr Inside, the courthouse was ready for the upcoming trial. Corrington v. Captain Tyrell... Courthouse by North White, on Flickr FIN No story today yet, I just wanted to get the courthouse up as a build. I would like this to be licensed as a large Art and Culture by Mooreton Bay, but if they won't take it, I'll just license it myself in January. Just let me know @Ayrlego. The interior is set up like an actual courthouse, and we'll be starting the trial within the week. (Hopefully) C&C appreciated!
  5. Establishing the new settlement at Jameston was proving much more difficult than Mooreton Bay had been. Although they had landed in January, the settlement had yet to have one completed building. With so many new settlements, colonists were not as available as there were in the early days, especially skilled workers. The longer distances also hampered logistics. So it was a mixture of annoyance and secret relief when Major Dirk Allcock was summoned on a fast ship back to Mooreton Bay with Colonel Andrew Howe, who himself was struggling under similar conditions at Port Woodhouse at nearby Garma's Key. Mooreton Bay was much the same as when he left it, although the streets were teaming with new faces and new buildings were encroaching on the skyline. It was hard to believe that this town, which had recently been recognised as a Large Town under the Colonial Ministries designation scheme, was little more than a few small huts a year ago. It was then Dirk noticed the large building that dominated the entire settlement, built on a rise overlooking the wide expanse of the bay. It was the site he himself had reserved for the seat of the government when he was mayor. Frank Greenway, his convict architect, had been drawing up plans when Dirk left for Jameston earlier in the year. Clearly construction had just been completed, and for a moment Dirk was quite speechless. A couple of days later saw Dirk in the square in front of the building, which had been named Moore House, after Corrington hero the late General Sir Charles Moore, who the settlement itself had indeed been named for. Today the wide expanse of the square was full of soldiers, more soldiers than Dirk had ever seen on Alicentia - two full battalions in fact. The left battalion was made up of redcoats, two companies of Grenadiers and a company of light troops. The battalion on the right was different. The men wore the same style of uniform as the redcoats opposite them, but their coats were a burnt orange colour. The troops were Mardierians, and this was the reason Dirk had been summoned. You may recall that recently Terraversia had come out and declared against the Mardierian Crown. This did not sit well with all the population on the island, including some of the army. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony deLucca was one such man and deLucca commanded a battalion of Mardierian troops. When the declaration of independence had come, he was forced to renounce his oath to the crown, along with his men to avoid massacre. However on the first available occasion he had fled, attempting to join Mardierian forces on the Isle de Medio. Blocked from this endevour by blockading Eslandola and Garvian ships, he had managed to smuggle an officer into one of the Mardierian forts with a letter for the Mardierian commander. Much to his horror, the officer had returned ashen faced and with a stinging letter from the commander. As deLucca and his man had renounced their oath, the commander viewed them as irreversibly tainted by the horror of republicanism. Fearing a trap, he had refused to entertain the idea of deLucca joining the garrison and had furthermore declared him and his men traitors to the crown, and persona non grata in all Mardierian territory, on pain of death. Harassed by the Eslandolan Navy, deLucca further fled eastward until he reached Mooreton Bay, where he had a distant connection to the Mayor, James Hume. Hume, not sure how Her Majesties Government would react to so many foreign troops, had immediately contacted The Cocovia Governor for advice and Captain Jonathan Cooke had referred the matter to Colonial Ministry. Moving with a speed that is only possible from the well oiled machine that is Corrington bureaucracy, orders had been dispatched recalling Colonel Howe from Port Woodhouse to invest the Battalion into the Corlander Army as the Queen's Mardierian Legion. The Legion would serve in the colonies, indeed it was decried that no QML soldier would be allowed to ever enter Corrington as a member of the army. deLucca had readily agreed, keen to serve his adapted nation. Before the ceremony Dirk too had a surprise. Orders from the Army Board had been received and he had received a brevet commission to Lieutenant Colonel. Separate orders from the Colonial office had also appointed Lieutenant Colonel Allcock as Governor of the Paradise Isles - as the Celestia/Cascadia region had become known. He was to return to Jameston immediately and continue to oversee the development of that settlement, but also the settlement of Port Woodhouse. Colonel Howe had been recalled to Bellson. But before returning home, Dirk was to attend the official opening of Moore House. The opening was a great success. Here Dirk and James Hume discuss matters while overlooking the ballroom. Colonel Howe can be seen talking to several gentlemen who look suspiciously like visiting Oleon VIPs. Several other recognisable figures can also be seen. Designed to impress upon all who saw it with the full might and glory of Corrington, Moore house was a monument to the Empire and a sign that Corrington was here to stay. The ground floor contained a huge reception area/ball room, with grand staircases leading to the second floor. Here the house divided into two wings, the Red Wing and Green Wing. In the Green wing the settlement council sat to deliberate on matters of the settlement, while in the Red Wing government lawyers meet to review settlement laws and debate disputes in the interpretation of said laws. Lastly the top level of the grand house was the residential wing. Although containing no permanent residences, a number of large rooms were kept for VIP visitors to the settlement, together with a central dining and lounge room. --------------------------- Licensed as a Royal Cultural property in Mooreton Bay: footprint = 10 368 I ended up having to do two separate builds as LDD froze every time I attempted to add the interior to the full model. Seriously, I don't know how you guys who build big in LDD do it. The program must have crashed at least 30 times towards the end of this build! The overview model totals just over 15 000 bricks. The house itself was inspired by this photo of a building in Sydney Australia, built in the 1800s and since demolished. After much frustration with the piano I cheated, and used the excellent design found here. The QML are to represent the battalion of troops I won as a result of Ch5A - many of you will see the loose historical parallel I have made with the KGL. As usual, C&C welcome! Enjoy!
  6. You may well recall the widow Martha Harris, who established herself in the colony of Stormhaven late last year producing high quality hats. Her store became known as the Widow's Hattery, and has gained quite the reputation in the Sea of Thieves. Business is booming, with the demand for tricornes particularly high! (OOC: especially since a certain builder has stopped using shakos as on reflecting he feels he wants to represent an earlier period - indeed he has just ordered another 37 from a Bricklink store in Germany - but I digress...) To supply the growing demand, Martha has opened a second workshop in the settlement of Mooreton Bay, ran by a women she has had in her employ since the beginning, and trained in the art of hat making by her very self. The workshop is located in two new adjoining buildings and features a retail section on the ground floor, with the production line and storage on the second and third floors. Things are looking up for the newly established Widows Hat Company, who recently won the contract to supply the Mooreton Bay Colonial Militia with their supply of tricornes - a factor that influenced the decision to open a Mooreton Bay branch! As I am currently away from home I am again dabbling in LDD. With a new appreciation for what is very much definitely an dark art, here is my second attempt at a digital build! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for his advice on my first attempt, the render is much better this time around! I have something much bigger in the works now, and hope to have it ready to go (if my computer can render it!) by the end of the month. Any advice/comments/constructive criticism is definitely welcome! The building design was heavily influenced by @Gideon's The Wrong Proposal. I've tried to make everything realistically buildable, although some of the plate pieces I've used in medium dark flesh would be extremely rare and expensive IRL! This medium artesian property makes Mooreton Bay a Level 4 'Large Town', although I miscalculated and updated the settlement thread to this effect a few weeks ago - now however it is correct! Long live the Queen!
  7. This is my take on @Bregir's excellent Department of Time concept. I really liked the idea last year when he posted it, I feel it is really appropriate for our great nation! Thus I have always been planning one for Mooreton Bay! This build is a modification of a medieval tower I built for Lands of Roawia, but in actual fact I had planned the bell tower first... Anyway I have been duel purposing alot of builds of late, but my build list has so much in it, and my building time has shrunk as I have started a new role with longer hours at work. I hope no body minds, but I figure I have to be smart if I'm to build everything I want! Anyway here is the build, with the description of the Department of Time by Bregir below. UPDATED PIC WITH NEW ROOF AS SUGGESTED IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! ORIGINAL VERSION FOR COMPARISON: Licensed as a small art and culture building in Mooreton Bay.
  8. Some time ago, a small boatload of people from the far west of Halos landed in Mooreton Bay wishing to start a new life. The mayor at the time, Major Dirk Allcock, being a typical Corlander and open to people of all cultures, of course accepted them into the colony. They petitioned the mayor for some land in which to grow the staple cereal of their distant homeland, rice. Major Allcock was quite surprised when they requested land in the highlands inland of the colony. Although terraced systems were not unheard off, indeed Stormhaven had a sugar plantation utilising a similar system, it was still quite unorthodox. Nevertheless, Major Allcock approved, and even provided convict labour to clear the land and build the barriers for the terraces. Although he has since left the settlement, work has continued under the new Mayor, and the fields are now being planted for the first time. In this scene, the top tier has been flooded and planted. The middle has been flooded and is in the process of being planted; and the bottom is being ploughed by an oxen driven plough. Hi all! A small plantation for Mooreton Bay. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!
  9. After spending some time recovering from a slight wound taken during the action to take the Garvian privateer 'Black Oak', Major Dirk Allcock has returned to his duties administrating the growing Corlander settlement of Mooreton Bay. One morning, the signal cannon from Fort Denison sounded the arrival of a small Naval Brig that served the Corlander colonies in the Sea of Thieves, transporting people, mail and goods from Arlinsport. After the vessel came alongside the makeshift pier, a small party came ashore, including a somewhat familiar looking figure in the uniform of a senior Naval Officer. As the group drew closer, Dirk recognised the officer as his cousin, Matthew Allcock. Although never particularly close, it was always nice to meet a familiar face here on what often seemed like the very edge of the world, and the two greeted each other heartedly. Matthew, 5 years older than Dirk, had been promoted since the last time they had seen each other and now held the rank of Captain, roughly that of a Colonel in the Army. He explained that he was in Mooreton Bay to take command of the captured Garvian privateer, which would be commissioned into Her Majesties Navy as HMS Royal Oak. Excitedly Matthew Allcock's attention drifted from his cousin to the frigate that stood moored in the harbour. Although repairs continued, under the watchful eyes of a master naval carpenter left by Captain Jonathon Cooke, Governor of the Southern Isles and commander of HMS Ironsides, that had eventually taken the frigate, she still made for an impressive sight, her modern lines, long gun line and dark green hull dominating the harbour. Dragging his attention back from his new command, Matthew Allcock turned to the well dressed civilian who stood patiently at the head of a small entourage, waiting for the two military men. "Forgive me Cousin, Please allow me to introduce Mr James Hume, who has come bearing important news from the Colonial Ministry." After the introductions were complete, Hume revealed he carried new orders for Dirk, who suggested the party retire to the building that was serving as a temporary administrative headquarters for the settlement. Matthew Allcock excused himself, and rushed to find a lighter to take him out to the Royal Oak. Dirk and James Hume continued to the headquarters, where they retired to the room serving as Dirk's office. "Major Allcock, firstly on behalf of the Colonial ministry allow me to congratulate you on your most excellent work here in Mooreton Bay. You have served both your Queen and country well. Due to the skill at which you have demonstrated here, I come bearing orders from the ministry for an important new task for you to undertake, and a commission from the ministry formally relieving you of your duties here so that you may do so." It was revealed that Dirk would be placed in charge of an expedition to the islands recently claimed by Corrington in the Prio Sea. The expedition would be required to conduct an initial survey of the islands, identify the best locations for initial settlements and pave the way for further expeditions and settlement. Dirk was authorised to establish an initial settlement on the Island dubbed Celestia and recommendations were being sought for the location of a military base and fort on the island known as Garma's Key. Key members of the expedition, including scientists and commercial groups interested in the claims of the extensive presence of the rare spice Vanilla on the island of Celestia, together with military re-enforcements were due to arrive in Mooreton Bay shortly. Major Allcock was instructed to conduct a handover of his duties in Mooreton Bay to James Hume, who would take over as Mayor of Mooreton Bay. For Dirk the news was bittersweet. Mooreton Bay had been his project, he had been allowed great freedoms in developing it, and he felt deeply invested in the settlements success. However a new commission, into uncharted territories, full of wonders to be explored, excited Dirk greatly. Not to mention rumours of the unique flora and fauna of Corrington's latest processions. Two weeks later, with the handover complete and the expedition almost ready to depart, Major Allcock formally handed over administration of the settlement to James Hume, in a ceremony in that included many of the leading figures of the settlement. ---- A small build mostly for story advancement purposes. I didn't quite realise how many named characters I had in Mooreton Bay until I had to assemble them for this build! Most made it in! Soon Dirk will depart for the Prio Sea, (He is planning on taking a small detour via Stormhaven first!), to formally claim procession of the Corlander Islands there for the Queen, and establish a new settlement. Unfortunately however, the story will not continue until towards the end of the month, as I am now away from my bricks for a short while I will be by no means abandoning Mooreton Bay - development will continue! In fact I will be licensing this build as a small residence!
  10. The Merchant’s Colonial Trading Company is always looking to expand its trade connections, and establishing partnerships with other colonial powers in the islands is good for business. As Eslandolan governor of An Holli and a regional director of the MCTC, Willem Guilder reached out to Major Dirk Allcock, Corrington’s military governor of Alicentia and a member of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy, to see where their interests might meet. After a short correspondence during the summer, an agreement was reached. Major Allcock dispatched a man to Weelond to establish an educational facility, and the “Red School” (as the locals call it) was operational in August of 616. At the same time, Governor Guilder dispatched Gerrit Leydecker to Alicentia to establish an MCTC office and warehouse facility in Mooreton Bay. A suitable property near the docks was secured, and as of the end of October of 616, the MCTC warehouse is up and running. Construction is of local materials, but the design is clearly typical of structures found in Weelond. Residents of Mooreton Bay find the Eslandolan design somewhat peculiar, with green double doors on the second floor with no balcony! A small footprint makes financial sense, packing more storage space into a smaller area, and MCTC workers simply hoist barrels and crates up to the second floor loading doors. One of the local militia comes by to see what all the activity is about. Leydecker is still getting settled into his office space on the third floor of the warehouse. He will definitely need more space for shipping records, but he has enough to conduct business. Some additional pics: This will be licensed as a small commerce property. As always, all C&C welcome.
  11. The next part in my collab with Ayrlego and my category 4A entry. Prior builds: In the Captains Cabin (Bregir) Pieces Of A Puzzle (Ayrlego) Arriving at Mooreton Bay (Bregir) Continuation: TBD What Major Allcock had to report made Cooke regret the orders he had given Ferguson. The Athena could have evened the scores somewhat, but she would be halfway to Cocovia by now. The curse of hindsight. Cooke pushed aside these fruitless thoughts and considered recent events. Just earlier this day he had stepped aboard the old Ironsides, only to be greeted by a widely smiling version of his old friend Ferguson. "I have been given the honour of being the first to congratulate you on your promotion, CAPTAIN Cooke," he had said, presenting Cooke with a set of glorious golden epaulettes and the news of his promotion. "Post-captain" - he had yet to fully grasp his own bliss. And while the Ironsides was not the frigate he had dreamt of, nor exactly a flyer, she was still a powerful tool if only used right... And he found himself endearing to her already. His orders reaffirmed his position as commander of her Royal Majesty's armed forces on and around Cocovia, and in Ferguson he had been given a competent officer to assist him in this task. Which is why only hours ago, it had seemed so natural to dispatch him with the Athena to Cocovia with the newest orders and directives. Cooke had to admit other duties had forced him to neglect the colony recently, but Ferguson would surely make up for this. It was in the capacity of commander that he was now talking to Major Dirk Allcock, the ranking Corlander military officer on Alicentia and temporary military governor of the colony, and a friend and colleague of Montoya's. Being responsible for the colony, Allcock had been concerned by the build-up of military forces in the neighbouring Garvian colony Leopoldis, which had led him to investigate recent rumours of a large warship being stationed there. "Let me see if I understand you correctly, Major. A Garvian frigate sailing under a letter of marque has arrived in Leopoldis, rumoured to after the largest ever prize of the New World?" "Correct," Allcock interjected. "And you believe the prize is an Eslandian treasure fleet?" "So everything suggests, sir." "You have done good work, Major, very good work. One might take you for a man of intelligence one day. Intelligence work, I mean." Cooke said, forcing a smile. "Thank you, sir! All in the line of duty." Allcock said, bowing his head politely. "Diplomacy be damned... Even though we know all this, there is nothing I can do without risking diplomatic ramifications... We need proof," exclaimed Cooke after a short pause. "Might I suggest getting someone on board the privateer to investigate? We could arrange for certain crewmembers to... fall ill, opening up for replacements..." "A sound suggestion that might give us conclusive evidence," Cooke responded before letting out a sigh. "But it is a dangerous mission... And we would have to ensure our men get picked..." "One of my advisors... Russel should be able to arrange for me and him to fill those openings. He is somewhat of a rogue, but rather well-connected in the relevant... eh... circles..." "Are you willing to take that risk?" Cooke asked, and Allcock nodding in the affirmative. "Very well. I shall row you out myself to see you off. And you must get off that vessel the moment you have the necessary proof - take no chances! When you return, the Ironsides may have to re-earn her nickname..." And so, late next evening, a new purser and his mates were being taken to the "Black Oak" in the port of Leopoldis after the original crewmembers had suffered from alcohol induced comas... "Godspeed, Major Allcock, Godspeed..." "Thank you, Commander Cooke. I shall return as soon as I have the evidence..." ----------------------------------------- Hope you like the story and builds - C&C is, as ever, more than welcome. Stay posted for more. Extra photos in the spoiler.
  12. With the establishment of a hog plantation and salt works to Mooreton Bay, Major Allcock has established a factory to produce salt pork to resupply ships visiting the settlement. Together with hard tack, salt pork forms one of the dietary staples of long ocean voyages. Out the front of the factory, a victualler from a visiting naval vessel arranges the delivery of additional rations for his ship. Inside the factory, which has been sunken into the ground to help keep the temperature down, the process of preserving the meat is carried out. Firstly the pigs are butchered and the meat is cut into pieces ready for preservation. Each piece is then dry rubbed with salt and placed in a barrel of brine for five days to remove the blood (blood can spoil the preservation process). After the five days the meat is removed. An additional layer of salt is added to each piece of meat as it is packed into a barrel. Once full, fresh brine is added and the barrel is then sealed ready for storage. At the rear of the factory a worker loads freshly delivered salt down the specially designed chute. Two of the newly raised colonial militia pass on patrol. _________________________________________________________ Licensed as a medium factory in Mooreton Bay. Inspiration for the build came from @SilentWolf and @Brickwolf 's builds of a hog plantation and salt works. The factory design is heavily influenced by @Elostirion's barrel factory in Nova Terreli. The front wall and roof detach for easy access to the interior. Hope you enjoy and C&C always welcome!
  13. With tensions rising throughout the Brick Seas, Major Dirk Allcock has authorised the raising of a company of Colonial Militia to augment defences on Alicentia. He can be seen here with their officer, Captain Fredrick Stanley, inspecting a position outside the Militia headquarters overlooking Mooreton Bay. Captain Stanley wears a metal gorget displaying his commission and as a symbol of his authority. A quick vignette for the raising of a company of troops to augment the forts at Mooreton Bay. I will also license the building as a small residence. Full credit for the cannon design goes to workshysteve's MOC here. EDIT: Added detail picture of the cannon construction here
  14. This is the second part of a multi-part collaborative with Bregir which will consist of our Challenge 4 entries as well as a free build or two. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to make C&C as usual! Also I plan on licensing the tavern as a small artisan in Mooreton Bay. Prior builds: In The Captain's Cabin Following builds: Arriving at Mooreton Bay _________________________________________________________________________ “Major Allcock, you asked me to notify you if our agents heard significant news from Leopoldis, well this morning I have received some troubling correspondence from my contact there” opened ETTC Agent for Alicentia, Colin Jenkins. “Do go ahead my dear Sir, what are our neighbours up to?” asked an instantly interested Dirk. “It appears a large warship has recently arrived in the harbour there, my man claims it is a sixth-rate frigate….” Dirk instantly sat up, that size vessel was larger than any Corrington naval vessel currently in the new world. “A sixth-rate? Is he sure?” he asked. “He is ex-navy, so I assume he would know.” “The vessel is from the Garvian Navy?” asked Dirk. “Well this is where it gets interesting,” said Jenkins, “apparently she was, although her status is now unclear. The crew are rumoured to be serving under letters of marque and it has reported to have been seen flying the black – so I assess it is currently serving as a privateer.” Dirk by now was quite visibly worried. This was indeed major news. The presence of such a large privateer so close to the Corlander possessions of Alicentia and Cocovia was very concerning. The fact it was a Garvian privateer, apparently using the the Garvian settlement of Leopoldis on Alicentia as a base was equally worrying to Dirk, who had a latent fear of conflict between Corrington and Garvey for possession of Alicentia. “This is indeed troubling, is there any other information?” asked Dirk “No, that is all he had to report, that and the name of the vessel, The Black Oak.” Replied Jenkins. “We must find out more. I will need to alert Commander Cooke and Sir Thomas Smaugton on Cocovia, but without more information on the vessels intentions the news is of little value.” Dirk paused, Commander Jonathan Cooke was the Military Governor of Cocovia and Mayor of King's Harbour. Sir Thomas was the mayor of Quinsville, the other Corlander settlement on Cocovia. “Actually Cooke is due to visit here on his way back to Cocovia within the next fortnight. I must have more information to present to him then.” With that the two men exchanged salutations, and Dirk rushed off to plan how to obtain more information. A couple of days later….. Davy Russell, former Captain of the pirate vessel Bonne Voyage, now convict in Mooreton Bay, entered 'The Yellow Mermaid', a seedy tavern, with a suitably disguised Major Allcock. Davy enjoyed a privileged position for a convict – while some of his more roguish former comrades laboured away in penal work parties around the island, the charismatic and educated former pirate had integrated his way into the Major’s inner circle. Using knowledge accumulated over his years of experience as a mariner and his contacts throughout the Sea of Storms and beyond, he provided advice and information to Dirk to assist in the running of the settlement. It was such information that led the two men to this tavern. Yesterday a sailor had appeared in the settlement claiming to be from Leopoldis and bragging about a privateer crew poised to take a prize so big, they would never have to sail again. Davy, knowing the Major was actively looking for information on the rumoured privateer in Leopoldis, had dutifully reported his presence. Dirk, desperate for more information before Commander Cooke arrived, had donned a disguise and had accompanied Davy to the tavern to find out more. On entering the tavern, the barman, an associate of Davy, silently nodded towards a drunken and dishevelled sailor in the corner of the room, who appeared to be mumbling into an empty cup of rum. “Hello matey!” exclaimed Davy. Dirk waited back in the shadows. “Looks like you be needing a refill of that there cup! – Barman, two more of your finest if you please” “We only be having rotgut and you well know it Davy” rejoined the Barman, slamming two cups of sickly smelling rum on the bench. “Aye well, it’s all grog ain’t it!” then Davy turned back to the drunken sailor, who was looking around blankly, startled at this sudden intrusion into his misery and yet not believing his luck in a full cup. “What brings you here friend?” asked Davy. “They kicked me off” explained the indignant drunk. “Who kicked you off what?” “The Captain kicked me off the Oak” explained the drunk as if that made perfect sense to all. “Just kicked me off…. Told me if I ever showed my face around the settlement again they’d keelhaul me…. Me Rotgut Roger. Keelhaul me….. “ As Dirk observed silently, the conversation continued back and forth at a rather painful pace. Davy draw out that the drunk, whose name apparently was Roger, had been run off the Garvian privateer accused of breaking into the rum supply – an accusation Dirk had no problems believing. What was interesting is that the drunk constantly mentioned the huge amount of treasure the ship was expecting to plunder. Could this treasure be from plundering Mooreton Bay? Dirk didn’t think so, surely there wasn’t enough in his small settlement to attract such rumours. However try as he might, Davy couldn’t extract any more from the sailor, who had now lapsed into a drunken stupor, and was incoherently babbling in the corner. The two men turned and left, Dirk generously tipping the barman on the way out. Now he had confirmed the frigate in Leopoldis was a privateer, and one intent on some large scale plunder… but where and or who???? The next day…. Dirk was awoken early in the morning when Xochitl unexpectedly arrived in his quarters bearing news. A Halosian man had been found by her father’s warriors wandering deep in the jungle. The tribesmen believed he was fleeing from Leopoldis, and knowing Dirk’s interest in that place had sent for him immediately. Later in the day, guided by Xochitl and her attendants, Dirk arrived at the scene where a tattered man lay. Several warriors stood around, although none ventured to close to the man, who was clearly not in a good way – pale, with a visible fever and several seeping wounds. Dirk approached and indicated for Xochitl to bring water. “Ho friend, help is here.” Said Dirk in a soothing voice. The man looked up, his cloudy eyes not really seeing. “dying” he croaked. “must warn the fleet…” he gasped. “We’ll have you back in civilisation soon” replied Dirk, although he realised the sad truth, it was too late, the man was clearly dying. Xochitl passed him a piece of paper she had found in the man's pocket. It was a personal letter and quickly scanning it Dirk learned the man was named Juan deLuna and was a treasury clerk from the Eslandolian settlement of Nellisa. “Who are you?” asked Dirk, “kidnapped… taken from Nellisa…. you must warn them….” “Warn who friend, who kidnapped you?” “Pirates, Garvians…… warn the treasure fleet….. the secret is known…. You must warn them….” With that the man made a final effort to clear his vision, unfortunately he must have recognised the red uniform coat Dirk was wearing as he gave a startled gasp. “You’re not Eslandolian!!” he exclaimed. With that what remaining colour was left in his face drained, his eyes rolled back into his head and he died. Dirk stood up, shook his head at the watching Sergeant Gowen, who now approached. “Most interesting Sergeant,” commented Dirk, “It would seem the pieces of our puzzle are coming together” “If you say so Sir,” replied Sergeant Gowan. Dirk stared into the jungle pensively and reviewed what he had discovered. A large Garvian Privateer had arrived in Leopoldis. The crew of the privateer were boasting of a potentially huge prize. Now an Eslandolan man turns up, claiming to have been abducted from Nellisa and who died fleeing his capturers – capturers who were almost certainly those same Garvian privateers. And the dying man clearly concerned with warning the ‘treasure fleet’. Yes the pieces to this puzzle were starting to make sense. Another fusilier approached through the undergrowth. “Sir, our lookouts are reporting the approach of Commander Cooke’s ship” reported the private. “Excellent, let us go and greet him and Don Montoya.” replied Dirk, confident he now had enough to make a report and informed assessment. _______________________________________________________________________ And a final image to prove it's all in the 32x32 footprint!
  15. The next part of our collab for CH IV. (Although this is not an entry, but just a freebuild.) Prior builds: In The Captain's Cabin Pieces Of A Puzzle Following builds: Undercover for the Final Piece Montoya was not at ease. This tiny little vessel was dancing up and down the waves, rushing close-hauled towards Mooreton bay in a most haphazard fashion, and his stomach was not agreeing with him. "Tell me again why I find myself on this fragile little death-trap. The Athena seemed a perfectly fine transport…" he gasped. "The Athena would have taken day and night to tack in here against the wind. And as I am certain you are aware, Ferguson signalled for me to report on board the Ironsides without a moments delay!" Cooke shouted against the wind. As they had approached Mooreton Bay, the lookout had spotted the horrible old Ironsides in the port and, moments later, the signal flags requiring Cooke to report on board for orders from the Admiralty. And for a naval officer, nothing was more important than orders from the Admiralty. "But surely, my friend, this haphazard pace is both dangerous and unwarranted?" Cooke laughed, thrilled with their speed and the prospect of new orders: "Tide and wind waits for no man, my friend!" The Dolfijn The socalled "death-trap" was a small Altonian privateering sloop named the Dolfijn, captured off Tiberia, as it was attacking some local fishermen. It had proven a flyer close-hauled, and Cooke had decided to keep it as a tender to the Athena, a decision he could never have been happier about right now. "But have no fear, doctor - in a moment we will be moored and you will have firm ground under your feet once more!" Cooke knew the doctor as something of a landlubber. "And while you go meet Major Allcock and discuss your beetles, I will meet with Ferguson and find out what orders the admiralty has seen fit to give me! And you may let the good Major know that I will seek him out at first possible convenience." he said, letting the sloop come up against the wind, steering her for the wharf at the customs office. Wharf and customs office Artillery tower protecting the harbour
  16. The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy is pleased to announce the opening of a Botany House in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. To advance the study of the flora of the New World, The Society has managed to engage the services of renowned Corlander Botanist, Sir Jonah Banks. Banks has set up his quarters in Botany House, a building in Mooreton bay built specially by the society for the study of Botany. Located roughly in the centre of the settlement, the land adjacent to the building has been set aside for future Botanic Gardens - a planned green oasis in the middle of a bustling town! Here Major Dirk Allcock can be see discussing some recent discoveries with Sir Jonah. Meanwhile the society employs a local boy by the name of Billy for gardening. Licensed as a medium educational property in the name of the Royal Society of Natural Philosophy in Mooreton Bay. Hi Everybody. A long promised build for the Royal Society. Not a particularly interesting build, but I wanted to try something larger scale in dark tan bricks. I hope to have something slightly more exciting up early next week for the Society (but in a different location - Capt Wolf, looking at you!).
  17. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pigge had settled on Alicentia with their prized possessions. Harry, Mary, and Carrie were the best bacon producing hogs in all of Corrington. At least that was the belief of the Pigges. They have built a small plantation two miles from Mooreton Bay. Some of the residents were not pleased to have a smelly hog farm nearby. However, the Corrington love of bacon proved overall stronger than the disdain for the wind blowing from the wrong direction. Mrs. Amy Pigge was also a very good seamstress, and quickly made friends with some of the ladies who wished to lighten their own sewing work. Today, their grandson is out at the cabin "helping" Grandpa care for the pigs as Grandma takes a couple dresses into town. SAM_7523 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7525 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr SAM_7526 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr A birdseye view: SAM_7527 by SilentWolf Legos, on Flickr Notes: The cabin design was borrowed from a combination of Mike's log cabin, with an attempt to combine it with the roof from Kai's log cabin. It was built for my entry to the state fair, but the cabin ended up not being stable enough for me to trust it to other people for a month. Thus, I decided to build this small hog farm around the cabin. It was also my first attempt at a non-square base. C&C welcome.
  18. Soldiers need somewhere to live too, so a barracks complex has been started in Abigail Park, a reserve close to the centre of the settlement of Mooreton Bay. Constructed of rough convict hewn sandstone, similar to Fort Denison, canny observers will note firing slits in the ground floor of the utilitarian structure. A while ago Major Dirk Allcock was able to arrange for a shipment of the New Pattern muskets that are starting to equip Corlander line regiments back in the old world. The detachment of the Light Company of the 47th Regiment of Foot that he commands will be armed with the new musket as a New World trial. Here, they conduct a demonstration of the new musket. Some Royal Marines, including the newly promoted Captain Stewart , together with some visiting Naval Officers, have come to watch the demonstration, as the new pattern musket has yet to be approved for Marine or Naval use. A quick build mainly to show off the Brick Arms muskets I was able to obtain at Canberra Brick Expo earlier in the month. I'll license the barracks as a residence. Any resemblance in the uniforms on the targets to the uniforms to those of other nations is purely... well intentional... you've got to train how you expect to fight right?!? I'm sure someone will call me a warmonger in outrage but seriously, no malice intended to our bluecoat friends Oh and the cannon design is from Captain Braunsfeld's Eslandolean 8th Army MOC.
  19. A banana plantation has been established just outside the new settlement of Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. Demand for this exotic fruit has risen steeply in recent times, with even Her Majesty herself rumoured to enjoy a good banana now and then! A fast trading vessel can transport the fruit back to the mainland before it spoils and will be almost guaranteed to make a tidy profit. ------------------- Another quick build and most probably my last for the month. Purists will not like the bunches of bananas as I've had to use the same trick as in my Cocoa plantation to make the trees look anything like authentic but I am reasonably certain that there is no way to make a bunch of bananas using just Lego! (more than happy to be proved wrong! ) Licensed as a small plantation in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia.
  20. One of the first businesses to open in any new settlement will usually be a public house and Mooreton Bay is no different. The Corunna Tavern offers newly arrived settlers modest accommodation while at the same time serving refreshing drinks and humble food. In this scene you can see several citizens of Mooreton Bay enjoying refreshments. In the street two troopers of the newly arrived Queen's Own Hussar Regiment ride past and a soldier escorts some convicts to a work party. A detachment of troopers from the Queen's Own Hussar's has been dispatched to Mooreton Bay to provide extra security and mobility. The Hussars are indeed an impressive sight in a dashing black and red coat with a brilliant scarlet peliesse. ------------------------------------- Hi all! I had good intentions for expanding Mooreton Bay this month but it hasn't seemed to come together! I've cheated a bit here and used the upper level of a building from my recent Ainesford Market MOC build to produce a quick tavern for Mooreton Bay. While making a Bricklink order recently I came across the vampire torsos which I had not seen before. Thinking they'd make a perfect torso for Corrington soldiers I had to give it a go and these Hussars are the result. Hope you enjoy. As always C&C most welcome! Licensed as a medium artesian in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia.
  21. Freddie the fisherman launches his small boat every morning before the sun rises. Today he has been particularly lucky, although the shark was a big of a struggle! His stall can be found on one of the beaches adjoining the harbour and is popular with the citizens of Mooreton Bay as he only sells the highest quality fresh fish. A quick build to try out some different roofing techniques and a revised palm tree design (for me). Licensed as a small commerce, Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. As usual C & C welcome!
  22. The largest building constructed so far in the fledgling colony of Mooreton Bay is the newly completed ETTC Warehouse and Offices. Constructed on a large plot of ground with future expansion in mind, the imposing looking brick structure serves as both a warehouse on the ground floor, and offices on the top floor. What is the ETTC you ask? A very good question. Well, we can't tell you too much, but the East Terran Trading Company is a secretive consortium of prominent Corlanders operating in the new world. Unlike certain other faction's trade companies, the primary goal of the ETTC is not profit, although it is of course desirable! Indeed rumour has it a large dividend was just paid out to the companies shareholders! Rather the primary goal of the ETTC is to work to advance the national aims and goals of the crown of Corrington in the New World. And that my friends is enough said regarding the ETTC. Here in the yard, ETTC Foreman Noel Paterson supervisors some sailors loading recently arrived maritime cannon carriages onto a cart for transport to a waiting ship. You may recognise Noel and the cart from his recent work collecting bananas from a local plantation. A hired guard stands at the entrance and a native warrior waits patiently for his chief who is inside the building. On the first floor Colin Jenkins, the principle agent for the company on Alicentia, negotiates with one of the native chiefs. The natives have been supplying raw materials in exchange for goods such as iron cookware and utensils. Jenkins, together with Paterson are the companies only paid employees on Alicentia. Together they look after the companies interests in Mooreton Bay and Corrish Alicentia. ______________________________ A warehouse trying out some techniques with the 'brick' bricks. I would have liked to make the interior bigger (it was originally planned to be 16 studs wide) but I ran out of the 'brick' bricks for the walls. That won't happen again as I have 399 dark tan arriving this week bringing my dark tan total to over 500! I have some plans for those bricks and wanted to play with some different styles with this build. Any hints or tips into this style of 'clean' building with these bricks is very welcome. Licensed as a medium commercial property for the ETTC.
  23. Captain Matthew Sawkins of the Lady Jacqueline has had this fine but modest house constructed in a prime location in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. Here he and his wife Hannah enjoy a relaxing drink on their upper balcony with beautiful views of the bay. In the street below a baker originally from New Olean sells his wares in a handcart. The Sawkins' son Craig can be see playing in his bath in the yard (under the watchful eye of his nanny of course - safety first!) _________________________________ A quick house for Mooreton Bay. Licensed as a small residence. C&C welcome!
  24. One of Major Dirk Allcocks first priorities for the new settlement of Mooreton Bay was raw material with which to build. To impress the natives Dirk believed it was important to build in stone and brick, so different from the native's own flimsy wooden structures. Fortunately there was an abundance of good quality sandstone in the area and a site for a quarry was quickly located. Labour however was a problem. Free settlers were still scare and would probably not undertake the back breaking work of cutting and dressing the raw stone. Dirk's labour problems were solved quite unexpectedly when news arrived from Captain Matthew Sawkins of the Lady Jacqueline. Captain Sawkins had the good fortune to capture two dastardly Pirate vessels during the April trade run. While these vessels were safely dry-docked, the crews were another matter. Captain Sawkins didn't feel as a civilian it was his role to execute the pirate crews. Corrington law called for pirates to be hanged by the neck until dead, although usually this followed a trial of sorts. Instead he shipped the two pirate crews in chains to Dirk for him to deal with. Dirk, horrified at the thought of executing so many able bodied men when labour was in such a short supply, has in his authority as temporary military governor of Alicentia, stayed the execution. Now he was put the convicts to work on various projects around the new settlement. Here a small detachment of soldiers and a freeman overseer supervise the work of cutting and dressing sandstone blocks at a quarry. Each block is shaped by hand into a workable brick size for transport to the near by settlement. Licensed as a medium factory in Mooreton Bay, Alicentia
  25. Of course one of the first priorities of a new colony, especially one surrounded by potential enemies, must be it's defence. To this end Major Dirk Allcock has designed and had constructed a small fort in the entrance to the harbour. A small rocky outcrop, not even really an island, was flattened out and a small tower was constructed on it. The round construction using thick bricks of sandstone from the newly established quarry makes the squat fortress impervious to all but the largest cannon fire. Eight 18 pounder cannon give a full 360 degree coverage of the harbour, although not all can be used at once, in-fact only 2 artillery crews can really fit inside at one time, but 8 cannon looks more intimidating, and if all the cannon are pre-loaded it saves in reloading time! Here Dirk conducts an inspection of the finished tower. Details. Licensed as a small fort, Mooreton Bay, Alicentia. I really wanted to get a fort in before the end of the month and it would seem I have (just) made it!! I was feeling insecure for my little settlement with the unknown forces of Garvey next door (not to mention the strangely suspicious island choices of Olean). Not sure how the Garvians are going to react to the glorious presence of our Empire on what they may have mistakenly thought was their island Anyway the build is inspired by the real Fort Denison in Sydney harbour. The only example of a Martello tower in Australia, it was obsolete before construction had even finished!